Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1239

Not only Zhao Hai cannot think that Xiong Li they also felt accident, several people of puzzled look at Lu Ding days, they are not short with the time that Zhao Hai knows, naturally knows that Zhao Hai in entering before the wormhole, has not contacted with the Lu Ding day completely, that Lu Ding day actually such easily agreed the proposition of Zhao Hai, this makes them somewhat inconceivable. Person who Xiong Li is one cannot keep the words, he turns the head look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: Lao Lu, you why such easily accepted the request of Little Hai?” Lu Ding day deep voice said : I believe him.” The words that he spoke forever are that simple, probably said that a character, will make him waste many physical strengths to be the same. However one hear of Lu Ding day saying, Xiong Li they several people of eyes cannot help but are one bright, then several people laughed, have held up the beverage bottle, has drunk big liquor. After putting down wine glass, Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li their several people, „the time that said : suddenly elder brother several, we know is not short, we are the temperament are also congenial, moreover after competition, must divide the individual farming, I thought how our elder brother several do might as well become the brothers of a different surname?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they stare, then face of people are one happy, Xiong Li said loudly: Good, that such settled that I agreed that you?” Agreement!” Agreement!” Agreement!” Agreement!” Looked that everyone/Great Clan agreed that Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : well, that did not need to wait, our immediately started.” Said that he waves, appears in cavern a table, Zhao Hai had then waved, on table appears insect tui of three eight foot insects. Drinking that Zhao Hai look at Xiong Li their said : I bring eating, may not have the custom of belt incenses and candles, elder brother several, we use tui of these three eight foot insects as the incenses and candles today, swore that swears brotherhood to be good?” Xiong Li laughs said : well, naturally is good, is only congenial in our loyalty, what platoon is anything has any relationship, even if the mere handful of soil for fragrant may also swear brotherhood, come!” Several other people have also knelt, several people to several case said loudly: Heaven may reflect, today my brother several people, wish to become the brothers of a different surname, shares joys, shares sorrows, did not seek same month and same day to live in the same year, but sought same month and same day dead in the same year, the heaven was the card, the livelihood may reflect.” After saying the oath, several people three are kowtowing with the table, this has stood, after several people have exchanged the name, this knows that Xiong Li is still Eldest Child, but the Lu Ding Tiancheng for Second Child, Dong Fangyu has become Third Child, Li Kuangren has become Fourth Child, Zhao Hai has become the fifth child, Sun Fei has become Sixth Child. Swore brotherhood this latter several people of relationship near one layer, Zhao Hai also received the table, several people started to eat and drink extravagantly, could not see several people in dangerous wormhole extremely. The however several people of also temperate people, know that cannot drink in this place, after a person has drunk two bottles of beer, lived., Starts to eat greatly, ate to the full also chatted a while, several people have rested, today a day passed through two wars, Xiong Li they felt is very tired, lies down does on the luxurious sound before long greatly. Reason that Xiong Li they dare such feel relieved big rests, completely is because they believe that Zhao Hai will look after good all, outside adding on, but so many Undead Creature stands guard for them, they can certainly feel relieved sleep boldly.

