Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1268

Zhao Hai has rested for about six hours in Space, came out from in the room, because the second round competition must start, this round competition Zhao Hai does not need to participate actually, the competition that because is first round eliminates these people who carries on, but Zhao Hai wants to have a look, because in this round competition can in time seeing Monster Race, Spirit Race and Elven Race make a move, regarding the situations of these clans, Zhao Hai understands were too few, he wants to know the situations of some these clans many. The Monster Race person in fact is a demon, was some Monster Beast or flowers and plants trees became a ghost, can turn into human-shape, had the wisdom, therefore they called Monster Race, these Monster Race person also very formidable, Monster Race almost growth slowly during preying, therefore very formidable.[] But participates in these Monster Race of competition, is Lower Realm ascend comes up, in ascend they can turn into human-shape, has practiced some time to Monster Race there, the method are more, formidabe. But the Spirit Race practice way is also some specially, their practice method, have the one type of method that the looks like Ghost Cultivator and Elven Race in cultivator unify, they will collect some spirits, then carries on the practice with these spirits, regards these spirits is one type of weapon, one type of energy. But this spirit has to produce has several methods, one type of is person's spirit soul after dying, but is not all spirit soul can be called the spirit, must in spirit soul that under the one type of special environment produces, that can be called the spirit. The second type has spirit way, is uses for oneself own Spiritual Wisdom to carry on the crack, thus has the new new spirit, this is also Spirit Race one type of special practice method, but Cultivation World also has this method, but that is Divided Spirit Stage big Expert can achieve. But Spirit Realm person because of spirit difference, will be divided into two types spirit, spirit that outside catches, to fight spirit, is Spirit Realm cultivator Warrior, but spirit that oneself split, is Life Source spirits, idea in External Body Incarnation, belongs to weapon one type of, but is actually one type of with weapon that are closely linked, is similar to cultivator Life Source Magical Artifact, if said strictly that the Spirit Realm person practices this spirit that comes out, probably promote compared with this Sword Technique some, just in splitting this spirit, regarding spirit cultivating, but very pain, Moreover will affect the strength that cultivates spirit, process also very dangerous. although these practice method are different, but is each one Might is uncommon, do not look Cultivation World these years have been pressing several other, certainly several other Realms practice method has the issue, the fact makes several other Realms practice method not have the issue, what they miss is only the commodity. Commodity that a Cultivation World here cultivator practice spends, but be higher than several other Realms, several other Realms is not does not imagine cultivator such with greatly the commodity practices, because they do not have. This looks like a poor person gambles to be the same with rich person together, the methods of two people are the same, however the rich that person can certainly be able to exceed the poor person, because two people both are taking same the sign, the rich person can actually spend money to pound you, but you do not have the silk bold means. Because this presently lets Zhao Hai understand, Comprehend the world, a duty person is not good to deal with, but a machine inside story, feared that is not he sees is so simple.

The second round competition had ended quickly, obviously Cultivation World these people do not want too to waste the time, so long as is two Cultivation World people fights, was the coming up meaning two moves, when to several other Realms person, Cultivation World person under meeting cruel methods, but did not have the appears casualties. After the second round competition, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, the several other Realms people were placed in latter several, even if were not below 90, mostly also about 80, can say this suppression is suffices ruthlessly. After they compete with, without the time of rest, immediately carried on the third round competition, this round competition was still the ballot decision, this chapter of Zhao Hai had opportunity make a move. However what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, among this chapter however was the first massacre and wipe out day pulling out, Zhao Hai also thinks that the Cultivation World person will make some trick/hand and foot in this ballot, now looks like actually does not have. Actually Zhao Hai don’t know, Cultivation World these days has pressed several other Realms on the body, had already fostered arrogant character, their simply disdains in drawing lots at this matter makes trick/hand and foot. massacre and wipe out day yesterday began Zhao Hai to see, must say that the Demon Realm there person also really very much looked like with the Cultivation World here person, they use Magical Artifact, but Demon Realm there Magical Artifact each and every one was Ghost Qi is dense, otherwise was the smell of blood all over the sky, looks is not good thing. However Zhao Hai knows Magical Artifact that a Demon Realm people uses, mostly has to pollute other Magical Artifact abilities, such as Demon Realm Magical Artifact turned for a long time, general Magical Artifact will end his is polluted, loses does with. Must say that such Demon Realm Magical Artifact on restrain Cultivation World Magical Artifact, that cannot, in Cultivation World here, probably cope with Demon Realm cultivator, generally will use one type of to include special metal Magical Artifact, various pollution of this Magical Artifact on regarding Demon Realm Magical Artifact has the defense capability, but this metal is not many, the average person cannot use. The Cultivation World here person has thought afterward one type of means that this means are, on their Magical Artifact, in addition carved several pure formation, there are these formation, Magical Artifact had one from the automatic depuration function, although will still be polluted, so long as were not quite serious, slowly will restore. But massacre and wipe out Angel/Emperor's Emissary uses Demon Cultivator Magical Artifact Zhao Hai that also this Demon Cultivator Magical Artifact, he uses saw several types, Ghost Head Broadsword, blood red , the ghost's face shield, a black flag, these three types of thing are he is at the same time most commonly used, moreover these three types of thing qualities, absolutely not compared with the Cultivation World Magical Artifact difference.

