Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1248

Zhao Hai they stare, then Zhao Hai felt, a happy [say / way]! ” Good, Transmission Formation can use, but we go back now, I feared that they cannot calculate the result to us, I think us and other hours. ” Xiong Li they to do not worry, here does not have the abundant any danger in any case now, hours hours was good on and other and other. Several people nodded. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not worry, come, we ate to select thing, other matters gave Undead Creature to be good.” The hand wields , the move some human-shape Undead Creature, having made them tidy up these fish slip through, but he and Xiong Li they sits on that Transmission Formation, has put out a big crab, is eating the crab, while drinks. Several people sit on Magic Formation, after this Magic Formation opens, can from No. 5 base there seasoned person, can make here person returned to No. 5 base there go, but the premise, that is on this Magic Formation nobody, now Zhao Hai they sit on this Magic Formation, this Magic Formation was useless on equal to.[] Zhao Hai they have not thought that they think on this Magic Formation has white light to flash, that because of No. 5 base there, opened Transmission Formation, has not thought that they feared the Cultivation World person feels embarrassed them, therefore planned that in several hours of here on, in the returned to No. 5 base, actually has not then thought that they such do, but was flustered in No. 5 base there horse like a dragon they. These time opens Magic Formation ahead of time, not only need quietly single opens Magic Formation to be so simple, but must send out reinforcement through some Magic Formation toward the underground wormhole. Now base there knew in the underground wormhole to live the insect tide, to assure the safety of various Realm player, they prepare to open the wormhole ahead of time, then sends for supporting various clan players, in fact from opening Transmission Formation at that moment starting from, this time elimination series had ended. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, just Laura they have been monitoring the underground wormhole the matter, has not paid attention to base there to live anything, therefore Zhao Hai and don’t know this opened Magic Formation is the elimination series had finished, they were still waiting for the time in here. But horse like a dragon there actually anxious such as the ant on hot pot, since knowing in the underground wormhole lives the insect tide, horse like a dragon on anxious is not good, looks like in horse like a dragon, others dead undead does not matter, each 6 Realms new person competition, machine is almost is annihilated in any case, no big deal, he most cares is the Zhao Hai situation. Before Zhao Hai, meets the Li Chuchen three swords, exterminate Gongsun Zheng, had demonstrated that the uncommon strength, this horse like a dragon had also been counting on Zhao Hai achieves the result, if Zhao Hai left the meeting really the matter, his trouble was big. Therefore this Transmission Formation opens, he thinks that immediately/on horseback makes the person support Zhao Hai, but this Transmission Formation although started, actually still has more than enough. The Transmission Formation of Cultivation World design is very brilliant, this Transmission Formation has a function, in one group of Transmission Formation two Coordinate, so long as in some people are standing, that another Coordinate does not have the means to use, not only naturally person, even if the living creature is standing above, is the same. Naturally, Cultivation World person, when installs in parts this Transmission Formation, thinks may have some animal anything will run up to Transmission Formation, making Transmission Formation not have the situation of means use, when they when manufactures Transmission Formation, in the Transmission Formation material, join to the one type of very special material, the name of this material called the expelling worm to be fragrant, this expelling worm fragrance is the one type of lumber, on this type of woods material can all at once the taste, this smell, no matter Insect Race other's Monster Beast very much does not like, as the matter stands, Transmission Formation on not will be occupying by Monster Beast or Insect Race, only then Human Race can use. Also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai they, when goes to the wormhole to carry on the elimination series, these Insect Race stand in Transmission Formation outside is waiting for them, but does not have one to run up to Transmission Formation to come up.

