Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1244

Zhao Hai looked that opposite party has laughedin hand Great Sword to proceed to flingGreat Sword of his hand city turned into a long whipthen long whip one volumeone tying down the giant scissors that unexpectedly instantaneouslywhile tying down the scissors attack tohimto bring the scissors to hit toward two-prong flying sword on. Zhao Hai such procedure, lets that two Metal element cultivator is onemust know now what Zhao Hai faces is two Magical Artifact, was not hidden weapon that two years of martial arts world people threwhidden weapon throwsnot to receive Master control, so long as Zhao Hai exertedsome external forcesto change the hidden weapon flight direction with the whip. Magical Artifact Master can own Law Force pour into after flyingto receive Master controlto Magical Artifact inthis takes Magical Artifact not to have what difference with that cultivator. But now does Zhao Hai want to set sail the not to have fragrant law to come with this tackled Dark Qi side unexpectedly to Magical Artifact? Did he too select arrogantly? Two cultivator slightly onethen immediately full control own Magical Artifact, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai such does is only a guise, Zhao Hai also knows certainly this Magical Artifact equal to withhe did not have toto want with coping with the hidden weapon method in their in hand arrogantly copes with Magical Artifacthe just to set an example ’, he exhibits this appearancethat two cultivate! immediately cannot bearto use that cultivator of scissors to let the scissors enlarge instantaneouslywant in work loose the Zhao Hai long whipto use that the two-prong puncturesalso to speed up stimulating to movement two-prong swordto puncture toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai laughs ’ the in hand long whip fierce one loosensthen the long whip downward to wield ’, in this wieldedlong whip to turn into a sledgehammer ’ a hammer to pound on the two-prong sword. Listens toworking as ’, a sudden soundZhao Hai this hammer is aboutone to pound extremely on the two-prong sword, this hammer pounds extremely reallyMetal element cultivator complexion of that use two-prong sword one became that pale incomparablethrew ’ a blood spurts coming outobviously he to receive the heavy wound. This no wonder hehe really has not thought that Zhao Hai this true target unexpectedly is he, Zhao Hai just changed into long whipcling scissorsthen to towthis to make that two Metal element cultivator toward the scissors toward two-prong sword here Great Sword have the one type of misconceptionto think that Zhao Hai must pound two-prong swordto make that person of scissors naturally make the scissors with the scissors stop forward flightthinking is working loose long whip ’, but they had actually forgottenZhao Hai weapon meets transformation, Zhao Hai is pulling the scissors with the long whip toward the both sides of two-prong sword make an effortlong whip to the direction nature also on. Was the direction of two-prong swordmakes the person of scissors stopZhao Hai immediately to make the long whip turn into a sledgehammerdirection had not changed, the strength that caused actually added for several points ’ , can therefore , in pounded the two-prong sword instantaneously. cultivator of use two-prong sword does not have protectionthis Zhao Hai to pound ruthlessly enough, that person of immediately was seriously injured ’ the two-prong sword to lose control. Zhao Hai extended capture two-prong swordto receive in Spacethis time that person to use the person of [gold/metal] scissors presently to be also swindled directlyhis complexion one blackfinger of scissorsto cut toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai Ha Ha big, the in hand sledgehammer turns into Dual-Tonfa instantaneously, when supported the big mouth of scissorsthen his foot fierce proceeding to kick ’ a pitch-black wheel one to be kicked going by himflight extremely fast of this wheeltoward the forward flight, but also left the sound of intermittent ghost screams, ghost runner that beforehand Li Chuchen used. These round is actually not to that ’, but to injured that Metal element cultivator that uses the person of scissors to go is going fierce place that ’ that Metal element cultivator obviouslyhowever present the ghost rotatedhis hand proceeded to extendto buckle in hand Magical Artifact to offer a sacrifice to by him. This Magical Artifact actually like the two-prong sword is not aggressiveness Magical Artifact ’, but is Magical Artifact of round earthen bowlimmediately of this Magical Artifact appears in the face of that person increasesto hit toward the ghost runner on.