That blood Ghost Head Broadsword attack strength very formidable, general flying sword definitely is not to, feared that is fights not to need several to gather, flying sword must abandon. But defense capability Zhao Hai of that ghost's face shield also experienced, the defense capability was very strong, the shield offered a sacrifice, transparent ghost's head can give in the package the massacre and wipe out day, was comprehensive defense weapon. But that black flag was extraordinarier, the massacre and wipe out day takes up the flag, only gently swung, immediately innumerable ghost's head depart from the flag, carries on to throw to nip to the person and Magical Artifact, these ghost's head return very formidable, general Magical Artifact does not have the means with him. Card in a hand that three types of thing that not only this massacre and wipe out day takes, some of his many have not shown, everyone don’t know, moreover his strength very formidable, does not lose to Cultivation World cultivator, therefore he can under Cultivation World cultivator attacks fully, smooth killing enters top five ten. These time with a Cultivation World people of massacre and wipe out day beginning, is a known character, moreover early is prepared, dizzy darkness place that their this exchanged one move, hit at once, but the massacre and wipe out day won finally. although hit the for a long time massacre and wipe out talent to win, but Zhao Hai actually did not dare underestimated he, because the massacre and wipe out day is still to use today that three Magical Artifact wins, has not used other thing. although said that the Demon Realm there commodity is inferior to Cultivation World to be rich, the person but who the massacre and wipe out day strives for the position for entire Demon Realm like this, must say in his hand, only then three Magical Artifact, kills Zhao Hai not to believe that currently the massacre and wipe out day only uses three Magical Artifact, that has an explanation, he does not have fully. Zhao Hai to paid attention to this massacre and wipe out day, this massacre and wipe out day killing aura, the body is bloody, looked that is one is good to kill the generation, but he and Cultivation World beginning time, actually very had the discretion, the although victory finished has not injured to arrive at the person, obviously this person knew the onset and retreat, understood what has to done, absolutely was a fierce and ambitious character. But this massacre and wipe out day no matter in beginning, is in normally, is smiles the surface to welcome the person, that smiling face seems ten thousand years is invariably same, to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat admire. Also underwent several rounds ballots, finally pulled out Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai saw this time match, has actually gawked, because this time match he also knew that one of the that with Heavenly Lightning will examine the scene to carry on one of inference people in the wormhole, named Yao Guang, this person regarding the understanding of Formation, absolutely was at that time in that several deepest one. Zhao Hai very clear, no matter Heavenly Lightning or Yao Guang, is the skilled people in Cultivation World new person, is the name in top ten, but he unexpectedly lucky is linking the Expert confrontation with two new person top ten, this has to make Zhao Hai suspect that Cultivation World moved trick/hand and foot in the link of this ballot.

However he did not have the time to think now that many, the personal appearance moved on Arena, he just moved on Arena, Yao Guang also arrived, Yao Guang to was very polite, bowed said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, mister prestige Yao Guangzao has hearing, today can with one of the mister on this Arena high , was really Yao Guang being honored.” Zhao Hai may not have, because he is polite, treats it lightly, he knows that the Cultivation World person has gotten down Death Command, no matter who runs into him, must try make a move, even if cannot defeat him, must let his many fee really Spiritual Qi, if can injure to arrive at him, that was better. Regarding Cultivation World such order, to expected of Zhao Hai, because of his very clear, his present equal to had also become enemies with entire Cultivation World, if the Cultivation World person does not cope with him, they were not Cultivation World. Zhao Hai has not actually displayed any arrogant expression, returns a courtesy said : to see Yao Guang mister with a smile, insight of mister method, really lets admire below, can compare notes with mister, is a big good fortune, mister please! said hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation, hints Yao Guangxian to begin. However Yao Guang listens to the Zhao Hai words actually to stare, he achievement on Formation, even if also the unusual person in Cultivation World knows to know that his normally also like is general cultivator, uses Magical Artifact to oppose the enemy, little uses Formation to oppose the enemy, must light become Formation own trump card uses, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai has exposed he strongest one, this by Yao light has hit at heart cannot help but one suddenly. However Yao Guang is also the plans deep person, has not displayed, but showed a faint smile said : Mr. Zhao Hai to praise to Zhao Hai, mister invited.” Said that his hand wielded, offers a sacrifice to flying sword. This is a very ordinary golden light sword, wants to cope with Zhao Hai to be obviously inadequate with such sword, but Zhao Hai does not have underestimated he, Yao Guang is Formation everyone/Great Clan, the methods of these people, you are very often difficult to imagine. ro!.