Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1242
Zhao Hai face calm toward forward flight, they to has not been worrying, they just entered to the wormhole in any case are less than two days, good several days time, moreover he had found target that he must start, therefore he has not worried. Toward the forward flight, Li Kuangren first even/including Ba the mouth, then to Zhao Hai said :Little Hai, next I must at the same time eat the crab, you must make two to me., Zhao Hai laughs said : line, makes two to you, really till you eat to suffice, I have thought that after this time surpassing, we exited, finds a place, raises the crab, buys the crab, what kind of?” Xiong Li laughs said : you not, after exiting, first we look should be the base, that is most important.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, without the speech, he was unable to tell Xiong Li now them, he had found the base, such words will welcome one pile of questionings, Zhao Hai does not think such. Zhao Hai is having Xiong Li several people of forward flights slowly, drills in the wormhole, Xiong Li themselves via was before long confused, they could not distinguish clearly the east , south , west and north now, they can do also with toward the forward flight that Zhao Hai keeps, will bring to go to them to there as for Zhao Hai, that also only then Zhao Hai knew, they are also disinclined to ask. Actually Zhao Hai to that group of cultivator distance that he must cope with is also not very far, but, among this actually must pass through several insect nests, Zhao Hai does not want to waste the time on these insects, will therefore transfer these many circles, great distance that such although walks a point, but actually very safe, moreover not because will fight with the insect, but has alarmed these Cultivation World person. Zhao Hai these time deals with a Cultivation World people who selects, and don’t know is that Sect, the clothes that the people altogether five people, these five people wear have the characteristics respectively, is not the Cultivation World here person, you cannot recognize them are that Sect, reason that Zhao Hai selects this five people of groups , because these five person Cultivation Method matching are just right to be suitable he to use. In these five people, they use Earth element Cultivation Method, what a use is Wood element Cultivation Method, what two uses is Metal element Cultivation Method, the Earth element Cultivation Method lord guards, the Metal element Cultivation Method main attack, Wood element Cultivation Method mainly to give several other people of wound treatment and restores the skill. This equal to is not studies the Earth element attack person not to attack, studies the Metal element Cultivation Method person not to defend, Cultivation World here no matter that one type of Cultivation Method, its merit strikes the strength is very strong, is only because of the attribute reason, therefore active will guard. Matching of these five people can be said as very good, person who has active against also has wound treatment, but this is also they by the reason that Zhao Hai settles on, three attribute Cultivation Method that because their these five people use, now Zhao Hai did not have. Zhao Hai they presently in hand has two Cultivation Method, one type of is the Dong Fangyu Fire element merit Magical Fire Dragon Fentian Secret Art. Another one type of Water element that obtains from Li Chuchen there amends the practice method, this Cultivation Method is anything, Zhao Hai returns don’t know, he did not have the time to manage Li Chuchen Cultivation Method now, but through fight with Li Chuchen, what Zhao Hai was clear he to use is one type of Advanced level Water element Cultivation Method, but they have no need for Water element Cultivation Method, therefore Zhao Hai does not have to look anxiously. Xiong Li and Li Kuangren are earth attribute, they practice earth attribute Cultivation Method to be most appropriate, the Lu Ding day is actually [gold/metal] attribute, must look for one type of [gold/metal] attribute Cultivation Method to make him practice to him, as for that earth attribute Cultivation Method, now Zhao Hai they are also useless, but Zhao Hai wants to snatch him. Zhao Hai present, his star shame ten thousand change Yin-Yang Formula is one type of extremely powerful Cultivation Method, but now this Cultivation Method attack method only then star shame body tempering fist one type of, this appeared was extremely unitary, Zhao Hai also wants to use flying sword, but used flying sword to need some brilliant flying sword Sword Technique, therefore Zhao Hai wanted five Cultivation Method in volume of uneven Five Elements, what had a look with these five Cultivation Method necessary flying sword Sword Technique is, like this he can find most appropriate his flying sword Sword Technique.

