Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1251

cultivator Cultivator, to put it bluntly is the one type of ji human body potential, making the potential of human body obtain the process of opening and use of most dog, therefore any cultivator, can say that is a somatological expert, even if they did not understand others' body, regarding own body, understood absolutely that is early basic practicing body time cultivator is so. Practices the body time cultivator, main practice is the body, they must arrive at a certain degree their body practice, then can start Qi Refining. When practices the body, must extremely pay attention, because when practices the body, one, but on the body leaves behind any internal injury, that will also affect the Qi Condensation time the result, many cultivator, are because when practiced the body to leave behind the internal injury, finally can only stay in Qi Condensation Stage for a lifetime, impossible Foundation Establishment, even if were Foundation Establishment has succeeded, wanted Core Formation, compared with on others difficult several times, that to lose Core Formation to hope on equal to.[] Only then after Core Formation, can still the strength of Gold Core,[ body] in internal injury and toxin eliminate cleanly, but that also needs the bill very big strength. Therefore cultivator when practices the body on attention this point, but the so-called practicing body, exercises, understands the process of own body, is cultivator single layer boundary, can say that also most lives single layer boundary that wants, because this direct relationship to the cultivator later achievement. But practices the body time cultivator, generally eats meal, Zheng Li also from practicing body time gradually walks, naturally also knows has eaten meal, has drunk, but the person who practices the body time very much has understood own body, when eats meal and drinks, they can feel that these toxin in[ body] in precipitates, but they do not have the means to eliminate. After Qi Condensation Stage, they want the rich time, will buy Fasting Pill, absolutely in eating meal, because such in their[ body] in deposits many toxin, becomes their Foundation Establishment becomes the Core Formation cultivator biggest barrier. But Zheng Li now is Gold Core cultivator, because he walks gradually from low level, therefore his very clear, will drink later will have many toxin by own body, although said that these toxin he could be mad to eliminate now with pill, will also be a matter that ting will take time. Can after he has drunk that bowl of liquor, he actually presently, this liquor enters his belly, actually has not left leeway any toxin, does not have, moreover in this liquor also includes many Spiritual Qi, this Spiritual Qi helps although not be big his practice, but actually also a little use. This presently lets Zheng Li being startled extremely, Cultivation World here these many years, wants to find one type of not only can eat, did not include toxin thing, although now had found also several types, but the quantity were too few, extremely in precious, was High level of various factions can enjoy generally, their these ordinary cultivator, do not say has eaten, looked that has not seen.

But the liquor also has in Cultivation World here, Cultivation World here, will have some special plants to brew alcohol, liquor known as Spirit Wine that breeds, this Spirit Wine does not have toxin, to practicing also has very big advantage, but this liquor also very precious, generally is various Great Sect High level can drink. But the liquor that Zhao Hai takes, although Spiritual Qi comes in the possible difference compared with Spirit Wine many, but this liquor truly does not have toxin, the liquor that also in other words, Zhao Hai takes, can be Inferior level Spirit Wine. The Cultivation World person to practice, can control own desire, by oneself ten points impoverished, they do not eat and drink, but eats some Fasting Pill, for was been smoother by own practice, by own[ body] in little saves some toxin. But if there is one type of thing, is delicious, can actually make the body of person not save toxin, that will certainly receive cultivator welcome of Cultivation World, after all cultivator in the final analysis is also a person, they also want to enjoy, but to practice, them cannot enjoyment like average person. The liquor that in look at that wine pot Zheng Li two eyes shines, he has not drunk a long time, the flavor that soon raises one's wine cup forgetting, now to have drunk the liquor that Zhao Hai takes, Zheng Li immediately[ is popular] serious that exerts, this drinking will not have the toxin liquor, regarding him is really the one type of gospel. At this time Zhao Hai noted Zheng Li finally, the Zhao Hai look at Zheng Li's appearance, somewhat puzzled said : Zheng mister, what kind of? Can this liquor also put the mouth?” Zheng Li one calling to recover by Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai said : that his two eyes shines Zhao Hai, this liquor do you obtain from there?” The appearance that Zhao Hai looks at Zheng Li, knows that Zheng Li certainly by the liquor that he took being startled, this liquor was the a batch best liquor that he manufactured, but Zhao Hai did not plan to tell Zheng Li, because he looked the appearance that Zheng Li was ji very moves probably, if because of this liquor, the status of that this liquor in Zheng Li xin certain were not really low, will not do well is noted by entire Cultivation World, that may not be he wants to see. Zhao Hai very clear, he has sufficed