Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1272

The although Demon Realm people do not have the profound yin thunder, but they all experience uncommonly, recognizes this truly is the typical profound yin thunder. Zhongli looked at that person of said : in an opposite direction puzzled forest river, your lane these many profound yin thunder? Did you find the profound yin thunder the method of manufacturing?”[] That forced smile said : that called Lin Jiang that was so easy, these profound yin thunder were in the past, I went to seek for constantly herbal medicine time, found in kingfisher blue on-board cavern, there had a skeleton of cultivator, don’t know died during meditation how long, in his Storage Ring, was putting these seven profound yin thunder, some Magical Artifact.” One hear of Lin Jiang said that Zhongli they sighed his good luck in an opposite direction, but Zhongli Qiang did not have immediately saying that must make the massacre and wipe out day cope with Zhao Hai, but turned the head to massacre and wipe out Heavenly Dao: Extinguishes the day, looked your, do you want to cope with Zhao Hai?” The massacre and wipe out day smiles said : to lengthen old feel relieved, I will certainly cope with Zhao Hai, I thanked Uncle Lin Ling in here first, these profound yin thunder my impolite.” The forest river laid out the floating astronomy network, hopes that you can destroy completely Zhao Hai with these profound yin thunder, that fellow was too dangerous, he in the future to our Demon Realm is a huge threat. ” Zhongli Qiang nodded said : „, if lets Zhao Hai this smooth returned to machine Xie Jie, after him, will be more difficult to deal with, do not forget, he on ascend cannot arrive at one year of time, one year, this is really monstruous talent.” All people do not make noise, massacre and wipe out day careful received that several profound yin thunder, this turned the head on look at Arena the performances of Cultivation World these cultivator. However the copper does not think to them in an opposite direction, they just said does, was known by Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai also knew now the profound yin thunder is any thing. After listening to Laura they said profound thunder material, Zhao Hai has saved killing intent, since the opposite party wants to kill him, he naturally cannot be polite, in fact he prepared to cope with the massacre and wipe out day, Demon Realm already to his make a move a time he , if not counterattack, he did not call Zhao Hai. Reason that Zhao Hai will exhibit the so strong manner, that because of him presently, Expert of Infant Stage time, no matter in Cultivation World in Demon Realm, can walk sideways, so long as does not send offending dead these big gate, does not compel the dead end these big gate factions, Expert of Infant Stage time, definitely will not have any danger. Zhao Hai currently has the Infant Stage time Expert strength, in fact he compares general Infant Stage time Expert also to want formidable many, after all his surface one is builds up Gang to enter the body to succeed was having Liquid Silver in addition, general Infant Stage time Expert cannot ask to be good absolutely to with him. But passed the Infant Stage time, regarding cultivator on equal to was a ridge, so long as your Transcends Tribulation succeeded, your life big enhancement, moreover ** when will be improved, regains the optimum condition to young, in Cultivation World here, has plenty Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, lived this of child not to be rare. Also because of this, therefore Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, treasures own life, their normally is closing up, only if the matter in very seldom manage Sect were in Sect lived any relationship to the entire Sect life and death important matter, they met appears , making Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert deal with a new person like Zhao Hai, that was almost impossible. But Transcends Tribulation Stage in Divided Spirit and Immortal Stage big Expert upward, that entire Cultivation World both can count with two hands, does such person was Divine Dragon see the tail do not say that general cultivator could not see, even if were the leader who various big gate sent cannot see.

