Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1243

„” „” „” An applause transmits, Situ southern several people of complexion change, person although in their Cultivation World abundantly more durable war of compared with machine Magician and military, but they just had fought with these winged insects, present strength insufficient original six layers, if at this time had the enemy to come, regarding them was not the good deed. But the opposite party at this time, suddenly left the sound, was this applause, this did not save the good intention obviously, several people looked following the sound, was actually one dull. Several wear Magic Robe and warrior cloth people's walked out from a wormhole, overhead the person of wear black Magic Robe, applause gently. But south Situ their surprised also how many person of wear, in Comprehend the world 6 Realms, only the organic person are put on Magic Robe and warrior cloth, but machine Magician and Warrior, fighting strength in existence that in 6 Realms most sets the base, does the first time elimination series machine person hide them without enough time, how can suddenly run? The Zhao Hai look at Situ southern several people, show a faint smile said : several worthily are the Cultivation World great abilities, fighting strength is makes us quite admire, to be honest, my some were not cruel enough to kill you, what a pity, did not have the means that your Cultivation Method were I needs, therefore I was not cruel enough , can only kill you.” South Situ how many people looked at one mutually, then simultaneously laughs, Situ southern is covering the belly, is pointing at Zhao Hai said : youngster, did you awake? Do you want to kill us? How many machine people depending on your wants to kill us? HaHaHa, day that this is I have listened to the funniest joke.” Zhao Hai they have not actually cared, is only look at several people of smile, the person is this, when you in ridiculing others, if the opposite party were angry, you[ is popular] exerts, the opposite party scolded you, your immediately can scold, however worked as the opposite party was aloof, you will feel that was not comfortable. South Situ they are this, they smiled a while to look Zhao Hai their complete had not responded, several people of cannot help but big feelings were also senseless, stopped in abundance, Situ southern look at Zhao Hai, complexion cold said : youngster, looked today, in you do not know the immensity of heaven and earth share that in I amused, the insect that so long as you hunted and killed you stayed behind, we put your horse, otherwise, death!” Said that this saying, his body leapt imposing manner, pressed toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, the body also leapt imposing manner, blocked imposing manner that south Situ came out. Sees this situation, several people of cannot help but complexion of Situ southern side change, they then presently, the opposite party dare to ask them to trouble, it seems like somewhat holds.

Several people of immediately have been careful, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :several strengths to be not much, the tone to is not small, actually wants my Zhao Hai life, who is don’t know wants whose life.Said that Zhao Hai moves, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay before his body, then this Magic Formation with a bang sound exploded, Fire Dragon put from law in the formation, flushed away toward Situ south. Situ southern felt that on this Fire Dragon uncommon imposing manner, complexion slightly changes, but his immediately/on horseback has then sneered, he does not believe that machine Magician, can break his defense, his hand moved, decides sound clock appears before his body. Fire Dragon Bang hit has decided the body of sound clock, listened to a loud sound of nose, decided sound Zhong Qingchan two, actually blocked Fire Dragon this to strike. However Fire Dragon this strikes has not ended, this Fire Dragon resembles the living creature to be ordinary, the personal appearance moves the plate, in has decided on the sound clock, flame flaming combustion gets up. Others don’t know is fierce, but south Situ is actually very clear, he feels clearly that from Fire Dragon flame, transmits intermittent attack, if ocean waves general toward deciding in the sound clock wells up, decided the sound clock gently to shiver now, if the time were long no matter he, will decide the sound clock possibly breaking by this Fire Dragon. Situ southern complexion changes, hand pinched Magic Secret Art, in the mouth urgently read several, then silently said: Decides the sound nine laws, shakes!” As his Incantation completes, decides sound Zhong Meng rises, one becomes compares must greatly, then the clock body gently shakes, buzz transmits, then Fire Dragon by Zhao Hai control, was not escaped leave to come from his clock, flame also shrink. The Zhao Hai two eyes none remaining sparkles, laughs said : well, good to decide the sound clock, is meeting my one move to try.” The hand wields, in his hand in appears Magic Formation of hundred overlay, then Magic Formation fierce transformation, turned into a giant metal to lose the hammer, a hammer toward deciding the sound clock hits. This has more than ten meters the sledgehammer hammer head diameter fully, eight lozenges, although is only Magic, but this hammer includes to let the prestige of Heaven and Earth color deterioration. But besides this hammer, that Fire Dragon also in one time throws toward Situ south, aggressive, although compared with just release came the time has missed a point, but imposing manner does not accommodate underestimated. Situ southern complexion is changing, he has not thought that Zhao Hai regarding Magic control unexpectedly such formidable, may probably simultaneously put forth two hundred overlay unexpectedly Magic, remaining Law Force of Situ southern immediately/on horseback in the body, toward deciding in the sound clock pours, decides sound clock golden light to do greatly, power and influence obviously uncommon. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, still control Fire Dragon and sledgehammer attack toward Situ south, but his time is also paying attention to several other cultivator sounds, this is life form wrestles. It is not the Arena competition, these people will not notice that south Situ is in danger, but does not manage.

Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, looks at the Zhao Hai this prestige of striking, several other people of complexion concubines, Dong Tutian hand moved, the in hand dragon turtle seal, fierce departure, increased instantaneously, such as huge mountain same pressed toward the Zhao Hai sledgehammer on. Zhao Hai drinks one coldly, that sledgehammer direction changes, the sledgehammer that downward pounded, on instantaneous 1 iao, welcomed toward dragon turtle seal, listened to Bang one, Dragon Guiyin was shaken upward to throw, but the Zhao Hai release metal hammer also vanished in airborne. Dong Tutian many strengths control had been shaken dragon turtle seal that flies, immediately/on horseback turns the head to several other people of said : drop to be hard, on shoulder to shoulder!” Several other cultivator also immediately/on horseback various ting Magical Artifact, attack toward Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, welcomed toward several people, simultaneously Magic Staff already appears in his hand , he as soon as wielded Magic Staff, the Magic minute of instantaneous five hundred overlay raided five people. That five cultivator do not dare underestimated Zhao Hai now, makes Magical Treasure attack respectively toward Zhao Hai Magic on, at this moment, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff turned into Giant Sword fiercely, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, on appears in the Situ southern side, a sword has punctured toward Situ south. South Situ one presently Zhao Hai to the side, cannot help but complexion crazily changed, his hand moves, one is small Shield appears in own front, has kept off to Great Sword that Zhao Hai punctures, simultaneously personal appearance suddenly to retreat, meets to begin to turn, in hand appears several Paper Talisman , he no matter that several were any Paper Talisman, discarded toward Zhao Hai. Listens to sound light sound that throws. That small shield that Situ southern release comes, has been punctured to putting on by Zhao Hai, the small shield was broken instantaneously, but at this moment, that several Paper Talisman Huawei the Ice Cone hot rain, has also attacked toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai flings, that was broken, still hangs the small shield on his sword, was flung by Zhao Hai, then Zhao Hai in hand Great Sword continually wields, at the same time sword ray flashes through. These Fireball and Ice Cone, so long as bumps into sword ray, all was defeated. But at this time several other waited cultivator also present Situ's southern danger, several people shouted angrily, with own Magical Artifact and Zhao Hai Magic dogfight, simultaneously in hand in one time has been putting out another Magical Artifact, attacked toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, in hand Great Sword is wielding, is five hundred overlay Magic release, attacks toward five people, simultaneously in hand Great Sword release several Sword Qi, cut toward Situ south. Mentioned incoming call often. From that several cultivator join to regiment to the present, is the matter between in the blink of an eye, both sides have exchanged several moves. But was actually in the upper hand by enemy five Zhao Hai, not only broke Situ's southern side to defend Magic Shield, Situ south compelling in an extremely difficult situation.

That several cultivator complexion change, they have not really thought of the Zhao Hai strength to be able unexpectedly such formidable, that wood attribute cultivator said loudly: Draws back, ties.” The personal appearance moves suddenly to retreat to go, several other people also leave to draw back, then several stand in one, coped with the Insect Race way according to in one time poly together, each one also has put simultaneously out oneself most adept Magical Artifact. South Situ still decides sound clock, Dong Tutian this using actually was not that big shield, but was Dragon Guiyin, other three people used a moment ago coped with Insect Race Magical Artifact, but several people of in hand simultaneously darkly were buckling another Magical Artifact, but in another hand also put out Paper Talisman. This Five Elements Formation is south Situ they have relied on finally, Five Elements Formation does not need Five Elements attribute cultivator all assembled be able formation arrangement, in fact is five people can formation arrangement, the Formation Might size is just various. The cloth becomes Five Elements Formation, will make south Situ their strength obtain wielding of even bigger, five people coordinate is tacit, the strength wields is formidable. Before they when coped with these winged insects, was everyone only has used Magical Artifact, has not put out second Magical Artifact to come, Paper Talisman was also useless, but to Zhao Hai, they actually has put out second Magical Artifact now, Paper Talisman also took, obviously they the diameter have regarded the archenemy of entire life Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearances, cannot help but laughs said :well, was very good, gathers together, was better to cope, watch this move ended Zhao Hai to wield, Magic Formation of thousand overlay, appears before Zhao sea surface, then Zhao Hai wielded, this Magic Formation fierce suddenly open/operated, in that five people of sky, suddenly appears huge Space rift, then bulk meteorite dropped down from the crack, pounded toward five people. In five people that wood attribute cultivator looks at this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, is operating the leaf of under foot fast toward retreat, but they have not thought that they draw back, that said that Space rift also draws back, pieces meteorite still from airborne drops down, that can pound imposing manner that puts on the earth probably, was really too astonishing. South Situ looks at this situation with Dong Tutian, the horse calls out one, a clock seal, immediately upward welcomed, decided the sound clock to increase instantaneously, was similar to a huge Jinzhongzhao same cover in several people of outside. But Dong Tutian dragon turtle seal, actually becomes like the hill same size, hits toward meteorite. Several other cultivator have not been idling, they know that all these are Zhao Hai control, therefore two metal attribute cultivator move, cuts a sword to attack toward Zhao Hai.!.