Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1270

Standing of Zhao Hai still face calm, uses Magic that thousand are superimposing, to present machine and Cultivation World these people also present Zhao Hai the place of formidable. The Cultivation World person regarding law of also completely understand machine demon, this practice method in Comprehend the world is not secret, reason that uses the computer there to have the network in in addition, can say that Comprehend the world any person can study the law of this demon.[] Because of the understanding of law of confrontation demon, therefore Cultivation World their people will not go to study law of the demon, Void Condensing Formation Technique although of law of demon can the use like Spell, moreover is bigger than general Spell Might, but the law of demon also be much bigger than Cultivation World Spell regarding the consumption of energy, is adding on Spell also to be used in Cultivation World there although, but cannot be the main attack method, after all Spell attack strength compared with Magical Artifact, but must fall far short. Spell did not attach great importance to Cultivation World there, law of the demon say nothing, Cultivation World the law of understanding demon, the main reason must understand machine, good can better hitting press. The consumption of law of demon is very big, machine Ping people who can use thousand overlay, was almost the machine top skilled people, but these people will not suffer a loss to with Cultivation World Core Formation time Expert. However in machine there, even if can use thousand overlay Magician, long time Magic Formation of use thousand overlay, the energy consumption will not be big, they cannot consume. But Zhao Hai can actually use thousand overlay with ease Magic, without using any tool, he can flicker thousand overlay formation, this makes Cultivation World these people very be startled. Wan light look at Zhao Hai, he regarding law of also have some understanding machine demon, because understood that therefore he knows Zhao Hai formidable, but Yao Guang believes that Zhao Hai does not have fully, most at least him currently not to use weapon, Yao Guangcai does not believe Zhao Hai weapon is also useless, he heard Zhao Hai is a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation person, moreover his weapon is silver white Magic Staff, currently Zhao Hai does not have Magic Staff with, naturally expressed that he did not have fully. Why Yao Guang although don’t know Zhao Hai is any meaning such pulling rank, but he does not have the time to make him want now to be too many, Yao Guang several Magic Secret Art hit, started control entire Great Formation. Cultivation World here person regarding Formation have some understanding, how arrangement but some people know Formation, even also meets the methods of some to break, how operation Formation but actually not necessarily understood. The operation of Formation absolutely is technical method, general cultivator did not have to go to study this at that time looks like the machine there person is the same, the machine there average person, their life leave did not open Magic Formation however you, if made him portray Magic Formation, they could not accomplish.

Yao Guang these Magic Secret Art one dozens, entire Great Formation instantaneously was bright, entire Continent already under Yao light control, to be honest, control such Great Formation was not relaxed, if control this Great Formation, he were more impossible to be victorious Zhao Hai. although Zhao Hai is also stranded in now, but Yao Guang actually may pill affirm, if his control formation, Zhao Hai break the formation, is not only the sooner or later matter. To oneself complete control formation, Yao Guang had then relaxed he to feel that currently finally have with True Qi that Zhao Hai speaks the last words. Zhao Hai stands, actually knew through Space Yao Guang movement, he not only has not been afraid, but also secret happy, he wants to know really very much, this Great Formation Might how. Yao Guang starts Great Formation Zhao Hai to feel immediately own all around pressure fierce increasing, that eight gold dragon each and every one congealing realities, build even bigger often the sound of intermittent Dragon's Roar, simultaneously their attack strength also increase each gold dragon not only can come attack with the claw, but also meets release all kinds of Spell, these Spell also, compared the previous 500 overlay law of the demon. Eye of Zhao Hai slightly narrows the eyes, his very clear, this formation Might completely has been wielded now, even if cultivator of Core Formation time is stranded like this big in the formation, feared that is also more unfortunate than fortunate, doing of Formation uses by Yao Guanghui incisiveness. However Zhao Hai believes that these formation has not wielded his complete energy, because of these formation by Foundation Establishment Stage person control, was been impossible to wield the too strong strength, if Yao Guang strength is stronger, believes doing that these formation can wield with also meets even bigger, when the time comes will be Expert of Infant Stage time will unable to find way out. Now Zhao Hai had understood this formation Might, to be honest, he is very satisfied, Zhao Hai knows after one, certainly will construct a own influence, in cannot make others know that in Space situation, he needs a base, but wants is the base, needs to protect, in Cultivation World here, each Great Sect has to protect to send formation, these protect to send formation, absolutely is the one Sect most formidable protection strength, can say that protects to send the Great Formation quality, direct relationship to Sect life and death. If you want to attack that Sect, must first face is protecting of opposite party sends Great Formation, if you cannot ruin protecting of opposite party to send the big solution, that all equal to zero, you impossible with that Sect how in this regard, a machine person does is not very good, Magic Formation Might although is not small, but protects to send Great Formation to compare with Cultivation World these, actually must the difference be many. But Cultivation World here sends Great Formation regarding protecting of various Sect, is the strict security, even if Sect disciple, impossible easily eavesdropped on that protects to send Great Formation secret, will otherwise be regarded the rebel to process.