Because knows these, therefore Zhao Hai so arbitrary because of by his strength, even if were Cultivation World or the Demon Realm person wants to cope with his words also well to think, only if they firmly decided that in Cultivation World here, set out large quantities of manpower directly, carried on to encircle to Zhao Hai kills, one, but let Zhao Hai returned to machine, they lost chase down Zhao Hai opportunity. Machine although is in Comprehend the world weakest one, but they had not been given to destroy completely by the several other Realms person to the present, naturally also has their unique point, if Cultivation World or the Demon Realm person, only sends minority Expert to go to machine there to chase down Zhao Hai, might not come back very much. Machine there many years, did not have appears Expert, now appears Zhao Hai, you must finally kill him, that machine all people will ask you to go all out. Obviously Zhongli they also know this point in an opposite direction, therefore they want to let the massacre and wipe out day, has solved Zhao Hai on Arena, even did not hesitate to put out profound yin thunder treasure. They think that by the Zhao Hai present strength, in striking on strongly to other on people, certainly will treat it lightly, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai has not treated it lightly, because of his very clear, Leo wrestles the truth that the rabbit still tries. These cultivator on Arena are still performing, but obviously their interest are not very high, the coming up meaning one has gotten down, therefore this round competition is held very quick, is competes for the position by the loser, however is performance same ratio, soon looked at the people to fall asleep. Waited for these people to compete with great difficulty, the Zhao Hai book thinks that will make them rest a while, was carrying on the competition of next round, has not actually thought that person simply of appraisal committee not to the time that they rested, proclaimed a competition of arrange wheel to start directly. Now the participating person had 24, 12 competitions, but match who this Zhao Hai pulled out, was Cultivation World one famous light Expert, his strength was not bad, but to Zhao Hai, although his hua type was full, finally defeated. But massacre and wipe out day also smooth being promoted to 12, by match unexpectedly Qin Zhang who he defeated, in Qin Zhang this Cultivation World Ten Great Experts, the best person who Fire element Spell came in handy, defeated by half move of inferiority in massacre and wipe out day in hand finally. Actually Qin Zhang was not strength is inferior to the massacre and wipe out day, he defeated in massacre and wipe out day Magical Artifact in hand, the massacre and wipe out day in hand method besides three Magical Artifact that before he used, in Qin chapter compared with type process, also put out a malicious ghost to hook and a handle Yaksha halberd, this different Magical Artifact, probably compared with before him that three types that took also wanted Advanced level, therefore this different Magical Artifact took to come out, Qin Zhang did not live on the support, finally was regretfully lost. This is actually not strange, Qin Zhang although was the Cultivation World ten strong players, but he after all was only Cultivation World hundred strong one, he was impossible to have the support of entire Cultivation World, can have the full support of their Sect to be good. But the massacre and wipe out day is different, he is a player who Demon Realm only saves now , is the same in machine status almost him in the Demon Realm status with Zhao Hai, naturally can have the full support of entire Demon Realm, therefore in the competion of Magical Artifact he naturally is the ratio massacre and wipe out day. After 12 produce, then determined the quota of 6 Realms match person Yi Shuihan, but Zhao Hai these time pulled out, Zhao Hai felt strange that wormhole armor went to look at the phenomenon lost to view that several, he besides Qin Zhang and Liancheng, has met, but Qin Zhang to fighting him has not met with the massacre and wipe out day, illuminates the current situation, how Liancheng entered six strong matches, might very much and meets. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, Yi Shuihan although caused completely the method, actually still by Zhao Hai defeating, but has not gone all out with Zhao Hai in Yi Shuihan well, Zhao Hai has not wanted his life. Cultivation World person also present, so long as is not excessive to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai under Assassin, this will not let Cultivation World these people before beginning, had many scruples.

The Zhao Hai strength placed there, if the Cultivation World person must ordering let their players and Zhao Hai spells, that may finally is they are given to destroy completely by Zhao Hai, this regarding Cultivation World is not the good deed, after all can attend the competition, is the talent characters, loses one, that loss is also very big. What is more important, this matter regarding the influences of these Ascender, if the Cultivation World person must compel these Ascender to go all out with Zhao Hai, these Cultivator think that Cultivation World person this does not work as people them, their lives are serious. Must know that in Cultivation World there likely in machine here, in machine here, Ascender has not had the too big authority, the status is not high, however in Cultivation World there, many that Ascender is in power, the Ascender status also compared with on machine here high some, if this matter made, did not have any advantage regarding Cultivation World, therefore Cultivation World, when with the Zhao Hai match, although was also tried, but likely Heavenly Lightning will be different, must with Zhao Hai go