Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1231
The hole xué that Zhao Hai they are at now is not very big, has about 200 meters high, wide also more than 300 meters, under Zhao Hai this waves, in entire hole xué, has covered entirely Undead Creature.

These Undead Creature, the body puts on fierce bone armor one after another, each and every one looks like formidable might is uncommon. And the surface these Undead Creature, arranged Rubik's Cube Great Formation in this Space, static standing erect in Zhao Hai their front, that feeling was really shock. Xiong Li they dull look at these Undead Creature, their although guesses correctly Zhao Hai certain has plenty Undead Creature, but looks at these Undead Creature quantities now, how many people felt that shock extremely, was this probably too many? How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, how many shows a faint smile said : elder brother, what kind of? Saw, these were my part of Undead Creature.” Xiong Li they one responded, then how many person of look at Zhao Hai with one voice said : part? You were said that here Undead Creature, was only part of your in hand Undead Creature total quantity?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, is only part of my in hand Undead Creature total quantity, ok, did not say that this, was good, you support these fellows, extinguished these insects.” Xiong Li they also stare, don’t know Zhao Hai this is speaking to whom, but next next life matter will then let their understand Zhao Hai is speaking to whom. As the Zhao Hai voice falls, these Undead Creature, immediately lines up, rows of walking outward, motion very rapid, but the formation is actually not chaotic. Xiong Li their dull look at these leave Undead Creature, some little time Xiong Li let out a long breath said :this there is Undead Creature, obviously is a well-trained army, Sichuan, The sea, how do you achieve? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my these Undead Creature after the special method refinement, very intelligent, then I in these Undead Creature, am selecting some people of lead, lets leadership these Undead Creature that these lead, training slowly, finally became this.”

Xiong Li several people nodded, before although Zhao Hai this method, they have not heard, but sounds is is very reasonable, therefore several people did not have to say anything. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : to walk, Undead Creature must with these Insect Race exchange hands, we have a look.” The Xiong Li several people of nature did not disagree truth, several people walk with Zhao Hai outward. These Undead Creature are they operates certainly by Laura, doubts the fight like this being similar at the game, naturally must give Laura them, avoid they in Space bored. Zhao Hai they proceed slowly, before long front heard an intermittent insect roar, Zhao Hai had not stopped, went toward the forward flight directly, after transferring several had been curved, they finally saw place that Undead Creature and insect battled. That is only one does not calculate that big hole xué, Undead Creature is arranging the neat lineup, strangles to death with the insect in together, weapon unification of Undead Creature in hand, what stands in the forefront is lifting the bone well, the hand with Great Blade Undead Creature, what behind uses long spear Undead Creature, what final uses bow and arrow Undead Creature, their attack very stratified, is not chaotic, not to stop is strangling to death these insect. Xiong Li their dull look at present situations, to present Xiong Li they present, these Undead Creature strength unexpectedly extraordinary, have almost about the 3rd level strength, what most important is, they do not fear death, don’t know is tired. Those who most make Xiong Li they be startled, in these Undead Creature, really also has Cavalry, these Cavalry Undead Creature, ride the bone beast, in hand is taking lance same weapon, often carries on a charge to Insect Race, the first charge can cause the insect massive casualties. In Undead Creature army, actually has plenty Magician, these Magician although did not have the law of use demon, Magic that but they use, is some Lower Realm high level Magic, the lethality is not weak. But these Undead Creature shoot out arrows meet the explosion, each explosion will kill many Insect Race, by the Insect Race defense capability, cannot defend that to abandon only explosion Might unexpectedly. Xiong Li they and don’t know, on these Undead Creature shoot out arrows, are bringing Blood Lightning Bead, because of Space multiple Level Up, this type in Lower Realm was Ultimate Weapon Blood Lightning Bead also in Level Up, Might compared in Lower Realm big time minimum over three times, therefore these Blood Lightning Bead each explosions, can kill many Insect Race.

