Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1241

Zhao Hai one hear of Berry said that cannot help but stares, then on face happy said : „? In that?” Berry has not said in that but shows a faint smile, the hand wields, on the large screen the a piece place, does not see this place Zhao Hai is one dull, here is really too beautiful, beauty of difficult imagination. That is the small island same place, but this small island actually drifts in in midair, assumes a point toward below cone, the entire island has about thousand li(500 km) area greatly certainly, area is not very big, is the house sparrow, although is small, concubine dirty entirely body, environment very unusual on this island, side of island is mountain range, this mountain not very high, only then about several hundred meters, a mountain minute of Wufeng, the shape such as the five fingers, have under Yidaohe water current on the mountain, the current capacity of river water is not very big, the river width ten many meters, cannot see the depth, the class is not anxious., Very gentle. This non- river flows off from the mountain, the class has arrived in an island lake, area of lake is also not very big, this also water scarcity near the island, the class of water in lake in toward outside void goes from the water scarcity place, but what sounds queer, that lake water current enters to void, before long on disappears, probably was disappear without a trace was ordinary. On mountain steadily all kinds of trees, but this trees long is not very long, the maximum more than 20 about meters, the entire mountain is also green and luxuriant, very beautiful. Had a flake plain under the mountain, plain above has been covered with the green grass, above steadily all kinds of small hua, were ordinary just like the wonderland. However what sounds queer, on this island, any animal, exactly had not said that besides these plants, in island in not any living creature. Moreover sky of this island is not blue , but becomes appears one type of bright yellow , not specially bright, but also and specially dark, in sky is also fluttering several Cloud, is really very beautiful. Where Zhao Hai did like this place his two eyes bright said : this is? Such attractive? Safe?” Laura shows a faint smile said : you to guess, an absolute safety place.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then did he see Laura a cunning smiling face of their face, immediately has thought of result said : not in the endless vast desert?” Laura they laughed Laura are smile said : I saying that Elder Brother Hai can guess correctly, you have not believed that what kind, now believed? Good Elder Brother Hai, this place also really in endless vast desert, moreover in the center of endless vast desert.” On the Zhao Hai look at screen that floating island, muttered said : „is really big of Universe, every possible strange thing really also has such place, this place was really beautiful, makes the base to is happen to appropriate.”

Laura smiles the place that said : I also think so to take the base to be just right.” Zhao Hai nodded said : on this place, walks, we have a look.” The hand wields, he and Laura they already appears on that small island. One on Zhao Hai to this small island stares, Spiritual Qi on this small island unexpectedly very sufficient, although missed compared with Space, but the ratio took off there is actually on strong many, even if with Cultivation World there the city compared is also rude . Spiritual Qi is thick, the air is also naturally good, on this small island, the light breeze caresses, could not say comfortable, if were the average person comes to here, certainly will be attracted by here beautiful Lijing , however here scenery in Zhao Hai their eyes, was general. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, he knows that here simply is impossible to have any ore, yellow in sky is also not ordinary yellow , but is endless sand in the sea eternal innumerable radiance, but cannot think that innermost in endless vast desert, within many also had such small island to exist just as greatly is Laura they said that here absolutely was the safest place. The endless vast desert, has existed since permanent today, even if Cultivation World almighty does not dare to enter, if here is unsafe, that entire Comprehend the world does not have the safe place. Zhao Hai believes that if this place by that Cultivation World almighty institute presently, that is met immediately to hold here, because of this place absolute security secret, is closes up the practice the best place. Cultivation World almighty once for a while will close up, possibly to practice, possibly seeks Cultivation Method for comprehend, in brief closes up regarding Cultivation World almighty, was the most common matter. But closes up must find a safe place, best including oneself most intimate person also don’t know place, because in Cultivation World there, in closing up by sneak attack, but death almighty is not one or two. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai can affirm before here, presently has not crossed, because of a here not human footmark, completely pure natural environment. However here has been probably short of few thing, said that was short of vitality, although here was growing some plants everywhere, but did not have animal, really has been short of many vitalities. However Zhao Hai and not caring, he turned the head their said : these days you have been working hard to Laura, has not thought really that you had suddenly found such a place, but I am giving you now duty, built up the place small town fort at this time, constructed all facilities, according to your regard transform, what kind of?”

