Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1254

The sense of justice, Zhao Hai has, but mostly, he does not want to work as the sage, he is not a sage, He also never possibly becomes a sage, however at important matter big non- front, Zhao Hai can insist own conscience. Accepted many years of Earth to educate, that person was long of ten thousand spirit, the idea of all people being equal, deep taking root in his mind, became Zhao Hai and Earth connection part. In this case, will Zhao Hai possibly hope to have existence of slave? He in Lower Realm, abolished the slavery, but in Comprehend the world here, really also has the person regards the matter that the draft animal rears in a pen, Zhao Hai must manage. However Zhao Hai is not an ordinary man, he before handling any matter, thinks that beforehand success and failure, a person, you wants to help others, that must have a look at itself to have that ability first, reaches and Jinan world, poor, then cultivates one's own moral worth, these words used on the body of Zhao Hai are most appropriate. Official tournament must start, Zhao Hai they also wanted the leave Fabbio star, the official tournament on-board was not held in Fabbio, but was held on the Cultivation World void open tournament stage. This void open tournament stage, is Cultivation World here, a very important place, the void open tournament stage establishes in one piece damages Stone Quli, in that meteorite area does not have danger mostly, biggest a piece meteorite, by Cultivation World almighty, with is unable, to construct incomparably huge Arena unsurpassedly, but in this big meteorite side, there are innumerable small meteorite, the rule that has deferred to deciding is floating, will not hit together, but on these small meteorite, by the Cultivation World person, had been completed the each and every one seat, can for the person to sit above, sees void open tournament. On all. All previous new person competition, is held on void arrow Arena, this has become the one type of convention, this nature is no exception. Zhao Hai they have rested after a evening, next day on the preparation leave Fabbio star, to be honest, heard that wanted the leave Fabbio star, machine these team leaders, they also wanted happy compared with Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Fabbio star here, was really too dangerous, quick leave was good. Conversely, Zhao Hai they to do not have a point worry, Xiong Li they do not have a point worry, they have seen too many Insect Race in underground wormhole there, in their opinion, Insect Race really does not have what good worry. Zhao Hai after the morning gets up, knows that they wanted leave, in courtyard that his immediately since they lived in came out, directly soars Zheng Li's courtyard, yesterday Laura had told him, making him be on good terms with Zheng Li, asking Zheng Li to help him pay attention to the Lu Wei matter, Zhao Hai naturally must such do, will cope with Lu Wei Zhao Hai not to be impolite. When Zhao Hai to courtyard that Zheng Li lives, Zheng Li is going out, saw Zhao Hai, Zheng Li has cannot help but gawked, then showed a faint smile said : 1 Little Hai to come, I was wanting to deliver you, has not actually thought that you to came, come, came to sit.” Zhao Hai nodded, enters courtyard that he lived in Zheng Li, Zheng Li's courtyard is not very big, but entire courtyard only then he lives, nobody disturbs, to very quiet. Entered courtyard Zheng Li to prepare to some Zhao Hai but actually tea, had actually been blocked by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at Zheng Li said : Zheng Big Brother, we must walk, in several days has been the day of tournament, we must go to prepare, therefore I came to say goodbye with you specially.” Zheng Li nodded, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : 1 Little Hai, I know that your line, this time tournament first, belongs to you, but you must be careful, you offended extremely the western cold city now, offended the three mountains alliance, they will not let off your.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Zheng Big Brother feel relieved to be good, I knew in heart, come, this gave to you, wait for you exited from here, we must often relate.