Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1264
horse like a dragon hear of Zhao Hai said that actually some do not believe that his look at Zhao Hai can said : be this? If this is really the case, certainly will have some Sect to suffer a loss, on these two people like the present stage, that person who loses, ranks cannot be high, didn't that owe?” Zhao Hai sneers said : to owe to is not necessarily, these Cultivation World big gate factions, so long as after the consultation, to achieve the benefit to divide equally on the ear, such as they only need to overcome the several other Realms person arrive at bottommost several, the benefit of that biggest end not their?” horse like a dragon does not speak, because he knows what Zhao Hai said was right, Cultivation World these person of normally met internal strife, but must mention deals with their these people, Cultivation World these people also really very much united. At this time two people on stage had finished compared with the type, a person was defeated by half move of inferiority, the person of failure extremely in the sad expression, the person of victory has not had the happy expression extremely, Magical Artifact of both sides has not lost, nobody used medicine pill to supplement Spiritual Qi, has not used Paper Talisman and other xing to consume Item, was really a happy competition. arrived at this time, all people saw that the Cultivation World person was having any idea, this obvious acting in a play -type compared with the type, let the person anger of other pill, but did not have what means that Cultivation World such did has not violated the rule, in fact the Cultivation World person has not acted in a play, making one admit defeat directly also yes, they did not have to do, has shown due respect for the feelings very much. Several other people at the same time has been criticizing one at heart, had not proposed that protested anything, because they also know that simply was useless, looked like in the several other Realms person, Cultivation World such did, was really shameless than machine. Before the several other Realms person thinks that machine has sufficed the shameless person, machine remaining that several people, besides Zhao Hai, several other person simply did not have no fighting strength. They can put out that many insect to come, is Zhao Hai apportions mostly their, but they after obtaining the quotas of hundred strong matches, immediately has forfeited unexpectedly, although fished the final five result, but latter five of these hundred strong ranks, was the has plenty reward, this reward is not now subscribes, but before the elimination series has not started booking, has been able saying that in these 100 rewards, was used this shameless method by machine, has snatched five, what other person actually cannot say, Therefore looks like in the several other Realms person, machine this procedure. Really is the rascal and shamelessness. However does not have means machine such to do has not violated regulation, these insect that they obtain, truly obtains in the underground wormhole, they have not made the shortcoming in this point, moreover elimination series also regulation can organize a group, machine several person group insect disinfestations, then the spoils of war equal division, no one could say anything. Cultivation World and machine this twice procedure, is exploiting the contest rule the loopholes, no one could say anything to come, not to bear is also speechless. At this time the ballot of Second Stage competition had also ended, is two Cultivation World people, after these two came to power performed turns, left office, all went through the motions. Compares, to the tenth competition time, appears two people of true contest, one is the Cultivation World person, another is actually the Elf person.

Comprehend the world here Elf and Lower Realm Elf is different, Lower Realm Elf to Cultivation World here, most could only be the Spirit Realm person, is not the Elf person, Cultivation World here the well gentleman in Elf, is not Human Race. But is the one type of very special race, this race person, long with Cai'er looks like, their statures is not high, generally be only the arm size of person, carries on the back to be winged, looks like jiao is small, looks like the each and every one foreign-style doll is the same. But if you regard the foreign-style doll them, you must have bad luck, these people are not only not the foreign-style dolls, each and every one fears Slaughter God. Elven Race attack very has characteristics, they can the communicate myriad things, take the myriad things as the attack method, this is also an origin of Elf clan name. Elven Race so-called communicate myriad things, not merely refers to the full of wisdom life, is life form, this myriad things include all thing, including air, including Stone, including all visible invisible thing. This manages Elf clan inherent one type of innate skill, any race does not have, but in Elf clan control all ascend, ascend comes up, is a person of Elf clan, people of although these Elf clans are different in the Lower Realm practice way, but they are actually with the one type of clan, this innate skill still exists. Must say that Elf clan such innate skill, many races have, even if Human Race some Divergent Warlock , can some direct control visible invisible thing, compared with Metal element Divergent Warlock , be able Metal Manipulation, this to be very ordinary. However the innate skill of Elf clan was really too formidable, don’t know compared with Human Race Divergent Warlock formidable many, a Elf clan not only can control thing, they also be able to entrust with this thing wisdom, let intelligence of this thing like human, even can like the human practiced, this was a Elf clan most fearful place. Before Zhao Hai, sees cross the border in a report of Elf clan, knows an ability of Elf clan, but he has not seen with one's own eyes a fight only tea day of Elf clan happen to enlarge ones vision. That cultivator after that Elf comes to power, their gave a salute, has not spoken mutually, then Zhao Hai saw that Elf wields, his front on appears transparent human-shape thing. Not wrong, is transparent character thing, complete transparent, only then cultivator can feel with spiritual force, if the average person cannot see.