Laura smiles said : not to have the issue, gives us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : besides rebuilding here, in looking for a base, the egg never place seeks in the basket, was looking must find a place of war, if machine had an accident, must find one to make Ashley Clan move the past place.” Laura they turned the head to look at Maggie one, then nodded said : feel relieved, this was relationship to Sister Maggie matter, we will be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : was good, exits, the here scenery is inferior to Space, stays does not have what meaning in here, was right, you have the words of time, can breed some fish in here, is other small animal, here lacks vitality.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved to be good, gives us, goes back, the Meg younger sister should also almost complete the crab now, we taste that big crab.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, waving of gently, several people returned to in Space. One to Space, several people of let out a long breath, especially Laura they, they already in being used to it that in Space stayed, exited from Space, they felt was really not familiar with very much. Several people just returned to Space, Meg walked out from the kitchen, look at several people of said :Young Master, ate meal.Zhao Hai they have complied with one, went to the dining room with Meg together. Arrived at dining room Laura their several people could not bear one, on the table of dining room anything has not put, only suspended one to be steamed the red crab, this big crab placed on the dinner table, almost occupied the entire dinner table, looked like has to regard the sinking impulse really very much. Zhao Hai look at this situation, laughs said : well, come, tastes quickly, I cannot bear now mouth-wateringly.” The hand moves, Liquid Silver appears in in his hand, then he crab dividing, took inside crabmeat, has put in the tray, Laura their cheered, takes up the knife and fork to eat. Zhao Hai also forked the a piece crabmeat to put the mouth, fresh taste immediately passed to his head through his taste bud, then has spread over the entire body, that flavor, making the fine body hair of person one open, was too tasty. Then a giant crab had been eaten unexpectedly to eat all one's food by several people, the crab crab shell on look at table, Zhao Hai sighed said : this flavor is really too delicious, waited for after this competition, I thought that we must open a shop, bought this big crab specially and ensure gained his full.”

Laura two eyes bright said : good, but Elder Brother Hai, you must give us several people to get so far as a legitimate status first, then gives us to manage the shop.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, waits for after this competition, I get certainly so far as the legitimate status to you, feel relieved.” Zhao Hai also knows that Laura they stayed the time in Space were too long, should make them go out to play. Several people arrived in the living room to rest some little time, this each one rested the child, Zhao Hai was impossible such early to exit, he can definitely in Space sleeping well. After Zhao Hai awakes, calculated next time also almost to arrive, Zhao Hai was then taking the Lu Ding day flashes body appears of long spear from Space in the wormhole, Xiong Li they were practicing, finally this fought their simply not to participate, how several people of simply do not need to rest, happen to practiced using these days. Zhao Hai comes out, their immediately felt, several people simultaneously opened the eye, Zhao Hai have shown a faint smile, has given Lu Ding Heavenly Dao the in hand long spear: Second Brother tries this long spear, has a look to be convenient.” The Lu Ding day nodded, received long spear, first in hand has hefted hefting, then the personal appearance moves, appears in insect nest, after insect nest, Lu Ding day immediately danced the big spear, this big spear was similar to in his hand lived generally, dance wind and rain can not penetrate, what most important was, this big spear in Lu Ding day in hand, dispersed extremely strong killing aura unexpectedly, the big spear waved is similar to the mighty force is ripping to kill general, the end was. The appearance of Xiong Li look at Lu Ding day dance big spear, nodded said : Lu Ding always to have this big spear is even more powerful, feared that was I do not have the means to tidy up him, his big spear style not very complex, but actually simplified, great skill seems like lack of skill temperament, great, no wonder had the name of broken armed forces, really a person may keep off thousand armed forces.” Dong Fangyu nodded said : „, like spear weapon, but also is very rare, can use Second Brother degree the spear, is very few, the Second Brother also is really the talent.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile has not made noise, waits for the Lu Ding day to dance some little time, has been familiar with the situation of big spear probably, he then stopped, has flown side Zhao Hai Little Hai to Zhao Hai said :, thank you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has patted his shoulder said : Brother you and I, said that these modesties did do, come, received these insect thing, we were eating to select thing, must exit.” Several people to are not polite, a person received one pile of insect thing, before this returned to them, that wormhole that rested. Zhao Hai has put out big crab several people of fine food to that wormhole, this leaves to fly toward the wormhole.!.