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has given Zheng Li a Space ring, Space ring thing, Zhao Hai definitely could manufacture now, but he makes this thing, because this thing regarding Zhao Hai, was really extremely in the weak, he presently in hand has many his lark fruit, these lark fruits were best Space equipment, inside can also plant thing, compared with Space ring don’t know in many, can say that the Space ring to Zhao Hai was a use not, but his normally what, if did, actually cannot take to come out the lark fruit, can only use Space Bag. Space ring, but this Space ring, is one of the Zhao Hai spoils of war. Zheng Li received the Space ring, spiritual force searches toward the ring in stares, because in this ring, only then three types of thing, many, are various types of Insect Race insect, piles in a there big pile, must know Insect Race insect in Cultivation World here, is the one type of very best-selling commodity, Zhao Hai this is ranks is wasting money to him. Second type of thing is liquor, that liquor that their yesterday drinks in the evening, a platoon of altar|jar altar|jar in there, in the foot has 20 altars|jars. The third type is actually Magic Formation, no matter big Magic Formation, why don’t know uses, Zheng Li takes back spiritual force, puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these insect, is these time goes to the underground wormhole the spoils of war, we have stayed behind, the remaining these give Zheng Big Brother, you exit from Fabbio star, the place that also has plenty needs to spend money, these thing although are unworthy any money, but the brothers hope that can help Zheng Big Brother your busy, these liquor give Zheng Big Brother you to drink, the brothers I am not many, can only to you these, that small Magic Formation, be Transmission Magic Formation of small shape, can only be used to communicate, when Zheng Big Brother exited from here, on can use that. Magic Formation contacts with me, when the time comes our brothers are gathering.” As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that two eyes cannot help but one red, in Cultivation World here, the person little will hand over the friend generally, especially the person of Rogue Cultivator family background like Zheng Li, little handed over the friend, Zheng Li to had several friends before, was a pity that several people did not have Core Formation to succeed, moreover died, from then on Zheng Li did not have what friend. Now Zhao Hai gives him these thing, although not very precious, but is actually the sincerity regarded a friend him, Zheng Li had grateful, he received that Space ring, nodded said : well, 1 Little Hai, your heart, Big Brother I have remembered, waited for Elder Brother my leave Fabbio star, immediately to look for you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : so to settle, the time early, Zheng Big Brother, I did not walk.” Said that is bowing to Zheng Li, flashes body leave Zheng Li's courtyard. Zhao Hai has not been returning to that courtyard that they live, but was directly to Transmission Formation there, horse like a dragon they already in there , etc. he. Saw Zhao Hai to come, horse like a dragon nodded to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai to horse, if did not have gave a salute, this stood in the team. It seems like this dozens people of team, horse like a dragon mood actually very heavy, comes time, their more than 100 people of high-spirited, are that think of it, just thinks that Fabbio star here has met Insect Race attack, at this elimination series, only lived Zhao Hai their six, how his can be happy. although these participants are Zhao Hai kill, but horse like a dragon does not have a meaning of blame Zhao Hai, his very clear, Zhao Hai dares recognize is the homicide, all really these person of originally that he said were surrounded by Insect Race, soon died, Zhao Hai has saved them, they actually in turn must kill Zhao Hai, must snatch Zhao Hai thing Zhao Hai not to kill them, that felt strange. horse like a dragon sighed, waved said : to walk.” The people have not said anything, silently walks toward Transmission Formation on, the quick all people got up Transmission Formation, on Transmission Formation flash of white light all people disappeared in Transmission Formation.

