Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1250

What strength machine is, this Comprehend the world all people are know that therefore a seeing machine person suddenly puts out these many insect to come now, the person of that several appraisal committee, but also some cannot believe. And a person of appraisal committee looked at Sun Fei one, looked at Zhao Hai their said : „your insect is calculates your, calculated your.” Sun Fei shows a faint smile said : naturally is calculates my.” That person nodded he, followed several people, they have not gone to the point to calculate these thing with the hand, but piles thing covering that with spiritual force, some little time drew back, then several people sent out a digit, the fine character that their several people reported was different, Zhao Hai looked probably that originally the divisions of labor of these people were different, some people insect of number eight foot insects, had the person specially is specially insect of number praying mantis insect, had the person is insect of number other insect, then these thing Synthesizes, was the Sun Fei result.[] Several people of coordinate very well coordinated, several people counted the Sun Fei result before long, the grandson, Flies in hand thing, about insect of twenty thousand more than 3000 eight foot insects. This Sun Fei 10,000 result has crushed Liancheng on according to finally, has become Gu of elimination series. However Zhao Hai actually knows that Sun Fei has not put out insect, this is also his meaning, is he makes Sun Fei such do, because the uses of these insect are very big. Insect, is Insect Race outside bone lou, although belongs to bone lou one type of actually, however Insect Race outside bone lou has the use, these Insect Race exoskeletons can build up medicine pill join to medicinal herbs , can also join to weapon, refine weapon, along with the Cultivation World show, various Monster Beast bone lou and flesh and blood, can be used as medicine, but join to weapon, insect is also one type of Monster Beast, naturally is no exception, moreover now became in various types of weapons and medicine pill the essential ingredient constantly. But machine there is very far from Fabbio star, normally wants to get so far as insect, hua Lin Fenqian from the Cultivation World there purchase, therefore Zhao Hai makes Sun Fei stay behind, these guarantees that so long as hands over can enter top 100 to be OK. The row, has become in Sun Fei first, Zhao Hai has not cared, these insect regarding Zhao Hai are not precious thing, he is not careful very much. The after people of these appraisal committees recorded the Sun Fei result, received these insect, then Li Kuangren walked, his also release one pile of insect, finally release went compared with Sun Fei a little, had twenty thousand about 4000. Then is Dong Fangyu, Dong Fangyu release went to twenty thousand five thousand, is the Lu Ding day, Lu Ding day release goes to 8000. Then is Xiong Li, Xiong Li release goes to 27,000 many, finally arrives at Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai release entire thirty thousand.

The person of that several appraisal committee has been shocked, they see Sun Fei puts out twenty thousand many Insect Race insect the time most from the beginning, but also thinks that was Zhao Hai they insect of all people centralized to his there, enabling him to become first of elimination series, but along with Li Kuangren their each and every one insect that took are more than Sun Fei, these people of appraisal committee were not calm, how they were really the don’t know this Realm elimination series are, why such did not have first machine these time to be fierce, insect that formidable, took coming out one by one. Also is one by one many. Moreover these people of appraisal committee were look, Zhao Hai their several were already divided the quantity, just right one another, such Zhao Hai was still the elimination series first, this also made that several person sigh machine remaining these people of appraisal committee really be the unity. horse like a dragon sees Zhao Hai their each and every one release these many insect, has been glad to see the eyebrow not to see the eye in there, this was machine sightest one time, the elimination series ranks the first six people unexpectedly wrapping by their machine, this saying said that feared nobody believes. The after that several records of appraisal committee several people of result, in which person turns the head look at Zhao Hai their said : to congratulate several, you were first six of elimination series, after a period of time will deliver to you prize. Please several good rest, have prepared the five days later tournament.” Said that to a several people of ritual, turn around walked. When that several people walk, horse like a dragon immediately laughs, runs up to Zhao Hai grasps his said : great, Little Hai, great, you are great, HaHaHa, too satisfying, too satisfying, the father I noticed finally machine won one time, was well good, fantastic, walked, drinks, today I ask you to drink.” Zhao Hai they show a faint smile, this matter already in their expected, did not have what quite strangely, horse like a dragon they also live in original that courtyard now, because now the majority of people died, that institute cover to was appears spacious. Zhao Hai they have not cared, after sitting to there, Zhao Hai has put out the food and wine, but also has put out two big crabs specially, invited Zheng Li. Zheng Li entered courtyard to see that two big crab, these two big crabs were really very big, boiled red, looked like very astonishing, smell also the fragrance of greeting the nostrils, caused person saliva directing current. On the table has also suspended several small side dish, several jug liquor, these jug liquor, but Zhao Hai takes specially, absolutely is good thing.

