Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1252

Zhao Hai one hear of Zheng Li said that although is somewhat disappointed, has not actually displayed, had not asked that he knows this matter you, if inquired extremely in detailed, will make the person have the suspicion, Comprehend the world here Expert like clouds, he wanted all things to be carefully good. However Zheng Li's words also gave Zhao Hai to propose one to awake, he later wanted to know how use Strength of Faith words, that must ask the core member who these big gate sent to start, but may also obtain, otherwise his simply don’t know how use Strength of Faith. Listens to the meaning in Zheng Li words, but this Strength of Faith good thing, the use to be very big, but Zhao Hai is to have innumerable Strength of Faith now, actually don’t know how use, this equal to is the obviously gold ore, how mining same depression actually does not understand. Several people do not have to discuss this topic, horse like a dragon they are simply are not interested, Zheng Li are not many, therefore several people that itself knows lost the interest that continues to discuss. Also after having drunk two bowls of liquor, Zhao Hai look at Zheng Li, shows a faint smile said : Zheng mister, how long do you also want on-board to guard in this Fabbio? Doesn't want to guard in here?” Zheng Li shook the head said : not, I in Fabbio on-board Level Up, because in Core Formation process, what use is various Great Sect provides medicine pill that must therefore be good in the Fabbio on-board guarding three years, now past more than two years, in having several months, I can the leave Fabbio star, be free, with my Gold Core Stage cultivation level, in adding in-board stayed such experience of long time in Fabbio, to any one Sect, will become the position that will seek an elder, such words my family member can also the leave commoner area, official entry to that Sect. Lived.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be able with Zheng mister to know in here, is the fate, today how mister do we might as well become friends? don’t know my possibly this being honored?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that several people on table turn the head look at Zheng Li, including horse like a dragon, because this proposition regarding them is really very important. Gold Core Stage cultivator, regarding machine, is one very great existed, even if in Cultivation World here, was small Expert, such person generally was existence of eye exceed the top of the head, many Gold Core Stage cultivator, simply will not be seeing that machine person eyes, they looked at machine person one eyes probably, will fall the status to be the same, can say that the proposition of Zhao Hai, somewhat took the liberty. Zheng Li looks at horse like a dragon they somewhat anxious look at he, cannot help but feels somewhat funnily, he grows up in Cultivation World since childhood, naturally knows that what manner the Cultivation World person regarding a machine person is, can say that is Cultivation World there was rearing in a pen commoner, looks does not take off a person, but if Zhao Hai this proposition the general Cultivation World person hears, feared that will be will get angry at the scene.

However Zheng Li is not ordinary person, he arrives from small Rogue Cultivator gradually today, his very clear, the life of machine there commoner be stronger than Cultivation World here, moreover machine there person, compared with the Cultivation World here person difference, before adding on Zhao Hai has saved him, he has had heart of the grateful to Zhao Hai. Zheng Li is not an ungrateful person, as soon as he listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : „we are not the friend? Later has any matter, we must relate.” One hear of Zheng Li said that horse like a dragon they are two eyes one bright, on the face of Zhao Hai also 1 u left the smiling face, he laughed, has held up liquor bowl said : well, flushed Zheng Big Brother these words, I respected your one cup, came Zheng Big Brother, has done this bowl.” Zhao Hai changed to Zheng Big Brother the name of Zheng mister. Zheng Li had not opposed that he has also carried the liquor bowl, shows a faint smile said : „to turn in your such friend to Zhao Hai, is Zheng Li's being honored, come, dry!” Their liquor bowls hit in together, then does the liquor in bowl, then they dry in the sun the liquor bowl to the opposite party, simultaneously Ha Ha atmosphere. Other people in courtyard also felt that their here atmosphere, looked at drinking wine of their heroic spirit, cannot help but called good, the atmosphere of banquet has achieved at once **. The people in happy that in courtyard drinks, however several other Realms person actually happy does not get up, in this wormhole lived the insect tide, making several people lose is not small, but Liancheng becomes at the insect calibres of more than 13,000 eight foot insects is first of elimination series ranking. The original various Realm person heard that a machine person has not turned over, thinks that they have been annihilated, but makes them dumbfounded along with the matter of young man, a machine person came back unexpectedly, although only comes back six, but these six people actually one first gave to push Liancheng this seventh, first six were given to occupy by them unexpectedly, this has stemmed from most people's unexpected, only then Suo Liancheng and other individuals, did not have extremely surprised, instead before has believed the inference, Mu Danchen certainly was Zhao Hai kills! Liancheng sits in own courtyard, is cleaning own double-edged sword gently, this the golden light sword is ten thousand Sword Sect Inner Disciples special-purpose matches the sword, is quick, attack strength, in the Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin techniques of additional over ten thousand Sword Sect, absolutely is scared Ultimate Weapon, since many years, ten thousand Sword Sect disciple, have been the relying on in hand golden light swords, has made ten thousand Sword Sect illustrious prestige, after Liancheng since join to ten thousand Sword Sect, is ten thousand Sword Sect disciple for the honor, he to this golden light sword cherishing, each idle on will also take to come out. Cleaning. Along with the hand in movement, heart calm of Liancheng slowly, he now to was also more curious regarding Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai information his in hand has, to be honest, when he sees the Zhao Hai information, he thinks really one have misread, how in this world will have the person of such talent, this opened add-ons simply.

