Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1255

Zhao Hai when saw that reaches continually, knows that he is murders those who have cheated them, but his don’t know reaches continually is murders those who have cheated them for whom, now he knew. Zhao Hai deep voice said :originally is links the elder, Dong Tutian truly is killed by me, that is because he must snatch my prey, he must kill me, I naturally also kill him, did link the elder to forget? In the 6 Realms new person strives for hegemony SAGE, our these participants will be protected. ” Does reach continually laughs said : to be protected? Who protects you? Your these country folks, do not think that our Cultivation World person will protect you really? Was short has the daydream in there, today you must die.” Zhao Hai look at reaches continually, showing a faint smile said : suddenly „said that if I have killed you, will receive chasing down of Yupingshan, but you have killed me, any matter did not have, this was really unfair.” Reaches look at Zhao Hai continually, laughs said : fairly? Did you tell fairly me? I told you, in Cultivation World here, the strength was fair, only then the strength strong person, had the request fair qualifications.” Zhao Hai somewhat strange look at reaches said : „ saying that continually such had confidence to cope with me? I want to know really that you so are why self-confident! ” Reaches look at Zhao Hai continually, sneers said : not to know the immensity of heaven and earth, you think really you had with the strength that Cultivation World speaks the last words, Zhao Hai, the method of Cultivation World person, your don’t know, I let your experience well today.” Zhao Hai laughs said : I happen to probably experience, please, other in the city, destroy thing not to be good.” Said that turn around flies toward outside the city, horse like a dragon they look at this situation, flew. horse like a dragon strength although also almost equivalent to Cultivation World Core Formation time cultivator, but that said that he[ body] in Spiritual Qi density, does not mean his fighting strength, if makes him put with Cultivation World cultivator really right, finally death certainly is he, looked like links saying that Cultivation World cultivator had too many methods is a machine person don’t know. Liancheng coldly snorted, flies outward with Zhao Hai, although he can blatant looks for Zhao Hai to revenge, words that but must begin in sea mountain city really also sent offending the seamount on equal to, Liancheng did not fear the seamount faction, the seamount faction was only a small faction, but does not want to offend the seamount faction, the seamount sent although unable to take him to be what kind, also will actually provoke lots of troubles to him.

Cultivation World not like superficially is so peaceful, small Sect was sent by big gate to the matter of annexation, when is these small Sect slowly also had found since birth the road of their survival \; first, alliance, two are to look like the big gate faction professes allegiance. alliance this is very good to explain that is some small Sect alliance gets up, the although these Sect scales are not big, but only these Sect alliance get up, the strength does not allow to look down upon. Two profess allegiance, nearby the big gate faction like their site professes allegiance, submits to these big gate factions, delivers some high quality goods to come up every year, in helping these big gate factions is handling something to obtain the asylum that these big gate send, looks like the Sect Master country and is the same from the vassal state. Reaches continually did not fear that the seamount sends this small Sect, but behind the seamount sends also to have the backer, if he real in the city and Zhao Hai war, will certainly have to in the city destroys such not well to send back person explain/transfer with the seamount. The Cultivation World person most said was a face, you have given others the face, others also gave you face, you did not give others the face, others will want your life, if reached continually begins that face to face to hit the seamount to send a palm of the hand in sea mountain city really without doubt, the seamount sends not to let off him for the face. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai proposed that must the fight Liancheng not have immediately to begin with Zhao Hai to outside the city, but agreed with the Zhao Hai words. Liancheng looks for Zhao Hai actually also, not only to revenge, what are more is thinks that seize the opportunity hits press, Cultivation World regarding a machine suppression is everywhere, nothing which is not uses. This Zhao Hai they have pressed Cultivation World in the elimination series rank unexpectedly, this is Cultivation World is not willing to see that therefore the Cultivation World person wants to hit press, regarding being concerned about face-saving Cultivation World, the suppression also needs a excuse, but revenged is in the good also no excuse. In Cultivation World here, the sentiment of Master and Disciple in some situation is very light, Dong Tutian was killed, you were counting on Liancheng kills enmity of child going to revenge to him like the report, that is almost impossible, a Liancheng not only Dong Tutian apprentice, Dong Tutian is also not the apprentice who he most regards as important, he definitely does not need to revenge for Dong Tutian. Reaches this time continually, actually has presented the order, he is kills Zhao Hai, the Cultivation World there person is not an idiot, conversely, each and every one is the old jian arch villain fellow, they analyzed get off an aircraft a situation, immediately present, machine will have such result, all because of Zhao Hai, therefore their immediately formulated this to cope with the plan of Zhao Hai, but reached on continually is elected, for this plan Executor. The Cultivation World person has to analyze Zhao Hai fierce degree, but they actually do not believe own acquired these information, Zhao Hai ascend is about one year new person, how possibly to have the strength of Infant Stage time? That absolutely is impossible, therefore in their opinion, sending a Core Formation time cultivator to cope with Zhao Hai, has had more than enough to spare.

