Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1236
The fight eye finished, therefore a machine player was all killed, moreover killed these people, now became in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army. Processed these people, Zhao Hai has made these Undead Creature clean the battlefield, all insect thing, collected, piled the ground, then average has been divided into several, each of them received one to enter in Space, the Lu Ding day was the same. The Lu Ding day ago performance, has made Zhao Hai regard a friend him, the Lu Ding day has not said anything, apportioning his received, he also started to regard the friend Zhao Hai, moreover his bad words, therefore he to Zhao Hai had not said words that anything thanked. Zhao Hai to has not cared, receives thing, looked at several people of said : elder brother several, this can only we move, HaHaHa, I think that we are in 6 Realms most frantic one, oneself began to give to butcher the people on one's own side first.” Xiong Li they also laugh, they to have not felt anything, because of their very clear, if not their strengths suffices, that present dies was they, their compunction to this matter not point. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „we are leave here, must in look for an insect to kill, otherwise we want in pack first hundred, but also really somewhat troublesome.” Xiong Li smiles said : such relaxed killing nose, what meaning really does not have, 1 Little Hai, what to do if we run into other Interface people?” Zhao Hai smiles said : what to do also to be able, can be victorious, all butchered, hit to hide to select, was we do not want to cope with them in any case, they certainly will also cope our, who let machine won great reputation.” Xiong Li several people have smiled, the machine that Zhao Hai said wins great reputation, they to are complete trusts, but a machine that reputation outside is not the good reputation, but is a nickname of soft persimmon. However now Xiong Li they to Zhao Hai to are confident, before Zhao Hai , before is a fist has killed Cultivator, ranks the top ten talent, by Zhao Hai such strength, will fear other person. Several people that Lu Ding day look at chatted, in the look were bringing envying, since machine here, very careful that he has crossed, he cannot believe anybody easily, because he saw the inexplicableness of many talent fallen, perhaps previous quarter you were the good friends, next quarter you that person of blade, therefore he did not have the friend, he practiced, completes Clan duty, was practicing, simple and arid life. Because of this, therefore Lu Ding day strength such, but similarly, he their several people of this types can open heart to hold life friendship also envying regarding Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at Lu Ding day one, shows a faint smile said :Lao Lu, it seems like you must move with our together, feel relieved was good, now we were the teammates, was the friend, hopes, we can become better friends. The Lu Ding day nodded, has not made noise. Zhao Hai has not cared, looked at scene one, nodded said : to walk, looks for the trouble of insect to go.” Said that takes the lead to fly toward a wormhole.

The front not far away of that wormhole just when the Zhao Hai fight, Laura they release Liquid Silver in view of each every wormhole carry out reconnaissance, Zhao Hai flew, had a very big insect nest, the inside has plenty eight foot insects. Eight foot insects can be said as in Insect Race the most multi- race, they are Insect Race most bottom are also thick, the absolute cannon fodder exists, eight foot insects live according to the race, eight foot insect quantity many of tribal group, their Queen Nest, naturally this Queen Nest is not Insect Race that Queen Nest, this Queen Nest can only produce leave the octagonal insect, but this Queen Nest reproductive ability is actually very astonishing, one year of time, eight foot insect Queen Nest can give birth to the hundred thousand only eight foot insects, the reproduction degree like this, absolutely is by. Existence that the people collapse. Because of eight foot insect Queen Nest such reproduction, the Cultivation World talented person can not non-periodical carries on cleaning up to Fabbio on-board Insect Race, although to Cultivation World these cultivator was saying that fighting strength of octagonal insect was not strong, when any one type of life form quantity achieved certain degree, can be very astonishing existence, do not say the attack strength did not calculate the weak eight foot insects. Under intelligence very low of eight foot insect insects, however their territories realize very strong,, if had the eight foot insects of other tribal groups to enter in their team leaders, they can frantic attack, therefore Zhao Hai after presently the insect nest of that eight foot insects, almost can affirm that besieged their insects, even if belonged to this insect nest, they were the same tribal groups. From Cultivation World regarding research of eight foot insects on, Zhao Hai knew that the tribal group of each eight foot insects, is divided into two parts, part is hunting army that” to go out to hunt, but another part is protects the insect nest guards. Eight foot insects are one type of omnivorous life form, no matter the insect or the leaf, or the green grass, they all can bring to regard food, but the hunting army, the main work seeks for food for the tribal group. But the guards were simpler, their duty protects the insect nest, eight foot insect such strong reproductive ability, sometimes will also create the difficulty