Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1256

Cultivation World cultivator, can has plenty Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact have some are they finds the person to refine, some actually snatch in the process of fight, one is not sword cultivator Core Formation time cultivator, if your in hand does not have dozens Magical Artifact, goes out embarrassed speaks to the person. However this is actually only a superficial phenomenon, Cultivation World cultivates abundantly is has plenty Magical Artifact, however true Life Source Magical Artifact actually only then , can only have one. Life Source Magical Artifact, with own life related Magical Artifact, only if were I died, Magical Artifact that otherwise no one could take away, Life Source Magical Artifact will be put in the dantian by cultivator generally nourishing, the nourishing time was long, Might that can wield was also bigger, even if were these nourishing time short Life Source Magical Artifact, was bigger than general Magical Artifact Might. Life Source Magical Artifact regarding cultivator is very important, only if has run into the powerful enemy, Otherwise in the Life Source Magical Artifact common situation will not shine. Also because Life Source Magical Artifact so important, passes through cultivator regarding the choice of Life Source Magical Artifact, is extremely careful, if Life Source Magical Artifact the choice is not good, regarding cultivator, affects is very big, will have regarding his later practice very greatly in influence. The people and person are different, same Cultivation Method, they simultaneously practice, the final result possibly is clearly opposite, but a person wanted to find most appropriate own Life Source Magical Artifact, was not that easy. First the choice of precisely is Magic shape, has direct relationship with character of person, you make one wholeheartedly only think maintaining life, the character spiritless person are choosing a blade to take your Life Source Magical Artifact, that simply is impossible, the blade does not gather with their character, must have an aggression with the people of blade, how the character spiritless person will have the aggression, they will make with the shield or other's some defense strength comparison strong Magical Artifact as own Life Source Magical Artifact generally. Besides the Magical Artifact shape, Magical Artifact choice of material also very heavy wants, besides must coincide with own body attribute, but must have the potential of show, if manufactures Life Source Magical Artifact with a piece ordinary iron, then regarding the influence of cultivator huge. Therefore any cultivator, when chooses Life Source Magical Artifact to be extremely careful, they can hua previous a long time, determine that any weapon most suits itself, but also looks to manufacture the Life Source Magical Artifact material in a hua longer time, then asked some to be absolutely trustworthy, crafting quite good person, Life Source Magical Artifact refinement forming, if I able, best was I refines, because others refined, after finally always refines compared with almost, Magical Artifact made, immediately by cultivator is received in the dantian nourishing, slowly turned into own Life Source Magical Artifact. Because of this, from this Life Source Magical Artifact , can see character that reaches continually, causes the person of axe, is the strength astonishing generation, they are extremely confident to their strength, their overbearing, but does not lose sincerely, works Zhang Chi to have.

Reached make a move to reveal continually his body assigned Magical Treasure, obviously he attaching great importance to degree to Zhao Hai was obviously common. But Zhao Hai saw that reaches the Life Source Magical Artifact that shines continually, knows this Magical Artifact this simply, because when revealed that this Life Source Magical Artifact, reaches imposing manner continually also one changes, that self-confident calm and has some overbearing imposing manner is not installs absolutely . Moreover the Magical Artifact that he takes, with his imposing manner unexpectedly in coordinating with each other across a great distance, this was known this Magical Artifact extraordinary place by Zhao Hai. Reaches look at Zhao Hai continually, cold sound said : Zhao Hai, you can die under my crack axe today, is dies a worthy death, dies?” The hand proceeds to wield, then the single-handed big axe, is pinching the epoch-making prestige, chops toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, does not dare in empty-handed hardly to meet, his hand turns, Houli appears a sledgehammer, this has not made him fly the wound enemy sledgehammer Zhao Hai, moreover grabs the sledgehammer, in the mouth gives a loud shout, welcomed toward the crack axe, in hand sledgehammer also fierce struck toward the nose axe. Reaches continually this strikes importantly is imposing manner, oppresses others by the potential, if he must avoid, that imposing manner releases, his style also became the weird creature, therefore reached continually has not yielded mutually, still command(er) the big axe was cracking toward Zhao Hai, under the big axe divided was also quick several. Clang! such as the hammer hits the great clock, the sound bo air wave, extends the place that a hammer axe is intersecting together, outward diffusion slowly, stands in Zhao Hai behind Xiong Li they can feel this air current clearly, not only feels that their clothes by air current raising. a loud sound that as works as, the crack axe was actually shaken the nose oven, face that reaches continually also becomes the pale piece, blood does not have, obviously he received the heavy wound. Appearance that Zhao Hai look at reaches continually, coldly smiles said : mediocre, does such method also dare to ask me to revenge? You also stay behind today.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, reaches to throw continually toward, reaches face continually changes, the hand wields, 100 huge turtle's back shape shield appears in his front, his in hand were also simultaneously many a jade bottle, then he turns on the cover of jade bottle, has poured fiery red medicine pill from inside, one throws into the mouth, chewed two immediately to swallow. But this enters a sledgehammer also hammer of Zhao Hai in hand on felt shield that in reached continually, the good turtle shield obviously is not every, when hammers greatly, on the turtle shield immediately/on horseback shines together the yellow light screen, the shape of light screen and turtle shield of this yellow is the same, but on this light screen brings has plenty abstruse Runes, appears mysterious is unusual.

