Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1269

Zhao Hai has still not moved, has not put out weapon, is only calm look at Yao Guang, but Yao Guang actually does not dare to treat it lightly, person who because Zhao Hai can empty-handed to putting together one does not drop the wind with Core Formation cultivator, such person he, if dares underestimated, that is courting death purely. In fact Zhao Hai has also guessed right, this that Yao Guang release comes flying sword, is only ordinary flying sword, does not have what extraordinary place, but in fact, this is used to attract the Zhao Hai attention flying sword, the Yao Guang true skill is formation arrangement.[] Now Cultivation World there has gotten down Death Command, no matter who must leave to Zhao Hai fully, Yao Guang naturally does not dare to do right with entire Cultivation World, therefore he must leave fully, that naturally came up to use oneself most adept Formation. They oppose distantly, no one has begun, but at this time Yao Guang in hand had been buckling several hundred formation flag slowly, so long as this formation flag so long as constrains a Zhao Hai small little while, he can Bu Xuan many Formation. Yao Guang looked preparation was also similar, immediately/on horseback drank one lowly, in hand flying sword punctured toward Zhao Hai. Before Yao Guang, has used for flying to oppose the enemy, but what other person don’t know he is unexpectedly most adept is Formation, obviously in his flying sword high and low skill is also very deep, this sword flying hand, to is also very uncommon, general cultivator, has not used with flying sword him really well. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields hundred overlay Magic Formation appears , blocks Yao Guang flying sword, but Yao Guang seize the opportunity wields, eight formation flag depart from his hand, divides to shoot eight positions, directly the Zhao Hai circle. Reason that Zhao Hai has not come up under Assassin to Yao Guang, wants an experience Cultivation World formation fierce place, these days he regarding the formation understanding of Cultivation World were more, his very clear, formation in the Cultivation World there status, absolute no less than Magic Formation in the machine here status, can say that the daily life of cultivator could not leave formation, although he reaches there to know many formation from continually, knows how these formation used, arranged, but reached continually after is not pure Formation Cultivator, has plenty Formation he and don’t know, especially used a Formation attack this method., He cannot. But Yao Guang is different, the joy that Yao Guang most is good is Formation attacks the enemy exactly, can say that he is Formation Cultivator, Formation to his hand, that really ever changing, extremely powerful, therefore Zhao Hai wants to experience this Formation to have anything to do to use, effect how, therefore he does not have anxiously beginning. If other machine people or Cultivation World people, naturally cannot look like Zhao Hai such to do, because these Formation you saw, could not see a reason why. However Zhao Hai is different, he saw, was Space saw on equal to, Space recorded their combat processes, was recording Yao Guang formation arrangement process, was using a Universal Analyzer analysis, will analyze useful thing, therefore Zhao Hai wanted experience Yao Guang Formation. If trades the prestige is Cultivation World other becomes famous by long Formation Cultivator, Zhao Hai does not dare such to do, returning is Cultivation World formation very formidable, does not do well, fail miserably in a very easy task, Zhao Hai has not thought that become such bad luck ghost. But Yao Guang is different, Yao Guang Formation is very fierce, however his strength is too low, but is Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, his formation arrangement side sets sail the not to have fragrant law in exquisite, the limit, will not always pose the threat to Zhao Hai, can say that Yao Guang makes Zhao Hai understand the Cultivation World Formation most appropriate candidate. Naturally Yao Guang and don’t know these, he thinks that Zhao Hai has somewhat pulled rank, or does not understand fierce of Cultivation World Formation, therefore lets the formation arrangement successes of his such four advantages. Of Yao Guang this low-quality cloth is not simple formation, but in Cultivation World here very famous eight Dragon Suo! So-called eight Dragon Suo is trapped enemy formation that is made by eight keel/Dragon Bone flags, Might is extraordinary. Naturally this refers to genuine eight Dragon Suo, that Yao Guang uses is mountain stronghold product, but he uses is not ordinary mountain stronghold product, is Sect that he is at providing high grade mountain stronghold product, Might is not similarly small. These eight formation flag insert, Zhao Hai immediately felt that formation flag vanished, Yao Guang also disappeared, his all around leaps golden mist, then hears sound of the Dragon's Roar in the mist, gets up along with the sound of Dragon's Roar, his all around ground fierce splitting, then eight five claw gold dragon flew from the ground, but these eight five gold dragon has not ended the cooperation the leave ground, their tail also in underground, but the body and are actually in grounds, then eight dragon's head from the sky have bumped into together, if a giant basket. Same.