to them, all Fabbio star here once for a while appears beast tide, that will be because Fabbio star here insect were too many, they will move time beast tide, will carry on to the Cultivation World base, to other tribal group attacks, this may die large quantities of eight foot insects, not only like this can reduce the quantities of eight foot insects, can give other's star anise insect to provide many food. In the Insect Race world never has any thing is unedible, so long as can make them go on living, so long as can eat, can become their food. Obviously besieges Zhao Hai their these eight foot insects is this puts in the crowd the hunting army, but that place that they must go, is the insect nest, waited for that their will be the fight of insect nest guards. Zhao Hai knows these, other person actually don’t know, they with Zhao Hai careful toward the forward flight, Zhao Hai they to that insect nest is not being very far, only flew for about a half hour to arrive. Quickly to insect nest time, Zhao Hai waved, several people stopped, look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :a while elder brother several also to try the hand to end his hand to wield, large quantities of Undead Creature appears , go toward insect Chao Sha of eight foot insects. Insect nest is separated by layers of these eight foot insects, comprised of the innumerable wormhole, in these wormholes connects mutually, feared that is only then the insect can distinguished clearly these wormholes to there. What insect nest is the center is one has tens of thousands square meters big, more than 400 meters high huge cavern, in the cavern middle, giant meatballs, but some nose meatball hosts are the queens of eight foot insects, is existence that eight foot insects must protect.

In this giant his insect nest surrounding, is several circulars, three and 400 meters width, about 200 meters high huge passage, in these passage eight foot insects are going on patrol, like the circular defense line, outside of insect nest altogether has industry the strip, first choice defends the there eight foot insect quantities is no less than 10,000, in entire insect nest the quantity of insect hundred thousand. Position that Zhao Hai they are at now, is outside each defense line of insect nest, Zhao Hai this time altogether release 5000 Undead Creature, threw toward the first choice defense line from the different wormholes. Reason that Zhao Hai does not have release too many Undead Creature, wants to make Xiong Li they also kill these eight foot insects, the attack strength of eight foot insects, regarding Xiong Li them, dangerous xing will have, but will not be big, happen to can make Xiong Li they be familiar with their in hand weapon, if all relying on Undead Creature words, that this time elimination series regarding Xiong Li them, lost the significance. Before Xiong Li they also want to look for opportunity saying that to Zhao Hai this issue, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai raised first, several people of natural very happy, immediately in the sound, has put out respective weapon. In several people, only then Sun Fei and Lu Ding day weapon he not specially good, Sun Fei is Magician, this fire temple gives thing that he prepares is very good, was only Magic Staff gives him to prepare several, but these weapon were not the Zhao Hai manufactures, naturally cannot have vibrate Magic Formation, this made Sun Fei very unsatisfied, but Zhao Hai promised him, after these time eliminated surpassed, gives him to prepare a root to have vibrate Magic Formation Magic Staff. But weapon that Lu Ding Angel/Emperor's Emissary uses is still the broken armed forces spear, this weapon he has used for several years, very familiar, moreover after Dong Clan multiple Level Up, he uses very conveniently, is suiting present Lu Ding Angel/Emperor's Emissary to use. Before the Lu Ding day with Zhao Hai did not have what friendship, Zhao Hai naturally not to manufacture weapon to him, his weapon naturally did not have the vibrate effect, in fact now the Lu Ding day and don’t know Xiong Li their weapon have the vibrate effect. Zhao Hai they just entered to the first choice defense line, these insect immediately present they, each and every one called out to clash, Undead Creature naturally had Megan and Lizzy their command(er), Xiong Li they also brandishes weapon to crash in the insect pile to kill to kill greatly respectively, only then Zhao Hai has not overrun, he still stood in there, was gazing at the battlefield. By the Zhao Hai present strength, has not needed to enhance own strength through such fight, he must do now, is guarantees Xiong Li they several people of safety. although said that Xiong Li their strength is not weak, but these eight foot insects but don’t know what is the fear, moreover Life Force of eight foot insects is very tenacious, does not do well, Xiong Li they will be injured. Zhao Hai their these time mainly to let Xiong Li they practices, does not come to go all out with these insects, he naturally will not make Xiong Li they receive any injury. This maid trial practice way, even if Cultivation World these big gate factions, only will use on Core Disciple, general Inner Disciples and Outer Disciple will not have such allowance. Also was the Zhao Hai nearest/recent strength has promoted, otherwise he could not achieve this point. Zhao Hai notes, the fight of their here opens not long after, two defense line there eight foot insects also threw, join to the fight during, this in expected of Zhao Hai, he had not been startled, but release some Undead Creature participated in the fight.