Zhao Hai is entire attribute, therefore he will have this idea, he thinks that the managers of collection numerous family, create one set to suit their Sword Technique. Regarding others, this possibly is a very difficult matter, but regarding Zhao Hai, this is not the difficult matter, because Zhao Hai has Universal Analyzer, so long as his Five Elements attribute Sword Technique, puts in Universal Analyzer, Zhao Hai believes that he Sword Technique that oneself will want, after all now Universal Analyzer rose to Advanced level, such matter regarding him, was too simple. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will decide target on the bodies of these five people, so long as because extinguished these five people, he can obtain Sword Technique that these five person Cultivation Method and study, this regarding him, them has the advantage regarding Xiong Li. although said that in the wormhole also has existences of other people, but these people they are very far from Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants in coping with them, is farther, most important that must walk what is, happen to makes up the combination of uneven Zhao Hai to Five Elements Cultivation Method demand almost not to have like these five people, if copes separatedly, that Zhao Hai on need more time, but he feared own not that many time. This is not he cannot before the elimination series ties found to practice several other attribute Cultivation Method people, because Laura they, when monitors Insect Race, presently Insect Race has to move the large-scale insect tide the appearance, if Insect Race must move the large-scale insect tide, that Zhao Hai they certainly will also receive bo, they did not have the time to deal with other people, therefore Zhao Hai will elect these five people as target. These five people are the Cultivation World people . Moreover the strength is not low, five people move, Zhao Hai wants to cope with them not to be easy, must know the Cultivation World person method, but are many, reason that previous Zhao Hai can cope with Li Chuchen , because Li Chuchen has not cared him first, then by his method frightening, the very solid strength has most been able to put forth eight layers to come, this by his relaxed going well, otherwise Zhao Hai will be wanted to cope with Li Chuchen, is not that easy. These five people who Zhao Hai prepares to deal with, although looks like probably is not Sect, but these five people coordinate are actually very well coordinated, Zhao Hai saw that these five kill Insect Race, five people cope with several thousand Insect Race, finally is complete, they coordinate to play do to use important, therefore Zhao Hai wants to deal with these five people, is not that easy. although said that Xiong Li their present strengths are good, but compared with these five people, actually must miss on many, only then Dong Fangyu may in wars with five person, but he most is also cradling one person, wants to add on anything too in a big way busy is actually impossible, finally also can only by him. Zhao Hai to did not fear that these people, he feared that is been too long by the time that these people hold, will alarm other Cultivation World people, if by other Cultivation World people were seen he fights with several people, these Cultivation World people possibly can make a move. If in other places, Zhao Hai and Cultivation World person had the conflict, other Cultivation World people see not make a move, the Cultivation World person most from dead/die, and life and death of irregular person to these, they will not care. However now they are carrying on the elimination series, Cultivation World each 6 Realms new person competition are almost dominating top 100, perhaps if makes them presently Zhao Hai cope with that several Cultivation World person them to be able make a move Zhao Hai this biggest enemy except that first, Zhao Hai although has the strength of self-preservation, has not actually grasped can these people all stay behind, if lets these person of leave, that Zhao Hai will possibly welcome Cultivation World big gate to send inexhaustible chasing down. But Zhao Hai feared that brings in these Cultivation World people, but these person actually not make a move, but is turn around runs, his strength on complete expose, when official tournament, will bring many troubles to him.

