Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1234

Li Chuchen face pale look at Zhao Hai, but his originally is the Tianjiao same character, some normally that people bicker with them, now and Zhao Hai bickers, naturally fell on leeward. Zhao Hai in saying anything, but Ha Ha has smiled several, made Dong Fangyu go to battle, Dong Fangyu grasped the Fire Dragon sword to stand in Li Chuchen opposite, look at Li Chuchen, sneered said : „unable to think of the person of Cultivation World, unexpectedly only then so the tolerance, in Fighting Competition three swords were you raise, your skill actually blamed to other head on unsatisfactory, really made the person broaden the outlook.” Li Chuchen coldly snorted said : little flaunts the advantage of argument, today you must die!” Does Dong Fangyu sneer said : „to make us die? Looks at your enough qualifications, today your house/family East grandfather takes you to try the sword.” His this saying exit / to speak annoys Zhao Hai their to laugh, Zhao Hai said loudly: Eastern Second Brother, this saying, if Li Third Brother said that I also think good, how to say from your mouth, wasn't the feeling that a matter? HaHaHa.” Li Kuangren they also laughs, but Terry their face finally changed, Zhao Hai they after seeing Li Chuchen, but can also such chat freely, only then two possibilities, one type of is Zhao Hai their crazy, but now looks like, Zhao Hai they obviously not insane, the second possibility is their simply has not been serious Li Chuchen, simply does not fear Li Chuchen. A Dong Fangyu pendulum, spear|gun operated the Fire Dragon sword, but in the hand actually pinched a sword Secret Art, on that Fire Dragon sword braved a flame immediately, eternal truth Fire Dragon general gathered round Dong Fangyu to rove. present Terry they sees this situation, cannot help but stares, then face big change, like the operation sword, only then the Cultivation World person, a machine person cannot achieve, now Dong Fangyu has achieved unexpectedly, he has suddenly learned Cultivation World Cultivation Method. Li Chuchen face also changes, but then the expression on his face is a loosen, sneered said :with this just learn drove Sword Technique to want with me to fight? How really don’t know dies to write writes, today makes you experience anything is the technique of true driving sword.Said that his hand wields, the day frost sword leaves brightly, Li Chuchen also hand falling sword Secret Art in his hand, day frost sword makes together blue light, attacks toward Dong Fangyu. Dong Fangyu although is begins studies to drive the technique of sword, but in Fire Dragon sword but seal Fire Dragon Daoist/actual person wisp of Divine Sense, that wisp of Divine Sense not only let Dong Fangyu learn Fire Dragon Sword Technique, passed to Dong Fangyu to learn the experience of Fire Dragon Sword Technique, if explained with a few words of Buddhist, that was one type of is similar to the method of filling going against. Therefore Dong Fangyu although is begins studies to drive technique of however Sword Technique sword actually not necessarily to miss to there goes, just he was only because was the first use drives the technique of sword, but also some too did not adapt to him gradually to adapt now, naturally cannot pay attention to Li Chuchen this sword.

The Fire Dragon sword moves, the sword like Fire Dragon, the straight bygone days frost sword welcomed, a cold heat, originally was the inborn enemy, now two swords finally to. Boom! a loud sound, Dong Fangyu and Li Chuchen face changes Dong Fangyu suffers a loss suffers a loss in him studies Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art the time to be too short, the foundation is too shallow, these time to the sword, he ate slightly has owed. But Li Chuchen has not obtained well, the quality of day frost sword can't compare with Fire Dragon sword Fire Dragon sword because Li Chuchen uses compared with on day frost sword high First Grade, these time to the sword, Li Chuchen also suffer a loss, he suffers a loss suffers a loss in the quality not good this point of sword. Their these time fights can be said as an evenness, Li Chuchen face is somewhat ugly, he does not have to think own make a move unexpectedly such aspect, this is he unacceptable, his coldly snorted said : died saying that the hand pinched the sword Secret Art to attack Dong Fangyu to wield a sword toward Dong Fangyu to keep off, but in Li Chuchen eyes actually flashed through fierce at this moment, then his hand wielded, disc same thing, attacked toward Dong Fangyu. This disc same thing, all around is the sharp knife edge, all over the body pitch-black, rotates, leaves one hum the sound of ghost screams, making the person scheme vibrate, is unable to restrain oneself. Dong Fangyu has not thought obviously Li Chuchen will come such one unexpectedly, wanting the command(er) Fire Dragon sword to return to base was impossible, but at this time hand actually suddenly appears on that disc advancing road, capture that disc, then sound speaking sounds: I said that is makes the Eastern Second Brother try the sword, do not make these crooked ways.” Said that he looks like with an ordinary tray is being same, in hand has thrown throwing, then turned the hand, has thrown into Space, drew back returned to Xiong Li side them. However Zhao Hai this, actually gave to shake all people, including Li Chuchen, that weapon that just he left is not good to meet, that weapon was not Magical Artifact that the western cold city produced extremely, but after was the homicide Ghost Cultivator, weapon that obtained, the known as ghost runner, leaving was extremely quick, moreover had sound bo attack, most must was, this weapon I was very sharp, was general Magical Artifact to ghost runner, did not ask to any was good, he in coping with that Ghost Cultivator, Had been destroyed Magical Artifact by this weapon, moreover I was almost also injured by the ghost runner. Just his suddenly took out ghost runner, for must cut to kill Dong Fangyu at the scene, he was very confident to the ghost runner, because ghost runner was quick he to believe that own this make a move, Dong Fangyu definitely cannot escape by luck, even if were Zhao Hai they want to rescue does not rescue. However he has not thought that in his eyes absolutely safe method, unexpectedly by Zhao Hai with this method breaking, broken so relaxed, probably simply has not been serious his method. Meanwhile Li Chuchen strength to the Zhao Hai also dreaded, Zhao Hai just unexpectedly empty-handed caught the ghost runner that he left fully, such method, he cannot achieve absolutely.

