Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1240

Cai'er smiles said : Young Master feel relieved to be good, this thing material had in my head now, will not have the matter, he looks like a machine now, machine a like Universal Manufacturing Machine, but he does not have the Universal Manufacturing Machine that god, he can only changes energy some plants or animal, then delivers the insect, the quantity we can control, when he does not use produce, so long as relying on attracts Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to survive, but now Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in Space very rich.” What did Zhao Hai nod said : to be able mister to produce on a meat rootworm I to have a look is? Do not make that was too disgusting, what making the person look at their long, lost the appetite.” Cai'er shows a faint smile said : Young Master feel relieved, will not have the matter, Space has considered this issue.” Said that has tumbled out about one meter high big egg from that sphere following pipe, after the big egg get lost to the ground, only several seconds, the egg shell has broken from inside, then comes out from facing set thing, looked that this thing Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because he has not thought that after Space transform later Insect Race can be this appearance unexpectedly, this there or insect, clearly are an only crab. Right, drills from the egg is a giant crab, sees this crab, Zhao Hai stares slightly, then shows a faint smile said : well, unexpectedly is the crab, no wonder Space said that will have the shrimp crabmeat tasty flavor, good, can produce, be right, this does thing have fighting strength?” Cai'er nodded said : to have, but fighting strength is not very strong, comes to miss compared with eight foot insects on many, after all they are used to eat.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, if I also eight foot insects that wants that type to fight, but can also make?” Cai'er nodded said : „, that insect has saved in Spatial Shop now, that insect nest saved in Spatial Shop, Young Master you must use, momentarily can buy.” Zhao Hai nodded said :that to be good, was good, you pay attention to the output of this crab, finally promotes toward each every background in Space, this thing does not need any good thing to feed him in any case, letting the people can multi- one type of eat also good. Cai'er nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, I will handle.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, you handle matters my feel relieved, was good, I exited.” The personal appearance moves, leave Space, to insect nest. The fight of insect nest here had basically ended, these lost the command(er) eight foot insects, that can be the Undead Creature match, now basically killed off. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves appears outside of insect nest. Xiong Li they are waiting for in there anxiously.

Looked at Zhao Hai to come out, several people then relaxed, Xiong Li quickly said: „ How small Sea? ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : basically to finish. feel relieved, was that insect nest has slightly has troubled, but had been processed by me, in having matter.” Xiong Li they then relaxed, Zhao Hai led several people to enter the insect nest, now insect nest there has piled up with the corpses of eight foot insects, besides few some Undead Creature in cleaning up the remaining eight foot insects, other Undead Creature started the battlefield cleanup. Zhao Hai looked at all around said : to be good, we looked for clean place rest well one, Second brother's long spear to refinement again, here gave these Undead Creature to be good while convenient.” Xiong Li several people also nodded, although they do not care about these insect corpses, but insect after dying, the flavor of that corpse good not to go to that can leave here far point ting to be also good. In this underground insect xué was the wormhole, Zhao Hai they at will looks for an insect to pierce luckily everywhere, the there surface was clean, Zhao Hai has cleaned up with Magic, several people sat, Zhao Hai look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: Second Brother, takes your long spear, I have a look.” The Lu Ding day nodded, puts out own long spear to give Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai received the Lu Ding day the long spear, in hand has hefted hefting, this long spear unexpectedly very heavy, quickly compares favorably with Xiong Li double hammered. Moreover the Lu Ding day long spear is not that type of most primitive long spear, said strictly that this should be a double Lance, in the most head position is a spear point, below is two spear heads, entire spear length one zhang (3.33 m) two feet five, all over the body are green , indifferently seems like green made of copper, but Zhao Hai actually knows that this spear absolutely possibly is not made from bronze, the manufacture material of this spear, is also not the least bit off compared with a Xiong Li pair of hammer. Zhao Hai nodded said : to my some time and ensure builds up to sell Second Brother satisfied long Ge to come, you in here wait / etc. I.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved vanishes in same place. Looked at Zhao Hai to vanish, before Xiong Li then sighed said : no wonder, Little Hai closed up or the refinement time, we presently his in the room probably does not have, originally simply not in the room.”