all out. But the massacre and wipe out day has also defeated his match, but these time can look, he was also hua Lou many strengths, moreover beside Magical Artifact that to have shone except for good five him, he in has not put out other Magical Artifact, but used some Paper Talisman to help. Zhao Hai knows that these fellows remain to prepare to cope with him these profound yin thunder, Zhao Hai also added carefully, he does not believe that massacre and wipe out day profound thunder subsequent party, the massacre and wipe out day is not the person who is good to deal with, he keeps several subsequent parties is also very possible. Moreover Zhao Hai can know that the competition of Demon Realm there are not less than Cultivation World, even brutal, because of Demon Realm there not that many commodities, these commodities that saves, May unable Demon Realm these Demon Cultivator to use, is adding on the Demon Realm there person, lives xing to be flagitious, Law of Jungle of red fruits, was wielded the incisive situation by them, therefore the massacre and wipe out day will leave behind the subsequent party to cope with him. Is Zhao Hai now who? Faint became the Comprehend the world new person first, his such status, will provoke the envy and hate, so long as some people have defeated him, can instant fame, the smooth superior. massacre and wipe out day ago has become famous in Demon Realm there, however his competitor are also many, if he were defeated by Zhao Hai, then to his prestige is also the one type of attack, therefore the massacre and wipe out day will want to kill his Zhao Hai, instant fame, becomes the entire Demon Realm hero, the practice commodity when the time comes he obtains also will be naturally more. Lower position wants the superior, massacres superior, steps on his corpse superior is being a quickest shortcut, but obviously Zhao Hai now in the eyes of these new people, is superior, so long as is stepping on the Zhao Hai corpse, they can obtain wish all smoothly. Because knows this point, therefore Zhao Hai does not dare to treat it lightly regarding the massacre and wipe out day, the massacre and wipe out day when fights with the Cultivation World person most laborious, has not used the profound yin thunder, must leave him the profound yin thunder, if massacre and wipe out day in hand not only profound yin thunder card in a hand, that Zhao Hai to he trouble. Six strong production, in grouping, the final three strong production, these three separately are Zhao Hai, the massacre and wipe out day and Liancheng, but their these time does not adopt the elimination series, but adopts the points system to decide that who is hundred strong first. So-called points system also very simple, Zhao Hai must actually separately with the massacre and wipe out day and various Liancheng war, wins one to accumulate a point, defeats, points, did not look that finally whose points is highest, who was first. Liancheng and massacre and wipe out day also handles according to this. Also in other words, in fact they must hit three, possibility two defeats, one point can not, a person be able to be two victories two points, a person can be 1 win defeats a point.

Naturally , the possible three people to accumulate a point, but this probability is really very small, after all in such fight, completely by strength speech, if Zhao Hai has lost to Liancheng, actually won the massacre and wipe out day, that showed that Liancheng is stronger than the Zhao Hai strength, that lost to the Zhao Hai massacre and wipe out day not more impossible to defeat rope Liancheng. If three people have made into the tie, that is fencing-off, to deciding victory and defeat, but all people are clear, was impossible in having the second round competition, one round fully can decide the victory and defeat. After ballot, Zhao Hai first going to battle, his First Stage must with Liancheng Fighting Competition. Zhao Hai sees such ballot result, has not been surprised, the personal appearance moves on appears on sub- Arena. Liancheng appears on Arena, his sword still has also carried is carrying on the back, before he has been fighting with the Cultivation World person, has not revealed 1 u to leave the true strength, it can be said that running free with the current entered top three to be strong. However Liancheng not because of this, but happy, he already wants to fight with Zhao Hai, to two talented people to, this makes Szo Liancheng many somewhat depressed finally. They fall to Arena on, Zhao Hai look at Liancheng, shows a faint smile said : Liancheng, he he, I already wanted to be able you, has not actually thought that has waited till the present.” Liancheng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then laughs „the words that said : this was also I wants to speak, I already wanted to be able you, your strength was very strong, but I was sword cultivator, in the sword cultivator eye, so long as were the enemy, we will reveal our sword, no matter enemy strong.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : please! Liancheng to wield, the golden light sword that he carries on the back puts on flew, then golden light greatly dodges, such as a lightning is ordinary, punctures toward Zhao Hai. This sword incredibly fast, moreover is bringing unprecedented imposing manner, can say that this sword absolutely is Liancheng the work of peak, he has wielded the characteristics of golden light sword was incisive. Zhao Hai wields, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay in his front, then Magic Formation changed into a big shield, keeps off toward the golden light sword. However that golden light sword is actually [gold/metal] attribute, is sharp, listened to bu, the golden light sword one to puncture the Zhao Hai big shield, Sword Force did not reduce, punctured toward the throat of Zhao Hai.!.