Li Chuchen cannot help but somewhat complained of hardship, he has not thought really the Zhao Hai strength so will be strong, he had also heard before Zhao Hai fought a matter of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect alone, he thinks that was only the person speaks irresponsibly, or said like others, Zhao Hai took a drug, but now looks like, that all were actually not the rumors, real. Zhao Hai look at Li Chuchen, shows a faint smile said : Li Shaoxia, please, you also not with the person East Second Brother compared with sword, your feel relieved, wait for you after the Eastern Second Brother compared with sword, I will turn into one of them you, that certainly is very quite interesting.” Was saying Zhao Hai also while referred to standing by him that Undead Creature of not far away. No matter Li Chuchen or Terry, all people hear Zhao Gu this saying, is at heart one startled, they have not thought that Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly ruthless, clarifies told you you not to live today leave. Li Chuchen face changes, his coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant, you think really can leave behind me, today makes you experience my method.” Said that Li Chuchen receives the day frost sword suddenly, meets to begin to wield, in hand were also many a sword, this sword and day frost sword completely different, this sword all over the body snow white, sword hilt place actually such as plum hua general, meandering, understands at a glance and not suitable person grasps grasps. Sees this sword, Zhao Hai stares slightly, then shows a faint smile said : western cold city to give up extremely, has given you unexpectedly a plum hua sword, it seems like have you learned plum hua Sword Technique?” The western cold city has a scenery extremely, world calls certainly, this scenery on known as Merine, the entire western cold city in piece of incomparably huge Merine, this Merine may extremely, not only scenery is so simple, in Merine also includes one set of Mountain Guardian Great Formation, known as plum hua bitter cold Ten Thousand Swords, is in Cultivation World famous Great Formation. Plum hua Sword Technique of legend western cold city, is the western cold city does not know extremely extremely that Old Ancestor, watches plum hua proud cold to fight the snow to have one set of Sword Technique that the feeling creates, this Sword Technique once were launched, not only Might is astonishing, but also the sword leaves such as plum hua to bloom, the sword receives such as plum hua to contain the snow, the sword powder is plum hua fires a salvo, the sword falls such as plum hua to fall gently, the attractiveness that could not say. although plum hua Sword Technique is extremely advertisement Sword Technique of western cold city, but is not who can learn, only then becomes the western cold city Inner Disciples person can learn plum hua Sword Technique extremely, moreover can only learn the plum hua Sword Technique first nine moves, latter nine moves of Core Disciple can learn. With is extremely the plum hua sword of western cold city plum hua Sword Technique shares the honor, the plum hua sword is extremely western cold city Inner Disciples advertisement weapon, this sword is against that plum hua Divine Sword forging that creates end of the rainy season hua Sword Technique Old Ancestor to use, although Might is inferior to quality goods plum hua Divine Sword 1%, but plum hua sword forging is not very easy, Outer Disciple will not have, has not actually thought that today Li Chuchen actually takes to come out one. Li Chuchen listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but sneered said : „unable to think you also a little experienced unexpectedly, in having experience, after all was a country bumpkin, today makes you experience plum hua Sword Technique of my extremely western cold city.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : extremely plum hua Sword Technique of western cold city, if the big reputation, how my Zhao Hai can not know, but your Li Chuchen learned the plum hua Sword Technique several layers essence to be unknown.” Li Chuchen coldly snorted, Zhao Hai has clarified on the words is satirizing him, he there hear, his hand moves, the plum hua sword has let go to depart, then his hand pinches the sword Secret Art, the plum hua sword trembles gently, then unexpectedly vanished in his front, plum hua that piece by piece but blotted out the sky, curled toward Zhao Hai several people, this plum hua was extremely beautiful, but Zhao Hai actually very clear, in beautiful plum hua, can want the human life. Zhao Hai knows that Dong Fangyu the experience of use Fire Dragon sword battle is few, although he obtained the inheritance of some Fire Dragon Daoist/actual person, but that inheritance is only on Sword Technique, too many battle experiences, have not feared the offensive like Li Chuchen, he cannot meet. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay in the Zhao Hai front, then Magic Formation with a bang sound exploded, entire Magic Formation changed into piece of Inferno, probably must burn completely Heaven and Earth general under to welcome toward the plum hua sword rain. That plum hua sword rain contacts Zhao Hai the Inferno, slowly melted unexpectedly, then the plum hua sword also has appeared the true body, Sword Force receives, returned to Li Chuchen side, Zhao Hai release Inferno also slowly vanished. Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai, sneers said : well, compared with previous time fights, there are to strive, but Zhao Hai, you are doomed dead under the plum hua sword today, my western cold city received it shame by the snow extremely!” Said that Li Chuchen in hand sword Secret Art is getting up, simultaneously in the mouth drinks said : „the plum hua fragrance to come from the bitter cold!” Said that plum sword hua has attacked toward Zhao Hai.!.