Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1273

A good quick sword, the sword of good advantage! Zhao Hai look at fast approaches the sword of throat, hidden said at heart, if this sword he wants to hide, does not use the strength of Space is unable to shunt, because is too near, wants to use Magic Formation to keep off, has been able saying that without enough time this sword completely is a Liancheng most peak sword, a sword leaves, life and death! Has not to return, enemy undead, I then die! Unprecedented, sharp incomparable! On the throat of Zhao Hai has been able to feel Liancheng sword that sharp aura, his fine body hair cannot help but was punctured ji has set upright.[] But sees the Zhao Hai appearance, horse like a dragon they one has stood, the Zhao Hai present situation was too dangerous, hides, keeps off, almost can only stand in there waited for death, Liancheng this sword, seriously is the good method. Not only a machine person, almost all people have stood, they also by Liancheng this sword being startled, this sword was really too quick, benefitted, moreover Liancheng was almost when Zhao Hai said invited began, the opportunity grasped was just good, in Zhao Hai has not alerted in the good situation on beginning completely, equal to has taken an advantage of impact! All people want to take a look, to have a look at Liancheng whether to break the Zhao Hai myth, can defeat, even struck to kill Zhao Hai. In golden light sword immediately must puncture to the throat of Zhao Hai on, Zhao Hai manual, the hand of Zhao Hai proceeds to grasp, with thumb, index finger and middle finger firmly sat the golden light sword in in hand, the golden light sword, because toward forward flight the rapidness of too, this suddenly stopped, sword could not stop to shiver fiercely. This golden light sword is not the ordinary sword, he is ten thousand Sword Sect advertisement weapons, very excellent, this sword shakes, hears buzz one, that sound such as Golden Bell general fragileness! All person dull look at all these, they have not thought that Zhao Hai can empty-handed catch the golden light sword unexpectedly, from that golden light sword the situation of shivering can look, the strength of golden light sword sword has many foot, has not actually thought that was used three fingers by Zhao Hai unexpectedly on capture. Liancheng saw Zhao Hai capture the golden light sword, face has cannot help but gawked, immediately/on horseback used Magic Secret Art to stimulate to movement the golden light sword, but sword of golden light sword fiercely was actually vibrating, actually could not work loose the finger of Zhao Hai, the finger of Zhao Hai such as molten copper iron cast was ordinary, gripped the golden light sword stubbornly. Zhao Hai look at Liancheng, shows a faint smile said : well, Liancheng, you worthily are sword cultivator, this sword seriously is sharp, but I am Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, this sword could not cope with me, you admitted defeat.”

If will perhaps not make him admit defeat to other on cultivator Zhao Hai, because of cultivator generally not only one Magical Treasure, but Liancheng is actually sword cultivator, sword cultivator little uses other Magical Treasure in the common situation, because they all energy centralized to sword on, therefore Liancheng can use a sharp sword. Liancheng looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that today he is impossible to defeat Zhao Hai, Liancheng deeply attracted. Air/Qi, good that deep voice said : mister said that this weaponry my Suo Liancheng admitted defeat.” Zhao Hai laughs, let go to let loose the golden light sword of Liancheng, that golden light sword such as u Yan Guichao is ordinary, flying returned to fast the body successive of Liancheng, has gathered round Liancheng to rotate, probably is a child of being wronged is complaining like own father. Liancheng also extends make a move to come, rub gently own sword, probably in comforting it is the same, then waves, that sword turned over to behind him in the slanting sheath. Appearance of Zhao Hai look at Liancheng, slight bow, deep voice said : good, Liancheng, it seems like you already rub to the Sword Dao true meaning the side, you were very great.” Liancheng look at Zhao Hai, showing a faint smile said : suddenly Mr. Zhao Hai was polite, mister is true great, ascend is about one year, has achieved so the achievement, to lets envy below.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : speaks the truth, in Cultivation World here, the person who can enter my eyes are really not many, your Liancheng is one, hopes after us, has opportunity to become the friend, please.” Liancheng deep looked at Zhao Hai one, turn around has gotten down Arena, because Zhao Hai has defeated Liancheng, therefore he must keep on Arena to meet the massacre and wipe out day challenge, what such as is the victory is Liancheng, he must keep on Arena to accept the massacre and wipe out day challenge. Do not say that like this is unfair to Zhao Hai, this world originally has any fair matter, the competition is such regulation, that must carry out. Actually also this is the one type of method that the Cultivation World person uses, their such regulation, are because of the Zhao Hai strength, in their opinion by the Zhao Hai strength, if first coming to power, that wins almost can affirm that so long as Zhao Hai has won, he immediately/on horseback fights with the second person, that second person has big opportunity to defeat Zhao Hai.

