Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1261

Time day-by-day past, among in the blink of an eye five days of such vanished. occur in these five days many matters, most important one is the 6 Realms new person competition hundred strong lists draws a charge, does not have the accident, the Zhao Hai six people of beforehand six result, are in. This is the rule of 6 Realms new person competition, related to the benefit in aspects, even if the cake real person in the powerful, is impossible to change this rule, not only otherwise machine is not dry, other 5 Realms are not dry.[] The list subscribed, was impossible to change, that feared that some people withdraws from the competition now, that also can only calculate according to the forfeit that arranged his name at finally also and that's the end, was impossible to make others replace. Because saw this point, after the list comes out, Xiong Li several people have chosen the forfeit very decisively, but the appraisal committee of 6 Realms new person competition, accepted their forfeit, before the match has not started, latter five appears of hundred strong matches. Machine, only then has not forfeited, that is Zhao Hai, now all people know that Zhao Hai is impossible to forfeit, because he person who is most likely to win the championship, lets person forfeit that is most likely to win the championship, that is not the Arabia night imperial sacrifices. Regarding a machine this shameless procedure, the several other Realms person does not have the means that regarding except Cultivation World several, a machine procedure has the advantage regarding them, everyone knows that a machine this time participant is not affable, not only Zhao Hai is not affable, other people are not affable. Now machine this Yu Quan, equal to the ranks of hundred strong matches, from lowest 100 , to promote 95 directly, this definitely has the advantage regarding several other Realms. Regarding this information, a machine person is acceptable, after all regarding a machine person, can crash in hundred is the breakthrough of history, has been adding on also has a Zhao Hai person not to forfeit, they have condition, matter that therefore machine there they forfeits regarding Xiong Lito does not have too many ideas. Compares Xiong Li to forfeit this matter to come, machine to another information attention, this information is the matter that Zhao Hai exterminate reaches continually. Reaches continually looks for Zhao Hai to murder those who have cheated them publicly, this matter entire Cultivation World knew ”, but present Zhao Hai still jumps for joy, but reached continually actually disappeared, even if were the idiot also knows that reached continually by Zhao Hai destroying completely. This information regarding machine, is world-shaking information, reaches absolutely continually is Expert of Core Formation time, facing such Expert, Zhao Hai unexpectedly easily on exterminate, what issue that Zhao Hai obtained the champion of this new person competition also to have? But Cultivation World regarding the response of this information is also very bigthey have not thought that Zhao Hai can unexpectedly neat reached continually for tidying up, reached continually is established Core Formation time Expert, even if in the person of Core Formation time, was being able to stand in line number, now actually by Zhao Hai extinguishing, in other words, the person of Core Formation time wanted to cope with Zhao Hai was impossible, can please Expert of Infant Stage time cope with Zhao Hai? That Cultivation World is too not concerned about face.

Zhao Hai is a new person! This is also most makes the person awkward point of Cultivation World, the Cultivation World people be concerned about face-saving, setting out a Core Formation time Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, a little could not be justified, if were asking the grandmaster of Infant Stage time to cope with Zhao Hai, that Cultivation World did not have on any face, the person but who also can not several other be carried together laughed dead. Moreover a little also lets Cultivation World person very awkward place, how is their don’t know Zhao Hai strength, if Zhao Hai with own strength, fights that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect really alone, feared that is sends out a Infant Stage time Expert, not necessarily is the Zhao Hai match, therefore the Cultivation World person, don’t know must not know what to do at once. But the Zhao Hai this several days time almost does not have appears outside, he has closed up, regarding closing up of Zhao Hai, horse like a dragon they became accustomed, these time closes up, Zhao Hai they have not seen including Xiong Li, in this period met with Dong Fangyu, took away Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art and Fire Dragon Sword Technique practice method from Dong Fangyu there, other time, he hid in Space practices. thing of this Zhao Hai practice, mainly regarding the operation of flying sword, to uses of various Magical Artifact, his in hand has Liquid Silver, but Liquid Silver almost can turn into any Magical Artifact, this type can the transformation ability, have the use regarding the later fight anytime, therefore Zhao Hai these days continuously in research this. Regarding Magical Artifact, were not many, before he who Zhao Hai understands also obtained some formation, but the specific applications of these formation, make Zhao Hai somewhat awkward, he after is not cultivator, has not studied this, even if Universal Analyzer is very good, however without sufficient information, analysis anything. However now is different, now Zhao Hai in hand not, only then Li Chuchen their these by training Ascender, had to reach this locally born Cultivation World public figure with emphasis continually, moreover reached or was born continually in Yupingshan, a Cultivator aristocratic family, has all kinds of Cultivator education since childhood, thing that he understands but are many. Zhao Hai is actually the elementary student in cultivator, he has best Cultivation Method, knows some formation, other on anything don’t know, now therefore Zhao Hai most needs is one, to good teacher of Cultivation World very understanding, but reaches continually is that good teacher. This several days time, reaches Cultivation World Formation that he knows continually, the applications of various Formation, the application of Magical Treasure, told Cai'er, after Cai'er lets Universal Analyzer analyzes, has given Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai continuously in research these thing. Because although the time is short, Zhao Hai also impossible these thing research understand, but these thing have saved in Space now, so long as these thing saved in Space, Zhao Hai can use, this was also the Zhao Hai biggest superiority. Besides these formation, after attaining Fire Dragon Sword Technique, Universal Analyzer also analyzed one set of most appropriate Zhao Hai to use Sword Technique.

