Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1266

Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, can simultaneously operate three Magical Artifact already near limit. This must say is only the operation, Magical Artifact cannot extremely at the ji fierce collision, otherwise Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, does not have the means to operate three Magical Artifact. Now Heavenly Lightning is this, his Magic Shield by Stone Giant attack, but his front Golden Armour giant in flashes attacks, at this time, he does not dare to keep off with his flying sword, his flying sword had suffered a loss on the picture halberd of Golden Armour giant, is using flying sword to keep off several words, feared that was his flying sword destroys.[] Thinks of here, Heavenly Lightning fast received flying sword, took out another ring-like defense Magical Artifact, this ring-like defense Magical Artifact the Heavenly Lightning entire circle in, to his behind Magic Shield solving let out, then Heavenly Lightning in Magical Artifact that time took out a sword corner opened, attacked toward the Golden Armour giant, simultaneously in hand Paper Talisman was also one after another, did not ask for money same struck toward behind Stone Giant. However has actually forgotten a matter Heavenly Lightning, that is Zhao Hai now is actually can also release Magic, therefore when Heavenly Lightning and Stone Giant and Golden Armour giant dogfight, Zhao Hai in time release thousand overlay Magic, this Magic appears , great in water current flows out from law in the formation, then water current changed into a giant water system giant, toward throws Heavenly Lightning. attack very strange thing of this water giant, before point image , the transparent person of that Elf use, the body of this water giant meets transformation, looks like looks like water same soft, but any person very clear under Arena, attack of this water giant, absolutely is not simple. Heavenly Lightning also present water giant, his face cannot help but changes, then on the face fierce facial expression flashes passes, then mouth, effort has broken by biting own tongue, Life Source Blood Essence one spurted before him on the [gold/metal] corner, [gold/metal] Leng was spurted by Blood Essence, immediately/on horseback golden light did greatly, then [gold/metal] corner fast moved, bypassed the attack of Golden Armour giant and water giant unexpectedly, punctured toward Zhao Hai. But at this time on Heavenly Lightning that perimeter defense Magical Artifact, swung yu to fall, if this time attack does not have the effect to Zhao Hai, he also lost. Zhao Hai looks at Heavenly Lightning such procedure, face cannot help but sinks, this must go all out with him Heavenly Lightning unexpectedly, Zhao Hai is very clear, very heavy of this Life Source Blood Essence regarding cultivator wants, if Life Source Blood Essence loses money is too fierce, that cultivator this life is difficult the little advance. But regarding one just Foundation Establishment cultivator was saying that Life Source Blood Essence naturally precious, can say that Heavenly Lightning this Life Source Blood Essence blowout, will have very tremendous influence to his future cultivation level, but cultivator did not arrive at going all out generally time, will not give up own Life Source Blood Essence, cultivator often in being at leeward, must maintain life will spout own Life Source Blood Essence, fused by Blood Essence and Magical Artifact, increases Magical Artifact attack or the defense capability. But now they are carrying on the rank wars of hundred strong matches, is not the war of life and death, so long as admits defeat Heavenly Lightning, Zhao Hai naturally to will not carry on attack Heavenly Lightning, but this actually does not admit defeat Heavenly Lightning, but has used Life Source Blood Essence attack, no matter he because of anything, he has saved the thoughts of going all out. Zhao Hai very clear, he with has had Heavenly Lightning the enmity calculates today, even if were he has defeated Heavenly Lightning, was also affected Heavenly Lightning today's cultivation level, regarding cultivator, affected his cultivation level, then wanted his life on equal to, he with the Heavenly Lightning enmity, feared that could not untie. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, since is the enmity of not being able to untie, that does not need to solve, copes with the personal enemy best means is, kills! Thinks of here, the hand of Zhao Hai proceeds to extend, directs. The attack method of Tempering Stars body fist this finger of he uses, but has not entered fully, but is so, the strength that he refers to cannot withstand Heavenly Lightning. A Zhao Hai direction on the Heavenly Lightning [gold/metal] corner, that [gold/metal] corner changed into the flying ash instantaneously, then Finger Strength does not reduce, straight striking in Heavenly Lightning ring-like Magical Artifact on, that ring-like Magical Artifact has called out in grief, direct smashing, but this Finger Strength has not vanished, toward submerging the body of Heavenly Lightning , the body of Heavenly Lightning such as bad thunder stroke, fierce shakes, then his two eyes 1 u leaves the facial expression that a silk has shocked and cannot believe that slowly but actually on the ground!

