Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1253

sword cultivator is Cultivation World quite special practice community, it is well known, Cultivation World cultivator, is many and famous in the method, each of them's body almost will take several Magical Artifact, many may take several, dozens, if adding on Spell and Paper Talisman of their meeting and other aspects, that cultivates by the method of attack or defense that can use, numerous all sorts of fearing have dozens over a hundred types. But sword cultivator actually does exactly the opposite, sword cultivator exquisite is One Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Technique, their almost study Spell, does not use other Magical Artifact, their weapon are same, sword! sword cultivator cultivates is the sword, they must the sword regards the own second life same cherish, must the sword regards own trick/hand and foot same use, must the sword regard own spirit to practice, therefore the sword cultivator attack strength is in Cultivation World is strongest, Foundation Establishment Stage sword cultivator, even if to Expert of Core Formation time, has not been possible to suffer a loss, because they all spirits dedicated to sword on. Not only sword cultivator attack strength, their only people handle matters such as the sword to be also ordinary, normally sword conceal in the sheath, does not walk the 1 u silk bold point, people skills, the peaceful nature. However when they facing own enemy, such as double-edged sword comes out of the sheath, does not see the blood not to return the sheath. The sword cultivator spirit is the same like the sword, must have a spirit, double-edged sword that is similar to sharpening, leaving must offend somebody, one, but sword cultivator lost the spirit, was similar to double-edged sword the rust was the same, was not having the means to kill people. Therefore Liancheng although said that he must with a Zhao Hai war, that Elder Assembly appears some happy, sword cultivator needs is this spirit, that feared that is the clearly know enemy is formidable, so long as he is an enemy, that must reveal that own sword, with a it war, glorious defeat, this is sword cultivator. The elders nodded said : to be very good, the rest, this several days is ready well, other people in tournament are not good to cope, especially that massacre and wipe out day, heard he Demon Art suitable, has run into him to pay attention to some much.” Liancheng nodded, the elder then stood got up leave, Liancheng delivered to outside the elder, this returned to by table, gently caressed rub own long sword, was similar to caresses rub own sweetheart to be ordinary. To the massacre and wipe out day that Elder Yu said that Liancheng has not cared, person who he cares about now only then Zhao Hai, he also knows that the massacre and wipe out day is very strong, but in his opinion, massacre and wipe out day in also Zhao Hai, therefore Liancheng has not cared the massacre and wipe out day. Liancheng looks like a mountaineer, when his mountaineer Zhu Mu Langma peak regards own target, but also in hill will be interested?

