Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1265
Inextricably involved that both sides hit, this time may not have the slight performance xing nature, but is true Fighting Competition, they leave to try. Finally Cultivation World that cultivator is better, has defeated that Elf, but can look, that cultivator had also tried, Zhao Hai has calculated, that cultivator for this war, altogether has used more than 300 hundred Paper Talisman, but also wants to add on more than 20 Jade Talisman, a piece jade,[] The symbol like jade Ying talisman, is a piece xing consumption Jade Talisman. Zhao Hai can affirm that Cultivation World these people were alliance got up, they should to all participating cultivator, equipment many good thing, for ambushed the people of various clans, they were must suppress the people of various clans. In this time, the 11 th competition list is hitting, this time competition list one dozen, all people stare, because in list appears name, Zhao Hai Heavenly Lightning! Reason that the people were shocked , because of Zhao Hai appears , must say that Cultivation World most dreads anyone now, that certainly is Zhao Hai, the Demon Realm first new person Expert massacre and wipe out day, the Cultivation World people have not cared, after all massacre and wipe out day in fierce, most is also Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, but Zhao Hai exterminate Core Formation time Expert, both's Expert was naturally self-evident. Zhao Hai sees own name, to does not have what response, but shows a faint smile, slowly flies toward Arena on, the vision of other people actually all centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, this lets also similarly toward Heavenly Lightning at heart ten rounds of not being feeling well that on Arena flies. Heavenly Lightning, but the God's favored one, he in Lower Realm is the talent, after ascend comes up, by key training, therefore Heavenly Lightning continuously very proud, in Cultivation World here, except for knowing how things stand several people, other people he do not pay attention. although in recent time, various Zhao Hai fables have flooded near his ear, but had not seen Zhao Hai make a move he actually still is not personally convinced Zhao Hai, Sect that line of maybe this time he is at has carried on the supplement and replacement to his Magical Artifact, this makes his energy fuller, he must to know with a Zhao Hai war that he is still the talent, moreover in all people of most talent! This arrogant psychology is not one day can foster, because he lives since childhood in thinking highly of all people, slowly has formed this character, this character was nobody can change. Zhao Hai falling slowly to stage on, melted has not thought first meeting meets unexpectedly Heavenly Lightning, this Heavenly Lightning Expert that but in Cultivation World in the young generation knows how things stand, but had seen analyzes the video recording that after the wormhole Heavenly Lightning he and Mu Danchen fights, Zhao Hai regarding has the fellow of certain understanding Heavenly Lightning is a supercilious and self-conceited fellow, compared with rope Liancheng they, but the difference were many.

Zhao Hai falls to Arena on, fell on Heavenly Lightning Arena, was sizing up Zhao Hai Heavenly Lightning, saw Zhao Hai that ordinary appearance, that did not have the imposing manner appearance, his cannot help but curling the lip cold sound said : of Zhao Hai, in recent time, you were the reputation remoteness, was don’t know you have that strength.” Zhao Hai look at the Heavenly Lightning appearance, showed a faint smile said : I to have that strength to know mister quickly, didn't what? prepare to begin mister?” „To make you live Heavenly Lightning coldly snorted said : some time, since you are so impatient, that suffers to death!” Said that his hand moves, flying sword appears in in his hand, his in hand sword Secret Art pinches flying sword to move to attack toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not taken including Liquid Silver, but the hand wields, Magic Formation of hundred overlay on appears in in his hand then Magic Formation suddenly open/operated, arrow rain toward went to the arrow laser. Turned a piece shield shape Magical Treasure to offer a sacrifice to by him Heavenly Lightning, kept off in his front, his Magic Sword still toward Zhao Hai attack, Zhao Hai was wielding simultaneously, Magic Formation appears of 200 overlay in his front, formation changed to afterward has made a big shield, kept off before Zhao sea surface. Zhao Hai has not used Liquid Silver, not with Tempering Stars body fist, but uses formation with Heavenly Lightning for the war, even if so, still felt that Heavenly Lightning the Zhao Hai that formidable attack strength, until now, he has used five Magical Treasure, actually still had no alternative Zhao Hai empty-handed, such contrast let at heart receive Heavenly Lightning very difficult. He has thought one is a God's favored one, besides Liancheng and other cities several people who knew how things stand, nobody is his match, however Zhao Hai appears , what made his understand be the monstruous talent, but now he was the own feeling. On people have mixed feelings look at Arena under Arena compared with the type, all people can look, has made contribution Heavenly Lightning actually, by the Heavenly Lightning present strength, with these Magical Treasure that he takes, even if general established Foundation Establishment Stage Expert not necessarily has his formidable, but he still takes empty-handed Zhao Hai not to have the means that this can only explain Zhao Hai formidable. At this moment, Zhao Hai certainly time was also similar, does not need in playing, his personal appearance moved, Magic Formation appears of thousand overlay before his body, then Magic Formation suddenly open/operated, incomparably huge Fire Dragon toward throws Heavenly Lightning. Felt that Heavenly Lightning on this Fire Dragon that uncommon imposing manner, at heart cannot help but dark startled, was receiving in attack Zhao Hai flying sword, in hand also at a time sacrifice shield shape Magical Treasure, then his hand, in hand were also simultaneously many two Jade Talisman, but has not actually used. That Fire Dragon tooth dance claw toward throws Heavenly Lightning, fully is also paying attention to the sharp dragon Heavenly Lightning, in this time, suddenly huge Stone Man appears in his, that Stone Man appears , a fist toward is hitting Heavenly Lightning.

