Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1233

Corrupt! ancient toward today, plants the person in this character to be innumerable, even a country, a dynasty, because of this character, will unravel finally. However has to recognize, in the xing of person, inborn have a corrupt character, slightly to corrupt little profit, big to greedy wish live forever and never die, all, but is because a corrupt character. But Terry is ten points understood person who will obviously of the people, all that he said before talk nonsense, truly is effective, this point that he finally said that his successful ji had the greed of machine these people, lets them and he stands in together, together copes with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at these to rouse person one of the throat, laughing did said : suddenly look like all of you are this meaning? I in giving your opportunity, do not want to make me put down thing, does not want with me for the person of enemy, to stand one side, agreed that the Terry words, wants to make me put down the thing person, stands in present Terry, everybody, please elect.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, machine these people in a time drum throat, person of said loudly: Do not listen his, he wants to split up us, we in here like mad, why the advantage made him result, he must give us today in any event explain/transfer.” Another person also said loudly: Right, must give us explain/transfer!” Other people also attach to drink, Xiong Li they, as soon as listens to these people, face cannot help but pale, grabs the hand of weapon cannot help but to tighten one tightly, several people of look at Zhao Hai, how having a look at Zhao Hai to do. look at these people of Zhao Hai smile, any expression, he have not wanted to have a look, to have the person not to get up greedily, meets leave Terry they. Some little time in the crowd nobody moves, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed, in this time, a person's shadow slowly walked out from the crowd, this person puts on full body armor, grasps the long spear appearance to be dark and thin, looked like looks like just long Ge Bing who walked from the battlefield. However Zhao Hai sees this person is actually two eyes one bright, because this person of he believes that broken armed forces Lu Ding day uncommunicative, is actually labeled as a machine ten big high person. Impression of Zhao Hai to the Lu Ding day is good, Lu Ding day although is uncommunicative, but this person of strength formidable, moreover loses loses, wins wins, can take up to put down, was a character looks at the Lu Ding day walked out now from the crowd, Zhao Hai at heart to his favorable impression cannot help but in time increase. The Lu Ding day walks after the crowd, stands one side not to speak Terry to look at the Lu Ding day the appearance, cannot help but at heart angry, coldly snorted said : „the Lu Ding day, do you want to do?” The Lu Ding day looked at Terry eyes, coldly snorted said : my Lu Ding huge good son, disdains to be a companion with the villain, Terry, you are also unqualified to teach me.” As soon as present Terry listened to the Lu Ding day saying that cannot help but angry said : good, the good Lu Ding day, you certainly to regret.” Lu Ding day coldly snorted, was not speaking, his originally is not the talkative person disdains to argue with present Terry, therefore he was not making noise.

Zhao Hai has not actually managed Terry, he looked at other person of one, showed a faint smile said : not to have? Everybody agreed that makes me stay behind thing?” present Terry behind person, cannot help but sao moves, but these have not actually walked to stand in there have not moved. Zhao Hai laughs said : well, is very good, I am know that now what was ungrateful Lu Ding day mister, if mister did not shut out unexpectedly below this time moves with our together, you did look to be good?” Lu Ding day hesitant, finally nodded said : to end turn around to walk side Zhao Hai, his Lu Ran does not like speaking, but that does not represent him to be stupid, in fact he very intelligent, otherwise to come impossible ascend to machine, his very clear, this time elimination series, depending on him, cannot arrive in any event finally, according to the reason, Terry their people are more, follows them, is safer, the hope of going on living meets even bigger. However he really cannot get used to seeing Terry their actions, moreover Lu Ding day very clear, Terry they for the benefit, can cope with Zhao Hai now, they also same can cope with him in next time Terry for the benefit, with present Terry they in together, instead to did not have the security sense. But with is different in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai and Xiong Li the time of their although understanding are not long, but several people are utterly devoted, friendship between several people, let Lu Ding day envying, moreover