Zhao Hai toward forward flight while they were chatting with Xiong Li, but inside his mind actually once for a while spread Laura regarding that five person's report. That five people now with one team of insects the fight, the quantity of that team of insects were not being extremely numerous, only then about 1000, but this team of insects were actually not the octagonal insects that Zhao Hai they met, but was that Zhao Hai they met most from the beginning probably is the giant praying mantis same insect that can fly. Insect attack strength that very this type can fly, moreover flexible, therefore that five people take these insects not to have the means at once. Zhao Hai bit by bit is approaching that five people with the battlefield of insect, simultaneously careful avoids nest xué of other insects, this arrives all the way is smooth, by any insect stopping up. Flew about eight hours Zhao Hai then to approach the battlefield that several cultivator and winged insects made to fight, among this they also rested two, Zhao Hai although will not have anything to feel that however Xiong Li they actually could not bear, the Zhao Hai middle rested twice to eat some thing, this approached battlefield there. Soon to battlefield time, Zhao Hai stopped, looked at Zhao Hai to stop, Xiong Li they also stopped, how many person of look at Zhao Hai, was Xiong Li deep voice said : Little Hai? Can go to the place?” Zhao Hai nodded said : front not far away is our target, but they are fighting with the insect now, we and so on the past.” Xiong Li several people nodded, they had not asked how Zhao Hai knows before , has looked unfamiliar any matter, because does not have that necessity, they believe Zhao Hai. Several people fell in a clean wormhole, Zhao Hai put out has eaten, first successive ate thing, Zhao Hai is paying attention to the situation of that several Cultivator people at the same time. That several Cultivation World person strength is very strong, that two use the Earth element Cultivation Method person, a use at the same time big shield, this big shield looks like very enormous, foot about ten meters high, but this very unwieldy big shield, under his command(er), is actually similar to a feather same litheness, in five people of left, making the attacks of these Insect Race always not have the function instead. But weapon of another use to is quite special, that is small bell same Magical Treasure, this Magical Treasure is also can be either big or small, when is big has five zhang (3.33 m) high, the hour looks like looks like Little Bell, but this Magical Treasure besides the defense capability, very strong sound bo attack ability, he defends in five right, these winged insects not only cannot attack, but also meets the appears very big casualties. But that two use the Metal element attack person, one after the other is carrying on attack to Insect Race, these two uses giant scissors same weapon, this weapon opens you presently, this will be zhan fish scissors, in the knife edge position of scissors, will not be can the straight blade edge, but will be such as the tooth of zhan fish is the same, one Scimitar same tooth blade edge, tooth blade edge lethality even bigger like this, the insect that so long as was hit the shear by this, will not have the life.

But weapon that another person uses to very ordinary, sword that golden light sparkles, but this is different from the ordinary sword the sword, this does not have the sword hilt the sword, all over the body is the sword edges, two are two sword tip, looks is attack strength greatly strengthened weapon. But that uses the Wood element Cultivation Method person, stands in several people, his weapon also very special, unexpectedly is a green leaf, don’t know is any thing makes, dark green , looks like without the front does not have the blade edge, now actually such as a huge green blanket same was stepped on by several people in the under foot, but in that leaf surface also leaves intermittent green radiance, that radiance on several people by leaf will also be attracted to carry on, seems like is used to speed up Spiritual Qi to restore degree Magical Treasure. Five people of cooperating with, these insects are getting fewer and fewer, from most more than 1000 from the beginning, now only remaining was less than 200. But insect that these can fly, obviously is different from eight foot insects, eight foot insects are different, eight foot insects you all have killed them, their not retreat, the insect that but this type can fly is different, their wisdom obviously were much higher than these eight foot insects, looks by such big loss, these insects had have drawn back intent. However now is not they want to fall back to draw back, these insects want to draw back, these five people did not make them draw back, when these insects must draw back, five people almost separated instantaneously, encircled these insects in the middle, then five people stimulated to movement Magical Artifact, attacked toward these insects, that caused Earth element cultivator of shield, now has also traded has traded weapon, unexpectedly was official stamp same weapon, weapon under was a square seal sound, but weapon above, carved one to raise dragon turtle that but set up. attack also very simple of this seal, is mindless proceeding hits, if a huge mountain collapse general proceeds to press, all bumps into Insect Race of seal, complete bone breaking muscle tearing, turns into to spread meat paste. The remaining more than 200 Insect Race that suffice them such to kill, before long all had been killed by them, several people received weapon, that used cultivator of great clock to use cultivator said loudly of seal for that: I said that Dong Tutian, didn't make you not want make a move? You have a look, these many insects were given to make the smashing by you, we want to receive some useful thing unable to receive, this will affect our result.” Dong Tutian coldly snorted said : these days did not let my make a move, only makes me defend, I soon felt stifled, such several, do not have relationship in any case, feel relieved was good, south Situ, your also let alone I, your only decide the insect that the sound clock kills to be also many.” South Situ does not make noise, at this time that used the Wood element Cultivation Method person to make noise said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan do not struggle, cleaned the battlefield quickly, we leave here, the here flavor will soon attract large quantities of insects, we must find a place to restore, cannot such hit.”!.