Zhao Hai does not have the means to collect too many materials, can only study and analyze formation with this quite stupid method, although he also very much wants to kill Yao Guang now, turns into Undead Creature Yao Guang, then all formation that he learns, takes, but he actually knows that he cannot do, now he by the Cultivation World person staring, if he Yao Guang extinguishing, that Cultivation World person, certainly will remove the bottom with him the tearing to pieces facial skin, when the time comes copes his may on, not only Core Formation time Expert, Infant Stage time., Even is higher level Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert may to his make a move. After measuring advantages, Zhao Hai decided that motionless Yao Guang, defeated him to be good, but cannot kill him absolutely, cannot move the Cultivation World bottom line. Had a look at the time to be also similar, Cai'er there also collected to complete the data of this collection, Zhao Hai also decided to begin, his hand turned Liquid Silver Magic Staff appears in in his hand. Yao Guang looked that Zhao Hai has put out Magic Staff finally, cannot help but an anxiety, immediately/on horseback fully is operating Great Formation at heart, prepares to carry on more violent attack to Zhao Hai. However at this moment, his actually suddenly felt that being incapable, Yao Guang face cannot help but changes, his immediately/on horseback turned the hand to put out medicine pill, one has all thrown into the mouth, the rushing strength from medicine pill, Yao Guang that has soon consumed the light Spiritual Qi, obtained the quickest supplement. At this moment, stands Zhao Hai, in hand Magic Staff wields, dense and numerous Magic Formation appears suddenly in his side, these Magic Formation although is not big, but the quantity, making the person have the feeling of one type of scalp hemp. Then Zhao Hai Magic Staff, these Magic Formation exploding suddenly open, a glare flashes, all people on own initiative have not closed the eye, when they when one time opens the eye, presently Zhao Hai has stood in front of Yao Guang . Moreover the formation top on Yao light throat, on the entire void open tournament stage, all formation was all destroyed, has not been completed. The people are greatly surprised, they have not thought Magic Formation of that ten thousand overlay Zhao Hai uses will really have such strong destructive power. Not wrong, now all people knew, just Zhao Hai use is ten thousand overlay Magic Formation, but nobody thinks that this Magic Formation Might so will be unexpectedly big. That ten thousand overlay formation that actually wind Zhao Hai release comes, Might so is not big,

These formation disk and formation flag were destroyed, completely is because is attached to Liquid Silver needle on formation disk and formation flag, Zhao Hai release that ten thousand overlay Magic Formation to cover their ears and eyes. Yao Guang also responded at this time, he looked at one to stand in front of himself, took Magic Staff top Zhao Hai of throat, has smiled bitterly, deep voice said : „the mister good method, admitted defeat below.” Zhao Hai received Magic Staff, look at Yao Guang, showed a faint smile said : your Formation is very strong, receiving let.” Said flashes body returned to the machine player seat. When continuously Zhao Hai returned to the machine player seat, the void open tournament stage here talented person responded, all people are in an uproar, they have not thought that among the changes of matter however such rapidness, on moment Yao Guang also will occupy completely the winning side, the people almost recognized that Zhao Hai must defeat, the next quarter is actually Zhao Hai break the formation, Yao Guang admits defeat. All that in look at field somewhat in high spirit Cultivation World people, were startled, they really do not want to believe that Yao Guang such lost, Zhao Hai only used a move breaking Great Formation that Yao Guang take great pains arranged, but made their surprised was that ten thousand overlay Magic Formation that Zhao Hai release came, that Magic Formation destructive power was too strong. Some little time the sound of clamoring stops, Zhao Hai feels immediately that all around cold electric same vision shoot toward him, he has not cared, but is sitting of smile in there, at this time horse like a dragon also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, does he to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you make him complete the Formation arrangement in a soft voice intentionally?” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : „, my lord must want to take a look, his Formation fierce, to be honest, his Formation is very strong, if his strength is stronger, strength even bigger that Formation can wield, I that relaxed break the formation, it seems like Cultivation World formation really very much will not have one set.” horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: „The courage of your youngster is really also big, dares to defy the law unexpectedly, is you, if changes into others, feared that already died, later did not prepare to do such matter, was too dangerous, you now are our machine hope.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, at this time the ballot result of next competition also came out, however the attention of people have not actually placed to strike on, the attention of all people still on the body of Zhao Hai.( To be continued!.