Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1232

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Fierce explosive sounds, resound in the Transmission Formation surrounding, the first explosive sound, will claim the lives of several insects. These explosive sounds are not the Undead Creature arrow on only, but is machine these players is using the bomb, Might of these bombs are not very big, but also sufficiently in ratio ordinary 4th level Expert has struck fully, will therefore have such Might. But machine person relying on these bombs, exempted strong maintenance their defense line, by insect one breath destroying completely. present Terry face ugly keeping Magic, he has not been thinking really that he just now enters to the wormhole, unexpectedly by insect surrounding, this is not the good deed, illuminates their current situations, they almost do not have the ability to break through. Thinks of here, Terry face cannot help but uglier, he has also thought wormhole here plans Zhao Hai one time, now looked like does not have no opportunity, Zhao Hai ran unexpectedly. Zhao Hai is Space Magician this matter, he also heard before, but he had not actually seen Zhao Hai uses Magic, therefore he has thought is others talks nonsense, Zhao Hai simply is not Space Magician, but now Thaksin, was all late. Around look at in person of putting up a last-ditch struggle, Terry low-spirited, he has not thought that oneself this starts from Lower Realm, is called the person of talent, today the multi- congresses die in in hand of these insects, he is not willingly! In this time, an explosive sound is transmitting, Terry has gawked, he is a very sensitive person, he one listens, this explosive sound, does not belong to Magic that their release goes , is also not these bombs, moreover this explosive sound, but also leaves them to be very far. present Terry thinks of here, cannot help but moves at heart, perhaps his very clear this on behalf of anything, some people are just about to save them. present Terry raising eyes all around, quick presently, hole xué another one positive, some people are fighting with Insect Race, moreover probably the population are many. Sees this situation, the Terry cannot help but spirit shakes, bellows said : brothers, some people rescued us, must withstand.” A present Terry this saying exit / to speak, therefore a machine person stares, they despaired, has not actually thought that now suddenly unexpectedly finds a way out, these people also look around, quick saw these are carrying on attack Undead Creature to Insect Race, they also cannot help but cheering, all person suddenly felt that their body has been full of the strength.

Actually Insect Race in this cavern is not many, because Insect Race gave to be filled with entire cavern, therefore looked like probably is many appearances. But Zhao Hai there also present this situation, but he has not said anything, reason that this time copes with these insects, one for must collect more insect thing, two are to also want to rescue these people, no matter what these people also come up from Lower Realm ascend, is a machine person, moreover what does not have to worry with him that there are several people he very much to appreciate, can help one on helping one. However after this time, they may the go it alone, not help them, this also no wonder Zhao Hai, can say that these time helps them, Zhao Hai is achieves to show extreme tolerance. The fight is still continuing, these insect simply don’t know what are the fears, they only know the attack, the attack, is attacking, but Undead Creature is also same, their also don’t know what is the fear, they only know that fights according to the instruction, such two groups of people meet together, that fight incomparable frigidity. Insect slowly are getting fewer and fewer, Undead Creature casualties also appears , this is inevitable, Zhao Hai does not have too many feelings, this nice fight scene, he has experienced too multiple. Zhao Hai still flutters in Undead Creature behind, the look at front fight, once for a while useful thing is received the Space city by Insect Race that on Undead Creature collects. He naturally cannot a person receive, Xiong Li each of them received many people, but Xiong Li they did not have Zhao Hai to be so calm, they by the following fight frightening, was too frigid! Does one that two don’t know fears, the don’t know retreat army carries on completely what fight that to be? Before Xiong Li they want not to think, such fight only then the one type of conclusion way, that was a side by complete killing, impossible in having other way. What although fight is Undead Creature and Insect Race, but the frigidity of tactical situation, made Xiong Li they change countenance sufficiently, Xiong Li they cannot help but self-examined, if these Undead Creature came attack they, they will have the hope that will not escape? They have not been able to think that will win, they are thinking that have the means to escape. However the result is makes them somewhat depressed, they can affirm, the hope that they have not escaped, might be besieged by these Undead Creature very much until death. The following fight near the end slowly, Insect Race were getting fewer and fewer, but the Zhao Hai Undead Creature army casualties were less than Insect Race on were too many, Xiong Li they thought good of these Undead Creature coordination, only then Zhao Hai knows, these Undead Creature defense energy already, only if received insect force attack multiple, otherwise Undead Creature will not have the matter.