Original horse like a dragon thinks that this Transmission Formation opens, reinforcement immediately can pass, is that think of it, this Transmission Formation opened has actually had more than enough, this let horse like a dragon very strange, did some people stand on that Transmission Formation inadequate? Moreover living person, must know , if there is deceased person to lie down on Transmission Formation, Transmission Formation can still use. horse like a dragon on don’t know, this what's the matter, the insect has not liked the Transmission Formation flavor, will not stand on Transmission Formation, the deceased person on Transmission Formation, Transmission Formation should be able to use normally, these two possibilities do not exist, the inferiority only then one type of possibly, had living person on Transmission Formation, if has living person on Transmission Formation, sees white light that Transmission Formation starts, they should know that Transmission Formation can use, should immediately/on horseback Transmission come back is right, how to see the person to the present? horse like a dragon is burning with impatience, he really does not know that wormhole there lived anything, he feared that Zhao Hai they will be annihilated, although said before he had such plan, but Zhao Hai actually gave him to hope, if a person did not have to hope, he will not have the disappointment, but he some hope, this hope actually immediately/on horseback must lose now, this will let the disappointment that he doubled, horse like a dragon was so. horse like a dragon anxious in Transmission[ broad] field there turns circle, but Zheng Li face ugly standing is also staring at Transmission Formation in there, Zheng Li in No. 5 base here was not a day or two, he managed No. 5 base already several years, the silver carried Xin wing insect attack in the past that time, was actually most bad risk one time, if were not Zhao Hai, that No. 5 base did not guarantee, they will also die row of burial ground, Zheng Li was not a person of not conscience, his at times records good of Zhao Hai. However now this situation, he is means does not have, Transmission Formation does not open, no one has the means that he can only contact with the people in other bases, lets the people in other bases, goes to Transmission Formation there of No. 5 base to have a look. However Zheng Li also knows that this situation is minimal, now in the wormhole is living the insect tide, the person who these support, can these participants rescue to be good, wants to kill to Transmission Formation of No. 5 base went at that time, is almost impossible. However Zheng Li has been last, now he can make himself has done, remaining met one's fate with resignation. Time past bit by bit, the in the blink of an eye eight hours on the past, horse like a dragon did not have leave Transmission Formation, he has waited in Transmission Formation there, such how long, Transmission Formation actually has had more than enough, was the horse like a dragon even suspicion Transmission Formation goes bad. In this time, on suddenly Transmission Formation hua glow flashes, horse like a dragon and has been gawking in nearby Zheng Li, then they move also motionless look at against to deliver, this is big Transmission Formation, one time most can the Transmission 300 people, they want to take a look to be able Transmission to come out many people from this Transmission Formation. white light on Transmission Formation vanished, was on Transmission Formation actually only appears the alone several people, but saw these people, on the face of horse like a dragon actually one smiled hua, stood in nearby Zheng Li also relaxed, Zhao Hai of appears in Transmission Formation they. horse like a dragon just relaxed, has actually gawked, because he Zhao Hai their each and every one face is presently ruddy, probably just drank. horse like a dragon half step has arrived at Zhao Hai nearby them, Zheng Li also followed, Zhao Hai they looked at horse like a dragon to walk, immediately met horse like a dragon to salute.

horse like a dragon beckoned with the hand, look at Zhao Hai does said : come back? Hasn't Magic Formation gone bad?” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Has not gone bad, white light that Magic Formation starts we saw, but this time elimination series is not seven days, we waited to come back to the time in wormhole there.” horse like a dragon was shocked, feeling own head is a little then dizzy, some little time he said : you meant that you see white light that Transmission Formation starts, has actually waited till the time to come back?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this less than time, to us what to do if doesn't calculate result that? Therefore we were waiting in there, the time to came back.” horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai, but nearby Zheng Li actually suddenly open the mouth and said: Zhao Hai, haven't you met the insect tide below?” Zhao Hai nodded said :to meet, we also hit while wait.Zhao Hai one hear of Zheng Li asked that they do have to meet the insect tide to know, wormhole there lives the insect tide the matter, the above person knew, now Zhao Hai understand, why Transmission Formation ahead of time will also start. horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai said that sighed said : these youngster unable to come back for and other time?” Zhao Hai knows what horse like a dragon said is, he has not planned to conceal the truth, but shook the head said : not to have, we just Transmission got down time, has delivered to besieging of insect, I first with having our elder brother several was walking, then turned the head to save them, was who knew, Terry said that we snatched their insects, moreover killed me including alliance Li Chuchen, finally was all given to butcher by me, Team leader, this won't be is also guilty?” horse like a dragon and Zheng Li dull look at Zhao Hai, how many person of one then he turned the head to look, horse like a dragon said : you said how many besides your, other people was given to kill by you? Li Chuchen? Li Chuchen how?