Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1263
Zhao Hai spoke this saying to horse like a dragon, is to have a look at the response of horse like a dragon, if with such as dragon very shocked, that explained that he has guessed right, if horse like a dragon doubts huo, that represents him not to guess right, or horse like a dragon don’t know this matter. Finally Zhao Hai obtained itself to want[ answered] case, he guessed right![] A Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon face shocking appearance, has smiled bitterly, it seems like machine High level, truly suppressed practice many times, moreover this in machine High level, feared that was not the news, otherwise, horse like a dragon not expression like present. Before these Ascender why does not have present this point, Zhao Hai also probably to guess \; first, because machine High level has not suppressed them visibly, two are Ascender cannot enter to machine High level opportunity, machine High level person by the machine native place is dominated . Moreover the matter like suppression practice, is more impossible to make Ascender know, because in that case, Ascender possibly rebellion. After Ascender ascend to machine here, they presently, oneself before living place, will be inferior to machine here in the aspects, if they have any superiority, that was their practice innate skill, therefore the ascend person regarded as important regarding the practice, if made the ascend person know that machine High level suppressed them, that Ascender will certainly revolt. In machine here, various Great Clan major influences, have their Outer Sect camp, but in these Outer Sect camp, is in the majority by Ascender, this is a not be ignored strength, one, but these Ascender get up the words of rebellion, regarding a machine attack can be very enormous. But what most important is, one, but these Ascender get up the rebellion, Cultivation World and several other Realms immediately will meddle, they removing blowing of bottom will divide machine here. Because of this, therefore person of machine although suppression practice, it can be said that suppresses Ascender, however the method of use is different, they will not make you presently he suppress you, even sometimes, but also some Ascender lifting very much high, making other Ascender think that the ascend person will want the earnest practice, can obtain wish all. East machine High level these such has done, they do is also very good, not by person present, even including suspicion does not have, when Zhao Hai suddenly said this saying, really horse like a dragon blowing. The Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon dumbfounded appearance, has smiled bitterly next step: I had already thought of this point, the background that in the past not positive senior left behind coldly is actually very good, he at that time although by the battleship and Mecha give priority to, however that time battleship and Mecha did not have the means to compare with the present, perhaps therefore at that time Main Force in battlefield, to put it bluntly Magician and Warrior, nobody has paid attention, cold not positive senior when with the Cultivation World war, the loss of battleship is more than 13,000, but at that time operation staff of each battleship, was less than 1000 people, in other words, the losses of more than 13,000 battleships, only died finally thousand more than 3 million people, but in that time. In the war, dead Magician and Warrior, in addition two hundred million, such casualties quantity had shown that who was in the battlefield true Main Force, can say that at that time in war, doing of battleship with looking like Cultivation World these big Expert, they were few make a move, truly the person who Cultivation World hit, was actually these Magician and Warrior, they used attack not awfully, finally has hit going back the Cultivation World person, if were not for this reason, did not have positive senior coldly, in own old age, will not want to manufacture Liquid Silver this weapon, He wants to enhance Magician and Warrior fighting strength, because cold not positive senior does not want Cultivation World to press in the head of machine person, he wants machine, can treat as an equal with the Cultivation World person, even jumps over the Cultivation World person.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, sighed said : is afterward person, actually only saw battleship the place of formidable, but has not seen machine here true Main Force, after the strength large scale promotion of Mecha, practice was complete was marginalized, moreover manufactured Mecha and battleship, the here surface itself has the very enormous benefit chain, even if were some machine nose High level, knows that the truth of matter, they will not support practice, for their benefits, the suppression that they can keep practice, but in fact, they did was very good, now practices. In the machine there status is lowest, the people even look down upon practice, the people only saw practice time and time again was defeated by several other Realms, had not actually seen, the practice commodity that machine here practice obtains, is inferior to Cultivation World these cultivator 1%.” horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai, his really don’t know said that any was good, these casualty figures that Zhao Hai said that he does not remember that but Zhao Hai actually remembers clearly, how this enables horse like a dragon not to be surprised.

