Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1267
Meanings of several other team leader although do not understand horse like a dragon, but has complied with one, these team leaders are also the people of practice, to be honest, Zhao Hai today's procedure, this makes in their surface have the light, was adding on them and Zhao Hai has drunk the several times liquor, was very good with Zhao Hai relationship, helping Zhao Hai Bao defend this secret that not to be a problem. Why Zhao Hai look at horse like a dragon don’t know he such is also popular sets sail not to have to exert fragrant, his puzzled look at horse like a dragon said : team leader, this matter is relationship very big?”[] horse like a dragon looked at all around one, he has not made these team leaders exit, these team leaders know that this matter, was making him go, appeared extremely, therefore his deep voice said : relationship is significant, even regarding our entire machine, has the great influence.” Other Zhao Hai and several team leader puzzled look at horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon take deep breaths, waved, making the big fragrance go out with him, Zhao Hai the room is really not in a big way, these many people push in the room, the place of sitting does not have, to is outside has a small living room, can sit the person, horse like a dragon suffices the people to arrive at the small living room to sit. After several people sit down, horse like a dragon then open the mouth and said: everyone/Great Clan also knows that the Cultivation World here treasure are many, Shan Men why so many treasure, are because the Cultivation World here terrestrial environment is good, Cultivation World here may for planet that the normal person occupies ten thousand people, in adding on these not suitable is occupied by the person, that were more, but these not suitable live in planet of person, moon/month not necessarily anything does not have, Cultivation World here in the minerals that in there star Ma obtains, but many, there are some thing, mount machine is simply not.” The people nodded, this truth machine there all people understand, but why people do not understand horse like a dragon must mention this matter at this time. horse like a dragon looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : our aircraft although also had the Spirit Stone mineral lode, but produced is actually not many, therefore in machine there, circulation currency was a machine coin, but did not look like Cultivation World their here, circulation currency was the tribute stone.” The people were said by him are confused, don’t know this talks incoherently must say anything, horse like a dragon look at people energy appearance, deep voice said : „, because our machine Spirit Stone are few, wants ore that buys us to need from Cultivation World here, difficulty, is adding on Cultivation World much to withhold to our machine, customs duty very high, moreover some ores ban to our awning, therefore our machine thinks the instant show, is very difficult. This matter people are also know that Cultivation World regarding a machine suppression is the aspects, not only in fact also awning will encounter this situation, Cultivation World regarding several other Realms many is also this situation, therefore the several other Realms show meets slow of female m.

horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai said : „, but Little Hai had such energy, can come and go out Cultivation World at will, but does not need to pay any customs duty, if in wearing a cultivator clothing/taking, before can buy are many, thing that we cannot buy, you said that this matter is very important to machine?. Smuggling! Zhao Hai one hear of horse like a dragon said that immediately has thought this word, not wrong, smuggles, horse like a dragon must use his Space ability blatant smuggling, for an entire machine smuggling, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry. In Lower Realm, his Space most times, is doing business uses, but he did not need to smuggle at that time, because he is Noble, does not need to pay the customs duty, has not actually thought that to machine here, Space had been used to smuggle unexpectedly, this is Zhao Hai cannot think. Does not know whether to laugh or cry differently with Zhao Hai, other people were actually immediately understand the meaning in horse like a dragon words, these people cannot help but gawked, then immediately responded, simultaneously they looked that the look of Zhaowa also changed. To be honest, Cultivation World here good thing really many, has plenty good thing, they are very greedy, but they cannot put out that many Spirit Stone to buy, although these collars attach prepare the Great Clan person, but their in hand many are some machine coins, uses Spirit Stone their sub- not to have many like Cultivation World here. In machine there, Spirit Stone, but one type of in high demand thing, was not regarded currency to use, moreover Spirit Stone is various Great Clan and Cultivation World trade uses generally, in does not circulate in machine, this looks like foreign exchange reserves of country is the same, is uses with the foreign transaction specially, our home will not use. Therefore they are very greedy Cultivation World here thing, they cannot afford, but if Zhao Hai has the ability of this cypress, they can definitely ask Zhao Hai to help them buy eight types of thing, they pay a Zhao Hai machine coin, or other eastern bandit, can say that Zhao Hai now in their eyes, Shao is a formidable smuggling peddler. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they in thinking anything, he some cannot smile, but he to horse such as remnant said :team leader feel relieved, so long as machine in needs, this will shoot me to help, you will not need to be worried, said it, I now with Zheng Li, but the friend, some matter sometimes may ux run Acts to solve through him. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that horse like a dragon immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he also cannot help but high looked at one to Zhao Hai, originally Zhao Hai and Zheng Li are on good terms, already kept the good level hand, he actually had not thought of this point before.

