Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1238

Undead Creature is Zhao Hai in hand very important fighting strength, although now Undead Creature level is not very high, fighting strength also on the equivalent to 3rd level Magician strength, but if adds on their body intensities, is adding on the coordination, fighting strength that these Undead Creature can wield, absolutely is very astonishing. However also some issue appears , these Undead Creature, needs person command(er), although they may also pill's independent doing war, but makes the effect of fighting independently, without good that unifying command(er) comes, but command(er) Undead Creature is the person who fights is Megan, Lizzy and Maggie. Laura and Meg their command(er) Undead Creature will not make the war generally, but the Maggie present to was likes on command(er) Undead Creature doing to fight. However beforehand Lizzy and Megan command(er) Undead Creature makes the war, in Lower Realm, the there fight intensity, has not managed Law Idol to compare with Comprehend the world here, Comprehend the world here no matter that person, strength very formidable, Zhao Hai to will be very big with their in elimination series opportunity of here, therefore made Lizzy they adapt to the Comprehend the world here fight rhythm to be important. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai direct make a move has not coped with these insects, he is giving Xiong Li them to be the maid, but Undead Creature command Zhao Hai has still given Lizzy them. Lizzy they truly are also attacking, after this battle of several times and Insect Race, Lizzy they learn with according to the change in battlefield, has carried on to adjust to the Undead Creature attack lineup, moreover adjusts is getting quicker and quicker, Zhao Hai also very satisfied. Those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, Maggie makes the war regarding command(er) these Undead Creature, is very interested, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai thinks Maggie is interested in Support Class Magic Formation, has not actually thought that She does to fight also being interested very to command(er) Undead Creature, before being really difficult to imagine her, command(er) Undead Creature does not dare. This fight compared with previous time wants on slowly many, after all this time Insect Race were many, but Zhao Hai to was notes, the Sun Fei present forms of combat have some specially, before the Sun Fei forms of combat on such as were the same with his attribute, the hot main attack, invaded like the fire, attack that do not fly has been very fiercenaturally, Magic consumption was also very quick. Offensive direction that however now do not fly changed, he not to former such, but pursued the maximum attack strength, but must pursue most effective attack.

Biggest attack is different from most effective attack, hits the mosquito like the cannon that the people often said that with patted to pat obviously gently, actually must hitthis with the cannon is wasting the attack strength, attack although that before do not fly looked like very formidable, but was actually pursuing the maximum attack strength, although did not hit the mosquito that to exaggerate like the cannon, however waste energy also extremely numerous. If uses the crowd-attack Magic method, to the lethality of these insects very limited, even if hundred overlay community Magic, if no Zhao Hai such strength, uses, is not big to the lethality of these insects. Before this case, Sun Fei will carry on large-scale Magic attack ”, but actually, now do not fly into line of most common Magic attack of now, sometimes is ten overlay Magic, sometimes is five overlay Magic, biggest Magic attack did not have 50 ”, but he with Magic, will create one every time or the deaths of several insects, moreover he has stayed in Xiong Li they behind, very paid attention to Xiong Li their situations, only then Xiong Li their side had the danger, he on will eliminate this danger immediately. Naturallybecause of the reason of strength, he was unable to achieve Xiong Li now their side all dangers eliminates, but he now in this direction diligently. Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded the learning capability that ” he satisfies very does not fly, how do not fly to look at yesterday he to do, this studies, good, he studies is very good. Each Magician is a smart person, but some Magician have not transferred that to bend, one, but they think through a point that has most closed, how they clear should do. The Magician crowd-attack ability truly be stronger than weapon, but that must look is any situation, if your crowd-attack, can kill many enemies, that should use, this greatly will be good to increase your type enemy. If your crowd-attack, cannot bring the too big injury to the enemy, that might as well like do not fly, helping the companion eliminate danger, enabling them to be able the fight of feel relieved, this is most important. Moreover does this can also promote not to fly the solo match ability, Magician must with Warrior solo match, first be suffering a loss, but Magician in the process of fight, biggest weapon is not their Magic, but is they regarding the war control ability, when uses what Magic, this is most essential. This point looks like probably is very simple, but almost does not have Magician to achieve, even if Zhao Hai, if no help of Space cannot achieve, in process of fight fast changing, the mistake of any dot, can become the most fatal loophole, but in combat process, if you cannot achieve the control war, that first lost three points.