Lu Ding day these days is also observing Zhao Hai they, he presently strength affirmation of Zhao Hai, not only he displays is so simple, other did not say that light looked Zhao Hai can solve that many Insect Race, can look comes out the Zhao Hai strength to have many strong. Lu Ding day very clear, these idiots had been shaded the intelligence by greed méng, they do not think that Zhao Hai can extinguish that many Insect Race, couldn't have extinguished them? Because of this all sorts of considerations, therefore Lu Ding day decisive leave Terry they, has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, the Lu Ding day these time also in the gambling, he bet Zhao Hai to win the final victory, he bets Zhao Hai to be able because of the action of this nose, but regarded the friend him. He bet right! Zhao Hai looked that the Lu Ding day arrives at his side, nodded to the Lu Ding day, the Lu Ding day has not spoken, he is taking broken armed forces Ge stands in the Zhao Hai side, prepares to beginning at any time. The look at Lu Ding day of present Terry two eyes torching, the Lu Ding day such to him, without doubt face to face hits his face, how he can not hate, but now he biggest enemy is Zhao Hai, he believes that so long as has coped with Zhao Hai, that all said. When he presently saves his person is Zhao Hai, Terry has put out Jade Talisman crumb from his Space ring, later stopped by calling out Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai put down thing, all these delay the time in him. Therefore Lu Ding day although to Zhao Hai that side, but Zhao Hai also clarified will not listen his, but he did not have immediately/on horseback make a move, how many thick air/Qi but breathed heavily, gentle one own mood, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Zhao Hai, I was knowing your strength formidable, but your did don’t know stand in here these people are representing what? They are representing an entire machine most formidable influence, can you with all artificial enemies?” present Terry is a smart person, his very clear, Lu Ding day just movement, making his behind some people have the different kind thoughts, now although looks like his behind person are many, but will of the people not steady, if hit really with Zhao Hai, that will possibly touch already bursts, was impossible to achieve to constrain the Zhao Hai point, therefore he will say that he must give his behind person one type of prompt, told his behind these person, you were not in fighting, your behind also stood Clan, Zhao Hai is not daring easily to offend you. Really, heard Terry saying that his behind that this person was peaceful, these people accepted Terry view they also to think that obviously Zhao Hai did not dare to offend that many influences.

Zhao Hai one hear of Terry said that is also face changes, his face ugly said : Terry do not find the excuse to your greed, we have saved you, you unexpectedly must snatch my thing now, this world that has such truth.” present Terry looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but one happy, he listened to the Zhao Hai words that severe Neiren fearing intent, so long as Zhao Hai has feared, that said him not only need drag Zhao Hai in here, but must press out Zhao Hai all thing. Looked at Zhao Hai probably is soft, Terry immediately hard, his shouted: Zhao Hai, I am giving you last opportunity to put down thing, we will put your horse, otherwise do not blame us for being rude.” One hear of Terry said that Zhao Hai suddenly laughs, not only Zhao Hai, Xiong Li they smiled got up in the Zhao Hai laughter, that some feared intent. Looks at Zhao Hai to laugh, Terry cannot help but was startled he presently probably somewhat to underestimate Zhao Hai, at this time Zhao Hai also stopped the laughter his look at Terry said : Terry, you were really too naive, to be honest, you in No. 5 base there, several times with having killing aura look look at I, I wanted to kill you, but he gave team leader horse a face, has not begun, after I had thought of here, in looking for opportunity gave to butcher you, then lost toward the insect pile, knew with some people, has not thought that You court death unexpectedly, this no wonder I, you have also wasted breath with me in there, in protracted time? You see me, a piece has died honorably on crumb, delivers a letter to the person? If I have not guessed that wrong, some people make you deliver a letter to him, does he want to kill me? But this person should be Li Chuchen, right?” exceed listens to the Zhao Hai words, the Terry face is ugly, he has not thought that his movement also some of his plans, unexpectedly looked by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Terry said : in machine on-board, I have kept off the Li Chuchen three swords, but this matter makes noisily, machine and Cultivation World knew, Li Chuchen lost very big face, does he possibly let off me? Therefore he when leave machine, has given