Displays with Liancheng similarly, many people, besides Yi Shuihan beyond their several, a person to Zhao Hai also attention, this person of Demon Realm new person first Expert, massacre and wipe out day. The massacre and wipe out day truly is Demon Realm for more than 100 years the first talent, his ascend to Demon Realm is about four years, now smooth Foundation Establishment, this time 6 Realms new person competition, he attended the competition as Demon Realm new person first, moreover in elimination series time performance outstanding of, entered the top ten name unexpectedly. But that think of it, he just entered top ten not to have how long, was given to kick, by a machine person kicking, just heard this information time, the massacre and wipe out day does not believe completely, but saw the elimination series ranks time, he has to believe. The massacre and wipe out day did not have to a machine information interest, however after seeing the rank of elimination series, his immediately has discovered about a machine information, carefully looked, he present an issue, that is machine all these changes, centers on a person to launch, this person is Zhao Hai. massacre and wipe out day slowly puts down the in hand information, shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai? Interesting, in machine that wasteland, can appears Zhao Hai such person, really be sound queer unexpectedly.” But at this time, Zhao Hai they were actually just drinking up liquor, Zhao Hai ran up to Space to rest, Laura they were monitoring other to participate in the situation of player through the screen, these days they already received the situation in Cultivation World that several base to Space in came, now monitors naturally is very convenient. Liancheng and massacre and wipe out day their response, Laura they saw, Zhao Hai naturally also saw, today his although has drunk many liquor, but his present strength does not pity to compare now, after returned to Space, has transported the twice merit, drank has selected Spatial Water, completely was good. Listened to Liancheng with ten thousand Sword Sect elders' dialogs, Zhao Hai also cannot help but to sigh said : good Liancheng, worthily was the Cultivation World new person first, HaHaHa, it seems like really was unable the underestimated world hero.” Laura nodded said : „, Liancheng can through such a little bit matter, analyze these many thing unexpectedly, this person is is not very really simple, but Elder Brother Hai, they knew Li Chuchen and Mu Danchen the matter is you are done, that three mountains alliance and can the western cold city cope with you extremely?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to cope with that is the affirmation, but did not need extremely in being worried, my present strength, how in said that also cultivator of equivalent to Infant Stage time, in Cultivation World here, cultivator of Infant Stage time, has been able open a sect and establish a school, this and has the matter of truth, cultivator of Infant Stage time was Cultivation World main fighting strength, but was the person who that big gate sent, wanted to cope with this Infant Stage time cultivator, must think the line well, if after all did not kill cultivator of Infant Stage time, but that consequence very serious, in this time competition process., I must reveal 1 u to leave some strengths, making these people have the scruples, this more time will enable us to unfold to us.” Laura nodded said : by Elder Brother Hai your present strength, to did not need to fear anything, but we after the competition, were immediately take off the clothes finally Ashley Clan, otherwise these fellows could not cope with you, feared that is will begin to Ashley Clan.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think of this point, but does not need to be worried that should not have the matter, what a pity, how Zheng Li also don’t know must collect Strength of Faith, how use Strength of Faith, but was a pity.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has smiled, her look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you are quite stupid, have you forgotten Lu Wei? Lu Wei can collect Strength of Faith in Lower Realm, he definitely knows how collection Strength of Faith, how use Strength of Faith, I think you should be on good terms with Zheng Li now, when Zheng Li's real join that Sect, became an elder, you to can ask Zheng Li to help, making him help you pay attention to Lu Wei, so long as there is Lu Wei walk alone information, we can come Lu biography, except that naturally can obtain thing that you want, moreover can except an enemy.” Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, nodded said : right, I to this matter forgetting, good, such manages, and has a person on one's own side in Cultivation World here, after us conduct convenient, Zheng Li this person the too big ambition, only has not wanted to have the auspicious day by own family member, but he wants to have the auspicious day by his family member, on needs a more formidable strength, to have us to support him, his strength promotion will be quicker, like this after him, on can become we in a Cultivation World here step dark chess, good, Laura, you. This proposition is really fantastic.” Laura often smiles, said : this time tournament, I looked that makes bear Big Brother they directly admit defeat to consider as finished, their present strengths, definitely are not the matches of several other Realms person, be not injuring them, that may not be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this I to think that bear Eldest Child they have thought understand, will not have the matter, feel relieved was good, they are not that type for the face, can the person who assigning does not want.” At this time nearby Megan suddenly open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, you thought that massacre and wipe out day person is what kind of? I felt that he does blame? Saw that his I feel very repugnantly.” What Zhao Hai deep voice said : this massacre and wipe out day practices is Demon Art, known as blood Demon Art, heard that this Demon Art must practice with the blood of living person, therefore you noticed that he will feel uncomfortable that should be, he already complete by Demonized, besides the body person, his thought that could not be a person likely.”

Megan they somewhat are surprised, has not thought that also will have such Cultivation Method, Megan face white look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, will the person who this wants make why also him live in the world? Why haven't these Cultivation World people killed him?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : because of the strength, blood Sacred Sect that the massacre and wipe out day institute is, is one of Great Sect Demon Realm knows how things stand, even if Cultivation World here Great Sect, does not dare saying that certainly can destroy completely blood Sacred Sect, if braves to make war with blood Sacred Sect rashly, even if won blood Sacred Sect, they will also cause heavy losses, therefore they can only pretend don’t know, said it, practices with living person, is almost the matter that all Demon Sect can handle, the Cultivation World person wants to manage unable to manage.” Megan coldly snorted said : Cultivation World these fellows are really hateful.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to consider as finished, the situation of having a look at this massacre and wipe out day was saying that we do not have the ability to take care this matter now, now we offended the three mountains ally, extremely western cold palace, but our potential enemies also had Lu Wei, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, Millions Treasure pavilions, if on provoking Demon Realm the person, was really the non- wisdom, what most important was, the Demon Realm person and Cultivation World person was different, the Cultivation World person, the sometimes office had to have scruples, but will not chase down us, but the Demon Realm people were some Lunatic, they will use possibly fully chased down us, In that case, our days sad.” Megan nodded, in speaking, her naturally very clear now the Zhao Hai situation, do not look that now Zhao Hai has the strength of Infant Stage time, but compared with entire Comprehend the world, Expert of Infant Stage time, no matter anything, Comprehend the world here, dies Infant Stage time Expert in battle is not infrequent, even if Zhao Hai has Space, will not die, the feeling of but that type chased down will not be good, therefore now is also not the move, if blood Sacred Sect time. However Megan believes that so long as the opportunity arrived, Zhao Hai will certainly tidy up blood Sacred Sect, because Zhao Hai most could not look that others regard the slave to use the person, do not say that the person regards the draft animal same has bred, this is Zhao Hai does not permit.!.