Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1262

horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai notes said that cannot help but turned the head to look at his one eyes, some little time deep voice said : good, I will arrange, do not give me to lose face.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile has not said anything, at this time the people arrived at Transmission[ broad] field here, Transmission[ broad] field here although according to is managing in the person who having the seamount sent, but actually nobody dares to provoke Zhao Hai they, obviously the seamount sent to decide that was really not annoying Zhao Hai.[] Several people stand on Transmission Formation, white light flashes, their forms disappeared in sea mountain city, looked that several people vanished, these cultivator in sea mountain city humming sound discussion, just Zhao Hai they, these people do not dare to leave the sound. If the beforehand some people said that the Cultivation World person noticed a machine person walks on the avenue, can frighten does not dare to say the sound that will certainly be regarded the joke to listen, because is Cultivation World these were rearing in a pen commoner looks does not take off a person. However Zhao Hai through fight time and time again, let Cultivation World these person of understand, some people you cannot annoy, you could not stir up. white light flashes, Zhao Hai their personal appearance leave the principle, on huge meteorite, their personal appearance had just revealed 1 u to come out, heard a voice of person to transmit said : originally is machine everybody arrived, please here rest quickly.” Zhao Hai they go along the prestige, present cultivator is standing in their not far away, but this person they actually knew that this person sends there to have at the same time with them in the seamount slow every may. Every one, but the member of 6 Realms new person competition preparatory meeting, specifically is responsible for receiving various visitors and team leaders of preparing, is very obvious, he possibly passes on a gate reception machine person. horse like a dragon to every may hold the fist in the other hand said : thanks for your trouble.” Said that got the people with every to walk. The meteorite that they are is not very big, here is special Transmission Formation meteorite, every may lead them to fly from meteorite, has flown on not far away a piece big meteorite, on this meteorite, constructed the house, this house did not construct actually, but dug.

This meteorite original shape, should be a not too regular ellipse, but the upper half of meteorite, has scraped out an appearance of house now, makes the carving like the people, directly in the house that on meteorite digs. Looked at this house, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : this to arrive is good, I also think that will live in cavern, unexpectedly is a house, therefore Cultivation World almighty also is really very formidable, a such big meteorite area, was designed this appearance unexpectedly, great.” Wear a look of what every may proud said : Mr. Zhao Hai say, actually this meteorite area, is has plenty small meteorite, there are these small meteorite, this meteorite area is very unsafe, these small meteorite and big meteorite collide, will produce many small meteorite, afterward after here was designed the void open tournament stage, all small meteorite were cleaned up, meteorite that therefore possibly bumps into, again was promoted, was lived the change by their motion paths, will not have the situation that meteorite bumps into absolutely.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to say that the Cultivation World almighty method is makes the person admire, if below if can study on two hands, that feared that was this lives also benefits all one's life.” Every one may this time not do right after something else, but smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai is the this Realm new person first, has fights the strength of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect alone, Cultivation World here, you was also almighty, if mister came Cultivation World here, has been able open a sect and establish a school.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : my Zhao Hai to be possible not to have that big ambition, open a sect and establish a school? He He, considers as finished, I may be many in the Cultivation World here enemy, if I kept Cultivation World here, feared that did not have open a sect and establish a school, first was given to butcher.” Zhao Hai when with every may talk, horse like a dragon although has not interposed, but he is ting is actually anxious, one hear of Zhao Hai that appreciate Cultivation World amends the practice method, horse like a dragon is an anxiety, is less than Zhao Hai ascend to machine for one year, must say that he has any sympathy to machine, fears or looks in the Maggie face, fearing that saves how many did not have, if Zhao Hai really to amend the practice method, ran up to Cultivation World, that regarding machine, but a loss of incomparably huge, the storehouse one listened to Zhao Hai to say by horse like a dragon, at heart actually. Is very anxious. However the Zhao Hai following words made him put down the heart, Zhao Hai was impossible to hire oneself Cultivation World, this point he has been able to affirm. So long as Zhao Hai does not hire oneself Cultivation World, that all said that now horse like a dragon is such mentality, because of Zhao Hai strength too formidable, Gold Core Stage Expert said that killed has killed, do not say other people.