What most important was Zhao Hai says these contents that these words that if Zhao Hai spoke made other Ascender know, that consequence was dreadful. horse like a dragon after Zhao Hai said these words, good long time not to have made noise, some little time his mood calm slowly, his look at Zhao Hai appearance, astringent sound said : Little Hai, you knew these, why hasn't said?” He presently own sound very dry, that sound does not come out from his mouth probably. Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, why also turned the head look at void open tournament stage said : I to say? What advantage then has to me? What advantage has by machine? To be honest, machine present show pattern although has the suppression to Ascender, but regarding machine all commoner, has the advantage, if machine here still takes practice as Venerable, feared that is these commoner situations, will not compare Cultivation World there commoner to go to that well, if these Ascender knew this matter, meets cause disturbance , at the appointed time waited for a plane a trouble to come, finally bad luck these commoner, if has seized machine by Cultivation World or the several other Realms person, that machine these commoner Auspicious day to the end, therefore after me, if had the ability, status that will change practice, but actually not change machine show pattern.” horse like a dragon relaxed, simultaneously he looked that the Zhao Hai look also changed, before he looked in the Zhao Hai look, what were more was the appreciation, to afterward turned into the one type of hope, but now, he looked that the Zhao Hai look turned has awed. horse like a dragon very clear, Zhao Hai truly is ascend is less than one year, his ascend less than one year of time, has been able relaxed exterminate Cultivation World Core Formation time Expert, this is many people practices does not have the result that the means achieve for a lifetime, before horse like a dragon looked that Zhao Hai likes closing up, thinks that he is a practice madman, always did not care to other matters that but just Zhao Hai this turned the words, let horse like a dragon understand, Zhao Hai was not one practices crazily, he after was very deep to the dry machine understanding sixth branch, even compared with some ascend to machine person for a lifetime. Understanding is deep. horse like a dragon by Zhao Hai innate skill shocking, before he felt that Zhao Hai practice too quick too monstruous talent, now he knows that he too underestimated Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, not only practice monstruous talent, he was monstruous talent! horse like a dragon scratches cold sweat said : that on oneself forehead flowed not to think really that 1 Little Hai you actually have thought far, oh, this does not have the matter of means that since cold not positive senior passed away, machine was not having the prestige of that person to be able with his place on a par with, any person wants with strength of change machine here a oneself show pattern to be the futile effort had the person to attempt, but they were defeated, now machine here major influences, because the battleship and Mecha matter, has formed one airtight. The relationship net is normally they can internal strife, but one but appears can threaten existence of entire standing net, they can full suppression.” Zhao Hai nodded said :my understand, I do not want to change machine the show pattern, but I must make the practice the person status have certain enhancement, who lets the person who the show battleship cannot unfold the practice? If machine has the extremely powerful battleship, there is extremely powerful cultivator, that entire does Comprehend the world have that to dare underestimated we? Said that sentence impolite, at the appointed time feared is entire Comprehend the world is our...., horse like a dragon he has not said anything, although ten good that Zhao Hai said that but horse like a dragon does not believe that Zhao Hai can achieve in a short time, after all the practice is not a day or two can be completed, the monstruous talent like Zhao Hai, entire Comprehend the world could not be looking for second. In this time, every may fly from the distant place, dropped down on the roof, then to their gave a salute thing said : two, the challenge tournament must start, please go two to machine audience nose there, one must draw lots.” Zhao Hai and horse like a dragon have complied with one, they also know that the tournament of 6 Realms new person competition, what with is with the machine there same way, by drawing lots definitely under match, moreover first by the minute to some seats, these seats will be given the various Realm person to remain specially, other people will not use. Must say that these time comes to see the various Realm people of competition also really much, came some people on online, but these people feared that disturbs Zhao Hai they, directly ran up to void open tournament stage here, moreover was waiting in these seat there.

Seat that Zhao Hai they by minute arriving is a piece not big meteorite, the seat has dozens less than 100 seats, moreover here others, besides Zhao Hai, other horse like a dragon and team leaders, in others, this have not been allowance of all players. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, presently nearby them on several meteorite, sits puts on Magic Robe or the warrior cloth person, obviously several meteorite near this, by a machine person seizing. Zhao Hai before leaving heard that this machine came many people to watch the competition, has not actually thought these many people, thick calculated, feared no less than several thousand people. Must know that from machine to Cultivation World here is not that easy, this time can get down these many people, somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. horse like a dragon looked at all around one, sighed said : not to think really that can get down these many people, before the 6 Realms new person competition will also place void open tournament stage here to be held, but first machine there almost will not come the person, each machine except for the player and team leader, was not having other people, everyone/Great Clan sat on a piece alone meteorite, look at all around several other Realms person, that taste at heart......, Oh, not to mention.” Before Zhao Hai smiles said : slightly „, everyone/Great Clan is because does not have what hope, looks is the same, now was actually hopeful, therefore wants to come to see, look, the ballot started.” Really Zhao Hai said that on void open tournament, on appears a robot, two eyes of this robot has then projected a ray of light curtain, name appears of two people, Zhao Hai has swept one, because in these two people does not have him, he has not cared, found a place to sit at will. horse like a dragon they have not actually sat, each and every one stands in there, face anxious look at Arena, struck on strong also appears at this time two people, these two people are the cultivator appearance, although said at this 6 Realms new person competition, appears several other 5 Realms people, but the main or the Cultivation World person composes, this Cultivation World altogether 85 entered top 100 of elimination series, but in the remaining 15 quotas, machine monopolizes six, Demon Realm three, monster two, Spirit Realm two, Elf two, can say. Besides Cultivation World, this time 6 Realms new person competition, is several other Realms result best one time, in this case, two Cultivation World people pull out to together do not have what well strange. Fight immediately on Arena started, the void open tournament stage with other Arena maximum differences is, the void open tournament stage does not have protective shield, the person on Arena said anything saying that what style uses, what sound can leave, looked that the strong on people can hear. However was too big because of void Arena area, therefore two people fight on the void open tournament stage, is impossible

o and on person to meteorite stand, because Arena is very big, letting the person can feel relieved to the war, what move can put forth the table, will therefore fight splendidly. After that two Cultivation World person arrived on Arena, has not talked too much, moved directly began, obviously they knew, was not first fighting, both sides knew the depth of opposite party, therefore this begin the exchange, they were the big move of frequency leave, hit very lively. Zhao Hai has not said anything, is only smiling look at, horse like a dragon even face calm look at, that two Cultivation World people although various Magical Artifact on stage emerges one after another incessantly, extremely busy that hits, but horse like a dragon actually presently, their although hits very lively, does not have Fire Qi, in Fighting Competition, to is not comparing notes likely probably. Two person on horse like a dragon somewhat puzzled look at stage, turn the headto be small to Zhao Hai said : Sea, what's all this about? How I felt that two fellows are comparing notes probably? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „they are is comparing notes, in the past several Cultivation World person have wrested away first hundred, therefore they can Fighting Competition, decide a victory and defeat, now in front is strong may, not only the Cultivation World person, they naturally must keep a method to cope with us, does not have what strange fully.”!.