Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1257

Reached continually, Zhao Hai has not actually let off him, his hand wielded, reached to be wrapped by one group of black continually, then continually reached disappeared, Xiong Li they know that reached continually turned into one in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army. Zhao Hai received Liquid Silver, Xiong Li they have also flown the Zhao Hai side, Xiong Li has laughed said : well Little Hai, this time was shorter, your youngster was more and more fierce.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also to want with him to play two hands, the fellow who what a pity, some do not enlarge ones vision, how always wants to have a look at me to kill people, I naturally wanted the quick point to reach continually for killing have made them have a look.” But horse like a dragon their here has also encircled, just they were really shaken, they have not thought that Zhao Hai and reach continually only fight five to gather, continually reached for extinguishing, That is cultivator of Core Formation time, is not commoner that does not enlarge ones vision, was Zhao Hai this strength too also strong? Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that horse like a dragon also understand the Zhao Hai meaning, he just also felt time that several spiritual force, that several spiritual force searched, he already present, to be honest, he to approves to Zhao Hai this time procedure, why his also understand Zhao Hai must such do, if Zhao Hai such does not do, will also have second, third, fourth reaches appears continually, now these people want in make a move, consideration well one, after all own life to be most important. horse like a dragon face pleasantly surprised look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : well, Zhao Hai, great, makes every effort to succeed for our machine, walks, goes back to drink.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, flies with the horse like a dragon round trip. At the same time toward the forward flight, horse like a dragon face is also one positive, then in a soft voice to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, your time killed to reach continually, certainly will receive revenging of Yupingshan, you were certainly careful, cannot have an accident before the tournament, after tournament, I arrange you to return to machine to go immediately, was safe to machine you, Cultivation World these person of although were rampant, but actually does not dare to attack machine directly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : team leader feel relieved, Cultivation World does not set out Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, how me not to, you do not need to be worried.” horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai said that the personal appearance cannot help but shakes, then face shocking look at Zhao Hai, some little time he deep voice said : Little Hai, what you said is really? Do you have really with the strength that Infant Stage time cultivator compares? Expert of Cultivation World here Infant Stage time is not good to deal with, their methods be more than Expert of Core Formation time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : team leader feel relieved, weapon that I use is not general weapon, weapon that I use, that but not positive senior kept in the past coldly.” horse like a dragon one stopped, with is almost hitting in horse like a dragon behind people on his body, horse like a dragon has not actually managed them, but is look at Zhao Hai that two eyes shines, such looked like a wolf saw 1 uo, female was the same. In the horse like a dragon eye is also having simultaneously one with amazement, he has not thought Zhao Hai use unexpectedly is the weapon in that legend, no wonder his strength such formidable. Almost in hearing Zhao Hai was uses Liquid Silver that flash, horse like a dragon gives credit to the body of Liquid Silver the Zhao Hai strength, this also no wonder, because only the Liquid Silver legend was really too many , was extremely mysterious, horse like a dragon had such response also in the reason. He will look at Zhao Hai with such look before, because of his very clear, cold Yuanyang, when refined Liquid Silver saying that so long as Liquid Silver refined successfully, a machine person had with Cultivation World a person high below strength, but obviously Zhao Hai has confirmed these words, in other words, Zhao Hai currently had with the strength that Cultivation World Infant Stage time cultivator compared. Some little time horse like a dragon then responded that he turned the head to look at people one eyes, nodded said : to be all right, walks.” Said that takes the lead to go toward the forward flight, Zhao Hai the horse like a dragon people could look, horse like a dragon ji very moves now.