Transmission Formation there in sea mountain city, flashed with brilliant rays, Zhao Hai their appears looked at all around situation one in Transmission Formation, horse like a dragon had beckoned with the hand to get the people to walk in here courtyard toward machine, before Zhao Hai them, lived in here, was not strange. This nobody feels embarrassed them, conversely, these Cultivation World person look at Zhao Hai their looks, have one puzzled and dreaded. Zhao Hai their this time result, in several within have spread, facing such result, entire Comprehend the world, has shocked, cares about nobody to believe that such result, however such result is actually[ really] reality. The person who Cultivator manages noticed that a machine person has pressed Cultivation World unexpectedly, feels this certainly in the real joke, but confirmed in the official fully afterward this idea, all Cultivation World people, soon crazy, they have not managed Law Idol letter fact, they start frantic investigation Zhao Hai their material. Zhao Hai material not difficult, some quick people the Zhao Hai material shining, the Cultivation World Zhao Zhexie talented person knows that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is a such talent character, moreover can a person fight the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect unexpectedly alone, person who all sees this material, was scared. Silver Back Gold-Winged insect strong, almost all Cultivation World people know, sometimes because Cultivation World here will spread carries [gold/metal] Yichong the legend about, can the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect fight formidable Insect Race of two Infant Stage time masters of great learning and integrity alone, Zhao Hai can a person fight a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect unexpectedly alone? His strength strong? Is the grandmaster who he does not compare two Infant Stage times fierce? Thinks of here, the Cultivation World people cannot help but were more honest, the Cultivation World person most worships Expert, they also know that some people can not, but obviously, Zhao Hai had been divided in the ranks that cannot annoy. This Zhao Hai they had not created obstacles, is for this reason, the sea mountain city here seamount faction, simply does not dare to feel embarrassed Zhao Hai now, especially after knowing the Zhao Hai strength. The seamount sends although is a faction, but they send now strongest is Gold Core Stage Sect Master, like each one small Sect, that dares to annoy one to dare to fight big Expert of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect alone. In Cultivation World here, has plenty small Sect Strongest, is Gold Core Stage cultivator, their live cautiously, cautious, feared that annoys character who cannot annoy, their small Sect extinguishing. Xiong Li they just started, regarding this situation, very puzzled, they heard, Cultivation World here, only then can Expert of Infant Stage time open a sect and establish a school, how these small Sect Strongest, turn into Gold Core Stage cultivator now? Afterward they knows after some time understanding that these small Sect also truly are Expert of some Infant Stage times establishes, but the time grew, Expert of these Infant Stage times, or already died during meditation, the accident died, as the matter stands, Sect most Strongest turned into Gold Core Stage cultivator, the seamount sent is so. Therefore now Zhao Hai they come out from Transmission Formation, the seamount sends there, in not difficult to feeling embarrassed them, these person of very clear that because the seamount sends, if they are feeling embarrassed Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai will possibly cope with them.

It looks like in the person who the seamount sends, before Zhao Hai them, has not coped with them, to maintain strength, for keep secret, does not make the person know that his true strength, others know now his strength, he did not use keep secret, at this time, if they in annoyed Zhao Hai, that will not have any good fruit to eat. Zhao Hai their returned to that courtyard time, that courtyard is presently different from before, before that courtyard interior decoration very simple, appears very low key, presently person that courtyard is actually obvious passed through whitewashing again, interior decoration one new, looks like the very good appearance, courtyard in front of the door token also changed into a piece on newly, was bigger than original token, above writes „the Magic Machine institute three large characters. Stood two robots in courtyard in front of the door, horse like a dragon was just walking, that two robot immediately walked, bowed said :team leader horse such as the dragon to making to horse like a dragon, but he nodded to enter courtyard. This courtyard looked like before is also cleaner, in courtyard had two Magician to stand in there is waiting for them, look at them to come, that two person immediately welcomed, they simultaneously bowed said : to congratulate team leader horse to horse like a dragon triumphant return.” horse like a dragon looked at their one eyes, nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to arrange the following room, we need to rest.” Two complied with one, turn around walked. In this time, suddenly is calling out transmits: Zhao Hai, your Come out here suffers to death!” As this calls out, a person's shadow, non-stop flies to come from the distant place, this arrives at they give to make that horse like a dragon stares. Zhao Hai has also gawked, but Laura their immediately has given the material, what comes is a middle age, Core Formation time cultivation level, a black cultivator robe, handsome, but the air/Qi results in the face distortion now, probably must select the person to bite to be the same. Zhao Hai has gawked, because this he did not know that although he is somewhat puzzled, what he has not said that but the personal appearance moves, appears in the sky of Magic Machine institute, look at that person that stared, deep voice said : Zhao Hai here, does not know what was that friend? How did Zhao Hai offend you?” That person flew the Zhao sea surface first hundred meters place to stop, his coldly look at Zhao Hai said : „were you Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I am Zhao Hai, does not know that your excellency is that? What deep huge enmity I and do your excellency have to hate?” That person of look at Zhao Hai, sneers said : worthily is an ignorant country folk, any also don’t know, unexpectedly dares to kill people, you listened to me, below three mountains alliance, in Yupingshan the hall elder, reached continually, by Dong Tutian who you massacred, was my apprentice.”!.