Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1249

Zheng Li led several people to enter a room, then has taken a paper, this paper now the ranks of all players, Zhao Hai looked at one, first was Liancheng, insect corpse equivalent to 13,000 eight foot insects of his delivering. Insect corpse that this equivalent to in other words, Liancheng delivers not only eight foot insects, some Advanced level insect, for example winged insect, but competes, for more convenient statistics, delimit all insect corpses... Has divided the type, moreover each 1st level insect will reduce several eight foot insects in proportion, for example winged insect equivalent to three eight foot insects, count by some analogies. Zhao Hai saw Liancheng this name, Laura their immediately has put out the material of Liancheng to Zhao Hai, Liancheng, Cultivation World hundred strong first, he was sword cultivator, the family background in the Cultivation World most famous sword faction, ten thousand Sword Sect![] His ascend to Cultivation World already had four years, but he from Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, grew in the four years into Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, can say the progress god, is a new person who ten thousand Sword Sect most favored. Simultaneously Cai'er also turned out beforehand Liancheng they the dialog in that flying wormhole, Zhao Hai has carried on the fight with Mu Danchen in flying wormhole there, the there terrain naturally is also received in Space, but beforehand Cai'er they have been monitoring the insect tide the matter, therefore has not paid attention to the Somalian border town they, now was safe, Cai'er naturally can they adjust to examine in the flying wormhole there situation Liancheng. Zhao Hai looked that Liancheng they almost infer in flying wormhole there is he does, he somewhat is also surprised, he presently also were really underestimated these Cultivation World talents, these people were called the talent worthily, can from innumerable Ascender, emerge, this itself explained their strength. But Liancheng is the independent person has moved, he is naturally impossible to kill more than 10,000 eight foot insects, he may not have that many Undead Creature help, if a person kills that many eight foot insects. Feared that is seven days of cannot kill, kills him to be lenient. Liancheng more than 13,000 eight foot insects are not the genuine eight foot insects, but is some high level insects, converts the quantities after eight foot insect this. However sees this quantity, Zhao also cannot help but nods, their these have the help of Undead Creature, this can kill that many eight foot insects, but Liancheng with a person of sword, can achieve this point unexpectedly, is is not very really easy, the strength of Zhao Hai to this Liancheng, was careful. Also looked at several people after several, these people are as expected, is the Cultivation World person, these appears Yi Shuihan, Heavenly Lightning, Qin Zhang, Yao Guang name, Cai'er also has also assigned out several people of materials to look to Zhao Hai, these people also all are the Cultivation World hundred strong top ten characters.

When looks at the ninth person, Zhao Hai has gawked, because this person is not a cake real people who Zhao Hai imagines, but is a Demon Realm people, this person of known as massacre and wipe out day, is in Demon Realm hundred strong first Expert, blood Demon Art, the strength is extraordinary. Zhao Hai regarding Comprehend the world matter have some understanding, Comprehend the world here Demon Realm, is now different from Demon Realm that Zhao Hai imagines, Lower Realm Demon Realm looks like Demon Realm such that Zhao Hai sees, there person long not like person, but Cultivation World here Demon Realm actually, Cultivation World here Demon Realm, is actually not Cultivation World part, but the there people study is Demon Art, all kinds of Demon Art, therefore there will be called Demon Realm. Cultivation World here is honest Boss, although in occasionally will have some Evil Cultivator, but these Evil Cultivator also restraining. In the common situation, does not dare for wicked, because of their very clear, one, but made that seething discontent among the people words, these bragged that Righteous Path feared big gate sent certainly to extinguish them. But does not have this view in Demon Realm there, Demon Realm there almost is Demon Cultivator Sect, what in calculation that there said truly cultivates demon, in Cultivation World here, practices Spell with living person, is in itself the matter of one type of very taboo, however in Demon Realm there is actually most normal, like the blood that the massacre and wipe out day institute practiced **, needed the massive person blood to carry on the practice, but in blood Sacred Sect that the massacre and wipe out day institute was, was rearing in a pen large quantities of blood slaves, doing of these blood slave sole used on is gives the person of practice to provide flesh and blood, can say, in Demon Realm there, various. Sect regards the draft animal the person same is raising, must use, takes to massacre, very cruel. originally Demon Realm and Cultivation World is a body, Cultivation World here is also divided into cultivator, Demon Cultivator, Monster Cultivator, the spirit cultivates, Elf cultivator wait / etc., but afterward Cultivation World lived a war, cultivator and cultivates spirit, Elf cultivator together, regards as evil spirit Demon Cultivator and Monster Cultivator, carries on to strike to kill, Demon Cultivator and Monster Cultivator naturally are rebel, that war can be said as Heaven and Earth changes , light destroyed planet has to reach several thousand, finally Demon Cultivator and Monster Cultivator does not beat cultivator and cultivates with Elf cultivator alliance spirit, is repulsed present Cultivator, occupied Demon Realm and monster separately unfolds silently. But cultivator and cultivates spirit also has the alliance between Elf cultivator not to maintain how long, cultivator is greedy, after expelling Demon Cultivator and Monster Cultivator, cultivator wants to monopolize Cultivation World, therefore they with spirit cultivated with Elf cultivator lived the war, finally cultivated with Elf cultivator spirit, was expelled Cultivation World, cultivator has fought in Cultivation World this Comprehend the world finally alone the lushest land. After Cultivation World is divided into these , has not communicated a long time, several are the original air/Qi damages severely, but Cultivation World here benefits with the place, with were more than much materials, quick several other Realms restored, slowly became in Comprehend the world strongest one, but several other restored was very slow, has also been suppressed by Cultivation World to the present. After Cultivation World was in the upper hand, naturally cannot let several other Realms optional cropping up, therefore they once for a while carries on to suppress to several other Realms, but several other Realms for various reasons cannot alliance gets up, therefore is at leeward. But machine actually simply not in this row, no matter Cultivation World good Demon Realm also to be also good, has not cared machine, saw in them that machine is the fellow who one crowd walks the Evil Sect outlet, cannot go to any floor.

