Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1260

People of horse like a dragon look at these cultivator appearance, presently these people have not breathed, he cannot help but turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, is their this?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : died, these people should buy for the person of their food and wine.” horse like a dragon look at that several people, nodded said : are the names in the food and wine that we eat below toxin.” That several people nodded said : are.” horse like a dragon then let out a long breath, then he turns the head to said : that Zhao Hai not bears 1 Little Hai, your this also worried, what to do if you did kill the wrong person?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to kill wrong kills wrong, has anything to be great.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, besides Xiong Li their several, horse like a dragon they held breath. Cold air, Zhao Hai this expression, too has not been serious the human life, their there knows that Zhao Hai in Lower Realm, the murder is in groups batches of killing, wrong kills several people regarding Zhao Hai also is really no big deal. horse like a dragon take deep breaths, calm, deep looked at Zhao Hai one, does this turn the head look at that several person said : „you are that influence?” In which several person immediately/on horseback said : we are the person of three mountains alliance.” This replied that in expected of horse like a dragon, Zhao Hai and three mountains alliance has the big enmity, the three mountains alliance plans them also in the reason. Another several Undead Creature deep voice said : we belong to extremely the western cold city.” This[ answered] case has not gone into action the anticipation that if did not have, Zhao Hai Li Chuchen extinguishing, having let extremely west Alliance at this time 6 Realms new competition, the wool has not fished to one, the people of west Alliance naturally have a mortal hatred of Zhao Hai extremely, coped with them to be also normal. Finally only then Undead Creature has not made noise, this Undead Creature although died, but actually can still look, this person before death is also the person who appearance yin sinks, first sees this person, you will feel that the whole body is uncomfortable, that person of finally open the mouth and said: I am the Demon Realm blood Sacred Sect person.” One hear of this people said that horse like a dragon cannot help but frowned, Zhao Hai and blood Sacred Sect did not have what enmity, now blood Sacred Sect actually participates to cope in the motion of Zhao Hai, it seems like that the blood Sacred Sect person is thinks that Zhao Hai was one threatens. Thinks that here horse like a dragon cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai looked at horse like a dragon look at he, he cannot help but showed a faint smile, waved, received these Undead Creature, simultaneously turned the head to horse like a dragon said : team leader, it seems like that this time I think that does not cope with blood Sacred Sect not to be good.” horse like a dragon sighed said : „the Demon Realm person compared with the Cultivation World person greedily, this Demon Realm left the massacre and wipe out day they to count on that with great difficulty massacre and wipe out day result, looked like our machine counts on you to be the same, therefore they have regarded the biggest match you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that well they to regard the match me, I was their matches to be good, was don’t know they can withstand.” horse like a dragon pursed the lips, has not spoken, if were others said that this, he possibly does not believe that but Zhao Hai spoke these words, he actually has no alternative but to believe that because Zhao Hai had that strength to say this. Zhao Hai looked at horse like a dragon said : team leader, that two Magician Undead Creature, I have also taken away, here you must please above other send for look at, I looked, or put several robots to result in the person too was dangerous in here was staying, we did not count on that the here person can make money for us, collects the information to fear also had no need for them, that might as well put two robots to consider as finished.” horse like a dragon nodded said : this I to process, that two people you take away.” Zhao Hai nodded, took away that two Magician Undead Creature. At this time the people also lost the interest of drinking to make that two robots tidy up thing in courtyard, Zhao Hai they respectively returned to the room to rest. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, to be honest he has not thought that the blood Sacred Sect person will cope with his him not to think to provoke a Demon Realm people now, now looks like, thinks that does not provoke is not good.

Laura they also know certainly that what matter outside has looked unfamiliar, looked at Zhao Hai to come, several people of immediately moved forward to meet somebody, after Zhao Hai sat down, Megan immediately brought the tea to Zhao Hai, Laura then said : Elder Brother Hai, how did you plan to do?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to do? First tidies up starting from this massacre and wipe out day, blood Sacred Sect do not cope with me? Ok, that copes with me, how I to have a look at him to cope with me, I estimate and other after the competitions, I will go to the 6 Realms battlefield, to there, I was looking for the trouble of blood Sacred Sect.” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, Elder Brother Hai, I think that you most should help now, was first good study study Cultivation World the methods of these Magical Artifact operations, that type drove Sword Technique, even if were these Cultivation Method you cannot the merit, but study Sword Technique you can study.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this several days I can study, after the Third Brother gives me Fire Dragon Sword Technique, making Analyzer analyze, then I am starting to study.” Laura to does not have counter-, in the Zhao Hai present method, wanted to study these thing to be too simple, simply could not spend any matter, but wish made Zhao Hai learn most suits his Spell is actually not that easy. At this time Lizzy open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, at this time tournament, you must teach these fellow well, making them know that you are not affable, avoid they always look for your trouble.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I will, this time does not give them a lesson is not good, otherwise I cannot die by them bothersomely, was right, I must link to call, asked his matter.” Several females nodded, has not said anything, regarding Undead Creature, they were already used to it, without any dislike, regarding them, these Undead Creature looks like the robot is the same, does not have anything at the worst. Zhao Hai wields, reached appears continually in his front, Zhao Hai looked at to reach one continually, reached wound to disappear continually, his face respectful standing in there. Zhao Hai felt, the strength that reaches continually has not regressed, still maintains his original strength, he now is Gold Core Stage Undead Creature. Zhao Hai nodded, reaches said : to reach to continually continually, can you also practice now?” Reaches continually nodded said : to return to the Young Master words, Ok, my original amends the practice method now still to practice, Gold Core, not too tremendous influence.” One hear of even/including Da said that Zhao Hai to has gawked, his don’t know also what's all this about finally Zhao Hai is only said : Cai'er, what's all this about?” Cai'er appears in the Zhao Hai side, smiles said : Young Master, this does not have the advantage that what strange Space Level Up brings, they still will preserve now original amends the practice method, even other Undead Creature, can study Cultivation World practice method, Young Master. You must know that now Space turned into small Universe, in small Universe naturally has outside world all energy, these Undead Creature, are different from outside world Undead Creature, outside world Undead Creature has almost not realized, moreover is Darkness Element, because this is outside Universe Law.” Zhao Hai nodded, this time did not need Cai'er saying that he also knows, therefore he has not interrupted the Cai'er words, Cai'er then said : „, but Space was different, Space city all were calculations that Young Master you said that your idea, was Space Law, but before Young Master you recognize, Undead Creature is an independent race, this let Space Undead Creature and outside world Undead Creature had the essential difference, now Undead Creature in Space, actually also Human Race and Beastman Race almost, are an independent race, the strengths in their body were not only pure Dark Energy They before has not died, the body is any attribute, now can still practice any attribute Cultivation Method, therefore reaches continually can continue to practice.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that a oneself action, will really have such big advantage, within however enabled Undead Creature in this case to practice. However Zhao Hai some puzzled, his look at Cai'er said : „, but before , can't Undead Creature the practice probably like present? They can only the practice like general Undead Creature.”

