Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1247

Xiong Li their dull look at these Undead Creature, some little time Xiong Li responded that he turned the head look at Zhao Hai, said : that two eyes shone Little Hai, some of your youngster in hand how many secret? Can't one time all take?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to worry, slowly you know, the place that I come to is not the peaceful place, is only over a million people of wars, I have experienced several times, if not arm these fellows, I feared that now is don’t know how the successive dies, feel relieved, is defending for two days surely not to have the issue.” …… What most important is, these Undead Creature besides these in the ground crawls, but also has plenty can flying in the sky, moreover each and every one armed the tooth, looked like on the incomparable fierceness. All beast shape Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, their claw, the tooth, tail, waits to have the place of attack strength, has installed the iron idea, these iron components have some are tooth, some were added an iron hammer on tail, some were added one iron claw set on their claw, but these weapon may not be Bai Zhuang, in these weapon join Magic Formation, vibrate Magic Formation. These weapon are nearest/recent join goes, when Zhao Hai wants gives these Undead Creature to install weapon, Laura to Zhao Hai proposed a request, she hopes after Zhao Hai, uses some beast shapes Undead Creature, little uses some human-shape Undead Creature. Zhao Hai is don’t know what is this, but Laura told him, this was considers for his reputation, no matter in that Space, your release large quantities of human-shape Undead Creature, almost will be converged Evil Sect outlet, this pair of Zhao Hai later show very disadvantageous, others must cope with him, will have well to give a pretext. Moreover Undead Creature of these beast shapes, because the build is big, but also meets transformation, fighting strength very formidable, wants formidable compared with human-shape Undead Creature many, therefore Laura hopes after Zhao Hai, uses the beast shape Undead Creature. Zhao Hai to also accepts good advice readily, agreed the proposition of Laura, Laura directly must also give to change to Undead Creature modified weapon this Zhao Hai, changed has installed weapon to these beast shape Undead Creature, moreover all has vibrate Magic Formation weapon, these weapon qualities naturally impossible to compare with Xiong Li their weapon, Xiong Li their weapon, join many special metals, but in Zhao Hai Space present although has the mineral lode of this metal, but just took shape after all, but also in growth Stage, mining of not suitable large-scale, therefore Zhao Hai was only uses in some Space comparison many metals, gave these beast. Undead Creature of shape has manufactured weapon. Was this was very only great, installed these weapon Undead Creature, fighting strength enhanced above three layers most minimum, if was adding on these modified Magic Cannon, Undead Creature of these beast shapes, fighting strength can describe with the terror absolutely.

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai can the group establish such one now, death army comprised of beast shape Undead Creature . Moreover the bodies of these undead have all kinds of weapon. Several people spoke, several praying mantis insects already from that [say / way] in passage flew, but they just appears , Bone Dragon moved forward to meet somebody, a dragon extinguished, has fired the ash these praying mantis insects directly. Strength although of these praying mantis insects are not weak, but these Bone Dragon are not similarly weak, after adding on Space several times Level Up, these Bone Dragon also obtained Level Up, their strength formidable, naturally cannot pay attention to several praying mantis insects. However these low level Insect Race, never win by the strength, they depend is the quantity, probably inexhaustible praying mantis insect, flew from that cave entrance, has pulled open the continuing curtain of this war. The present is only other praying mantis insects and some minute of flying insects of can attack, these Undead Creature deal with very relaxed, they have not even used weapon. Near quick emperor several wormholes were also dug up, more and more insects flushed, the war official start, Undead Creature of these beast shapes have coped with these insects one day of Innate superiority, that is their bodies, their bodies are bigger than these Insect Race, strength also even bigger, defense capability also formidable, therefore hits, they very much fight cheaply, in adding on Magic Cannon in their body, these Insect Race simply takes their not means. Xiong Li they presently, want to go all out them, in a time wheel for the viewer, they can only stand in that there look at these Undead Creature and Insect Race hit calls a liveliness, but they can only stare dry. Li Kuangren turns the head discontentedly looked at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your this youngster was really too bad, make a move opportunity did not give us, look at they hit was so lively, were you slander I?” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : not to watch the fun well? The several other Realms person wants to look for such opportunity unable to find, is not I looks down upon these fellows, these fellows certainly are going all out now, HaHaHa, thinks that these fellows are going all out, we can actually sit in here drink to see a play, this day, I go.”

Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has laughed, just as was, other people who Zhao Hai said are going all out, only then they can see a play in here, this day was really dies enviablly. Li Kuangren also laughs right that said : said that this day does not have the place to look, thinks that Cultivation World these fellows, each and every one are going all out, I cannot bear happy, HaHaHa.” Time past bit by bit, appears Insect Race were also getting more and more, moreover new appears these insect fighting strength were also getting stronger and stronger, some insects could fight to a draw with these Undead Creature, but these insects ate on these Undead Creature weapon are many owing, in adding on Undead Creature[ body] was installing Magic Cannon, these Insect Race also took these Undead Creature not to have the means for a while. Place that Zhao Hai they are at now, seems like not small, is this dozen, actually appeared small, Undead Creature, Insect Race, almost this Space to pile full, Undead Creature defense line also finally appears several loopholes, once for a while will have 1 or 2 Insect Race to run up to Zhao Hai their here, this Xiong Li they had really must do exactly. …… Time bit by bit passed, in wormhole these Insect Race corpse pile of many of more and more, these Undead Creature that but Zhao Hai release comes have still not died, this also makes Zhao Hai know these beast shape Undead Creature the places of formidable, if human-shape Undead Creature, feared that was already died to the pile by these insects much, that like Undead Creature of these insect, to the present still live well. Zhao Hai also understand what's the matter, compared with these Magic Beast and Human Race, strong on the body, compared with Human Race and Magic Beast, strong on the wisdom, therefore the body of Human Race be much frailer than Magic Beast, after turning into Undead Creature, level of although both sides is the same, however the body of Magic Beast actually compared with Human Race formidable, this xing also be brought the body of Undead Creature especially, Undead Creature of these beast shapes, body formidable, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, although sweeping type not Human Race that startled wonderful, but coped with these Insect Race is enough. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat regretted, early knows these, should earlier use the beast shape Undead Creature, such arms Undead Creature of these beast shapes, the simplicity is the each and every one war machine. Xiong Li they also saw these beast shape Undead Creature locations of formidable, several people of also ten points[ was popular] exerted, Insect Race that these flew, happen to was brought to practice acquiring a skill by them.

Several people just eliminated an insect, gathered the Zhao Hai side, Xiong Li looked at one also in Undead Creature and Insect Race of war, smiled said : these fellows to be really energetic, Little Hai, you should earlier come their release.” Zhao Hai he he smiles, what has not said that at this time Sun Fei turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how long? How I felt that probably doesn't have how long?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be quick, about eight hours, we should be able to go back, feel relieved, will not have the matter.” Sun Fei nodded said : I to not to be worried unable to go back, but felt this time passes real quick, probably skill of a twinkling, seven days on the past.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : „, the time passes real quick, but this saying the person, if lets other pill will hear does not certainly think that these fellows will certainly wish one could immediately to go back to be good.” As soon as Sun Fei several people listened to Zhao Hai saying that laughed, they completely agreed that Zhao Hai, to be honest, Xiong Li they came up from Lower Realm ascend, moreover ascend came up also several years, can say that each of them was experienced, but looked like Zhao Hai these Undead Creature such formidable summoned creatures, they first time saw, no matter has not seen in machine here in Lower Realm. However they to have not asked anything, although said that now they have become the brothers, but everyone had own secret at heart, Zhao Hai does not want to say that they had not asked. At this time Zhao Hai turned the head look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: Second Brother, you looked that your is probably more suitable to cause on Mount, yes or no? The Lu Ding day nodded said : is.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to turn head time, I make Monster Beast to you, gives you, when Mount, believes that will make fighting strength of person probably rise in one time, what kind of?” Lu Ding day certain Zhao Hai said that two eyes cannot help but bright said : madman must faint the past appearance, his look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: I said the Second Brother, can't you say two characters? How will be tired you are being?” The Lu Ding day nodded the said : madman to faint directly, the people are also laughing, in this time, their behind Transmission Formation, suddenly emits white light.