Zheng Li noticed that this situation to has gawked, because in base here, you basically cannot see these thing, Cultivation World person, little will eat meal, they eat generally is one type of known as Fasting Pill thing. Fasting Pill is the Cultivation World person, one type of medicine pill that refines specially, this medicine pill eats up one grain in several days not to need to eat thing, this can save many practices the time. What most important is, the Cultivation World here person believes that eats the ordinary food, in own[ body] in leaves behind toxin, will affect cultivation level, but will eat Fasting Pill although also in[ body] will leave behind some toxin, but actually eating meal anything's staying behind toxin are much less, therefore in Cultivation World there, you can see will make clothes Defensive Equipment and so on shop front, you can see to sell beast skin, will buy the shop front of robot, but restaurant little will actually see, because cultivator almost will be eats Fasting Pill to earn a living, nobody will eat meal. Therefore Zheng Li saw when thing that on the table prepares, cannot help but has gawked, then he cannot help but shows a faint smile, he knows machine there, no matter practice commoner, will eat meal, Zhao Hai they invited him at this time, regarded the friend him, although he must eat thing, but he felt very happy. Zhao Hai they are also busy, horse like a dragon was really too happy, original Zhao Hai thinks, only then their several drank liquor to be OK, has not actually thought that horse like a dragon gave to look for all team leaders, everyone/Great Clan together celebrated. These team leaders' after knowing Zhao Hai their result also very much happy, although said that Terry they died, but regarding them, is actually not anything, compared with being annihilated not, this Zhao Hai they could be said as other party the history. Zhao Hai they are to eliminate pre-game six now, in other words they will enter to hundred strong tournaments ironclad, even if their one has not won, first round was hit, that does not have no relationship, they most at least can gain a footing in hundred, this regarding machine, is the unprecedented result, absolutely is the breakthrough of machine historically zero. Zhao Hai also knows, not only now they celebrate in here, entire machine is celebrating, Maggie was called to attend the celebration by Clan, Zhao Hai their result are so good, regarding Ashley Clan, advantage even bigger, rising of Ashley Clan, was irresistible. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he knows that he now the status in Ashley Clan was higher, this after him the plan will have the advantage. Looked that horse like a dragon called all people, Zhao Hai has to by one time put out several big crabs, has put out some liquor, then asked Zheng Li to sit down to their table.

Their this table is only horse like a dragon, Zheng Li in addition Zhao Hai their six people, after all people sit down, the horse like a dragon bottle had own liquor bowl, to people said loudly: Umbrella day regarding our machine, was a great happiness day, Little Hai they have made a machine history, they were a machine hero, come, let us for a machine hero, has done this cup!” The people yelled with one voice said : respects several heroes, dry!” Zhao Hai can look, they are the sincerity, these person happy, want happy compared with them really very much probably. Zhao Hai they now and Cultivation World grievances had not understood machine very much that their ascend time after all also short, how Cultivation World is dozen of press, few that also they experience, moreover existence that in all previous competition, machine most has set the base, do not say Cultivation World, even if several other, they are means do not have, can say a machine person, but was suppressed has feared, currently finally has opportunity to turning over, their can not happy. People one liquor in bowl drinking up, this drinks with the bowl, is the horse like a dragon proposition, his too happy, looked that Zhao Hai puts out wine glass to come, said that does nothing, must make several bowls to drink may not. Zhao Hai to also along with him, has put out many bowls, therefore the person on table almost drinks with the bowl, this bowl of liquor get down, the people shouted loudly satisfying. What Zhao Hai takes is the rice wine, the number of degree is not very high, this can use drinking of bowl of big mouths, if Zhao Hai puts out that type of altitude white liquor, this bowl gets down, feared that must take down several. But what Zhao Hai has not paid attention, after Zheng Li drinks this bowl of liquor, actually look at that liquor two eyes shines, this was not Zheng Li has gotten drunk, just the opposite, Zheng Li strength/Origin Qi was thick, how this bowl of liquor possibly made him be drunk, what he was interested was Zhao Hai takes the liquor that! Zheng Li was also to drink before, he was a locally born Cultivation World person, his family background was not very good, his parents were commoner, he from small Rogue Cultivator, arriving gradually, Cultivation World commoner must eat meal today, will drink, Zheng Li, when Rogue Cultivator, has drunk, because of the Rogue Cultivator day not too well, the has plenty Rogue Cultivator even/including Kugu pill money has not bought, can only by eating meal only to hold, that nature also on drinking.