A Zhao Hai hammer was striking on the light screen, Runes on that light screen one bright, but actually vanished in the instantaneous light screen, Zhao Hai sledgehammer Yu Shi did not reduce, was striking in the shield surface of turtle shield, that turtle shield wail, Huawei one group of powdered iron. Is standing behind the light screen, face virulent look at Zhao Hai reaches greatly surprised continually, in hand turns two Magical Artifact continually, discards toward Zhao Hai. These two Magical Artifact, are flying sword, but another is actually a [gold/metal] corner, this [gold/metal] corner is the two-prong sword, is resting real here, that type the sharp sword is called the corner. These two obviously are attack Magical Artifact, moreover their target are Zhao Hai, because just dark green presses to use, these two weapon simply with having anything coordinate, reaches continually does not even have command(er), instead to like losing two hidden weapon losing looks like Zhao Hai, simultaneously his personal appearance also fast toward retreat. Zhao Hai sneers, the personal appearance moves, the next quarter, his personal appearance appears in the side that reached continually, the in hand sledgehammer toward reached to strike continually. Reaches continually has not thought obviously Zhao Hai so will be quick, that medicine pill drug efficacy that now he eats has not done, Zhao Hai has actually killed. Links to think that can block Zhao Hai several to strike with the Black turtle shield, raging fire medicine pill xing when he eats does, can dive his potential, making him the injury be complete in a short time . Moreover the strength increases, so long as he extinguished Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback leisurely, restores the injury, will not have the too major problem. Actually there thinks that Black turtle shield simply cannot block Zhao Hai attack, only struck breaking by Zhao Hai, but at this time medicine xing of fierce erysipelas had not wielded, he[ body] in Gold Core gloomily did not have now light, unserviceable, in this case , he only then drew back temporarily, wants to tow several rests the time, has not actually thought Zhao Hai so was unexpectedly quick, the flashes body arrived at his side. Now reaches continually absolutely did not have the time to think these, he perishes soul to brave greatly, in the mouth cries out strangely, must stimulate to movement the crack axe to keep off Zhao Hai this to strike forcefully, actually suddenly felt that chest hurts, then five solid organs and six hollow organs simultaneously was hit hard, one becomes crushes, his strength also vanished. Before, before reaches at the point of death continually cannot help but looked down own xiong, long spear of his present silvery bright from his chest straight thrust goes, but the breech of rifle was sitting in Zhao Hai in hand, reaches continually has cannot help but gawked, when his don’t know Zhao Hai in hand sledgehammer turned into long spear.

Reaches to dead continually is a silly ghost, his simply don’t know Zhao Hai in hand will really have one to be able transformation weapon, don’t know Zhao Hai strength strong. Zhao Hai and reach the time of fight is very actually short continually, they only fight five to gather, but these five contained too many thing about, first move of they probe mutually, an intersection of palm fist, making reach continually to Zhao Hai had enough attaching great importance, his even immediately release Life Source Magical Artifact wanted to cope with Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai also saw this point, he saw that reaches that Magical Treasure that release comes to be uncommon continually, and has very big relationship with him, Zhao Hai not polite, made Liquid Silver make the sledgehammer directly, simultaneously join in the hammer several vibrate formation, the overlay uses of these vibrate formation, that effect is growth doubled and re-doubled, the crack axe that therefore his hammer continually reached hitting going back, was reached Gold Core to be damaged by continually, under one on by heavy internal injury. Is injured later Zhao Hai not to let off to reach continually, immediately chases down on, but reached also immediately to eat up continually has been able the ji potential fierce erysipelas, wanted the ji potential and a Zhao Hai war, after that was afraid of getting into trouble, can injure on adds the wound, he also knows, if did not eat the fierce erysipelas, that definitely will die in here, therefore he wants to eat up the fierce erysipelas and Zhao Hai wrestles, release oneself defense strength strongest Black turtle shield, has wanted also in keeping off the Zhao Hai several rests time, that must the efficacy of fierce erysipelas on do, he also one has fought on can Zhao Hai. However he has not thought that the Zhao Hai sledgehammer added several vibrate formation, in adding on Zhao Hai strength, a that Black turtle shield unexpectedly move by Zhao Hai breaking, has let plan to fail, hurried release two Magical Artifact that reaches continually, had actually underestimated Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in hand sledgehammer makes long spear finally, toward jabbed into his chest, on Zhao Hai long spear also has vibrate formation, placard body flexible armor that not only reaches continually gave broken, while jabbing into his body, by five solid organs and six hollow organs that also reached continually was damaged., No matter what he has exceedingly high ability, was impossible to go on living. Reason that Zhao Hai reaches under such pain to continually Assassin , because he presently neighbor has several spiritual force in paying attention to the here situation, if he does not reach under the pain to continually Assassin, These people feared that will brave to challenge him, he does not want daily was tired of by these fellows, therefore he extinguished to reach directly continually, making these people know that his experience evil, making them have the scruples, will be naturally more honest.!.