Changes near the enemy also controls war one type of, each Magician is impossible only to meet one type of Magic, in Magic of all your meetings, selects most appropriate this is not an easy matter, Magician like Warrior, Warrior attack does not have the style, style sometimes including environment, you, if practices pinnacle one set of martial arts, the style in that this set of martial arts, you can the use at any time come out, but the Magician Magic actually not fixed repertoire, Magic and between Magic will not have too big relationship in addition, is you all. Magic practices ripe, to the battlefield , you have not been able to guarantee you use is most correct. When changes near the enemy, if you cannot grasp enemy's change first, your machine should change will not be correct, therefore Magician makes the war, most important is control, to entire war control! This control ability to war, almost does not have the means to achieve through the normal training, only then the grounded actual combat can achieve. although Zhao Hai appreciation Sun Fei such attack, but now Sun Fei such attack, but also just started to study, extremely Yu Zhi nèn, has controlled the general situation truly Zhao Hai. This fight, previous time wants to be quicker than \; first, because of Zhao Hai this point release many Undead Creature, two is because Lizzy they regarding fully adapted to the fight of Insect Race, coordination between several people are getting more and more tacit, fight complete was also quicker. When Xiong Li they felt that one[ body] in energy soon exhausts, the fight has tied completely, Xiong Li they have not noted this point, when they kill are killing, suddenly presently all around did not have the Insect Race person, several people have gawked, waits for several people to respond the time, presently these Undead Creature started in the battlefield cleanup. Xiong Li turned the head to stare Zhao Hai said : discontentedly Little Hai, your can't youngster make these Undead Creature slow points kill? I have not killed satisfying, this insect did not have.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : few proud bear Eldest Child, you now quickly are not good, but also dares to speak irresponsibly, if you real energy, go to inside to kill, the there surface is an insect nest, tens of thousands insects wait for you to kill, moreover living that Queen Nest of inside also eight foot insects, now gone all out, I ensure you kill leniently.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that beckoned with the hand said : „, forget about it, I am not that greedy has, had the luck naturally to with brothers together enjoy. Dong Fangyu laughs said : bear Eldest Child, you must go in now, I ensure you not only kill leniently, I ensure you will also turn into the insect excrement, HaHaHa.” Li Kuangren they also laughs, Xiong Li actually does not care, laughs with together, several people are also brother disciple that the syngenesis dies, such joke does not certainly hurt the essentials.

When these Undead Creature battlefield cleanups, Zhao Hai led several people to arrive at a nearby clean wormhole, after sitting down, Zhao Hai has put out the food and wine, deep voice said : we in here rest well, when the spirit raised fully, in killed toward that Mou Chongchao, in that insect nest almost 60,000 eight foot insects, living that but that Queen Nest of eight foot insects now gone all out, but gives him one day, many also on increasing 10,000 only about insects, to us affected is not very big, everyone/Great Clan did not need to be worried.” Several people nodded, they now regarding Zhao Hai words that are complete trusts, a suspicion without point, Zhao Hai said that anything is anything. A several people of person has taken up one bottle of liquor, turns on the cover, has bumped next step: Dry!” Said that several people have drunk a big mouth, what Zhao Hai these time takes is most high grade beer, the flavor is pure, the taste is neat, drinks satisfying. After putting down the beverage bottle, Zhao Hai look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: Lao Lu, our elder brother several preparations after competition, after returned to machine, looks for a base, oneself minute of coming out individual farming, although also meets some Clan duty, but actually does not think that was being managed by Clan, don't you noon have the interest to do with our together?” Lu Ding day one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes twinkling brightly, then nodded said : well.” Lu Ding day reply somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, a general Outer Sect people, will not like the individual farming, the although coming out individual farming looks like very natural, but similarly, cannot have Clan many support, your equal to was leave Clan, even Clan duty you can not do, Clan that in this case, you were at naturally when supporting you, did not have the support of Clan, you practiced needs Potion, weapon, Defensive Equipment wait / etc. these thing, needs you to draw cash to buy, this was not an easy matter, you need to do. Massive duty can buy these thing. duty that however makes were too many, will affect the practice, therefore many Outer Sect people, do not like leave Clan, although in Clan not outside that[ from] by, but backs on the big tree to be good to enjoy the cool air, this truth everyone understands, leave Clan on equal to is leave that big tree, that outside repeated difficulties only then you have undertaken, this courage is no one has, but Lu Ding arrow unexpectedly such easily on complying, this is really some stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.!.