Now Zhao Hai looks at a Demon Realm people, is in the ninth position unexpectedly, cannot help but has gawked, his immediately lets the color nun collection the information about this massacre and wipe out day, what a pity, the matter of Cai'er to massacre and wipe out day to does not have what understanding, only some organic acquired information, these situations, only then some basic contents, do not have what to use greatly. Looked at that material Zhao Hai to give up, then downward looked, this looked at Zhao Hai present, in this time rank first 20, several were other Expert, Demon Realm had, monster also had, Spirit Realm and person of Elf also had, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. Looked at these people to deliver the insect quantity, were not few, although did not have 10,000, but several thousand had, saw these, Zhao Hai cannot help but nod of gently, it seems like that this time new person competition, not only since the machine here new person has been case strongest one, several other Realms is also same, hundred strong tournaments time has the good play to look. Zhao Hai when look at these, Xiong Li they also in look at, several people look at while in a low voice the dead/die language, obvious several people to this list also being startled. In this time, a sound of footsteps is transmitting, walks the people of several wear cultivator clothing/taking from outside, the bodies of these people have a badge, this badge is not used to show that they are that Sect, but demonstrated that their status, they are the appraisal committee members of this 6 Realms new person competition, this time is records Zhao Hai their result. horse like a dragon look at them to come, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, horse like a dragon has seen several to several people of gave a salute said :, but several did record Zhao Hai their result?” The person who that several people of leads also to horse like a dragon gave a salute, smiles said : „, heard that Zhao Hai they just came back from the wormhole, our immediately came, to somewhat took the liberty. horse like a dragon smiles said : „the there words to come, this originally should be, several invited.” Said out one finger, thing that because they must inspect item by item is really many, therefore impossible to inspect item by item in the room, can only to outside, find a big point place to be good. Several people have not said anything, but nodded, walks outward, Zhao Hai they naturally, waited for several people to arrive at outside one slightly[ broad] field time, that several stopped, two person in hand have put out a book, a pen, prepared the record.

They can use Advanced level thing to carry on the record, for example computer or jade, Jane, but several people feared that some people make trick/hand and foot on jade slip or computer, therefore has used finally this quite primitive recording mode, after this book records, immediately will be sealed . Moreover the result will deliver to make all participating Interface know immediately, the situation that this can avoidance maximum limit make the shortcoming lived. horse like a dragon looked that several people prepared, immediately to Zhao Hai their said : good Little Hai, this you, went forward in turn, came your harvest release.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not actually walked, but made Sun Fei go first, Sun Fei nodded, walked, the hand wielded, big pile of insect thing on appears in the open area, the person of that several appraisal committee looked that this pile of thing have cannot help but gawked, they have not thought that machine shy will put out these many insect unexpectedly. On insect useful thing, has a name in Cultivation World here, is called insect, insect is only a control, on the insect all useful thing can be called insect. The people of these appraisal committees, inspected item by item insect that the more than one person has harvested, almost can judge many of insect from insect pile of sizes, but the pile of insect that Sun Fei release came, this pile of thing size, several people were only fearing on judgment this pile of thing no less than insect of twenty thousand only eight foot insects. Several people looked at one mutually, saw surprised from the opposite party eye, must know so far, first Liancheng not only can get so far as about insect of 13,000 eight foot insects, but the pile of thing that Sun Fei release comes now, a look at peso Liancheng are unexpectedly many! Is this possible? But they machine person?