Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1258

To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought will have also a 6 Realms battlefield such place, in machine and the Cultivation World material, had not mentioned that such existence of place, horse like a dragon personally said that Zhao Hai to present still don’t know, obviously this place high of security level, complete left the imagination of Zhao Hai. horse like a dragon immersed probably in own world this, he was still low and deep sound speaking sounds: In 6 Realms battlefield there, almost everyday metropolis deceased person, because our machine individual does to fight the ability not to be good, can only depend on the population win, we can do, defends own domain, thinks that is expanding that is impossible.” Speaking of here horse like a dragon silent some little time, probably in the day of recollection in 6 Realms battlefield, some little time he then said : in 6 Realms battlefield there, you can fight with any race, our machine person, besides own ally, did not believe anybody, any entered the people in machine domain is the enemies, innumerable machine Magician and Warrior, chose with the enemy perish together, because there thing regarding machine was really too important, I stayed for three months in 6 Realms battlefield there, had five times almost dead in in hand of enemy, three months of time, I. Underwent every large or small about hundred fights, what place you can imagine that are.” Zhao Hai knows why finally horse like a dragon will have known about the several other Realms situation, because he has fought with these people, moreover feared that is not only one time. After horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai said : these time goes back, you feared that will go also to 6 Realms battlefield there, Little Hai, goes to there, for machine, for machine these commoner do not turn into the slave, you must go to 6 Realms battlefield there, must let several other Realms person understand, machine is not that affable.” Zhao Hai calm nod said : is, requests issue of something team feel relieved, after going back, so long as arranges me to go to the 6 Realms battlefield, I will certainly go.” The look at Zhao Hai calm appearance, horse like a dragon is the appreciation not bears, he must sigh. said : good that to rest, pays attention, this time 6 Realms new person competition, must obtain the good achievements, certain.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around walked, to be honest, he agitating immediately wants 6 Realms battlefield there to go all out by the horse like a dragon words, he has the principle that oneself work, has way that oneself work. 6 Realms battlefield there has the commodity is not false, but regarding Zhao Hai, there can have a liking for the eye commodity to fear that by him is few types, therefore he does not worry, looks like he said that if machine makes him go to the 6 Realms battlefield, he will go, if a machine person has not made him go to the 6 Realms battlefield, request of his also will not take the initiative. It seems like wants guarantee machine here commoner still to pass last present such day in Zhao Hai, the light rips to kill in 6 Realms battlefield there is incorrect, strengthens the machine here commoner strength is first. In fact looks like in Zhao Hai, rips to kill in 6 Realms battlefield there, regarding machine and was any good deed, machine has wasted the massive talented people not necessarily in 6 Realms battlefield there, making the machine here single body do to fight the ability not to have the means compared with several other Realms, still can only maintains a machine aspect by the battleship and Mecha, this not necessarily was good to machine. However Zhao Hai now after all is also a machine person, will strive also should be him to go to the 6 Realms battlefield for machine, so long as machine wants to make him go to him to go, he will have Space to pass and out the 6 Realms battlefield in any case at any time, he will not be worried about anything.

To be honest now Zhao Hai regarding 6 Realms battlefield there to is very curious, his very wants to know that 6 Realms battlefield there is any situation, regarding 6 Realms battlefield there, Zhao Hai to is really very curious. Besides this reason, a reason, that is he wants to go to 6 Realms battlefield there to collect some Undead Creature, the 6 Realms battlefield, is place that in 6 Realms all people make to fight, everyday in deceased person, these died person, looked like in Zhao Hai too has really wasted, if turned into Undead Creature these people, that feared that was the entire Comprehend the world also nobody dares to annoy him. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while returned to their room, they beforehand have arranged in here all rooms, actually Magic Machine institute here although has carried on whitewashing outside, but in actually has not changed, Zhao Hai they still live in oneself original in the room, the condition of lodging have not had too many improvements. Xiong Li their in Zhao Hai room Outer Sect, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Xiong Li several person immediately walked, Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, what matter did the team leader look for your?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not any important matter, walks, entered the room saying that said a while must also come out with leading a group them drinks, I thought that these team leader each and every one compared with us also wanted[ was popular the strength to look at these in the one side[ was popular] the team leader of chat exerted, the corners of the mouth could not bear 1 u leave a smiling face, in this time, the Lu Ding day sound is transmitting said :not to see the world!” Zhao Hai they have gawked, that then the people roar has laughed, their understand, Lu Ding day this was saying that these team leaders have not seen the world, only killed Expert of Core Formation time has become that appearance on happy. This words did not have what happy feeling, but this saying said from the Lu Ding day mouth, the happy feeling actually doubled and re-doubled increased, the Lu Ding day certainly was an uncommunicative person, probably said that much a character, will make his whole body comfortably different, however a such person, suddenly emitted such an idle talk of harming others, but also was the happy feeling is really full. With a smile several people while entered the Zhao Hai room, after the room has closed, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to Xiong Li their several people of said : Big Brother, this time tournament do not participate, so long as had determined after you have the qualifications of attending the tournament, your immediately forfeit, then returned to machine goes, immediately/on horseback closes up, practices Cultivation World Cultivation Method.” Xiong Li they stare, understand Zhao Hai why suddenly did not say, Zhao Hai looks at Xiong Li their appearance, immediately/on horseback in a low voice told several people the 6 Realms battlefield there matter, then after his deep voice said :I want waits for us to go back, very much may be sent the 6 Realms battlefield, therefore you must practice Cultivation World Cultivation Method as soon as possible, this will have the advantage to the future.