Heavenly Lightning to dying cannot believe that Zhao Hai dares to kill him unexpectedly, kills him under glare of the public eye, he thinks that Zhao Hai not such balls Ping, he just that used Life Source Blood Essence to strike, is his strikes finally, if not effective, he prepared to admit defeat, but he has not actually thought that opportunity that he admitted defeat did not have. On the void open tournament stage compared with type, does not have regulation not to permit the murder, before several were the Cultivation World person is dominating top 100, above Arena to was the war of few appears life and death, even if were the war of life, that was also the Cultivation World person kills several other Realms Expert, therefore this void open tournament stage sheep did not forbid to kill people. However like Zhao Hai, is in front of these many Cultivation World cultivator, strikes the situation of a Cultivation World player killing directly, is actually never has appears , the several other Realms player, does not have Zhao Hai such guts, although they are not the Cultivation World people, if however Cultivation World cultivator wants to kill the new person who ascend comes up, that was really too easy, the means were too many. However Zhao Hai has actually done, he worked as the surface of all people to kill Heavenly Lightning, then waved, one group of black gas gave to wrap up Heavenly Lightning, black gas vanished, vanished Heavenly Lightning. On the scene may not have one is amateur, looked the matter that Zhao Hai handles knows, Zhao Hai turned into his Darkness summoned creatures Heavenly Lightning, in other words, was turned into Undead Creature Heavenly Lightning by Zhao Hai. Whish! On all around all meteorite is in an uproar, all people have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so rampant, is in front of Cultivation World these many people, unexpectedly cultivator turning into Undead Creature, doesn't this hit the face of Cultivation World face to face? Really, Zhao Hai just received Heavenly Lightning, a sound conveys said : good balls, Zhao Hai, you dare to kill unexpectedly Heavenly Lightning!” Along with this voice, Sword Qi strikes together toward Zhao Hai, but this Sword Qi with Sword Qi very similar that in that two Jade Talisman of Heavenly Lightning use comes out, is Sword Qi that the Core Formation time comes out, Sword Qi is quick, the strength is also very strong! Zhao Hai coldly snorted, has directed, that said directly Sword Qi strikes the powder, then he turned the head to look at that Sword Qi Core Formation time cultivator said : „the void open tournament stage, various life and death secure destiny, his technique was inferior that the person was killed by me also gets what one deserves, if my technique were inferior to the person, by other people Xie Sha, I was not been resentful, what? you want to come up the contest to turn inadequately!” Said that a Zhao Hai two eyes advantage, such as hawk general is staring at that Sword Qi cultivator. That leaves Sword Qi cultivator, a green cultivator clothing/taking, age 30 allow, before three wisps of long fine beard float xiong, natural that could not say, is only he now an anger of face, had one not to get angry from imposing manner of prestige. One hear of Zhao Hai said that cultivator cannot help but coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant not must think was only several minor victories, extremely arrogant side, today has not been the day of competition I lets off you temporarily, another day I certainly asked for advice.” Zhao Hai sneered said :floating astronomy network to end the personal appearance three to move vanishes on Arena returned to machine player seat there. Zhao Hai such procedure, makes the several other Realms person fully understand that the Zhao Hai powerful, they have not thought Zhao Hai meets formidable to this degree unexpectedly. However the quick people also responded, before Zhao Hai , under to will not have Assassin Heavenly Lightning, he in using Magic opposes the enemy, obviously under does not think Assassin, otherwise he already extinguished Heavenly Lightning.