Zhao Hai looked why this posture also probably guesses correctly this Formation is, Magic Formation of Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback release hundred overlay, has attacked toward a gold dragon. However this formation just, that eight gold dragon immediately moved, by attack that personal appearance fierce shrinks, under dragon's head presses, shoots to set sail not to have to be fragrant a streak of golden light from Dragon's Mouth, only welcomed toward that formation, but under several other gold dragon also fierce personal appearance threw, threw toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai can affirm that these gold dragon although are not genuine gold dragon, but actually like is Fire Dragon that his release goes, has the entity, can true attack to the person, if who regards the false appearance that these gold dragon transformed, that can die is very ugly. Zhao Hai not polite, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay, then departs eight Fire Dragon to come from Magic Formation, throws toward that eight gold dragon, then Fire Dragon and gold dragon fought in his side, but he actually stood, interestinging was sizing up, probably was simply has not been serious to be the same. But at this time, Yao Guang has actually been busy, formation flag, each and every one formation disk flies in in his hand, in Zhao Hai all around arrange Great Formation, Zhao Hai to being stranded firmly. But Zhao Hai naturally had not been idling at this time, he is making Cai'er they record Yao light formation arrangement technique also formation, on these formation flag attached Liquid Silver needle. But these Liquid Silver flying needles flying fast is analyzing the material and refinement that side these formation flag and formation disk use sets sail the not to have fragrant law, this side sets sail the not to have fragrant law is also Zhao Hai nearest/recent present , after is Space Level Up, has the ability that this ability is very useful regarding Zhao Hai, if before, after he can only these formation flag or formation disk get so far as in Space, be able to analyze slowly, that can likely the present, so long as used the Liquid Silver needle on to analyze. Yao Guang in formation arrangement, Zhao Hai was looking that this situations looked by these audiences in the eye, has one, unusual flavor. Yao Guang had the great support of Cultivation World, but his in hand formation arrangement thing are many, this each article takes, is really very astonishing. Moreover this Yao Guang also is really a rare talent on Formation, Formation that he arranges, superimposes Formation absolutely, in has, intermittent connected, by Formation Set, but all Formation target also only then one, that is Zhao Hai, waits for these formation complete prepares, even if prestige Ying Qi Expert, suffices to drink a pot absolutely. The Cultivation World person to Yao Guang such procedure is to highly praise, the special Yao Guang Sect elder, has prepared to regard Core Disciple to train Yao Guang. Sect that although Yao Guang is, is not the gate of true traditional Formation Cultivator, they mainly take practicing as the Headquarters gate, but regarding has like Yao Guang can specially the person must train vigorously.

In Cultivation World here, in any Sect, some special talents, so long as one by presently, Sect immediately vigorously will be trained, but not because you are the special talent, thinks you to ignore a proper occupation, suppresses you, that is impossible, that feared that is in sword cultivator Sect, there are innumerable Pill Master, master, Formation Master. But the matter realizes, Pill Master in these Great Sect, the master and Formation Master, often in energy elder compared with general Sect must be popular a lot, this looks like does the person of technology, no matter there, will look at one high, that fears is behind you ridiculed that he is only a technical worker, before him you also honest called Master. Before Yao Guang Sect person although thought that Yao Guang comprehension to the Formation was good, actually also regarded ordinary Inner Disciples to train him, has not regarded Core Disciple him, after all Yao Guang ascend time was short, less than five years, but regarding Cultivation World cultivator was saying that five years of time, was not really long. But a machine person noticed that Zhao Hai layer upon layer was surrounded by Great Formation, is similar to the bug on spider web is the same, each and every one cannot help but complexion big change, now Zhao Hai, but machine hope, if Zhao Hai were defeated, their machine this time may be the complete defeat. But several other Realms person also look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength several other Realms person also looked in the eye, in their opinion, Zhao Hai the person who was most likely to win the championship, besides Demon Realm, several other Realms wants to make Zhao Hai win the championship, although Zhao Hai did not have no relationship with them, but do not forget, their also camera person same hated the Cultivation World person, the enemy of enemy was a friend, that feared that was one did not know the person to hit your enemy one, in your also understanding dark