Zhao Hai has also closed the eye, his simply useless worry, that eight foot insect and insect nest complete under the surveillance of Space, simply cannot turn any storm. The insect nest of that eight foot insects, felt probably the end will have been near generally, spawning that Queen Nest presently one gone all out, each and every one another eight foot insect egg by produce, have looked like Zhao Hai said that so long as gives him one day, he almost can deliver about ten thousand eight foot insects to come, but believes that will also make his strength/Origin Qi damage severely, but now to maintain life, Queen Nest of that octagonal insect could not control that many. Zhao Hai they have rested for about six hours, this gets up, after getting up, how many people eat have selected thing, has rested, how Xiong Li then said : Little Hai? Weren't we now that insect nest that cannot attack you to say? „ Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :naturally to be OK, walked, extinguished the insect in this insect nest, we went to other place to have a look, but when the time comes we did not use to hunt and kill insect give priority to, we must go to be able other Interface people.” Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that knows he wanted to do, he presently certainly was wanted to snatch other Interface amends the practice method, especially Cultivation World, several people have cannot help but laughed, they have not been serious the fight that will already arrive at probably completely. These Undead Creature that his this also no wonder they, Zhao Hai release comes, fighting strength is really too formidable, moreover now they must attack is also nest xué of eight foot insects, is not the Advanced level place, so long as they want, Zhao Hai can definitely not use their make a move, can solve that insect nest, they have anything to be good to be worried. Zhao Hai does not have too this attack, when comes back, after the fight of this twice, Xiong Li they fully adapted to own weapon, following fight Xiong Li they did not participate do not have anything. Soon nears the insect nest time, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Xiong Li their said : bear Eldest Child, were you also interested in playing? If no interest, I tidied up them.” Xiong Li shook the head said : to consider as finished, we do not participate, we have been familiar with weapon in any case now, were not having what meaning with these insect fights, is purely wastes the time, right Little Hai, has the words of time, you give Lu spear refinement of Second Child again one.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, after having tidied up this insect nest, is resting for day in here, I helped him spear refinement again one.” Said that Zhao Hai waves, large quantities of Undead Creature throw toward the insect nest, Xiong Li they did not look at Zhao Hai release many Undead Creature now, they live regarding some Zhao Hai in hand many undead, completely lost the interest, after they fear knows, oneself completely desperately will fall. This Zhao Hai polite, direct release hundred thousand Undead Creature army, has not attacked toward these eight foot insects, besides in these Undead Creature that Xiong Li in front of them puts, but also release in the insect nest large quantities of Undead Creature, he wanted the quick solution to fight directly. However the fight from the beginning, Zhao Hai has gawked, making him be shocked, is not these eight foot insects, the strengths of these eight foot insects have not been promoted, is not worth Zhao Hai paying attention, but the one who makes Zhao Hai surprised is Queen Nest of that eight foot insects. Queen Nest of this eight foot insects, seems looks like a giant insect ball, the diameter has been about 20 meters, has two pipe same thing in Queen Nest below, the insect nest is arranged from that two pipe same thing, falls can become only the new eight foot insects to the ground post- several minutes, will not compare these old eight foot insect small many. These two pipes hung to the ground, but actually has raised now, when these his eight foot insects and Undead Creature wars, in these two pipes, suddenly projects two meatballs, on these two meatballs moistens mucus is looking like very disgusting. However in these two meatballs fly in Undead Creature army, suddenly will actually live the explosion, explosion the explosion of Might also not low each meatball exploding the smashing dies about hundred Undead Creature cannot die.

Zhao Hai saw that this situation cannot help but stares, this that is Queen Nest of insect, entire with deciding turret, is not good, essential must first him, except that otherwise wants to destroy completely this eight foot Insect Race groups also is really not that easy. Xiong Li they looked that Zhao Hai face changes, knew to have an accident, Xiong Li immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai? Had an accident? Did some people come?” Now they did not fear that the insect feared other Interface person suddenly kill, therefore Xiong Li such asked. Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, has met a somewhat thorny insect, I process, the coming danger.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, sneaked in wormhole in the blink of an eye on vanish from sight. Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai back, face ugly said : ***, just crossed the oath to share sorrows, in the blink of an eye came such beginning one, real his mother hates my strength to be too low.” Dong Fangyu forced smile said : resulted in bear Eldest Child you saying that this saying my not owing heart, I now was cultivator, could not have been helping to consider as finished, waits for Little Hai to believe that Little Hai will process, when the competition had ended, we practiced well, believe that sooner or later will help Little Hai, otherwise this when always the taste of viewer did not feel better.” Several people have smiled bitterly, no one makes noise, after swearing brotherhood, they are the family member, in this case, actually can only look at Zhao Hai fight, their can feel better that to call at heart strangely. No matter Zhao Hai actually Xiong Li are thinking anything, that meatball bomb that insect nest comes out, Might is not really small, Xiong Li they, if has come, if that type of bomb looks for them, may unable to defend by their strengths. To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought really that this type looks like does not have eight foot insect Queen Nest of what attack ability really to have such strong attack method. Zhao Hai appears in the insect nest, has not managed these eight foot insects, but is straight flies toward Queen Nest of eight foot insects, Queen Nest of eight foot insects also present Zhao Hai intention, its immediately/on horseback is also rotating two pipes, has aimed at Zhao Hai, has shot several meatball bombs one after another. Zhao Hai wields, several Magic Formation Set on appears in his front, these Magic Formation Set are 50 overlay, moreover is Fire Dragon, Formation Set goes forth to battle, several Fire Dragon flew from, hits toward that several meatball bombs. Then several loud noise, meatball bomb simply does not have the body of near Zhao Hai, by Zhao Hai with Fire Dragon detonating, but Zhao Hai has flown the place above of meatball using these days. The meatball also felt probably danger, his immediately transferred two pipes, several meatballs shoot toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, huge Space rift appears in his , a fierce downward cover, took in Queen Nest and that several meatball bombs of eight foot insects Space. Zhao Hai already present, Queen Nest simply of this eight foot insects is irremovable, method that it protects oneself besides reproducing more eight foot insects, only then means that that shoots that type of meatball bomb, one, but these two methods cannot protect him, he can only be without a fight. Queen Nest one was taken away by Zhao Hai, these eight foot insects lost the final support, but these eight foot insects to do not have to stop, attack that still keeping, is has not constructed become any threat to these Undead Creature.

Zhao Hai then relaxed, then he centralized to just took on the attention Space Queen Nest in that Insect Race, that Insect Race Queen Nest is still putting in Space Warehouse now, the Zhao Hai intention moves, Queen Nest immediately appears in blank background. Queen Nest just appears , in Space immediately had transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently lowers level insect Queen Nest, this Queen Nest can only reproduce low level Insect Race, but absorbs other species genes few , to promote Insect Race fighting strength, but the hoisting capacity is very limited, fighting strength is low, is irremovable, suggested that Host becomes meat xing animal reproduction its transform, after transform success, but life form meat xing Insect Race, this Insect Race fighting strength is low, actually may produce leave such as the shrimp crab common tasty meat again, Host whether transform?” Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he has not thought really that Space will give his such prompt sound unexpectedly, gave back to him to suggest that you let alone, this suggestion also was really good. Now in his Space can be used in the meat thing also really much, but this Queen Nest reproductive ability to is very good, if he can provide the meat like shrimp crab, to is really the good choice. This thing level is too in any case low, fighting strength is not strong, is adding on Space not to need eight foot insects to help the fight now, making him meat xing animal reproduction is also good. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai deep voice said : immediately/on horseback transform.” Space prompt speaking sounds: Host agreed that becomes meat xing animal reproduction low grade Insect Race Queen Nest transform, immediately/on horseback carries on, asking Host to wait a bit.” The prompt sound falls, white light flashes, the entire Queen Nest bedding bag has sphered, before long white light vanishes, Queen Nest in one time on the ground, Zhao Hai saw that this Queen Nest has cannot help but gawked, Queen Nest of that eight foot insects because this Queen Nest saw compared with just him also wants on a big way many, turned into a diameter to have the about fifty meters giant sphere fully, those who most made Zhao Hai surprised was, outside of this sphere, like Insect Race Queen Nest, did not look like the meat meat, conversely, the outside belt of this sphere the one layer carapace, the carapace was flashing metal same radiance, unexpectedly likely. Is metal sphere. But in this metal sphere below, actually branches out eight pipes, diameter about one meters of these eight pipes, the tight placard touchdown face length, face and quality of material of pipe are the same with this metal sphere. Zhao Hai actually knows that although this thing looks like probably is the metal, but actually absolutely possibly is not the metal, is only the looks like, Zhao Hai looked at this spheroid, deep voice said : Cai'er.” Cai'er whiz on appears in his side, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what matter?” Zhao Hai referred to that Queen Nest said : you looking, this can thing produce leave the meat xing insect, don’t know he needs Donche? Moreover you also want a produce quantity of control his produce insect, should not be too many, mister produces a batch, tries the flavor, good words.”!.