Exactly said that this cannot be one set of Sword Technique, but is application methods of more than one set of Magical Artifact unions, to let Liquid Silver displays he biggest superiority. Zhao Hai very favors regarding such method, the operation method that his research one these flying sword operation methods, discover these flew to delimit also really has his unique point, before he has been taking Liquid Silver and person battles, even if were puts Liquid Silver to exit, made Liquid Silver fly, has not made Liquid Silver fly the attack enemy, such opportunity was few. But after seeing the flying sword operate method, Zhao Hai also has to recognize, Cultivation World flying sword and Magical Treasure, really be very good, uses with ease incomparable, Liquid Silver special xing, existence in additional Space, letting Zhao Hai can make Liquid Silver display to compare the flying sword formidable strength. In fact, Cultivation World formation is has plenty, but operates flying sword basic formation is such several, several formation, will be in all flying sword and Magical Treasure will use, These formation are operates flying sword and Magical Treasure key, is the Magical Treasure center is. So long as Zhao Hai grasped these formation, he can like using flying sword use Liquid Silver, because besides these formation, other formation is makes this flying sword have differently specially, likely is the golden light sword, the material reason that because uses, besides control flying sword center formation, was Metal element formation, for was increases speed of golden light sword also to have the attack strength. But Zhao Hai actually does not need to hold according to that many formation, he only needed to grasp center formation, other can replace with Magic Formation, moreover Might will not compare formation to be bad. How Zhao Hai these days continuously in makes Liquid Silver that in Space practices fly attack, having a look at Liquid Silver after flying, how his operation can. Very obviously Liquid Silver is almost Zhao Hai Life Source Magical Artifact, even if no center formation, he can still operate Liquid Silver, do not say that now had center formation, had this formation join, probably was computer has c to be the same, Zhao Hai operated to facilitate simply. Through the several days uninterrupted practice, Zhao Hai has been able to achieve now, goes to Liquid Silver release, is actually similar to in own in hand same was free, this will also make Zhao Hai fighting strength in time attack, Liquid Silver special xing decide certainly, he places Cultivation World here, is most top Magical Treasure, in Cultivation World here, Magical Treasure of most top, that is the treasure of town faction various big gate send, but currently Zhao Hai in hand also has one. Can speak of now, Liquid Silver was truly displays he biggest doing to use, Zhao Hai attack was also more comprehensive, drew back him to have Liquid Silver attack, near he has been able to use body tempering fist attack, moreover Liquid Silver can through Space momentarily returned to his side, be able to say now Zhao Hai fighting strength, compared with before, but just a little, but was the difference can not entire double.

Five days later, Zhao Hai goes out, plans to attend hundred strong tournaments, but at this time, Xiong Li they already returned to machine under the arrangement of horse like a dragon, not only Xiong Li besides Zhao Hai and horse like a dragon, only then ten team leaders remain to accompany them, other people already returned to machine. Zhao Hai also knows that now Xiong Li they should practice Cultivation World Cultivation Method, this is also the result that he wants to see, after his appears , converged horse like a dragon, they then must do, passes formation, goes to the void open tournament stage directly. Zhao Hai their group leave Magic Machine institute time, immediately has caused in sea mountain city the attention of cultivator, they know certainly that Zhao Hai they are do do, almost all cultivator vision they are moving with Zhao Hai, but did not have anybody to dare in looked for Zhao Hai to trouble, all dares to find the Zhao Hai troublesome person, died. Zhao Hai several times make a move, makes these people find clearly that he is not the friendly stubble, will annoy his person not to have the idea the good end. horse like a dragon they have not flown to go to Transmission[ broad] field there, but from street slowly is walking toward there, walks while chats. Zhao Hai looked at all around cultivator one, turned the head to horse like a dragon said : team leader, bear Big Brother they to arrange? Now are they what kind of?” horse like a dragon showed a faint smile said :to arrange, your feel relieved, heard that they went back later immediately to close up, should be practices, you did not need to be worried. Zhao Hai nodded, „we have reached an agreement to horse like a dragon said : in a soft voice, after the competition ended, together goes to the 6 Realms battlefield to transfer the extension, I to go to there to be able really the several other Realms person.”( To be continued.!.