Felt Heavenly Lightning protecting body Magic Shield his danger, one dodged Heavenly Lightning, for has kept off this fist Heavenly Lightning, but this Magic Shield flies away, left the flaw Heavenly Lightning front actually lu, that Fire Dragon seize the opportunity throws. Such change lets not respond at once Heavenly Lightning, when he responded the time, Fire Dragon threw his front. Cries out strangely Heavenly Lightning, pinched to break to pieces in hand a piece Jade Talisman, this Jade Talisman one was pinched broken, immediately/on horseback has made Sword Qi, cut toward Fire Dragon, that Fire Dragon pressed not to guard anxiously, one was cut, called out pitifully Fire Dragon and Sword Qi simultaneously vanish from sight. However that Fire Dragon such movement is makes all people stare, their very clear that Fire Dragon is only Magic, is not true life form, but this Fire Dragon was cut, will send out the pitiful yell unexpectedly, was this too also strange? Zhao Hai actually feels to obtain, that in trough Heavenly Lightning Jade Talisman said Sword Qi, definitely had the strength that Core Formation time Expert struck, no wonder can broken go to his thousand overlay the Fire Dragon techniques. However Zhao Hai extremely in being startled, the hand moves, Magic Formation appears of another thousand overlay, this Magic Formation appears immediately/on horseback change for human-shape, this human-shape whole body [gold/metal] helmet Golden Armour, in hand is taking long Double Crescent Halberd, the surface like the pig iron, the height ten zhang (3.33 m), his appears , immediately/on horseback has drunk one severely, ting in hand great halberd toward kills Heavenly Lightning. Heavenly Lightning has not thought of Magic that Zhao Hai release comes such strange, but this time he had the setup time, his in hand instantaneous appears several Paper Talisman, the hand has wielded, Paper Talisman flies toward that General Golden Armour, he is also operating simultaneously flying sword, flying sword increases instantaneously, cuts toward General Golden Armour. If in normally, the Heavenly Lightning such operation ability, certainly makes all People add the appreciation, after all offered a sacrifice to two Magical Artifact in his present time, moreover can use Paper Talisman, this regarding Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, was in itself very great result. Heavenly Lightning that several Paper Talisman, immediately has made several Thunder light, struck directly on the body of that Golden Armour giant, but that Golden Armour War General probably completely had not actually felt that still toward killed Heavenly Lightning, at this time also arrived at Heavenly Lightning flying sword attack, to cope with this big guy, has also increased own flying sword Heavenly Lightning, his flying sword currently fully has about ten meters, the overhead cut toward the Golden Armour giant. That Golden Armour giant actually upward raises the in hand picture halberd, a halberd struck in Heavenly Lightning flying sword on, heardto work as, a loud sound, was shot the Heavenly Lightning happy sword instantaneously, Heavenly Lightning face color was also one white, if some people examined carefully, discover, Heavenly Lightning flying sword on, already appears an opening of grain of rice size.

Heavenly Lightning flying sword is not can guest double-edged sword, an opening and no big deal of appears dot, polishes still to use, flying sword precious very thing, has a point loss, will make the flying sword strength sell at a discount greatly, but however I also in just that struck during Heavenly Lightning was injured. However this has not ended, was injured Heavenly Lightning, that Golden Armour giant does not have the matter, that Golden Armour giant wields in hand great halberd, toward then pounds the Heavenly Lightning overhead. Changes Heavenly Lightning face color, has to a face grieved in one time pinched to break to pieces in hand another a piece jade, The symbol, Sword Qi cuts together toward that Golden Armour giant, this Sword Qi and former Sword Qi were the same, had Core Formation to tie the strength that cultivator struck fully. That Golden Armour giant also felt probably the danger, in hand great halberd toward the xiong previous vertical stroke, has prepared to keep off this to strike, actually hearska, the great halberd long pole cut off by this Sword Qi together, Sword Qi keeps, one cut on the body of Golden Armour giant, heardchest cavity, Sword Qi before xiong of Golden Armour giant passed through, on the body of Golden Armour giant, left behind one to pass through the huge wound of entire body, then exited, strikes on the Zhao Hai big shield, this vanished. Sees the Golden Armour giant wound, then relaxed Heavenly Lightning, then his two eyes advantage, the hand pinches the sword Secret Art, attacks toward Zhao Hai in time command(er) flying sword, although his flying sword is damaged now, but actually can still use. However at this moment, actually changes Heavenly Lightning face color, immediately has taken back flying sword, in oneself before the body, because of his discover, that Golden Armour giant received Sword Qi to strike horizontally, on although was struck a wound, but he is not the living creature, therefore simply has not vanished, his wound tone, has liquid metal flowing to be the same probably, but during blinking restored the original design, great halberd that in hand that is cut off also already complete such as beginning, this change has made the Heavenly Lightning heart startled not by. Really wants to come back to protect own Magic Shield move Heavenly Lightning now before own body, but his behind that Stone Giant, actually still a fist fist on attack toward that Magic Shield, making his simply not have the means full manipulation front Golden Armour giant, naturally also had the means incurring Magic Shield on law.!.