Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1259

Reason that horse like a dragon thinks before him, that all that makes have only succeeded half, has the truth, horse like a dragon presently Zhao Hai really has some sympathies to machine, because not only before this, these that he said that because also his woman is a machine person, for no matter because of anything, now Zhao Hai is a machine person, from this point, he was successful. However horse like a dragon also has not the successful place, that is he extremely in underestimating Zhao Hai mental, Zhao Hai has experienced that many matters, already does the heart like the rock, how many words depending on responsibility horse like a dragon that want to make going of Zhao Hai burning with passion go all out with several other Realms? That is simply is impossible, horse like a dragon also realized this point, therefore he thinks before one, that all that made, have only succeeded half. In fact horse like a dragon has not deceived Zhao Hai, really has a 6 Realms battlefield in Comprehend the world here, there truly is Comprehend the world 6 Realms place that fights, moreover machine also truly is the has plenty person rips to kill in there, in these people has plenty is various Great Clan juniors, they were trained since childhood, becomes formidable Magician and Warrior, moreover meets [say / way] of the coordination with each other, they, is machine High level another strength, speaks the truth, if attains machine here this strength, that does not allow to look down upon, must most minimum. Also wants compared with a fleet about thousand battleships on strongly a little. However must pay attention, this strength truly does not allow to look down upon, but he is actually control in machine High level in hand, why has plenty Ascender, strength very formidable, but hasn't actually entered to the 6 Realms battlefield in? Is because these Ascender may not receive machine High level control, therefore they cannot enter to the 6 Realms battlefield, even if has gone, it will not take long will also be summoned. What machine High level need is one is obedient completely the words that but is not a attack strength is greatly strengthened, but momentarily can backlash fierce tiger. Reason that machine High level must such do, very big reasons are, 6 Realms battlefield there Spiritual Qi density very strong, very suitable practice, no matter regarding Magician, is regarding Warrior, then practices in 6 Realms battlefield that very much has the advantage, besides Spiritual Qi, 6 Realms battlefield there Spirit Medicine has plenty, these Spirit Medicine although has not undergone the processing, but directly takes, regarding person of practice, can provide practice. In this case, if machine High level, was not put 6 Realms battlefield there these by their control person, the time grew, that and other people grow a certain degree, that machine High level wants he not to be completely impossible in control, at the appointed time worried should be machine High level. Because of this, therefore machine High level, regarding going to the 6 Realms battlefield there person, has been carrying on very strict control. Reason that can become this team leader like horse like a dragon, is not accidental, he received the order of machine High level actually, comes the new person Expert contacts with these ascend, so long as horse like a dragon thinks that these people will not have the issue, that will feed in the 6 Realms battlefield, if horse like a dragon thought that these person of unreliable, the matter of their possibly 6 Realms battlefield does not know. But machine High level thistime somewhat elected the wrong person, horse like a dragon to machine, although in very loyal, but he has stayed in 6 Realms battlefield there similarly, regarding the 6 Realms battlefield there situation, he compared machine High level, many of understanding. Regarding machine High level, 6 Realms battlefield there died many people, but is in the document strings of ice-cold digit, but regarding horse like a dragon, these is actually his ally, his brothers! With two completely different emotions, regards same thing. The result of obtaining naturally is also completely different, horse like a dragon will not manage machine High level to be what kind, he wants is, the person who lets Zhao Hai such force, goes to 6 Realms battlefield there , helping machine people in 6 Realms battlefield, goes to revenge to them, vents anger to them!