To be honest, they presses him regarding Zhao Hai has become the tournament first matter, Liancheng has not cared, has killed Mu Danchen the matter about Zhao Hai, he has not cared, Cultivation World is in itself a brutal world, life and death is only ordinary, your studying not fine, the method was not high, dies also died in vain, now he most anticipates met Zhao Hai at hundred strong tournaments. In this time, the front gate of Liancheng has been shoved open, a middle-aged person walked, a cultivator clothing/taking of this middle-aged person black , carries on the back at the back of a long sword, looks at the style of that long sword, probably is also the golden light sword. Liancheng looks at this person of even/including to come, has stood hastily, to this person of gave a salute said : elder.” That person nodded, um, sat side of Liancheng, waved, Liancheng also sat, that elder look at Liancheng said : „a machine matter did you know?” The Liancheng also sword sheathed, nodded said : to know, first six such big matters, my how possible don’t know.” The elders nodded said : you to look that this matter can have the vacation?” Very obviously, this elder is suspicion machine cheated at this matter. Liancheng is actually shook the head said : to fear that will not have the vacation, machine these time had a great character, is that Zhao Hai, before I had not reported with the elder, when the underground wormhole, we have a place, the trace that two groups of people fight mutually, indicated from all sorts of signs that is the place that Zhao Hai and three mountains five few several people fight mutually, three mountains five few these time has not possibly come back, I want they to die in Zhao Hai in hand, Zhao Hai could kill three mountains five few, the nature on can kill. More insects, he apportions machine several people these insects, is not impossible, so long as this matter waits till the tournament time, can be clear, if a machine person except for the person of Zhao Hai, everybody admits defeat, that indicated that these insects are Zhao Hai kill, if they do not admit defeat, dares to fight, that indicated that machine these six people, is not the simple character.” As soon as the elders listened to Liancheng saying that also the eyebrow selected, surprised said : oh? Really also has such matter? three mountains five little meet one set of Five Elements Formation, if Zhao Hai can kill them, his strength to is very strong.” Liancheng nodded said : „, not only three mountains five few, does the don’t know elder have presently, in person who this coming back, a person has not come back, but that person had the strength to come back.”

As soon as the elders listen to Liancheng, two eyes twinkling brightly said : Li Chuchen!?” Liancheng nodded said : well, Li Chuchen, Li Chuchen strength is not weak, copes with these insects, handles, but he in just entered shortly after the wormhole, anxiously flushes away in a direction, probably is knows that there has any thing to be the same, but before Zhao Hai fell his face, Li Chuchen somewhat has contacted with the machine Water God palace there person, he can definitely Water God palace there to deliver a letter to him, then his good to look for Zhao Hai to revenge, was just a pity that he feared has underestimated the strength of this personal enemy.” The elders nodded said : to have possibility very much, if Zhao Hai does, that this person to is an enemy, he and he to time, must careful be extremely good, but this Zhao Hai this time one offended the three mountains alliance, but also offended extremely the western cold city, feared that is also can not live on much longer.” Liancheng actually shook the head said : I to see is not necessarily, this Zhao Hai strength very formidable, he in No. 5 base there, alone had fought a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect before, at that time all people think he has taken any ji potential medicine, now looks like is actually not, moreover in him and places of three mountains five few fights, I felt that the aura of Nascent Soul Expert to war, wants to come to be Mu Danchen has used jade Ying talisman, Mu Danchen in the use jade Ying talisman situation, cannot extinguish Zhao Hai, obviously his strength.” Did the elders knit the brows said : even/including Yuying the symbol to use? That looks like this Zhao Hai is very difficult to deal with, did this time tournament, want what accident to be inadequate?” Liancheng naturally knows accident refer to anything that Daoist priest always said that naturally refers to Zhao Hai, if the Zhao Hai strength so were really strong, that this time tournament first belonged to him. The Liancheng eyebrow selects, fighting intent shoots up to the sky, he he he chuckle said : I to am think that can this Zhao Hai, hope he do not disappoint me.” Looks at the appearance of Liancheng, that Elder to is smiling nod, sword cultivator, wants is this spirit!!.