Zhao Hai really has also gawked, because he can feel clearly that that appears transparent person, after appears , in the absorption of frantic all around energy, not long after, energy of that transparent person has been achieving Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator degree unexpectedly unexpectedly, then slowly stopped. Zhao Hai is the first time sees such attack style, was too strange, odd things before him has not thought that Zhao Hai to was curious, he also really wants to have a look, fighting strength of this transparent person how. But that cultivator had also revealed own Magical Artifact, what making Zhao Hai somewhat strange is, this person shines unexpectedly is Jade Talisman of one set. Not wrong, is Jade Talisman, complete Jade Talisman, one set of nine, one big eight are small, big took in hand by that cultivator, small eight gather round that cultivator to spin. The fight of both sides started quickly, Zhao Hai also knows that transparent person fighting strength how, that transparent person unexpectedly is control invisible energy, this energy very formidable, point image air, but is not the air, that is only invisible energy, moreover that transparent person also not only meets control energy, he can also turn into any shape to go to the attack enemy, in this regard, unexpectedly with Zhao Hai Liquid Silver some likely. But that set of Jade Talisman that cultivator uses obviously is also not every, in that eight small Jade Talisman, distinction includes eight energy, these eight energy separately are, Heaven and Earth Fenglei, water volcano Ze. But big Jade Talisman, is entire operate that eight is only small. The Jade Talisman key, these eight small Jade Talisman have composed Eight Trigrams Formation, middle cultivator is operate this person. Zhao Hai looks at that cultivator such procedure, understand, that cultivator is Rune Formation cultivator, he should come in Cultivation World some talisman Pai. talisman Pai and sword send to be the same, is in Cultivation World quite special Sect, the sword sends advocates cultivate sword generally, including specially cultivate sword sword cultivator, naturally also some people are not specialized sword cultivator, their main weapon are the same, is the swords. But the symbol sends as the name suggests, by Sect that symbol give priority to cultivates, they make the well, cultivates the symbol, takes the symbol as weapon, takes the symbol as the industry, is to all kinds of talisman research deepest Sect.

During the symbol sends, there is one type of quite special cultivator, they are symbol Formation Cultivator, what symbol Formation Cultivator cultivator specialize is the meeting, cultivating is, they by symbol formation arrangement, oppose the enemy by, Rune Formation unifies, Might is huge. This is a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents, both sides are not the affable person, Zhao Hai present, Elven Race that Elf, after the release transparent person, is not does not manage, conversely, he still in control that transparent person, that transparent person although is looking like has probably some Spiritual Wisdom, but he is still Elven Race weapon, looks like Cultivation World one type of high level Magical Artifact is the same, there is Artifact Spirit that one type of. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, this Elven Race is really the one type of very hard to deal with race, their attack also very has the characteristics, that Elven Race besides transparent person, but also once for a while move two Stone Giant will carry on attack to that cultivator, but Stone Giant that he incurs, the attack strength is not unexpectedly low, very fears formidable, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai open mind. Zhao Hai now was understand, in Comprehend the world here, any race was not that affable, otherwise they will not be accounting for one, making Cultivation World cultivator want to begin to have the scruples to them. That symbol Formation Cultivator method also very uncommon, besides Eight Trigrams Jade Talisman, he also has many Magical Artifact, all kinds of symbols are also in the majority, moreover those talisman Might is also very big. After Zhao Hai sees that symbol Formation Cultivator several times make a move, regarding symbol cultivator also some further understanding, the symbol cultivator symbol, not tight is xing consumables, in fact a symbol of xing consumption generally is some low level Paper Talisman, some high level symbols, are actually one type of talisman Xing Magical Artifact, but like a xing consumption that jade infant symbol that wants, the Might huge symbol, is few manufactures. But method Zhao Hai of Elf clan also almost knew, a Elf clan can the communicate myriad things, but they should also have attribute, they will choose one to carry on communicate with their attribute same object generally, entrusts with that object certain wisdom, enabling him to practice, this equal to had one to be able automatic Level Up Magical Artifact, but the object that this type can practice, a Elf clan should be can the belt, used on taking to come out to use, did not use on was practiced by him, in this sense, to was with Zhao Hai summoned creatures some similar, just Elf The weapon of clan formidable, the change are more.!.