Based on this consideration, therefore horse like a dragon will tell Zhao Hai the matter of 6 Realms battlefield, but the result that he obtains is, succeeds sub- half. Regarding this situation, horse like a dragon some not bear, he knows , if under normal circumstances, Zhao Hai is impossible to have opportunity to enter to the 6 Realms battlefield, but if he for Zhao Hai said that several words, that Zhao Hai can enter to the 6 Realms battlefield. Thought of here, horse like a dragon cannot help but carries wine glass to drink liquor, considered to want nose Zhao Hai this at heart. To be honest, 6 Realms battlefield there although everyday fight not section, but has the advantage regarding the practice of person, Zhao Hai goes to there, has the advantage to Zhao Hai. However thinks machine people who 6 Realms battlefield there gone all out, horse like a dragon could not be taking that many, he has put down wine glass gently, finally decided that helped Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai go to 6 Realms battlefield there to have a look, that feared that was he to there very short some time, can make 6 Realms battlefield there machine clansman reduce some pressures. Zhao Hai presently horse like a dragon probably somewhat is also silent, but he has not cared, horse like a dragon with he mentioned the 6 Realms battlefield the time, the expression was not very good, he such performance is also normal Zhao Hai now is drinking with other people now, drank while chats, to was appears chummy serious, in this time, by a suddenly miserable in addition, a blood has then been spurting, on face piece of black . Zhao Hai stares, this obviously is the appearance of traditional Chinese medicine, his personal appearance moves appears in the side of that person, the hand turns to put out one water, has filled to that. That person vented anger enters the air/Qi to be short much, but Zhao Hai this cup rustle fills, his breath slowly steady, black gas on face also slowly drew back. However in those present, does not have understand except for other Zhao Hai people, some people in hand wine glass have not put down, was only dull look at Zhao Hai their here, don’t know lived any matter. horse like a dragon also responded at this time, he fast arrived at Zhao Hai nearby said :to be young Sea, what's the matter? ”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : poisoned.” Was saying the concubine who he looked at that person of sitting, in his position is suspending that wine glass, Zhao Hai takes that wine glass, smelled the liquor in cup, this liquor is not the liquor that he takes. He looked under a table, also the vial altar|jar under the table, that wine pot is not he takes, the liquor that but in that two people by the Magic Machine institute buys, Zhao Hai has taken up that wine pot, smelling of gently, in the point nods, then has drunk one. Zhao Hai such movement they gave to scare Xiong Li, from Zhao Hai just in this series of movements, Xiong Li knows that lived any matter, in that altar|jar attire certainly was the poisoned liquor, but Zhao Hai has actually drunk, Xiong Li yelled said : hastily Little Hai, your crazy.” However he wants to prevent already without enough time, Zhao Hai has drunk to fill the liquor in child. After Zhao Hai has drunk, the mouth, shook the head said : this liquor flavor also is really not much, this Old Friend drank certainly, will otherwise not drink this liquor.” Actually that liquor enters to the Zhao Hai mouth, in his brain immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Existing deadly poison enters Host[ body], may use Space Detoxification, Detoxification succeeds, the analysis, this toxin has certain swallowing ability, can swallow Host slowly[ body] in Spiritual Qi, and can produce deadly poison, making person long time faint mi, finally is fatal.” Zhao Hai puts down the wine pot, when turns the head to horse like a dragon said : liquor poisonous, can swallow True Qi, making the person faint mi, finally the fatal liquor, I looked that does not do well in these vegetables also to have.” Said that Zhao Hai took up the dish that has bought to eat one. Then nodded said : „, in dish also has, moreover toxicity is different, the life in dish can direct fatal.” Why although horse like a dragon don’t know Zhao Hai does not have matter, but looked that Zhao Hai just gave that person to drink one cup of Potion, that person has been better, he knows that on Zhao Hai had Detoxification thing, horse like a dragon entirely has believed Zhao Hai words, his face pale said : caught to me that two fellows.” Other team leaders are also surprised now, their immediately/on horseback in all directions looks for that two to look at courtyard Magician, they had found quickly, that two Magician in own in the room, but they have killed by poison. The look at that two Magician over the face black gas corpse, horse like a dragon face ended one has grow darked, he cannot have a liking for the food and wine that they prepare, Zhao Hai deadly poison medicine, they today a pot carrying. The Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon appearance, shows a faint smile said : team leader, if you agree, I turn into Undead Creature them, believes that Undead Creature will not lie, perhaps we can ask that anything comes.” horse like a dragon nodded said :well, no matter they are the suicides or the homicide, I must know that who is actually wants to come to counting us with such method.

Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wielded one group of black gas wrapping up that two corpses, when black gas vanished, that two people have stood in there, black on their face also vanished, probably was two normal people are same, but did not have the breath. Sees Zhao Hai such method, horse like a dragon cannot help but somewhat is also surprised, what he does not have expression extremely, but said to said : of that two person that today's toxin is under you?” They simultaneously shook the head „the matter that said : we and don’t know intoxicate, we go to in the city these to buy the liquor the place, has bought the liquor, asked us to drink two cups in Mr. there, other writing matters we and don’t know.” horse like a dragon nodded, to is let out a long breath, these two people were not spy were good, Zhao Hai turned the head to horse like a dragon said : team leader, I went buying grasp first to the person of their food and wine, we examined slowly.” horse like a dragon said : these people also in?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally also, but traded to dress up, I urged to go faster come.” The personal appearance moved vanishes in the area. The place that horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai vanishes, a strangeness of face, he thought that Zhao Hai was really more and more mysterious. In this time Zhao Hai by time appears , his appears , the hand has been wielding, several person appears in his front, these people make the ordinary cultivator appearance, cannot look at any special place.!.