Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1237

Eight foot insects still in the attack of frantic, only depend on the insect that the instinct handles affairs regarding audiences some, simply has not been afraid this mood, they only know the attack, eliminates all enemies. Later Xiong Li and Li Kuangren somewhat could not observe closely, although their weapon by Zhao Hai transform, but the long time well fights, they cannot bear, if were not Zhao Hai transform their weapon, feared that was they must draw back to rest with the Lu Ding day similar time. In field sole also in fight only then Dong Fangyu, previous although with a Li Chuchen short war, but also let Dong Fangyu understand, was the Cultivation World cultivator fierce place, such as Zhao Hai make a move, he died under ghost runner that in Dong Fangyu release came. However Dong Fangyu believes that he will not compare Li Chuchen to miss, he studied Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art the time to be too short, otherwise he will certainly not lose to Li Chuchen, therefore he needs to be familiar with fire Sword Dragon through the fight by himself now, familiar Fire Dragon Sword Technique, familiar Fire Dragon burnt the day Secret Art. arrived at this time, machine ordinary practice method, appeared with the Cultivation World practice method differences, underwent such fight of long time, Xiong Li they were very tired,[ body] in Battle Qi consumption very strict was also heavy, almost did not have the means to fight. But Dong Fangyu actually can still fight, moreover his control to Fire Dragon sword is also getting more and more skillful, fights also more to come probably with ease. Xiong Li their look at Dong Fangyu, knows why finally Dong Fangyu can fight such long time, because drives the difference of Sword Technique and Sword Qi. Drives the technique of sword, can be flown by own sword, the sword that then control is flying kills the enemy, Sword Qi actually likely by shoot out bow and arrow, after flying, was not receiving your control, this looked like the ordinary shell and difference of system navigation missile is the same. Must know your enemy will never stand in there motionless makes you hit, they will avoid, even if the insect is also same, the Insect Race fight instinct even also wants on some strong them compared with Human Race, when you leave Sword Qi, immediately/on horseback will avoid, even if cannot complete avoid, will meet vital part of making way body your Sword Qi to fall his two only feet possibly firmly, but actually absolutely possibly his life. But flying sword is different, after flying sword release, can control, the insect want to hide flying sword to change to attack, same can hit his vital part, the insect that as the matter stands Dong Fangyu kills are naturally more, but energy that consumes is actually minimum. Thinks of here, the people cannot help but somewhat envies Dong Fangyu he unexpectedly to obtain the Cultivation World biography regulation, was really too lucky. At this time the Zhao Hai sound conveyed said : „, when this time competition ended, can everyone/Great Clan change Cultivation World Cultivation Method we are not has gotten so far as water attribute has amended the practice method now?”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they stare, then their immediately understand the Zhao Hai words are any meaning, but they just butchered Li Chuchen, Righteous Sect water attribute Cultivation Method that Li Chuchen uses . Moreover the level is high grade one type of, now Li Chuchen became Zhao Hai Undead Creature, they naturally can also study Xishui attribute Cultivation Method. Thought through this point Xiong Li they is actually some happy does not get up, because Xiong Li and Li Kuangren were earth attribute, but do not fly is actually fire attribute, after do not fly to wait till the competition, can definitely study Fire Dragon to burn day of Secret Art water attribute simply of Cultivation Method regarding them to be useless with Dong Fangyu. However this has given them finally a hope, they can butcher a use water attribute Cultivation World people today, that tomorrow is butchering a use earth attribute Cultivation World people, is not the issue, when the time comes they had to practice Cultivation Method. Zhao Hai looked that Dong Fangyu Sword Technique is getting more and more skilled, when has not used stared was turning the head look at several people to show a faint smile said : when the time comes we made several departments to amend the practice method, I had a look at me to practice, must know me, but entire attribute, right Lao Lu, what attribute were you?” The Lu Ding day thinks sound said : [gold/metal] attribute.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : [gold/metal] attribute? Good, we snatch to come back Cultivation World all attribute Cultivation Method, keep the future to be easy-to-use.” The insect that at this time the fight in field soon near the end, Xiong Li they had killed is not many, the insect that but these Undead Creature killed was absolutely many, now the insect in passage were not many. Moreover Zhao Hai looked at one, this defense line here, only then together and twenty thousand insects of two defense lines have only fought, the following three defense lines, four defense lines and five defense line there insect simply has not moved. Quick, the fight had ended, these dead life form start the battlefield cleanup, look at these Undead Creature that Xiong Li they envy, Xiong Li muttered said : to have these fellows is convenient, especially at this time, remembered others also to divide these insects after the fight, we can actually sit in here chat, comfortable that I could not say.” One hear of Xiong Li said that Zhao Hai how many people laugh, Dong Fangyu also received Fire Dragon Divine Sword at this time, look at Xiong Li has smiled said :bear Eldest Child, or you also change Magic, how many move of Summoning Spell making Little Hai teach you to be what kind of? Xiong Li immediately/on horseback shook the head said : to consider as finished, thinks that study in Magic process, must take down that Magic Formation, my two big, I do not think Magic.”