Xiong Li they now actually appear the ten points[ is popular] exerts, each and every one loud is shouting out, carries on attack to many Insect Race, but their insect disinfestation actually can't compare with these Undead Creature. Undead Creature coordination very perfect, insect disinfestation nature very fast, but Xiong Li they actually for practice, insect disinfestation naturally quickly does not arrive at that to go. Zhao Hai has not let Xiong Li with some Undead Creature insect disinfestation, these Undead Creature are by Megan their command(er), coordinates perfect, if Xiong Li their join in, will only destroy this perfect, therefore Xiong Li their several people have formed a squad, keeping rips to kill with the insect. Must say that Xiong Li their strengths, come compared with these Undead Creature, actually does not have much better to be few, weapon that but they use be stronger than these Undead Creature, but this aspect can be improved quickly, in Space after Level Up, these bone armor and golden Combat Suit also with Level Up, after waiting for a batch bone armor and golden Combat Suit grow out, should compared with machine there ordinary weapon not miss. Zhao Hai flutters in in midair, once for a while supports Xiong Li with Magic they, Xiong Li they naturally also present Zhao Hai movement, several people have not said anything, but feel relieved copes with these insects. The fight has been continuing, because there is a support of Zhao Hai, Xiong Li they are not injured, very happily, first but cannot withstand was Sun Fei that hits, because Sun Fei studied Zhao Hai to teach his Magic newly, his ten points[ was popular] exerted, comes up to teach his these Magic Formation to try Zhao Hai, one own Magic consuming, his immediately has drunk Potion, ran up to the Zhao Hai side to rest. Zhao Hai has not managed him, is still paying attention to the situation in field, but Sun Fei actually in paying attention to Zhao Hai, especially Zhao Hai make a move, he present, Zhao Hai is Xiong Li they break through, has not used any specially formidable Magic, generally is dozens overlay Magic, Magic of hundred overlay, Zhao Hai is useless, Magic that but he uses just right, can give to relieve Xiong Li their dangers, will not waste too many Magic, this is rarest. Slowly, Sun Fei somewhat lived to mi by the Zhao Hai technique, he presently Zhao Hai regarding the entire battlefield, will be has been at the one type of complete control condition, what move Xiong Li they leaves, the insect how will deal, all these almost during the control of Zhao Hai, some good several times Sun Fei to see that Zhao Hai several seconds prepared Magic ahead of time, then lost, were actually just right have solved Xiong Li their danger, this explained that he already knows the responses of Xiong Li and these insects, this incomparably powerful control ability was really was too scary. Sun Fei self-examines unable to achieve this point, but he not depressed, still earnest look at Zhao Hai make a move, although he cannot achieve Zhao Hai that degree, but he can actually learn many thing, experienced was too important regarding Magician, in any opportunity, used appropriate Magic, is thing that Magician most should study, because such will make Magician fighting strength enhance above minimum three layers. Slowly, the Lu Ding day could not withstand, his weapon can only be ordinary goods after all, therefore his Battle Qi amount of use, they be much bigger than Xiong Li, he also drank Potion, ran up to the Zhao Hai side rest.!.