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : has killed, since previous time I have worked as his three swords in machine there, he bears a grudge to me, before the elimination series, he has given Terry a piece Jade Talisman, Jeance Terry constrains my time, to him delivers a letter, he quite catches up to kill me, was a pity that his strength is insufficient, was killed by me.” What Zhao Hai said is superficial, but horse like a dragon and Zheng Li in one time were actually shocked, but Li Chuchen Cultivation World hundred strong top ten Expert, Zhao Hai said that killed has killed, added that Li Chuchen strength was insufficient, how this saying was listening how irritably. horse like a dragon turned the head to look at Xiong Li their eyes, then the look one stopped the Lu Ding day body, his look at Lu Ding Heavenly Dao: „The Lu Ding day, you said that what Zhao Hai said is real, has he killed Li Chuchen really?” horse like a dragon about these players very knew that his very clear, Lu Ding day person normally words are few, but he will actually not lie, exactly said that he does not lie quietly, therefore horse like a dragon will ask the Lu Ding day. The Lu Ding day nodded a said : character, did not have as follows, but horse like a dragon understand the Lu Ding day meaning, the Lu Ding day meant that what Zhao Hai said is real.

horse like a dragon not only has not been angry, actually counter- laughs said : good, good Zhao Hai, great, but your this time result how?” This is horse like a dragon most cared that just he knew, the several other Realms person also in the person by base saving, this several other Realms person lost is not small, because the final violent the insect tide, several result were not quite good, when the insect tide, you have killed the insect, does not have the time to tidy up the spoils of war, therefore this result was it can be imagined. horse like a dragon has calculated, the population that this several other Realms comes back altogether is only about 300, probably also less than 300, lost a about pass/test, loss most is Cultivation World, this Cultivation World person lost several unexpectedly, since has been case most one time. The person who although this elimination series loses are most, but horse like a dragon was actually worried that more than 300 people, more than 300 people only give first 100, if Zhao Hai their result are not ideal, the qualifications that attended the tournament did not have, therefore horse like a dragon question time tight is staring at Zhao Hai, feared that Zhao Hai said the result not to be ideal. The Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon appearance, shows a faint smile said : to request issue of something team feel relieved, top 100 definitely is not the issue.” horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai said that this relaxed, then turns the head look at Xiong Li their said : you? Or the result is not good also it doesn't matter, you have almost been able to enter top three hundred now, this has made a machine history.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : team leader, you have misunderstood, I meant that front several of us can enter, only did not say my one.” horse like a dragon stares, then two eyes one stared round, his look at Zhao Hai some little time has not said the words, coughed to nearby Zheng Li qing, horse like a dragon responded, what his look at Zhao Hai said : you said was real? Your several can enter to front really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „should almost, this our harvest is not small, but also has destroyed completely a tribal group of eight foot insects, although said that Queen Nest of that tribal group we cannot make back and forth, but the eight foot insects in that tribal group all had actually been killed by us, then we have divided equally combat example, therefore this enters top 100 people should not be a problem.” horse like a dragon immediately/on horseback said : how many does the tribal group of that eight foot insects have only eight foot insects?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : has tens of thousands probably, are only many.” horse like a dragon then let out a long breath, nodded said : well, that is good, first goes back to rest one, some while people will come the series your victories, Zheng Li Captain, can don’t know ask you to have a look, several other Realms result how? Also in makes us receive confident?” Actually the several other Realms result how, horse like a dragon is knows that probably, machine also has own Intelligence Network, just for not expose, therefore horse like a dragon said that he knows, so long as Zhao Hai each can put out 10,000 the sharp feet of eight foot insects, front can enter. Zheng Li naturally has not declined, this matter is impossible to conceal the truth, therefore he nodded said : well, asking everybody to come with me.”