Zhao Hai they arrived at sea mountain city outside the city quickly, is still previous time with Gongsun Zheng inferior place hill to war, Zhao Hai and continually reaches relative and vertical, horse like a dragon they stand in Zhao Hai behind not far away, horse like a dragon face is somewhat ugly. Instead to is Xiong Li their several person faces does not care, several people believe that Zhao Hai can certainly defeat to reach continually, because they see with one's own eyes Zhao Hai and Mu Danchen that war, they are confident to Zhao Hai. horse like a dragon also quickly noted Xiong Li their appearance, did not have the means that even if thinks that did not pay attention not to be good, Xiong Li they chatted in there, has probably not been serious the present matter. The horse like a dragon personal appearance moved appears in the Xiong Li side, you wasn't worried about Xiong Li deep voice said :?” Xiong Li looks is horse like a dragon, does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback said :team leader feel relieved, Little Hai will not have the matter, that reaches continually is not the Little Hai match., horse like a dragon puzzled look at Xiong Li said : „are you so why confident? That reaches continually is cultivator of Core Formation time, even if in Cultivation World here, is Sect in hall long old.” Xiong Li shows a faint smile said : team leader not to need to be worried, Little Hai in wormhole, with the Cultivation World person to war, fellow who called Mu Danchen, has used a piece Jade Talisman, that Jade Talisman calls jade Ying talisman probably, this Jade Talisman biggest use was, he can store up the strength of Infant Stage time cultivator striking, but Zhao Hai considered is a fist Infant Stage time Expert struck hitting, the opposite party was only a Core Formation time, simply possible was the Little Hai match.” horse like a dragon surprised look at Xiong Li they, if cannot the affirmation, Xiong Li they not crack a joke with this matter completely, horse like a dragon thinks certainly that Xiong Li they are lying, Zhao Hai has repelled Infant Stage time cultivator unexpectedly directly strikes? What strength is that? Is thinking in him these times, reached continually also starts talking, Liancheng looked at all around situation one, nodded said : well, the geomancy in this place was good, is used to give you to bury the bone well.” Zhao Hai one hear of even/including Da said that could not bear laugh, this time he was not the forced smile, but has smiled, because he has remembered a very interesting matter. Reached the look at Zhao Hai appearance continually, coldly snorted said : Why are you laughing?

Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, is only the feeling specially funny, because before , the person, spoke the similar words to me . Moreover the place also in here, is really strange, your Cultivation World person, liked speaking such words probably.” Reached one hear of Zhao Hai to say continually that cannot help but gawked, then coldly snorted said : little said rubbish, suffered to death!” Said that reaches the big hand to wield continually, a palm of earth yellow grasps toward Zhao Hai, reaches continually is also Earth element cultivator, his move of big hand attack, in Cultivation World is very famous, the known as Five Elements palm, these five sudden palms are not because he is fierce and famous, because the Five Elements palm is move of Spell that any attribute can use, is move of Spell that the person of any strength can use, simple said that this Five Elements palm actually on is move of tiger balm Spell. Reaches the use continually the this move Five Elements palm, actually also the name, was called the thick earth palm, was the Five Elements palm, but a Five Elements palm of Core Formation time cultivator use, was existence that anybody does not dare to look down upon. Reaches this continually is only probing, how he wants to know the Zhao Hai strength, if Zhao Hai were given to pat directly by a move of thick earth palm, he was also convenient, if pats undead Zhao Hai, in method that can also deal with from Zhao Hai, sees the Zhao Hai strength the height. Zhao Hai looked that reaches this move continually, often smiles, the hand wields, holds the vigor to make together, he has not used fully, but optional wields a fist, a giant palm vigor welcomed the thick earth palm that was reaching continually to strike. Boom! A fist palm hits in together, a huge explosive sound resounded, shakes following hill gently to shiver two, but the eyebrow skin that reached continually actually jumped, facial expression also slowly became must dignified, his very clear, just that struck him is probing, similarly, Zhao Hai has not tried, because knows that Zhao Hai has not tried, attaching great importance to of Liancheng Zhao Hai, he now completely has regarded one Zhao Hai and he match with level. Zhao Hai look at reaches continually, smiles said : „to kill me, puts out a real skill to come, like the probe, I looked exempts.” Reaches coldly snorted said : you to see continually.” Said that his hand wields, big axe appears in his front, this big axe is list hatchet, the shaft is not long, the axe surface is very big, all over the body golden yellow , to the person the one type of sincere incomparable feeling, this big axe is also is the becoming famous weapon that reaches continually, the crack axe. The crack axe is Life Source Weapon that Juehe reaches continually, is he picks to defend earth Gold Essence, in the additional many metals, uses for three years to manufacture, after making, has been placed in the dantian by him nourishing, is reaches the most adept weapon continually.( To be continued.!.