Used Life Source Blood Essence attack this to with Zhao Hai go all out Heavenly Lightning unexpectedly obviously, this ji has gotten angry Zhao Hai, let under the Zhao Hai pain Assassin. On the scene is the discerning people, their understand, this matter actually no wonder Zhao Hai however they regarding Zhao Hai outrageously make a move, felt that some hearts are startled. Many years, almost nobody has dared to challenge the Cultivation World dignity, in front of Cultivation World cultivator, the several other Realms person can endure to endure, if really could not bear not flagrant beginning, but will assassinate, does not give Cultivation World to leave behind any clue most at least not to stay behind extremely in the obvious clue. Is working as the surface murders of these many cultivator like Zhao Hai, many years this is first one. However the several other Realms person thinks before Zhao Hai , the matter that handles also felt relaxed. Before Zhao Hai , the matter that handles but are many, kills Li Chuchen that equal to to be semiopen, kills three mountains five few, equal to is semiopen, then kills to reach continually, then on the water is semiopen, but kills publicly, must know the component that reaches continually be much bigger than Heavenly Lightning, is ascend comes up Heavenly Lightning few year of new people, but reaches continually but established Expert in three mountains alliance, Zhao Hai even/including Helian reached has killed, today in killing one Heavenly Lightning, not what well strange. A Zhao Hai returned to machine player seat, immediately felt vision that all around shoots, but he has not all cared, sits on the player seat, has closed the eye, probably maintains mental tranquility in closed eyes. The horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai appearance, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, but more actually appreciates, if here is not the Cultivation World domain, he loudly will certainly applaud, was only a pity that now he actually cannot do, he is very clear, Cultivation World these fellows, simply not with your lecture on Dao principle, therefore the Zhao Hai although high-sounding talk conduct, he actually wants the low key conduct, the Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, was saying honestly that they do not have Zhao Hai such strength, therefore can only honest. But all around these machine person also look at Zhao Hai, in machine there they heard that Zhao Hai at the Cultivation World here dry matter, they felt at that time venting spleen, looked now Zhao Hai is so strong, these people also at heart secretly applaud, but they are also same as horse like a dragon, will not shout. This wind in the o surface passed, the competition is then held, the quick competition of this day on the past, 48 players attended the competition of next round, but Zhao Hai they can rest now. That meteorite that returned to they were, horse like a dragon their immediately to the Zhao Hai room, that room was not to be honest big, one pushes these many people, but also is really appears very crowded. Zhao Hai looked at horse like a dragon their eyes, showed a faint smile said : What happened? everyone/Great Clan to run up to my this to come? To drink?” horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai forced smile said : Little Hai, our that also had the mood drinking person at this time, today you should not kill on Arena Heavenly Lightning, this equal to has swept the Cultivation World face, they will not let off your.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : not to let off me to be what kind of? He He, to be honest, I have not feared.”

The appearance that look at Zhao Hai does not care at all, horse like a dragon sighed said : Little Hai, you were too simple, your present strength that the matter thought that even if can compare with Cultivation World Infant Stage time Expert , should also not offend them in Cultivation World here, after all you wanted returned to machine, but Cultivation World here fellow, if visible cannot defeat you, they think other means that for example you used Transmission Formation time, they will make some trick/hand and foot, making your complete mi lose in Space passage, or simply gave to make a mistake the Coordinate, your Transmission to a very dangerous place. Goes, before such matter Cultivation World, is to do, many other Expert, like this were given the lane to be missing by them.” Zhao Hai one hear of horse like a dragon such spoke has gawked next step: Such matter? Real? I have not thought, but led a group your feel relieved to be good, will not have the matter, do not forget, I was Space Mage, if I wanted returned to machine, may not use Transmission formation, so long as prepared, I can returned to machine go.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that horse like a dragon to has gawked, then horse like a dragon two eyes bright said :Little Hai, did you say really? Can you not pass Cultivation World Transmission Formation to be able returned to machine? Also in other words, you can also not pass the Transmission spleen of Cultivation World, is coming to Cultivation World from machine? ” The Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon appearance, before showing a faint smile said : „, is not good, I have not come Cultivation World here, without any Coordinate, I am is in this case impossible to come to Cultivation World here from machine directly, now I arrived at Cultivation World here, naturally had the here Coordinate, later I can pass my Space Magic,[ from] by difference Cultivation World.” horse like a dragon two eyes was brighter, his deep voice said : also in other words, so long as you have gone to place, you can use Space Magic[ from] by difference? No matter distance far?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to say, but some difficulties, if the distance is too far, many that also needs to prepare, moreover regarding Spiritual Qi consumption also very big, if carries on time long-distance range Transmission, regarding my consumption is also very big, the Transmission population are more, the consumption is bigger.” horse like a dragon nodded, this point he to believes that in his opinion, if Zhao Hai can not pay any price, can[ from] by difference Cultivation World, that is not realistic, but he has not actually thought that he thinks not the realistic matter, actually exactly fact. horse like a dragon transferred several on the ground, turns the head everyone/Great Clan to keep secret to today's matter to people said :, with any mention, Little Hai such energy, regarding our machine really should not be too important, if makes the Cultivation World person know that will bring the trouble of even bigger to Little Hai, everyone/Great Clan understand?”!.