now conspicuously, if in letting entire Cultivation World keeps thinking about on him, his later day has not used. although this is only one type of that he guesses correctly is possible, but he actually cannot make this possibility become the reality, therefore Zhao Hai one hear of Zheng Li such asked that immediately/on horseback shows a faint smile said : this liquor, that mentioned, but the words grew, this liquor was I brought from Lower Realm, in Lower Realm, some I explored the time, had paddy rice long very strange, that paddy rice unexpectedly was [gold/metal] , moreover was dispersing intermittent delicate fragrance, I on curious has picked these paddy rice, then has bred the liquor, this liquor must say, but good thing., In Lower Realm moment, I little has not drunk, is because has drunk this liquor, my practice so will be quick, finally ascend comes up, but Comprehend the world here Spiritual Qi is now thick, this liquor could not use, the remaining such several altars|jars, I have only kept the present, today happy, I may not give up with.”

Zhao Hai was saying while meat pain appearance, but Xiong Li they look at the Zhao Hai appearance, actually darkly represses laughter, they know certainly that Zhao Hai is lying, why their don’t know Zhao Hai lay, but looks on Zheng Li face that very earnest expression, they also probably knew what's the matter. Several people also coordinate Zhao Hai to act in a play, but actually does not laugh in one's heart by, the liquor that because Zhao Hai takes, although compared with these liquor that in their normally drinks some, actually not strong to odd degree, can say what Zhao Hai this saying is complete is reads smoothly talk nonsense. However Zhao Hai this reads smoothly the talk nonsense words, Zheng Li has actually believed that because he believes that the Zhao Hai impossible mass produce this type of liquor, Cultivation World these many years wants to handle the matter that has not made, Zhao Hai is more impossible to achieve. But if he has met any arrow material treasure in Lower Realm, to may generate this type of liquor, after all Lower Realm Heaven and Earth Treasure although are few, has, lucky meeting also has the possibility. Moreover this can also explain that Zhao Hai why just ascend came up, such short time had such strong strength, completely because of the reason of this type of liquor. Thinks of here, Zheng Li also cannot help but feels somewhat was a pity that he nodded said : nice wine, is really the nice wine, I also think that your in hand has many, if there is many a that to let unexpectedly to me some, what a pity, has been a pity.” Zhao Hai also smiles said : somewhat to be a pity that this does not have the matter of means that said it, Cultivation World here that many Heaven and Earth Treasure, but also cares about this liquor?” As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: Yes, Cultivation World here is has plenty Heaven and Earth Treasure, but these Heaven and Earth Treasure various greatly were sent blowing has divided, wish like me slices that is courting death purely.” horse like a dragon he he chuckle said : looks like our machine there person, don’t know has envies Cultivation World here, these have not come the Cultivation World here person, will be becomes the Cultivation World here imagination, everywhere will be treasure place that thinks that Cultivation World here also needs to compete, moreover ji fierce degree that will compete, compared with taking off there don’t know many times.” Zheng Li sighed said : „, I was a Rogue Cultivator family background, compels cannot come Fabbio star here, so long as because Rogue Cultivator comes Fabbio star here to obtain the commodity that various big gate factions came, regarding practice very had the advantage, naturally in Fabbio star here guarding is also very dangerous, moved into Qi Condensation Stage like me to Fabbio star, can live in here is practicing to the Core Formation time, is miracle.” Zhao Hai their don’t know must say that any was good, to be honest this matter they may unable to interrupt, regarding the Cultivation World here situation, they knows, from a machine news and book knows that has plenty endless unreality, therefore several people at this matter, that is a leeway of interrupting do not have. Zheng Li looked at Zhao Hai their several people of eyes, smiles bitterly next step: Ascender like you, if ascend to Cultivation World here, that is very good, so long as is young, various big gate factions will train you, because you can come up from Lower Realm ascend, itself explained that you were the talents, but locally born Cultivation World people like me, wanted to be separated from the commoner status, must by oneself with own family member to live better, good only then a road may walk, practice! Only then practiced successfully, we can on a better day, my family member be able on a better day, your strength to be stronger, the life of your house/family person will be also better, therefore, also for the family member, our Rogue Cultivator has to go all out, therefore I arrived at Fabbio on-board to come.” Zhao Hai several people looked at one mutually, don’t know must say that any was good, in machine there, Ascender is discriminated community, many machine person cannot have a liking for them, has the vision to regard them with one type of, who can want to obtain, in Cultivation World here, you, if a ascend person, to also wants on strong some compared with here aboriginal, in this aboriginal, refer to commoner, was not these was born in various Great Sect people.