Dong Fangyu also nodded said : no wonder Little Hai in No. 5 base there, but also was familiar with machine that time situation, wants to come him to say closes up, possibly ran up to machine to go, feared that was the machine there situation, was Maggie tells Little Hai.” Xiong Li several people nodded, they also believe that the Dong Fangyu words, the Lu Ding day actually to the present know Zhao Hai meets Space Magic unexpectedly, but he has not said anything, he is not talkative, is adding on Zhao Hai these days to his extremely caring, moreover swore brotherhood the brothers of a different surname with him, he naturally cannot the heart of harmful Zhao Hai. although said that in Comprehend the world here is Wuqing/ruthless, for benefit, a chance that to compete for that practice uses, people often compared with wild beast savage, Wuqing/ruthless, but if you cannot hand over several good friends, you will not feel better in the Comprehend the world here day, do not say that any free and unfettered was comfortable, sooner or later will be destroyed completely by others. Therefore wants to rush out some positive results in Comprehend the world here, the friend of few junction intimacy life is incorrect, moreover because of Comprehend the world here Wuqing/ruthless, here friendship often precious, if you became a friend with whom, later in betraying him, your equal to own reputation doing smelly, later dares to work with you in also nobody, even if the cooperation, that also completely mutually uses, does not have a point advantage to you, because like this, therefore in Comprehend the world this Wuqing/ruthless world, actually easier appears impregnable friendship. This is the one type of very strange phenomenon, however in Comprehend the world here is actually[ really] actual balance, these Wuqing/ruthless person, all died absolutely, because of them extremely in Wuqing/ruthless, actually by this Wuqing/ruthless world isolating. Comprehend the world, you need Wuqing/ruthless, but similarly, you need to feel emotion, looks like in the movie mother a few words is the same, tumultuous times Don't discussed the love between men and women, the tumultuous times love between men and women was thicker, Comprehend the world here was also same, your Don't discussed the sentiment in Comprehend the world here easily, the sentiment was thicker than the liquor! Xiong Li they are not the fool, what manner the machine there person are they are clear regarding Ascender, their very clear, Cultivator like them, wants in machine here survival well, that only then means that bring together! Only then brings together they to go on living. How Zhao Hai and don’t know Xiong Li they think that Zhao Hai they becomes friends with Xiong Li in fact, has not thought that many, he feels with Xiong Li their completely right temperament, therefore became friends with them, in fact Zhao Hai did not fear that Xiong Li they betray him, he has Space, even if were Xiong Li they betrayed him, he will not have any danger, therefore he can such relaxed they turned in the friend with Xiong Li. In Zhao Hai returned to in Space, was good immediately to Universal Manufacturing Machine, decomposed the Lu Ding day long spear, similarly, in his Space in more than one time several types of mineral lode, through the analysis of Universal Analyzer, has then engraved 80 Magic Formation in long Gorrie, manufactured the process of long spear, from all sides added not about half hour. Zhao Hai such will quickly certainly not exit, his returned to in the room, looked that Laura they are sitting in there chat, but in the ground rooms, is suspending a big crab, is making threatening gestures in there. Zhao Hai stares, his immediately recognizes, isn't this big crab that insect nest produces? Got so far as this to come? Zhao Hai puzzled look at Laura their did said : get so far as this to come? Can do has eaten?”

Meg nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, what flavor we want to taste this big crab are, ate many crabs, like was so big, has not eaten, tastes?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, tastes, right Cai'er, a while has prepared two, I must bring exiting to make Xiong Li they also taste.” Cai'er has complied with one, this does not certainly spend any matter, in Space that in fact these insect nests are, now started to produce the crab, now had several hundred big crabs in that Space, let alone is two, even if 200 she can also the light spear|gun takes. Was under permission of Zhao Hai, Meg immediately moved, Magic lost, the crab freezing, had then waved Cai'er to help me get so far as the kitchen to Cai'er said : him, today we eat the crab.” Cai'er has complied with one, waved, that crab oneself have floated, she also flies toward the kitchen in Meg. Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile, turns the head what kind to Laura said : „? Was the two days fight tired?” What Laura smiles said : I to be quite tired, must say that tired that is Lizzy they are also more tired, Elder Brother Hai, now weapon of these Undead Creature uses, some level were too low, you looked that we should make some batch of new weapon to these Undead Creature? Also in inside quarter Magic Formation? Like this their fighting strength will be stronger.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : „, no matter bone armor or golden Combat Suit, their defense capabilities are good, but must speak of weapon, actually missed, they mainly defended, should replace weapon to these Undead Creature, this matter you with Cai'er discussed that did what one can, in turn equipment. Laura nodded, Berry suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, we to were present a good place, there to take the base over the two days, do you want to take a look?”!.