Some Zhao Hai , the person of machine practice, some hope, if Zhao Hai at this time, the extension has thrown Cultivation World, then regarding the person of entire machine practice, will have the influence of very enormous. horse like a dragon although is in Cultivation World, regarding the machine there situation is also not completely understand, but a little can actually affirm that Zhao Hai in a machine prestige, has reached the unprecedented altitude now, especially regarding the people of these practices, Zhao Hai is their target, their idols. If Zhao Hai wants suddenly join Cultivation World, then regarding entire machine Outer Sect is a vibration, the people think that machine has not unfolded the future, by that time feared will have many Outer Sect people to want join Cultivation World, regarding machine, absolutely is a disaster. No matter horse like a dragon does want recognize, Zhao Hai now became a machine practice flag, will have the huge influence to machine many young man. This house main to a machine preparation, other person will not arrive at here to come, therefore after every may bring Zhao Hai they have been looking at the house, on leave. The house speaks the truth inside interior decoration is not very good, even can be said as very simple, has the Cultivation World style very much, in Cultivation World, is really the magnificent incomparable house, is almost cannot see, because looks like in the Cultivation World person, the construction extremely in the magnificent house, will make their hearts have to pull to mix, does not have the means relieved practice. Conversely, in Cultivation World there, has plenty house same biography, but these biography to is a match magnificence, this also has become Cultivation World big especially . Looked at the room, Zhao Hai came out from in the room, that room really did not have what attractively, because that room was really too simple netg, a table, a chair, was complete ornaments such ornaments of in the room is really makes people very speechless. Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, stands on the roof, looks in the meteorite area to look toward this, in this meteorite area, every large or small meteorite has plenty, but these meteorite are operating according to their path, not any collision, moreover Zhao Hai also saw on these meteorite, has almost had been dug the trace, some scraped out the appearance of house to have some is actually rows of seats, looks like interest. But in the center of this meteorite area, is a piece incomparably huge meteorite, this meteorite very enormous, looked like quickly can catch up with small planet, but this meteorite originally should be a not too regular round sphere, but now this meteorite can only be half sphere, because the meteorite above half completely vanished, turned into a plane, there was the void open tournament stage.

At this time horse like a dragon also walked, he stood the Zhao Hai side, direction deep voice said : of look at void open tournament stageheard that void open tournament stage, was Cultivation World sword cultivator, a sword divided, such strength, feared that quickly could catch up with the salvo of battleship. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Cultivation World practice method truly is very one set, especially their Magical Artifact utilization, had our me to think that we should also study Cultivation World formation, then used on the battleship.” horse like a dragon nodded said : „the has plenty person to want such to do, what is a pity, since the cold not positive senior matter lives, Cultivation World increased to machine control, one, but is presently organic a person to study Cultivation World thing, runs away returned to machine to come, they will exhaust all means to chase down, therefore until now, regarding Cultivation World formation, we do not have the means to collect entire, was adding on our machine in hand high level material to be too few, even if uses Cultivation World formation, could not achieve the Cultivation World effect, even sometimes has used Cultivation World formation, Might as well enabled organic Magic Formation to come usefully, therefore everyone/Great Clan slowly not to settle on Cultivation World formation, now although still in research, actually also uses for reference.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this is right, in others there good thing, is not necessarily good with us on, is only suiting our is best, studies their good thing, gets rid of they not good thing, like this our machine can unfold.” horse like a dragon nodded, on although his face does not have what expression, at heart is actually very happy, because Zhao Hai spoke of a machine time, with our these two characters, that has been representing, he has regarded himself a machine person, this regarding horse, if did not have, absolutely was good information. Zhao Hai then said : regarding High level these people, to practicing the manner, I too do not approve, they believe probably that machine here practice, Innate is inferior to several other Realms, therefore the manner is neither cold nor hot, I to am think that this is wrong, machine , since having law of the demon, had with the strength that Cultivation World they speak the last words, is machine these big shots, is still actually fixing the eyes on the battleship and Mecha, instead to has neglected Magician and Warrior, pitiful.” horse like a dragon looked at Zhao Hai one, has not made noise, Zhao Hai also looked at horse like a dragon one, his then whispered: I know, because the battleship and Mecha have represented the interests of too many person, for this huge benefit group, the people in these High level, suppresses Magician and Warrior in some places, he he, in the final analysis benefit.” horse like a dragon somewhat shocking look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will say these, these that to be honest, Zhao Hai said that he is knows that after all he is a locally born machine people, is the Clan core member, he naturally understood these matters that he is only has not thought that Zhao Hai can also look unexpectedly, immediately, Zhao Hai blurred in his image, probably by the mi fog of one layer level to thorough blocking from.!.