It can be said that the Cultivation World here person is divided into three level, one, the descendants of various Cultivation World Great Sect juniors, these person of births on equal to were the Sect person, the family member, if in a little influence, that were since childhood is raising with medicine pill, after having grown up, the practice also had the special person instruction, some innumerable good Cultivation Method made them practice, in various Great Sect, will also hold the post of some important duties in the future, these person was Cultivation World here Noble, the top dog. Second Grade is Ascenders, Ascenders, can ascend come up is almost the talent, Cultivation World various Great Sect, will also look after to them, these leave specially, will become in Sect some people of real power, will become the top dog, can say that the ascend person will look like Knight or the Lord in Noble is the same, will not belong to Noble, will also be higher than the commoner status, will belong to prepare Noble that group. But the Third Grade person is Cultivation World here aboriginal, but these people are some commoner, they do not have the means to practice, can only rear in a pen by various big gate factions, these people can be said as Cultivation World most low level, has the limit compared with a Ark Continent there slave point. But Cultivation World here commoner wants turning over, has wanted on the auspicious day, must practice, if your house/family the person becomes cultivator, the day of whole family will feel better. Zheng Li look at Zhao Hai their appearances, have smiled bitterly next step: „ The machine there situation I also know, to be honest, I also really hope that my family member is the life in machine there, most minimum machine there commoner status is very high, very[ from] by, however in Cultivation World here, commoner is various Great Sect collects the Strength of Faith slave. Zhao Hai one hear of Zheng Li said that immediately came the interest, because this is the topic that Zhao Hai most is interested, Strength of Faith, below is Cultivation World is used to collect the Strength of Faith place, moreover Strength of Faith, regarding the Cultivation World person, is very heavy wants probably. But Zhao Hai various Space clans, almost Zhao Hai regards the god same are supplying now, they can definitely be Zhao Hai provide Strength of Faith, but Zhao Hai now regarding the Strength of Faith matter, is know one but understand half, only knows that has existence of Strength of Faith, collects, utilizes, a clue does not have, now one hear of Zheng Li mentioned this matter, Zhao Hai has cannot help but been interested, his is immediately/on horseback to Zheng Li said : Zheng mister, what thing this Strength of Faith? Is useful?” Zheng Li shows a faint smile said : this Strength of Faith, is the one type of strength that the person innermost feelings come out, this strength everybody has, even if you have not practiced, so long as the Faith that god of your sincerity, you will produce Strength of Faith, Strength of Faith formidable or not, has nothing to do with your strength, only lies in your conscience, if your heart Faith wholeheartedly anyone, Faith is firm, Strength of Faith is also formidable, but the Strength of Faith use is actually very big, 1 as small as practice, in a big way closes, 1 as small as control Magical Artifact, in a big way to opposing the enemy accepts a challenge, almost everywhere. With Strength of Faith.” said : that a Zhao Hai face is interested in that this can Strength of Faith collect? That strength invisible does not have qualitative, even there are does not have the means to feel that simply does not have the means to collect.” Zheng Li smiles said : to collect a Strength of Faith has plenty method, needs the coordination of Cultivation Method and formation uses, but collection Strength of Faith formation and Cultivation Method, are various sends greatly not the secret of passing on, even if you are Core Disciple in various Great Sect, may not be taught the collection and refining method of Strength of Faith, slug my also don’t know, but listens to the person to mention.”