Words that just Zhao Hai and horse like a dragon spoke, sound very low, other people have not heard, must say that by the skills of these people, wants the words that heard them to speak is not the difficult matter, but came the horse like a dragon status to be placed in there, two came the Zhao Hai strength to be placed in there, if they listened secretly them to speak, is known by them, two definitely happy, they do not want to offend them, therefore they have not listened secretly, what nature don’t know they said that also don’t know horse like a dragon why such ji moved. People returned to of fast sea mountain city, but sea mountain city these cultivator, saw that Zhao Hai they came back, unconscious evading to one side. Just continually reached looks for the matter that Zhao Hai murdered those who have cheated them they to know, they also know that Zhao Hai they were go to the outside the city solution to hate, now Zhao Hai coming back of their safe and sound, that represented to reach continually murders those who have cheated them to be defeated, no matter reached the final result continually is anything, the Zhao Hai strength had been affirmed, sea mountain city here may not have no Expert, naturally cannot provoke Zhao Hai this to defeat Core Formation time cultivator big Expert, therefore honest gave Zhao Hai them to allow to pass through. horse like a dragon toward forward flight, while the look at these cultivator appearances, his are filled with emotion at heart, he is not first time comes Cultivation World, how many times Cultivation World here he came don’t know to have, the Cultivation World here person, what manner regarding a machine person is, he is clear, wants to make cultivator allow to pass through to you? That is in making Chu, they do not look for a job to cope with you, even if were good, driving allowing to pass through like the present, that wants not to need to think. But now these cultivator actually each and every one lower the head along the goal allows to pass through to them, probably feared very much their appearances, how this can not make horse like a dragon sigh. People quickly on returned to Magic Machine, after Magic Machine, horse like a dragon makes that two look that courtyard Magician prepares the food and wine, his actually pulling Zhao Hai entered his room. To in the room, after closing, horse like a dragon impatient to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, what you said was really? You use is really that weapon?” Zhao Hai nodded said : real, falling that weapon goes through to Ashley Clan Outer Sect Bones Symbol Camp in hand, Camp Lord let candidate weapon the time, I have elected him, then used thing that brought from Lower Realm, started him.” Superficialness that Zhao Hai said that but horse like a dragon can affirm, thing that Zhao Hai brings, is definitely uncommon, but he had not asked that but nodded said : so well, so good, Little Hai, this time competition looked your, waited for the tournament formally to start, I made Xiong Li they forfeit, avoid coped with them to Cultivation World person opportunity, did you look?” Now horse like a dragon has not dared put on airs before Zhao sea surface, although he to be a machine person, but his also very clear, the Zhao Hai present strength, is not he can arrange stance/framework/shelf, therefore he puts his position very positive, now started to discuss with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai micro arrogant said with a smile! ” Team leader feel relieved, Big Brother their there I said that they will agree, so long as our machine can occupy the first six seats of hundred Taichung, even if were our machine wins. ” horse like a dragon nodded, sighs said : not to be smooth, your look at, Cultivation World these fellow certain meetings want completely all means to prevent our, especially will aim at you, not only Cultivation World Demon Realm these fellows you must specially careful, especially that massacre and wipe out day, heard that fellow is not good to deal with.”

Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked next step: Demon Realm? Doesn't Demon Realm have a grudge with Cultivation World? Can they cope with us? They should cope with Cultivation World with our alliance is right.” horse like a dragon smiles bitterly next step: Also can because of anything, naturally be because our Cultivation World was too weak, everyone wants to nip although our Cultivation World here not to have no thing, being worth several other Realms paying attention, but considersperson, this, was very appealing.” Person?” Zhao Hai puzzled look at horse like a dragon, do not understand this saying is any meaning. horse like a dragon nodded said : well, is the person.” Then he sighed said : 1 Little Hai you also to know that our machine regarding commoner was best, like Cultivation World here, commoner was slave Demon Realm there that they reared in a pen, commoner was the draft animal reason that but our machine so will take seriously commoner, was because, commoner was our machine here main fighting strength.” horse like a dragon this saying sounds is contradiction, commoner most does not have existence of fighting strength in Cultivation World and Demon Realm probably, but in machine here, is actually main fighting strength, probably a little cannot be justified, Zhao Hai actually very clear that but has known about machine, what horse like a dragon said is right. Machine here main fighting