Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1235

The plum hua sword gets up, the plum hua rain falls, the blotting out the sky plum hua rain, drenches toward the head of Zhao Hai., Zhao Hai even felt that he is standing in a plum hua forest, the plum hua hua petal just like rain general falling, from too much to can smell the plum hua fragrance, but also is grieved for falling of plum hua, but is fearful! That chill in the air rises probably from the bottom of the heart deep place of person, can live in Magic of person frozen, freezes the person **, freezes the mind of person, freezes spirit soul of person! The plum hua fragrance came from the bitter cold! Good move of plum hua fragrance to come in the bitter cold, Intent Domain in this sword maneuver is really outstanding, it seems like today does not put out the real skill to come, did not have the means to tidy up Li Chuchen. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, he has not been putting out Magic Robe, has not used any Magic, but is void and vertical, then treads the previous step, a fist strike leaves! No matter what no one has thought that Zhao Hai this time attack meets unexpectedly with the fist, moreover seems like ordinary a very bow step clashes the fist, like Gu Fa, feared that will be some entire Comprehend the world people will not use, because this Fist Technique was too ordinary, your enemy will have several million breaking method, the style is broken represents himself to fall to leeward, in this case, who will have such ordinary style? Therefore Zhao Hai this fist strike leaves, other people stare. Fierce of other person of don’t know Zhao Hai this fists, but stands in Zhao Hai opposite Li Chuchen actually does not think that the Li Chuchen present situation is not quite really good, his this move „ the plum hua fragrance came from the bitter cold, just, that side Zhao Hai on a fist strike, original Li Chuchen had not kept off a matter to Zhao Hai this fist, after Zhao Hai this fist strike leaves, Li Chuchen actually immediately felt the differences of Zhao Hai this fist. The fist is heavy like the mountain, the fist meteor, a Zhao Hai fist strike leaves, Li Chuchen felt that a giant meteor hits toward oneself, oneself that plum hua Intent Domain, compared to explode with this meteor simply weakly, plum hua Intent Domain in beautiful, in the hit of meteor that Destroy The Heaven and Wipe Out The Earth, will unravel! Li Chuchen greatly surprised, Zhao Hai this fist was only Fist Intent broke his Sword Technique, moreover Zhao Hai this fist has not stayed, below met to hit toward him, the pressure that blotted out the sky, making Li Chuchen feel one looked like a person, was standing on a meteor orbit, wanted to block the meteor attack to be the same. The praying mantis arm works as the car(riage)! In Li Chuchen head suddenly appears such a few words, he presently own confidence completely vanished, when the fist of Zhao Hai has not projected on him, he actually felt that feared. Li Chuchen is also the mental firm and resolute generation, clenched teeth, sobered, the hand moved, at the same time left like the tortoise shell same shield in in his hand, kept off in his front, this shield rose against the wind, turned into a several meters high giant shield instantaneously, kept off his whole person in behind.

However at this time Zhao Hai transcribed also to arrive, Zhao Hai was stands not to have actually same place, was only Qi Strength of this fist, has projected in Li Chuchen shield, with a bang sound loud noise, Li Chuchen shield was crushed by a Zhao Hai fist, Fist Force did not reduce, toward hitting in Li Chuchen chest. Li Chuchen felt that an own chest pain, then Qi Strength passes internal organs, then Li Chuchen felt that own five solid organs and six hollow organs one shaking crushes by this Qi Strength, Li Chuchen bu put out. The blood, two eyes look at Zhao Hai stubbornly, he has not thought that oneself and disparity between Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly big, cannot receive including a Zhao Hai fist. This was also his final idea, his whole person slowly fell into Darkness, Zhao Hai actually waved, one group of black gas Li Chuchen binding, waited for black gas to vanish, stands in Li Chuchen there, only remained a skeleton. present Terry they dull look at this puts on the skeleton of Li Chuchen body clothing/taking, now people present, originally Li Chuchen body also puts on a placard body armor, this in armor Bo Rucan wing, is woven by the silk thread of one type of [gold/metal] , looks like very beautiful, but this in armor last present actually appears a hole, this hole happen to have become a fist shape, by Zhao Hai just a fist hitting. But what Jeance Terry they are startled, Li Chuchen that plum hua, actually the static float in the side of this skeleton, probably had not felt that Li Chuchen turned into child Undead Creature to be the same. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, turned the head look at Terry said : Terry, below should be calculates our accounts the time.” present Terry they, calling to add the god to come by Zhao Hai these words, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Terry their faces by change, all people started to regret, especially Terry, his face was pale, but these time was actually not the air/Qi, but was frightened. Zhao Hai look at Terry their eyes, coldly snorted said : looked in you is also in the face of machine person, I do not want to move your, but you actually should not want to cope with me, especially you, Terry, you think that matter that really you do my don’t know? Your relying on plays with the woman to collect Yin Qi, then integrates in these Yin Qi own attack, this makes your attack so strong, if no these Yin Qi, you are ordinary 4th level Magician, you play with the woman I unable to manage, so long as these women are voluntary, you at will, you can fish many women, that is your skill, but you should not kill that many women, you were going against a mild-mannered and cultivated mask, in fact was doing the dishonorable matter, I on want to tidy up you at this time elimination series, for people except . An evil, has not actually thought that you looked for me unexpectedly first, what? your pulling these person of together compelled me, thinks that I will submit? present Terry, you were too naive, where is here? The here wormhole, do not say definitely your dozens individuals in here, even if were we all died, machine will not say anything to come, since you must cope with me, I did not need politely, I can only say that welcome you to become in my Undead Creature army!” Said that Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate wields, blotting out the sky Undead Creature appears in this Space, Zhao Hai had then waved, these Undead Creature immediately they throw toward present Terry. present Terry they wanted crazy, they wanted to open the mouth to beg for mercy, but Zhao Hai simply has not actually given them this opportunity, attack incomparable sharpness of these Undead Creature, moreover they arranged the lineup attack, such attack difficult dealt with, the defense that before long these people composed had been ripped open by Undead Creature, these people also instantaneously by Undead Creature army dividing several squads, have operated independently, was carrying on shortly struggles finally.