Looked the fight is also conducted was similar, Zhao Hai on slowly received some Undead Creature, outside stays behind, only then few part, Xiong Li they look at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but has gawked, but why their immediately understand Zhao Hai must such do, Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature were too many, moreover fighting strength formidable, if expose comes out, entire machine will vibrate, therefore Zhao Hai does not think that premature expose has him to have that many Undead Creature matters, this they are understandable. Received majority of Undead Creature, outside Zhao Hai only kept almost about 1000 Undead Creature, simultaneously he with Xiong Li their also make a move, Zhao Hai make a move is 50 overlay Magic, Xiong Li they naturally is release Sword Qi, Sun Fei also release Magic, but Dong Fangyu attack before was somewhat different, he has still put out the Fire Dragon sword, release has not been mad, Sword Qi that but this time his release came, was actually Fire Dragon shapes, looked like formidable might is uncommon. However Zhao Hai is actually very clear, this is not the Dong Fangyu true strength, Dong Fangyu now could be said as cultivator, definitely met the technique of flying sword, but like the present, is not only release Sword Qi, he also in preserved strength. However Zhao Hai they have not said anything, not only Dong Fangyu in the preserved strength, they is also same, do not forget them still the potential enemies to exist now, that is Terry. How many people continually fight, on the side of Dong Fangyu can Little Hai of voice transmission to Zhao Hai said :, tidy up taking advantage of this opportunity Terry? Keeps that youngster is being a disaster.” Xiong Li also nodded said : „, this is good opportunity, has tidied up Terry, what others could not say to come, what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, I also want to take a look at this Terry to probably play any hua type, so long as we had enough evidence, is tidying up him not to be late, otherwise Divine Palace of water these fellows will certainly ask us to trouble, Terry is their hopes, moreover I always thought that this youngster is somewhat strange, therefore first do not worry, takes your time, he cannot escape from my palm in any case, I want in kill he, but is the matter that turns turns the hand.” Zhao Hai really had to say this words qualifications, because of Terry head, his Liquid Silver needle, this Liquid Silver needle with Terry for a long time, Terry not presently, so long as now Zhao Hai wants, he can make Liquid Silver needle prick momentarily arrive in present Terry brain, Jeance Terry turned into a deceased person, but he wants to notice how Terry wanted to cope with him, if Terry were asks others to cope with him, in that Zhao Hai revenged kill list, on will increase a person. Several people of make a move in adding on these Undead Creature, the quick these insects were cleaned up cleanly, Zhao Hai made these Undead Creature clean up insect thing, this under look at these people. Machine these person dull look at Zhao Hai they, they have not thought that rescues their can be unexpectedly Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai has not cleaned up these insects, he has only cleaned up a few part, left machine these people majority, no matter what they from same Interface, Zhao Hai do not want to handle the matter too certainly. After having cleaned up part of Insect Race, machine people who Zhao Hai look at these shock, half static said : everybody, here Insect Race has cleaned up cleanly, we were also bidding good-bye, everybody, said goodbye.”

Zhao Hai just about to walks, suddenly the Terry voice conveys said : slowly, Mr. Zhao Hai invited wait a moment, had the words to say below.” look at of Zhao Hai turning the head faint smile Terry said : what matter don’t know Terry does Mister Pu have?” present Terry look at Zhao Hai, face on suddenly sinks, lower the head and shout: don’t know can Mr. Zhao Hai explain, why before , did you give up us escaping? Now actually gives appearance appears of Savior, why is this?” A present Terry this saying exit / to speak, Zhao Hai they are one dull, not only Zhao Hai they, even if these also living a machine person is also one dull, they have not thought that Terry actually will ask such words come, this saying asked probably was a little too the idiot? Zhao Hai actually laughing said : suddenly Terry, your this saying very interesting, do I give up you? What relationship do I have with you? Did you form a team with me? We have not formed a team, even is not including friends, why do I manage you? To be honest, comes back to save you to look in us is in the face of machine person, I can make you be besieged by many Insect Race in here greatly until death.” present Terry coldly snorted said : you feared that to not come back to save us, but to kill these insects, snatches insect thing? Zhao Hai, you, since leave, these insects are our spoils of war, why you come back to snatch, puts down to me insect thing, otherwise do not blame us for being rude.” One hear of Terry said that Zhao Hai they and other machine person understand Terry was any meaning, machine these people have created a clamor at once unexpectedly.!.