Xiong Li several people of shocking look at Zhao Hai, they first time hear 6 Realms battlefield place, but they believe that Zhao Hai will be will not deceive absolutely their, several people of immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, your feel relieved, we know how to do.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, in hand were many several papers, his these papers gave several people of said : these are Cultivation World Cultivation Method, with your body attribute complete tallying, the Third Brother you taught 6 Realms Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art, recorded one to get down while convenient to me.” Dong Fangyu nodded said : well, I manage now.” Said that must walk outward, Zhao Hai actually held on his said : do not worry, the time, this you took away, go back to close up used.” Said that Zhao Hai put out several big jars to give them, in this big jar attire was Potion, helping the practice use. Dong Fangyu they naturally cannot be polite, received, installs in their Space ring, Zhao Hai then nodded said : to walk, went out to drink with the team leader, when the tournament formally started, your horse was returned to machine closes up, when my returned to machine time, our together went to 6 Realms battlefield there, lesson well one these fellows.” Xiong Li several people laugh, they had not been worried the most important reason that the matter of 6 Realms battlefield, at the matter, they are not worried about is because has existence of Zhao Hai, so long as there is Zhao Hai, they had not been worried. Outside several people from in the room, saw have prepared several tables of food and wine, speaks the truth, sees these food and wine, Xiong Li their cannot help but knitting the brows head, because these food and wine are really not much. At this time horse like a dragon also from in the room walked out, he also saw the food and wine on table, but he not extremely in surprised performance, but sighed said : also to press these fellows, in Cultivation World here, can get so far as these thing, was not easy, 1 Little Hai, you came, if ate these thing, drank such liquor, might as well everyone/Great Clan drank a water to consider as finished.” As soon as other people listened to horse like a dragon saying that has laughed, to be honest, since previous time has drunk the Zhao Hai liquor, they also really somewhat slander now, although was away from didn't have long time.

Zhao Hai laughs said : well, led a group the words, my dared not to act accordingly.” Said that has put out large quantities of food and wine, the people not polite, immediately opens drinks, this time may not have Zheng Li, therefore everyone/Great Clan also relaxed many, many team leaders came to look like the Zhao Hai liquor respect, chatted several with Zhao Hai while convenient, spilled relationship. These team leaders are not low in machine there status although, but will not go to that high, naturally has not managed Law Idol to compare with horse like a dragon, but now the Zhao Hai powerful rose was irresistible, they can do well relationship with Zhao Hai, then definitely will have the advantage to their later exhibitions, these people were not silly. Zhao Hai looked that the appearances of these people know they are thinking anything, he has not installed aloof from worldly affairs pays no attention to these people, must know that the personal connection often established at this time, Zhao Hai not only all comes are welcome to proposing a toast of these people, fiery that but also chatted with these, but also got down the child the names and family backgrounds of these people, but this point was important. Xiong Li their look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but a sigh, they now really could not have thought at heart, Zhao Hai comes up from that ascend, what matter he experienced in Lower Realm, why is anything he can deal with probably comes? Not only they, horse like a dragon were sighing that Zhao Hai gave his feeling to be too strange, making his simply unable to completely understand, but horse like a dragon could look, Zhao Hai regarding some machine sentiments, did not have what favorable impression regarding Cultivation World, like this he also on feel relieved. In machine here, a has plenty machine talent, afterward the extension threw Cultivation World follower, this is not rare, horse like a dragon also really feared that one day of Zhao Hai will also transfer throws to Cultivation World follower, today he to Zhao Hai said that the matter of 6 Realms battlefield, wants to make Zhao Hai have the one type of sympathy to machine, making Zhao Hai not transfer throws to Cultivation World follower, it will not look like in him, the matter that he will handle has also succeeded half.( To be continued.!.