These Insect Race also not to be trifled with, to present Xiong Li they present, this hole xué most suits the Insect Race place, these Insect Race can along the hole xué wall toward crawling unexpectedly to the hole xué top, from over a hundred is then jumping down the attack enemy, therefore is you can flying in the sky, is unsafe in this hole xué. Now crawled the hole xué top on has plenty Insect Race, but does not wait for them to jump down attack these Undead Creature, abandoned shooting by massive Magic and bows, in process of falling, by these Undead Creature killing. These Undead Creature slowly start changes he, they were not that type gradually advancement Cube Formation like the wall, but turned into Circle Formation, kept rotating, slowly advancement Circle Formation. Along with the formation of Circle Formation, death of insect also sped up, all insect corpses of dying, by following Undead Creature dividing, insect useful thing, was concentrated by these Undead Creature, waits for Zhao Hai they to receive. look at this situation, Sun Fei muttered said : my suddenly to regret why I was not Dark Magician, if I also had these Undead Creature, I can also kill the insect with ease.” Xiong Li they also making to recover by the Sun Fei words, nod of several people agree with, then turns the head envying look at Zhao Hai, Dong Fangyu was sighs said : looks like Little Hai you said can make our smooth was not cracks a joke to hundred, there are these Undead Creature, we could not think of hundred also difficultly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to be honest, the insect that if for the matter of tournament, he already did not die these turned into Undead Creature, now for the tournament, he also can only regard ordinary prey to process these insects, this looked like in Zhao Hai is really the one type of waste. However for this competition also has the later matter, he also can only endure, Fabbio star entered his Space map in any case now, later he wants to come momentarily to come. Thinks that a here Zhao Hai cannot help but worry, this several days he one wants to let with the silver needle that Liquid Silver divides, received the map of entire Fabbio star Space, then found his insect xué most deep place, found Queen Nest of insect, like this he can think the means to receive in Space Queen Nest of insect, enabling in Space to deliver the insect, simultaneously has that unceasingly evolution ability. Those but who make Zhao Hai not arrive, before his style of this going smoothly everywhere, in Fabbio star here no matter unexpectedly uses, after these silver needle release go, quick by insect present, looks like these silver needles that these insects can go all out carry on attack, this is Zhao Hai ten thousand never expected, he does not think understand to the present, how these insects are presently these silver needles.

After Space in that only Zhao Hai has known as Rhinoceros beetle Silver Back Gold-Winged insect small communicate, Zhao Hai only knows that originally the feeling of insect is much keener than the person, the person wants to feel any thing, must be good through spiritual force, but the insect is inborn has the one type of intuition, that is the wild beast intuition, this intuition very fearful, although impossible complete feeling any thing, but regarding oneself around that feared that toward small change, they will have the feeling, a current whither small change, insect immediately will use spiritual force to search examined in the past, nature also on presently. Silver needle. Especially in insect xué, that feared that is a change of sand, the insect can feel, more in the Queen Nest direction, guards is also strict, therefore Zhao Hai wants him to use the silver needle to seek for Queen Nest of insect, is almost impossible. Zhao Hai thinks that making silver needle walk from underground, but is not similarly good, don’t know this Fabbio planet what's the matter, probably collection planet seizing was the same by the insect, no matter he wants to walk from there, by the insect keeping off, will not be having the means he only to give up finally. Put the silver needle probe, Zhao Hai has wanted to make Rhinoceros beetle give a try, look can approach Queen Nest, but had asked Rhinoceros beetle was good, Insect Race did not distinguish the status by appearance, what were more was moves to distinguish the status by the smell and spiritual bo, although Rhinoceros beetle appearance has not changed, but he had been surrendered by Space, if he exited, immediately by these insects present, the insect certainly will carry when the time comes on attack to them, moreover Rhinoceros beetle also told Zhao Hai, the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect in Fabbio star here, was not how existence of Advanced level, their not qualifications close Queen Nest, If delimits according to level of humanity... The words of minute, the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, most can only be the lesser officials in Human Race these management places, simply sees the qualifications of Queen Nest not to have continually. To be honest, hears this information Zhao Hai is very surprised, he never expected can be this, before Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, when attacking No. 5 base, the illustrious prestige that shows, remembers to present Zhao Hai clearly, even if were he also uses a lot of time to give capture him, but such existence, in Insect Race, within however compared with on these most low grade Insect Race high some, cannot be strongest existence, it can be imagined this Insect Race had many strong. However this simultaneously Zhao Hai also feels somewhat strangely, his understand why Insect Race strength so is not strong, how many bases still made Human Race on-board build in Fabbio, moreover permitted Human Race regular cleaned up Fabbio on-board low grade Insect Race? This is really somewhat unreasonable. When Zhao Hai asked Rhinoceros beetle this issue, Rhinoceros beetle does not have[ answered] case, he was only a lesser official, regarding above was his don’t know that anything planned. After knowing this situation, Zhao Hai did not have the means that he also can only be now walks one step is one step, waited later to be many Fabbio star several, received some insects to enter Space, then slowly was good because of the thinking means. But at this time Undead Creature army was still proceeding to advance, their front cavern also more and more spaciousness, from another head of cavern, has heard the sound of intermittent fighting.!.