you a piece Jade Talisman, this Jade Talisman to deliver a letter to him, told him me in there, he by quickest caught up to kill me, to solve the air/Qi of his heart, haven't I spoken incorrectly?” present Terry face pale look at Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai said not wrong, that Jade Talisman Li Chuchen of his crumb gives him, but Li Chuchen gives him the Jade Talisman point to kill Zhao Hai, Terry has not thought that oneself here just now begins, Zhao Hai unexpectedly on present. Zhao Hai look at Terry said : Terry, you knows my clearly know you in the protracted time, but also spoke these many wasting breath to you for what?” present Terry face pale coldly snorted, has not made noise, Zhao Hai has not counted on him to reply that he self-examines said : that answered because of me also and other Li Chuchen, Li Chuchen wants to kill me, this I know, because he wants to kill me, therefore I also want to kill him, because kept one momentarily to kill your person to live in the world, that was really too dangerous.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Terry suddenly laughs said :extremely arrogantly, Zhao Hai, you were too extremely arrogant, my recognize your strength is good, but you think really you can compete with Li Chuchen? Especially present you, you have eaten ji potential Potion, now your is the strength, several layers of your heyday? You think that can injure to result in Li Chuchen with these Undead Creature? Were you too naive? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :Li Chuchen mister, since came, why doesn't come? You also think that sneak attack is inadequate? ”

A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, does a clear and bright sound convey said : to cope with you also to have sneak attack? You do not think that naively this time, does my also little while let off you after three swords?” Along with this sound, a person's shadow flies from the distant place, under this human foot is stepping on hydron blue Great Sword, is Li Chuchen. Zhao Hai look at Li Chuchen, shows a faint smile said : „after previous time has seen mister, before the mister elegant demeanor wins the ear, may celebrate encouraging, does not have the enmity that what cannot untie below with mister, why can mister ask me to trouble?” Li Chuchen coldly snorted said : who said that among us does not have the enmity, you become famous with my hand, this is the biggest enmity, you must become famous taking advantage of me, must wait for my retaliation, did you prepare to settle?” Zhao Hai look at Li Chuchen, suddenly shook the head, sighs said : I not to kill your, you after all are extremely the person in western cold city, has killed you, will have many troubles, but you must kill me, I will be impolite, after all the western cold city is extremely difficult to deal with, does not have my life to be important, oh, has not thought really that second time kills the Cultivation World person, can be your Li Chuchen unexpectedly.” Li Chuchen listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but sneered said : Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, my real don’t know you the self-confidence of there coming, you think really you can defeat me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to defeat you, you know, but your this time match is actually not I, but is he.” Said that Zhao Hai has referred to stick nearby Dong Fangyu. Dong Fangyu also stares obviously, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will make him enter the stage unexpectedly, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai, what meaning understand Zhao Hai is not, Zhao Hai look at Dong Fangyu, shows a faint smile said : Second Brother, you learn the Fire Dragon sword Secret Art newly, doesn't want to find a person to try Might well? This Li Chuchen walk, happen to doesn't try the sword to you? You have tried Sword Technique, feel relieved, has me.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dong Fangyu cannot help but two eyes one bright, he nodded said : well, good, he is trying the sword to me appropriately, today makes me try my Fire Dragon sword to have me to be fierce.” They by here, if the dialog of uninhabited, were actually the air/Qi ghost Li Chuchen, his Li Chuchen no matter in Lower Realm, after was ascend, is called the talent, when reduced to other people's trial sword tool, Li Chuchen felt that he soon exploded with rage, but he has not made noise, still look at Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu spoke in there, however his face completely was black. Zhao Hai look at Dong Fangyu, showing a faint smile said : suddenly Second Brother, you said that we such were chatting last a while, can he be mad spits blood dead, such words to have saved our many matters.” The Zhao Hai such remarks mouth, stirs up Xiong Li they to laugh, the Lu Ding day of having put on a serious face, on the face 1 u left the smiling face.!.