strength is the Mecha soldier and battleship, the Mecha soldier needs certain innate skill, their spiritual force must be formidable enough, the body also wants very good, after the strict training, can become the qualified Mecha soldier. But request although of battleship soldier is also very high, but does not have the Mecha soldier to be so high, besides some Commander, ordinary battleship soldier, is actually similar to general commoner, they are responsible for the operate battleship, looks like the different people have the different work to be the same. Because in machine here, the battleship is in the fight true Main Force, therefore regarding machine, commoner is the Main Force community that entire machine fights, main action community of influence, status naturally corresponding will be also higher. horse like a dragon deep voice said :because of Cultivation World and Demon Realm this treatment commoner manner, therefore their there commoner quantity are getting fewer and fewer, because does not pay attention the protection to commoner, their there child was born, the has plenty day has folded, the mortality rate is very high, but our machine here, the commoner quantity is every year is actually increasing, regarding Cultivation World and a machine person, our machine commoner, to them is very big attracting gravitational force, no matter the Demon Realm person or the Cultivation World person, wants to auxiliary engine, but they also some have scruples now machine. Strength, therefore has not begun to machine.,... Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, in other words, will Demon Realm also suppress our machine? He He, this arrives is a little meaning, won't that massacre and wipe out day be will want to cope with me? If he wants to cope with me, that arrived is more interesting, I happen to also thought to be able he.” horse like a dragon deep voice said : regarding Demon Realm, you must be careful is good, Demon Realm although has been suppressed by Cultivation World, however their practice method very cruel, attack method strange, if the life and death wrestles, will deal with compared with Cultivation World cultivator difficult, moreover a Demon Realm people handles affairs to resort to all means that you must be careful that is good.”

Can look, does horse like a dragon regarding person dreading of Demon Realm, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat puzzled said : lead a group you to understand the Demon Realm person probably very? Have you fought with them?” The muscle on horse like a dragon face has cannot help but twitched two, then deep voice said : to the present, told you are not cannot, fact hands-on here, besides your Ascender in studying Magic and Battle Qi, in various Great Clan studies Magic and Battle Qi person like me are many, but our achievements are often higher than the ascend person, but these year of machine here Magic and Battle Qi have not actually unfolded, don't you think strange?” One hear of horse like a dragon said that Zhao Hai truly feels very strange, his look at horse like a dragon said : „is the meaning of team leader?” horse like a dragon let out a long breath, deep voice said : many Clan the person of practice, died, is not because practiced the accident, because of making Clan duty, but died in a place, a very special place, 6 Realms battlefield!” Zhao Hai said : 6 Realms battlefield? Where is that?” horse like a dragon has closed the eye, deep voice said : there is Hell, is living Hell, the so-called 6 Realms battlefield, is subspace, don’t know big subspace, this subspace very strange, there very enormous, but actually like Comprehend the world here, is not comprised of planet, that subspace is one piece huge Space comprised of the land and ocean, that piece of Space big, nobody knows that only knows there is very big, there are all kinds of Monster Beast, all kinds of medicinal herbs, all kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasure, can say that there producing medicinal herbs, has occupied the Cultivation World medication. A large part of proportions, moreover there some medicinal herbs year very high medicinal herbs.” Zhao Hai one hear of horse like a dragon said that somewhat cannot help but surprised, he has not thought really that will have such place, he has not been asking, but waited for horse like a dragon then to say. horse like a dragon deep voice said : there, only then several Space rift take the entrance, Transmission Formation did not have the means person direct Transmission in the past, to through Space rift enter, but position that these Space rift were, was Cultivator 6 Realms each one, were not many much.” Zhao Hai stayed, he has not thought that really can be this, that subspace was also too strange, how to have such place? horse like a dragon deep voice said : can hold the a piece place in that subspace, regarding any one, is very important, our machine naturally is no exception, because of there Space rift too small, the battleship cannot go , can only Mecha and goes , the Mecha combat capability is good, but does not have the battleship to take the supplies, the Mecha soldier to that subspace, brings death on equal to, therefore wants to gain a footing in that subspace, only then set out Magician and Warrior, machine here, so long as were a little Magician and Warrior of strength, almost ripped to kill in 6 Realms battlefield there, for on was protect a piece place that machine occupies.”!.