Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1246

……Zhao Hai suddenly is actually stopping getting down in this timethen complexion changedone stands toward the ground losesin hand thing got up said :to walk quickly. ’ ’, Several people looked that his appearancewas startledseveral people not to ask much anythingimmediately has stood, flies toward a nearby wormhole in Zhao Hai together. although several people of don’t know lived any matter, butseveral people felt according to many years of fight experience all around the difference of situationfrom these wormholes faint has one type ofsilk ’ ’Silk ’ ’ the sound passes onto sound to have the one type of absolutely terrified feeling. Zhao Hai continually put on several wormholesthisto do let out a long breath, deep voice said :insect tide startsus to be carefulif, otherwise by these insects tying downus thinks that is killing returned to Transmission Formation therenot to be easy. ’ ’ Xiong Li their complexion changeXiong Li deep voice said :Little Hai ’ can you lead returned to Transmission Formation there to go tosuch words to save a lot of time us with Space Magic? ’ ’ Zhao Hai one hear of Xiong Li saidfierce one stopped to tap own head that getting downhe has then made an effort, has laughed, turned the head look at Xiong Li said :bear Eldest Childyou to is one reminds meI to really forgettingHaHaHa this matter, goodunder. ’. Zhao Hai these time said to was truthhe has forgotten Space passage this matter, now situation although very critical ’, but has not arrived at the special hazard situationto add on Zhao Hai not to know the Space matter ’, therefore any related Space matterhe will suppress desirably ’, only if when necessary ’, otherwise wanted with the Space abilitybecause this ’, therefore he can not remember to use Space passage. Now Xiong Li this reminder, Zhao Hai suddenly one has thoughtrightcan with Space passageXiong Li they only think that is Space Magicwill not suspect anything, moreover they did not use such laborious hurrying along. Xiong Li their department face strange look at Zhao Haifrom knowing Zhao Hai ’ they have not seen Zhao Hai to make any mistake to the presentin their eyesZhao Hai has almost been a complete human ’, but a such personactually made a such Inferior level mistakethis to let them is really don’t know does not know what to do. Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearancespuzzled said :

What happened? has any wrong? ’ ’ Xiong Li forced smile said :I said Little Haiyour youngster normally looks like very intelligentwill meet itself the Space Magic matter forgettingme thought your normally is not uses very many? „ Zhao Hai smiles said :actually I very to like this type in the feeling in the wormhole putting onthis seems like walking a secret palaceamusing. ’ ’ He explained like thisnaturally welcomed several people of one to ridicule, Zhao Hai did not caresmilesto meet to begin to wieldflash of white lightnext quarter they already appears in that giant wormhole that in Transmission Formation was. After three days , the insect corpse in this wormhole started to corrupt, that flavorcan smoke to faint fullyZhao Hai not to like this flavor the person naturally, his hand wielded ’ a Wind element Magic usein cavern all insect corpses to blow in these small wormholesthen to use Water element Magic to clean the wormhole, finally used in Fire element Magic cavern to give to roast ’ the air in cavern then good. Zhao Hai then these put the insect corpse small cavern to have Earth element Magic stopping uphave only left behind two wormhole ventilation also reduced these insect attack here of entering quantityZhao Hai to knowthese insects withthis, if presently theycome attack really theylight are relying on that several Earth Wall is a point with do not have. After processing these, ’ Zhao Hai their several people will take a seat on Transmission Formationthis Transmission Formation with the special sideand not by destruction that easily set sail the not to have fragrant law to make ’, moreover Cultivation World there personalso once for a while carried on some overhauls ’, therefore used not to have any issue. NaturallyZhao Hai also presentthis is only superficial phenomenonactually this Transmission Formationgenuine body was buried in earththe Transmission Formation in appearance groundis only ornamentsis a markenables the person to know that here has Transmission Formation, only then this will not be destroyed, otherwise when looked like them to enter wormhole that a piece warsufficiently to destroy this Transmission Formation. When continuously sat the groundXiong Li they then to relaxspeaking the truth ’ they are the most tense person ’ ’ ’, because their very clearthat this insect attacked. Their dangers be higher than Zhao Hai on many. Actually Xiong Li they and don’t knowwere this Transmission Magic Formation do not need to be able, Zhao Hai can also lead the returned to ground to come up them with Space, Xiong Li they think after passing through Transmission Formation Transmission, ’ Zhao Hai, because did not have No. 5 base there Coordinate ’, therefore was impossible to use Transmission Magic Formationdirectly to deliver the returned to No. 5 base them. Their there knows that ’ Zhao Hai simply does not need any Transmission Formationalso to bring their returned to No. 5 base at any time. But Zhao Hai does not want such to makesuch words to catch the eye ’ the Space matter now do not make others know to well. After how many people sit down, Xiong Li let out a long breath said :has not thought reallythese time will meet unexpectedly also insect tideLittle Haiyou to say other various Realm people will be what kind of? ’ ’