Several people are laughing, Zhao Hai anxiously have not been getting the people to attack toward inside, now the people just passed through a war, needs to rest well, now attacks is unwise. At this time Undead Creature also the scene cleaning, these Insect Race had been divided cleanly, all useful thing, were sheared, has put. Zhao Hai they have not been receiving these thing anxiously, but sits in there chats, although here everywhere is the corpse of insect, but the people have been used to such environment, has not cared. Reason that Zhao Hai feel relieved rests in here, because of his very clear, simply nearby this will not have other danger to exist, only if other Interface people runs over, or has the insect arrival of Advanced level, otherwise nearby this in having other eight foot insects will carry on attack to them. here is an insect nest of eight foot insect tribal groups, nearby this is the territory of this eight foot Insect Race groups, simply is impossible to have other eight foot insect appears , the territory consciousness of eight foot insects are very strong. The people have rested for two hours, almost restored, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : walks, we then attack, believe that today will have is waiting for us pleasantly surprised.” Xiong Li they and don’t know here is the insect nests of eight foot insects, they like Zhao Hai, cannot ahead of time to enemy carry out reconnaissance, moreover in this wormhole, but also doing of pressure system person spiritual force uses, their spiritual force simply cannot search far, therefore their simply to this all around situation did not understand. Before Cultivation World person, wants to draw map about wormhole, by facilitating afterward person fought in the wormhole, but is quick they presently, this method simply was useless, because the wormhole can live the change, these insects might dig out the new wormhole anytime, simultaneously they must give to block the original wormhole, making the map that you drew a scrap paper. Afterward multiple after the insect carried on dissection, Cultivation World talented person understand, polypite[ body] in can secrete one type of mucus, this mucus viscosity very astonishing, so long as moistened earth with this mucus in together, that earth becomes strong/sturdy like concrete. Moreover what most important is, the mucus that the insect secretes, is doing of pressure system uses to spiritual force, so long as the insect were killed, this mucus will change will do instantaneously, turns into the waste, in cannot use. Cultivation World there has carried on research to the underground wormhole, in entire underground wormhole all cave wall, almost all by insect transform, no matter the Cultivation World person other person, to the wormhole, spiritual force by suppression maximum limit, you have been able to use Magic, but wants to investigate all around situation with the spirit, is actually impossible. It can be said that carries on the elimination series in wormhole here, is equal to makes Zhao Hai in playing the home game completely, he can use the Liquid Silver needle first scout one all around situation, because here belongs to the surrounding of Fabbio sipunculid nest, will not have the Advanced level insect too to exist, even if were the Liquid Silver needle present did not have anything, Zhao Hai can use the Liquid Silver needle, perfect kept abreast of the situation in insect xué, to insect xué carry out reconnaissance, will compete he naturally to profit like this.

In addition Zhao Hai has large quantities of Undead Creature to help him hunt and kill Insect Race, can say that the achievement of this nose elimination series, can let be surprised absolutely, falls false eyeball to fall on the ground. Xiong Li around their although don’t know is any situation, but currently they have the absolute confidence to Zhao Hai, in their opinion, thinks that many to do, follows Zhao Hai and that's the end. Zhao Hai leads Xiong Li they to fly toward wormhole, in toward the Zhao Hai brain of forward flight, suddenly has been transmitting Laura sound speaking sounds: Elder Brother Hai, you must pay attention, in three defense line there, not only these eight foot insects of three defense lines, four defense lines and five defense line there eight foot insects also came to support, the eight foot insect quantities of your this facing have met thirty thousand.” Zhao Hai nod of gently, indicated to know, then turned the head to look at Xiong Li their said : bear Eldest Child, you prepared, front also had large quantities of insects, was just better than the insect to be many.” Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that was face changes, then nodded said :feel relieved.Said that several people grab the hand of weapon, cannot help but tightened. But Zhao Hai this time polite, direct move twenty thousand Undead Creature, has not expunged toward three defense line there from each one difference road, when Zhao Hai they have not entered to three defense lines, Undead Creature and Insect Race already in three defense line there junctions Zhao Hai they arrived at three defense line there time, Undead Creature and Insect Race appears against perished, Xiong Li their immediately join regiment, but Zhao Hai is still doing the work of maid, Zhao Hai such is doing, not only to enhance Xiong Li their fighting strength, similarly is also making Megan they make the adjustment, making Megan they adapt to the Comprehend the world here fight rhythm.!.