But at this time uses that person of [gold/metal] scissors also presently the here situation, he drank onescissors round trip to receivein hand several Paper Talisman to sprinkle lightly instantaneously, met to begin to wieldscissors in one time to attack. Their here almost in has exchanged several moves instantaneously ’, but that two Earth element cultivator and that Wood element cultivator now are also relaxedthis Zhao Hai release to come is thousand overlay Magic, improvement Skyfall Spell, that is thatentire Magic that is good to deal with must drop hundred huge meteorite, that three people deal with this Skyfall Spell without enough timethat also sometimes to bypass that two Metal element Mage fully. Said when latethat time was about the ghost runner that ’ Zhao Hai release went to one to hit on the round earthen bowl that Metal element cultivator release came, this sound was not loud opposite ’, ’ this time sound wanted compared with the first several hits slightly. When that two Metal element cultivator stare, ghost runner broken, how the two were actually startleddon’t know this ghost runner to be able not strong/sturdy such. Before this ghost runner them, seesLi Chuchen to use one timefierce of their very clear this Magical Artifact, saw that Zhao Hai puts out ghost runnerassociates before Li Chuchen to vanish this to seethem to guess correctly Li Chuchen to fear was more unfortunate than fortunate ’, therefore they had been carefulthey did not dare underestimated this ghost runner. However they have not actually thought that ’ their ghost runner simply to is not Li Chuchen that ghost runnerthis ghost runner simply is the ghost runner that Zhao Hai Liquid Silver Magic Staff separates. Therefore this ghost runner attackactually runs upon [gold/metal] Bo timefierce has broken to piecesthis broken not really ’, but changed the prestige several small [gold/metal] wheelshas attacked toward these. When it clashes is on that uses cultivator of two-prong swordhe never expected this ghost runner also two attack ’, in adding on him is seriously injuredfor a while not to respondwas shot by two ghost runners to the body in directlypassed away. Shoots the two ghost runners in person's to spatial on Metal element cultivator bodyposition very special, center heart, center another throat. Several other ghost runners are actually perpendicular incidence good to cause with the shear cultivator, that cultivator looked that these small wheels raidedto be surprised, buckle in hand Magical Artifact also to offer a sacrifice, Magical Artifact that this took out came at the appointed time ordinary of next minute, was one small, shield, the small shield increased instantaneously, kept off him in behind. However when that several little rascal runners hit on the shield, in a fission prestige ghost runnerthen that person could not blockin body five rounds dead.

But remaining several ghost runners then toward that three people of assaultsthat three although full is dealing with Zhao Hai Magic, the attention of but actually also having diverted attention three people of situations, they do not have make a move to help their reasons one are because they really leap make a move not to cometwo are because they have not thought rapidness that such they can defeat. Now looked that they diedthese ghost runners to raidthree people toward them to be surprised, but well outside their bodiesalso south deciding sound clock by Situ covering. Just that two Metal element Mage when fought with Zhao Haisimply has not noted, they by Zhao Hai had been caused leave decides protective shield of sound clockthen easily to be struck to kill by the Zhao Hai ghost runner.These ghost runners under the Situ southern three people of attention strikes, in has decided on protective shield of sound clockto leave the dāng dāng sound, then the ghost runner in a fissionchanged the prestige the smaller wheelin one time has hit taking rough measurements that ’ they presently this ghost runner hits unexpectedlyprevious time to be bigger than toward protective shield on. These also painstakingly south Situ theythey must pay attention to head meteoritealso wants against these to change smaller, but the attack strength is stronger and stronger ghost runnerat once several people are actually thrown into confusion. At this time this time that Wood element Mage said : ’ ’ Dong Tutiandealt with meteoriteSituwe to come to deal with this type of small wheel fullyto receive to decide the sound clock. ’. They complied with onesouth Situ to receive to decide the sound clock, this decided defense capability although of sound clock very ’, but target was also too big ’, moreover before consuming even biggerthem, just had fought with the insect, is deciding sound clock such long timehe some support not to live. That Wood element cultivates the earth also because saw this point ’, therefore made south Situ receive to decide sound clockafter receiving to decide the sound clockseveral people of immediately to put out several grains of medicine pill to swallow. Compared with be the Advanced level goods that on machine here Potion quick some that this medicine pill is Cultivation World cultivator specifically is used restores skillto restore ’ they use ’ this competitionthey really has not gotten so far as such medicine pillthey to want medicine pill to stay behind ’, when tournament time uses ’, therefore the beforehand several people have not hated to eatnow do not eat not the line. When several people just ate medicine Metal element cultivator turning over that suddenlysuddenly that two died has stood, their Magical Artifact greeted the past toward three people of bodies. South Situ did not have understand what's the matterto be struck at the scene with Dong Tutian ’, but that Wood element cultivator responded incredibly fastwhen that two Metal element cultivator stoodhis Magical Artifact of that leaf actually fiercely flew getting upto keep off, in his frontthese has happen to blocked outside that Metal element cultivator to pound to look like his [gold/metal] earthen bowlto make him escape.

At this time meteorite of space vanishedsouth Situ their four people also dead ’ only remaining that Wood element cultivator also to livejust he dark green to press to keep off that [gold/metal] Bo to strike, loved some wounds, complexion was somewhat pale. Now that leaf same Magical Artifactsuch as shield same keeping off in his front, that Wood element cultivator also two eyes hatred look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at that Wood element cultivatorshows a faint smile said :Response is goodI really not to misread ’ you are in several people the strength is strongest, but you are also difficult to run away today die. „ That Wood element cultivator coldly smiles said :country bumpkin is today that country bumpkinmy Cultivation World method opens is you can understandmakes you experience, fierce of cultivator. ’ ’ Said that every turnsputs out the a piece jade piece to comeZhao Hai Ding eyeball to lookon this jade piece wrote all over red Runesthis unexpectedly is a piece Jade Talisman! A that Wood element cultivator face meat pain looked at that piece of Jade Talismanthen to turn the head look at Zhao Haiface frantic said :this is you compels myyou to die! ’ ’ Said that person has lifted getting up Jade Talismansaid loudly: „ Borrowing Universe Magicfounder comesscolds! ’ ’ Said that he pinched to break to pieces in hand Jade Talisman fiercely. Bangincomparably powerful imposing manner unfolded coming outto press toward Zhao Hai from Jade Talisman!