crisp, even lived the favorable impression to that will of the people, this truth was the same Bai Shao. Now in the person besides Demon Realm also works as outside Zhao Hai a prestige potential match, how the several other Realms people are want to see the Zhao Hai dozen of Cultivation World person, now looks at Zhao Hai by Trap Formation, immediately is worry. Prepares the person thoughts to be different, instead to is strikes strong on Zhao Hai and Yao Guang has not thought that many, Zhao Hai did not fear that Yao Guang formation arrangement, Yao Guang does not have the thoughts to think that many, is only thinking the quick point is good the cloth. Zhao Hai although stands in there, once for a while release formation, is carrying on attack to be the same to that eight dragon locks probably, but places in the main energy mind actually, is making the exchange with Cai'er. These formation that Yao Guang arranges very has specially, is arranges from one after another outward, but his each prepare, will start formation, he will start formation every time, Zhao Hai will feel that in many pressures, can say that his these formation superimposes the use, when all formation prepares, then on equal to will be all formation is formation, together Zhao Hai attack, that Might naturally will be likely uncommon. However do not think that broke formation, his entire arrangement has malfunctioned, the formation that Yao Guang arranges now, by innumerable small formation composition, the person destroyed part of Formation, other Formation still like your attack, moreover after the computation of Cai'er, only if you destroyed about his all Formation one third, otherwise this huge formation attack strength will not reduce. Zhao Hai did not go to the attack eight dragons to lock now, because did not need him to go to attack, now eight Dragon Suo started attack he, moreover these eight Dragon Suo attack, compared with have striven most from the beginning to excel the several fold not only, Zhao Hai only used hundred overlay most from the beginning Magic Formation, can fight well-matched with these eight Dragon Suo, but his minimum must use 700 to 800 overlay Formation Set now, can block eight Dragon Suo attack, therefore in bystander opinion, Zhao Hai now already complete falling to leeward, but Yao Guang arrangement soon had also ended.

All people, know, so long as Yao Guang arrangement ended, his immediately meets operate formation to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, formation that some people operate, with formation that nobody operates, its attack strength naturally cannot compare, therefore looked at Yao Guang already soon the prepare, all people were Zhao Hai were worried. But their don’t know, Zhao Hai now is actually waiting for Yao Guang to be intimate all prepares, when Yao Guang prepare, how he was having a look at Yao Guang this arrangement Might, then can break these formation. Why does Zhao Hai have such big confidence to break Yao Guang formation with ease? Naturally because has existence of Liquid Silver, the Liquid Silver needle has attached on all Yao Guang formation arrangement formation disk and formation flag now, so long as Zhao Hai issues an order, these Liquid Silver needle immediately will carry on attack to these formation disk and formation flag, although said that formation disk and formation flag will be attack strength very strong thing, will be formation, but this different thing main attack strength, after composing Formation, itself not too strong defense and attack ability, so long as by Liquid Silver needle attack, immediately can be possible attack, formation arrangement formation to be destroyed, the Formation nature on was also destroyed, therefore Zhao Hai can such. Is confident. It can be said that copes with Zhao Hai with Formation, is not the most reasonable one type of side sets sail the not to have fragrant law, is the most useless one type of side sets sail the not to have fragrant law, Zhao Hai has Space, any Illusion in Formation does not have the use to his department, Zhao Hai has Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver may change into myriad flying needles, its destructive power, simply is not Formation Cultivator can compare favorably with. A Formation Cultivator take great pains cloth good Great Formation, prepares to cope with Zhao Hai, finally Zhao Hai hit a sound to refer, all formation flag and formation disk were destroyed, that Formation Cultivator really painstakingly compelled the situation in the extreme. At this time Yao Guang all formation also prepares, Zhao Hai made Cai'er calculate, this time Yao Guang altogether has arranged big size small table hundred formation, the light was formation disk nearby more than 100, formation flag had more than 2000, ascend less than five years of person, if did not have the support of Great Sect, thinks that did put out these many thing? Even if he sells into servitude does not sufficiently collect that some money. After Yao Guang prepare formation, was long air vent, he feared Zhao Hai really before he did not have cloth good began to destroy formation, all that such words he made have wasted, but had not begun in Zhao Hai well, this was also his puzzled reason. ( to be continued ))