Cai'er nodded said : is, but that is because Young Master your beforehand level is insufficient, Space at that time was only Space, small Universe like the present, the ability of present, after is not Space Level Up, had.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, wants Level Up in the final analysis, only then Level Up is a kingly way, after Level Up, anything had, anything was better than before, Level Up do not receive many limits, this no one can change. Just the Cai'er words were only half right that Space here took the consciousness of Zhao Hai as Law, but that was wants , after Level Up, before Level Up, Space to limit of Zhao Hai or has plenty. However Zhao Hai believes that this way, waits for Space to remove the bottom Level Up completes, he also had truly own Space, the words that he spoke will jump over Law of Space, becomes in Space true Law. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, nodded said : such looks like, to has the advantage to me, ok, they can practice on the line, right Cai'er, arranges, reorganizes these Cultivation World Cultivation Method, lets the person practice in Space, before the person in Space, Cultivation Method that practices was extremely simple, now has Advanced level Cultivation Method, making them also practice, these Undead Creature, making them also practice this Cultivation Method.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head to reach said : your a while to go with Cai'er to continually, thing that you studied, all said to Cai'er that they also looked for Li Chuchen, your Magical Artifact also kept to use, thing that but you learned, must all tell Cai'er, went.” Reached continually has complied with one, followed Cai'er. Laura stopped by calling out Cai'er said : Cai'er, let say the Cultivation World situation, especially the situations between various Cultivation World Sect, among these Sect were the alliances, among these Sect had a grudge, must talk clearly, key inquired the Five Great Sect situation.” Cai'er has complied with one, getting to reach continually. Zhao Hai smiles „the care that said : you think, I have not thought these issues, have you, I was free from worry.” Laura smiles said : you outside, with these person of deal with, if these matters we have not been able to give you to process, that wasn't too useless?” Zhao Hai gently hugs her not to speak, the sentiment to their this degree, has not needed that many languages, the heart of both sides the tight successive in together, was saying that many on the universe. Lizzy they also walk arm in arm in the Zhao Hai side, their destinies the tight successive in together, in the world did not have any thing them to separate. Was in this time, suddenly flash of white light, Maggie appears in Space, this several days Maggie continuously in a machine family, because nearest/recent Ashley Clan was very busy.

Zhao Hai this time dry was really too attractive, no matter led Xiong Li their together to take first six of elimination series, moreover information that he and Xiong Li they swore brotherhood also passed on returned to machine there, entire machine was Zhao Hai their result frantic, now Zhao Hai did not have the situation of means imagination in the machine there human spirit to other one type of people high. Zhao Hai became a machine hero, nobody cares about Zhao Hai is Ascenders, nobody cared about Zhao Hai to give to kill other players, they only know that Zhao Hai has made the history, he became entire machine needs to remember person. But this also gives the advantage that Ashley Clan brought was unable to imagine, before these did not have no relationship person with Ashley Clan, immediately and Ashley Clan have established diplomatic relations, before these with Clan that Ashley Clan had a grudge, immediately and Ashley Clan dispelled the hatred, an entire machine vision has aimed at Ashley Clan, outside Dark Magic Star that Ashley Clan was, became an entire machine busiest place, there outer space base there, the everyday rise Spaceship number of times, will be past one year of sum total, sometimes will be even more, entire machine fell into one type of frantic. Machine suppressed was too long, they needed a hero, but Zhao Hai has appeared at this time, now machine there not only knows that Zhao Hai has resulted in the elimination series first, but also knows that the homicide Li Chuchen matter, this matters, have made machine frantic continue, had not decreased temperature. In this case, Maggie wants in returned to Space not to be impossible, she is the Zhao Hai woman, now an entire machine person knew, a beautiful day visits her each clan clan young lady, Madame, will achieve dozens over a hundred people, Maggie light should count them to be utterly exhausted. Today she also just obtained spatially, ran up to Space to come, she too needs to enter in Space rest well one. She just entered Space to see Zhao Hai to sit in there, Laura they according to the Zhao Hai side, she cannot help but gawked, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, opens the arm, Maggie welcome one time to throw the Zhao Hai bosom, stirred up Laura they smiling, Maggie actually cannot control that many, she thought Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has patted Maggie, some little time Maggie calms down, Zhao Hai look at Maggie, said : you probably were in a soft voice thin, these days was laborious.” Maggie shook the head said : not to be laborious, Elder Brother Hai, you have not seen, entire machine because of your frantic, I for has been able to become your woman is proud!”!.