Xiong Li their coldly look at all these, they to these people also already completely disappointed, therefore they have not gone to urge Zhao Hai, they also know that Zhao Hai is will not let off these people. sole somewhat surprised was the Lu Ding day, Lu Ding naive has not thought that Zhao Hai said killed kills, was not forgiving, these Undead Creature that look at Zhao Hai release came, the Lu Ding day know finally Zhao Hai they have tidied up that many insect by any thing. At this time machine these participants, died was similar, only then minority several were also living, these included Terry, although his practice method is treated by Zhao Hai sees, but has to recognize, be very effective, these Yin Qi truly can increase his strength, therefore he is still living to the present. Naturally, this is also because Li Chuchen this new Undead Creature does not have the join attack reason, otherwise Terry cannot block Li Chuchen. In present Terry eyes is bringing the deep despair, he is resisting all around Undead Creature attack, while to Zhao Hai said loudly: Zhao Hai, so long as you let off me, why good you make me, asking you to let off us.” Zhao Hai look at Terry said : „I do not want to make you do for me, so long as I you die!” present Terry said loudly: So long as you let off me, I told you and I practice method, that was antiquity practice method of cultivator, after my learn Cultivation Method, recording Cultivation Method jade slip has destroyed, so long as you did not kill me, I told you practice method.” Zhao Hai sneers said : I to enter the conscience Cultivation Method to that mourning not to be interested, said it, even if I wants to know that Cultivation Method, so long as turns into Undead Creature you, you obediently will say that listens to me, I do not need to let off you.” As soon as present Terry listened to Zhao Hai saying that a he final hope also vanished, he shouted wildly said : Zhao Hai, you died like a dog, you caused these many Undead Creature, sooner or later some day you will receive their retaliations.”

Zhao Hai laughs said : this not to need you to worry, you can feel relieved died.” Said Zhao Hai has shot finger, Terry stopped all movements suddenly, then appearance disappearance in his eyes slowly, he died, was killed by Zhao Hai that Liquid Silver clock. Actually Zhao Hai already wants to kill him with the Liquid Silver needle, but he decided that Jeance Terry Pu Duoshou one will suffer, was revenges to the killed these women. present Terry kills woman matter, before is Zhao Hai, several days knows, before Terry, in practice, because must use Yin Qi of woman, therefore he needs many women, some women are Badong arrange to him, some are he entice, but has a large part, is he seizes, after he these woman capture, in every possible way suffering, these women were attracted completely Yin Qi by him finally, but dies, but Terry also has a very abnormal hobby, he likes suffering the process of woman to use to pat, saves to computer., Once for a while takes to read. In the past Terry was also honest, but he was punctured ji by Zhao Hai after on that day, returned to own in the room, could not bear turn out these video recording to look finally, Zhao Hai only knows he has done matter, this strengthened Zhao Hai to kill his determination. But reason that Zhao Hai told him before present Terry at the point of death these, was makes him be a understand ghost, making him know why one must kill him, light for these woman revenging this point, was the reason that must kill him. But reason that just Zhao Hai coped with the Liquid Silver needle Terry, was because he presently Terry Pu Xiang in detonating a small nuclear bomb, one, but must detonate that small nuclear bomb, even if were Zhao Hai they escapes by luck dead, will actually incur not the small loss to these Undead Creature, when present Terry must detonate the nuclear bomb, Zhao Hai has used the Liquid Silver needle decisively.!.