Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1245
Zhao Hai felt that this imposing mannercannot help but complexion changeshis very clearthis imposing manner very formidableis he leavesalso not necessarily can press this imposing manner fully. Along with raising of this imposing mannerperson's shadow appears suddenly in that Wood element cultivator front, this person of Daoist robeentire was whitetwo eyebrows entire to be also white ’, but the eyebrow is very long five wisps of silver fine beard floating liquor fronts, head hair bun is turning with an aquamarine jade hairpin, is really sage-like outstanding behavior, natural nature that could not say. However this Old Daoist appears such as electricity common direction of fire Zhao Haicalls out said : bold evildoer daring to injure my discipleto suffer to death on two eyes!” Said the hand wieldshis one greatlygolden yellow sets sail the not to have fragrant fragrance and color palm to pressZhao Hai toward Zhao Hai to look this situationcannot help but coldly snorted said : ties infant cultivator to striketo also gives up.” Said that Zhao Hai calls out onehand to grasp the fist, a fist strikes toward that big hand. Along with Zhao Hai this fist, a giant fist shade fierce flew ’ a fist to welcome a palmto listen to with a bang sound from his hand ’ the entire wormhole to sway severalthis wormhole strong/sturdy veryto shake several to stop getting downZhao Hai to proceed fortunately to look, presently that Wood element cultivator by just the complementary waves of his fist being killed by shock. Zhao Hai snort|humhand has wieldedreceived getting up that several cultivator corpsethen the release Undead Creature battlefield cleanup, after tidying up, ’ Zhao Hai greeted several people to receive in Spacethen these Insect Race corpses the leave wormhole to fly toward the distant place. In Zhao Hai leave wormhole not long afterseveral Cultivation World cultivator arrived at wormhole hereto enter wormhole herethat several cultivator complexion cannot help but changesthey also felt in wormhole the trace of that warespecially Zhao Hai finally with that bird old men struckthat mutually is the prestige infant time Great Sect master struckin wormhole also to leave leeway very my energy fluctuation, that several cultivator felt. That how many cultivator knew obviously ’ is actually is not friendhow many person of one black-clothed cultivatorlooked at other, deep voice said : „did everybody also note? Is the energy fluctuation of hereprobably prestige Ying Qi Expert this move remains?” His nearby green clothes cultivates! coldly snorted said :Yi Shuihanyou are short in there feign madness and play dumb, the here situation sets sail not to have fragrant crazy to look in vaincertainly is two fights in here, two who cultivates with jade infant symbolis only the don’t know battle what big enmity hadeven/including Yuying the symbol to use unexpectedly.

„’ In vain what black-clothed Yi Shuihan sneers said : to set sail not to have Heavenly Lightning to be fragrant crazy is ’ ’ ’ what energy you you have not noted here also to fluctuate besides the trace that prestige infant time Expert contests?” Nearby ’ a person of white clothing nodded courteous that at the back of double-edged sword said : Yi brother saidhere besides the Spiritual Qi fluctuation that prestige infant time Expert strikes to leave behind, the energy fluctuations of six peoplefive people are our Cultivation World cultivator, Earth element of useMetal element and Wood element Cultivation Method ’, but that person of Spiritual Qi fluctuation actually very specialpleasereally can not look below my faulty vision finally.” Heavenly Lightning to this to is ten politenesshe, as soon as listened to this person saying that ’ cannot help but has gawked next step: Cannot look including the Five Elements discernment of Liancheng unexpectedly, this arrived somewhat feels strange.” Person deep voice said : of one side red clothesI felt that one is not very strong Fire element energy fluctuates, probably is some Fire element Spell, Might should not be small ’, but is any Spell I actually felt that does not come out. Liancheng gently what Spell knit the brows said : Qin Zhangxiong Fire element Spell to be superbto link your don’t know unexpectedly is remains? The enemy who it seems like just that five people of meeting is not weak.” At this time nearby wear Daoist cloth/jacket person was calm face said : In the situation of not only, from these insects dying can look atthat five Cultivation World personto use Five Elements Formationto add on their attribute, can it be that everybody has forgotten that five fellows of three mountains alliance.” What complexion of Liancheng changed said : Yao Guangxiong says was how many people three mountains five fewsouth Situ their? How many people if theirthat is five people collaborates certainly to oppose the enemyis who dares fiveto provoke three mountains by an enemy few five? Moreoverfrom the situation in scene south Situ they have not fought probably cheaply!”

Extra payment cold sound said : not only has not profitedI to look more unfortunate than fortunate, ’ ’ how otherwise can even/including Yuying the symbol use with Mu Danchen the thoughts ’, moreover I also felt that from here thick Death Qifeared was Mu pill early morning they is extinguished ’ unable to live several.” One hear of Yi Shuihan said that several other people are complexion change, their very clearYi Shuihan himself was Ghost Dao cultivatorregarding Death Qi very sensitivehe said that ’ that absolutely will not be wrong. However does this matter really make in these people that the person was accidentalattended the elimination seriespossibly some people's five by an enemyalso exceed Mu pill early morning their five people to collaborate Five Elements Formation of subordinate? Early morning compelled Mu pill even/including Yuying the symbol to use? Is who has such in a big way can? suddenly Yao Guang deep voice said : „does don’t know everybody has to hear informationbefore we come Fabbio star, No. 5 base by Insect Race attackmust break the city shortly time ’ a machine person suddenly violentcompetes, inblocked an attack of prestige year Silver Back Gold-Winged insect by strength of the ’ protect No. 5 basethis person also attended the elimination series from one of the bucket playersheard that was first Expert Zhao Hai in machine new personyou said probably here can be Zhao Hai thousand?” One hear of Yao Guang said that cannot help but sneers Heavenly Lightning said :That words can also believemeasure his machine personcan have in a big way can there, not immediately by Insect Race attack, so long as they can defend more than for day about ’ to be able Transmission to go back. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while is leading Xiong Li their careful moving forwardas far as possible avoided various Insect Race placespresent these Insect Race to start to be agitated restless ’, if they rashlythat will certainly cause these Insect Race attack in intrusion to these Insect Race domains, by that timefeared was the insect tide must being ahead of time violent. Xiong Li they looked the Zhao Hai serious appearancealso knew this time matter some big stripseveral people in cracking a jokesilently with Zhao Hai in that like labyrinth same wormhole in toward forward flight.

Xiong Li their although cannot remember routewhy, but they actually can also feelZhao Hai in turning circleZhao Hai such arethem also probably to guess that ’ their anything had not saidanything had not asked that because of them regarding the Zhao Hai 100% trusts. How many person of minutes non-stop flew for seven hoursZhao Hai to restto put out some thing in a wormhole ’ to eatate thing Li Kuangren while to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai ’ can also how long be able returned to Transmission Formation there? How I felt that all around situation more and more doesn't suit probably?” although Li Kuangren they and don’t know all around situation how ’, but stems from one to risk one's life stares at the place that the warrior intuitionLi Kuangren present has not suited repeatedly. Place that in fact not only Li Kuangrenother people present have not suitedjust they have not said ’ a present Li Kuangren such sayingXiong Li also to nod said : I also to feel that ’ how does not suit me to feel in this all around wormhole has been full of the danger?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: You had not felt that wrongthis all around wormhole was full of dangerin fact now the insect tide to startus to evade majority of insect tide ’, so long as wecan arrive at Transmission Formation thereto leave our time toward the forward flight about five hours not to be many.” ( to be continued )