In this time, outside has transmitted one is quarrelling the mixed sound, horse like a dragon stares, stands up beyond the communication to look that actually before many awning Magician and Warrior come visits these time to have many machine Warrior and Magician, to pick to observe, how to look at Zhao Hai to tidy up Cultivation World these players, but Zhao Hai has not disappointed them, a make a move Kuai butchered Heavenly Lightning, this lets these Cultivation World Magician and Warrior felt that to being popular sets sail not to have to exert fragrant. Looks at this situation, horse like a dragon knows why these people come, to be honest, has been able to arrive at the here Magician yearWarrior, sets sail the not to have fragrant share not to lower in the body of machine there to that goes, generally prepares the Great Clan core juniors, you count on these. Magician and Warrior that ascend in gate comes up will arrive at here, that is almost impossible. Outer Sect these Magician and Warrior do not fly here, they want to use Transmission Formation to be difficult, even if made to arrive at Cultivation World through the biography, did not have Crystal Stone paid Cultivation World more orphaned manages Transmission Formation Sect, impossible to come to void open tournament stage here, therefore these person of horse like a dragon were really not good to offend. Zhao Hai to does not matter, he later must at a machine show, most Gen trigram these fellows do well relationship that is definitely needs, said it, dealt with this scene Zhao Hai is not the first time, he was very experienced. Zhao Hai also very warm received the room these people, chatted with these people, if, in these people, the body of Zhao Hai sets sail really the not to have fragrant share is lowest, along for entire in the room feared that is only then Zhao Hai is person of the ascend, other people is a locally born machine people, if Zhao Hai such does not spit the name, the strength is not such formidable, feared that is these talented person Kuang can principle Zhao Hai be intimate, that feared that Zhao Hai married Maggie is also one approximately. However the present situation is actually, Zhao Hai has defeated the Cultivation World person, left foul air for an entire machine person, on the water chestnut with this point, Zhao Hai has the qualifications to put down with these people Sits, because these people are clear, Zhao Hai returned to machine, newly his rising is inevitable. Person who in machine there, and has ascend establishes Clan, conversely, machine there Ascender establishes spicy Clan to be many, faint also has become an influence, but this influence is not small regarding an entire machine influence. Because of this, therefore so many people will visit Zhao Hai, aromatics that because these are established by Ascender, will be naturally more intimate to Ascender, do not say like Zhao Hai strength formidable Ascender.

This time visits Zhao Hai, many are Clan people who these Ascender establish, they now are complete awning this within the earth person, after all Clan of these people existed many years in machine e here, to their this generation, Shao passed several generations of even dozens generations, naturally is the machine native place person. Zhao Hai with is extremely good, this scene that these people are together he has dealt with don’t know many times in Lower Realm, the person internal organs this bit by bit has also established, in adding on him is Ying Youzhu in these person of hearts, the people comfortable chat very delighted. Chatted a while, Zhao Hai these people have drunk liquor, this sends off them, but these people walk, sixth branch Shao with Zhao Hai said that the brother said disciple, did not have the means that the man, was easiest to produce sentiment on the liquor table, although was only some wine and meat carves the friend, but no matter what this was also the friend is not, if later wanted to handle matters, found them, person much stronger that also compared with looking for some simply did not know. These people walked later Zhao Hai then returned to their room, entered Space, enters Space Zhao Hai immediately to Rau said : what kind of?” What this saying asked was without reason, but Laura actually knows what Zhao Hai asked was anything, Zhao Hai release the Liquid Silver flying needle, has given the surveillance to jump over in void open tournament stage here several other Realms people, Zhao Hai asked Laura to be what kind, actually wants to know that the several other Realms person is doing now. Laura nodded said :to respond that is very big, but monster, Spirit Realm and person of Elf, does not have what connection with us, to does not have anything, to is Demon Realm and response of Cultivator male there is very instead big, Cultivation World there to all has chosen under the hand/subordinate to order, meets your time, must leave 120 the strength, otherwise goes back to subject to a penalty, but Demon Realm there was eliminated two today, only remaining massacre and wipe out day people advanced in grade, what Demon Realm there was prepares to look into the distance for the massacre and wipe out day probably extraordinarily Magical Artifact, was specifically is used to cope your. Zhao Hai nodded, these responded that has not stemmed from his anticipation, Demon Realm there already started to take an action to him, prepares 1 or 2 fierce Magical Artifact to cope with him, no big deal, monster, Elf and Spirit Realm person, the department in first day were also eliminated, they do not have the response are also the axes, looked the matter and Zhao Hai think too has not come and gone out, while sea also on feel relieved. ( to be continued ))