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „ several other my don’t know, I only know that ’ our machine these time will have six people to carry on row of front front ’, but Cultivation World there person although strength formidablebut these time feared that will be they will also lose not slightlybesides to us, a reason will be this time insect tide, at any timesmall, do not look at this insect tidethis insect tide to be possible not to be is so good to cope. ’ ’ Li Kuangren smiles said :that to be betterCultivation World these fellowsmy look at to be bothersome, dies is good intimatelymother, waited to compete to endalways set sail not to have fragrant musk deer also practice Cultivation World Cultivation Method well ’ a time to ask these grandsons to compete with well. ’ ’ …… Xiong Li they smile getting upseveral people of very cleartheir these time might make a machine history very muchthis after them after the machine there show also very much have the advantageafter all them prepares the coming out individual farming. Zhao Hai although in they chatted with Xiong Li ’, but actually the time paid attention to all around situation ’ the Liquid Silver needle already release went toneighbor in all wormholes to have existence of Liquid Silver needlefor is being monitored these insectsto have a look at them to come. region originally that however also just as is such that Zhao Hai thinksthey to be at has a tribal group of eight foot insects, Zhao Hai they extinguishinghere a short time will not havethem who that tribal group eight foot insects come to are the rare rest some time. To five days of timeshad the tang betel insect of other his place to enter this piece of region, this was only a locust betel insect ’, but Zhao Hai has not actually treated it lightlyimmediately to give exterminate in there release several Undead Creature that locust betel insect. Zhao Hai knows that this locust betel insect is a scoutlarge unit afterward arrives ’, if after is normallythis crisp chest cavity betel insect by exterminate, ’ other tang betel insects possibly will not arrive at here to come, but the present is the insect tide time, these Insect Race not only here will not come opposite ’ ’ they will well up fully. Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li they, Xiong Li several people are sitting. Side controls one's breathing, in order to momentarily maintained by oneself at optimum conditionZhao Hai looks at several people of onedeep voice said :elder brother several peopleto move, had must do exactly. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li their eyes broke away fiercely, several people turn the head look at Zhao HaiZhao Hai to nod said :Winged insectapproached fast. ’ ’

Several people one stood getting upLi Kuangren to move trick/hand and footto laugh said : „ to be came, that GrandmaI think that we wanted, when here sits when the elimination series tied Cambodia. ’. Zhao Hai shows a faint smilehis attention also strongly in these wormhole there ’ the attention of intimate the there situationsimultaneouslyhe also in these wormhole there, used massive Earth element Magicto give to stop upsuch these insects these wormholes is to attack Zhao Hai they, has to spend the massive time these by Earth element Magic the wormhole has cleaned up, not in the words they can only ’ that Zhao Hai they send a person in the past on to defend there toward the Zhao Hai here attack along not a big wormhole cheerfully. Reallyafter that locust betel insect was killed what is less than one hourmassive locust betel insect fliesthese locust betel insects to flyunder to crawl above toward here what massive eight foot insectsare also having other beetle same insectsthese insects hasbizarreto affirm isthese insects is not Advanced level very ’, but the quantity was numerouslight is the quantity also sufficiently by the head pain. However these insect immediately presently their advancing path is stopped upthese insects not to detour, perhaps in their simple brains, simply has not detoured a saying, these insect immediately started to begin to unearth these stopped up wormholeZhao Hai then presentlyexcavation unexpectedly very fast of these insectsearth wall of one meter levelonly blinks is dug up. Insect advancing very fastZhao Hai also knows that openedhis hand to wield greatly, in the giant wormhole that massive Undead Creature appears in they were atthese Undead Creature that but this Zhao Hai release came, was not human-shape, mostly was some beast, giant beasteach height department ten meterstwo eyes ghost flame has flashedlong tooth dance clawlooked like very fierce fearsome. …… ( to be continued ))