But they have not thought that Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such formidable, only one move will compel Suo Liancheng to admit defeat, simply does not have what consumption, this has stemmed from their anticipation completely. But at this time wants not to be impossible in revision contest rule, therefore these people can only look at Zhao Hai then stand in Arena high grade the massacre and wipe out day. Cultivation World these people do not hold anything to hope to the massacre and wipe out day that massacre and wipe out day although showed very strong strength, however Cultivation World these person of could look, massacre and wipe out day strength he with Yi Shuihan or Yao Guang they almost , he if definitely had the defeat not to win to that with Liancheng, but Liancheng this Realm Cultivation World first, moreover he was indisputable first, his first attained with the strong strength completely. Because of this, no matter Qin Zhang or Yao Guang, very respected to Liancheng, after all strength of Liancheng in that pendulum. But Liancheng and Zhao Hai oppose the enemy, a move has defeated, this although is sword cultivator is related with him, however the Zhao Hai strength is without a doubt, the massacre and wipe out day wants to defeat Zhao Hai, difficult. Standing of Zhao Hai calm on Arena, then hears sound of the clothing broken wind, then the massacre and wipe out day has stood on Arena, the massacre and wipe out day is still maintaining ten thousand years of invariable smiling face, he bows said : „the massacre and wipe out day to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai slightly, the mister great ability, strength tall Jue, today can fight with mister, really below being honored.” Zhao Hai also slightly bowed said :slaughter mister to be polite to the massacre and wipe out day, the slaughter mister strength also saw below this several days, to be honest, the slaughter mister strength was very strong, Zhao Hai also very much admired, but on Arena, actually has no alternative but today with mister minute of high, asking mister to excuse me. massacre and wipe out day somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that abundantly Zhao Hai so will be polite, is politer than him, his quickly said: mister was too polite, mister invited.” Zhao Hai also slightly bows said : person very polite, looks like simply likely is not a competition, is good you are among the friends exchanges conventional greetings to be the same politely. Sees this situation, the Cultivation World person cannot help but at heart disappointedly, they think the Demon Realm person not to want with Zhao Hai for the enemy. But the Demon Realm person is at heart happy, Zhao Hai so is polite, explained that he does not have what vigilance, so long as he does not have the vigilance, that massacre and wipe out day very much might succeed with the plan of profound yin thunder sneak attack Zhao Hai. They oppose distantly, massacre and wipe out day already release Executioner Blade and ghost's face shield, but has not put out the flag temporarily, looked his appearance wants thoroughly made Zhao Hai lose the vigilance. But such that Zhao Hai also really such as the massacre and wipe out day institute thinks, static standing in there, has not put out his Magic Staff, all people know that Zhao Hai that Magic Staff is extraordinary weapon, if Zhao Hai has put out Magic Staff, the massacre and wipe out day has certainly the defeat not to win, now Zhao Hai has not put out Magic Staff to come, represents him not to have what vigilance to the massacre and wipe out day, the Demon Realm person confidence were also many several points.

In this time, the massacre and wipe out day was moving, he waves, Ghost Head Broadsword cuts toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai actually fierce proceeds steps, then a fist strike leaves. All people stare, melt little noticed that Zhao Hai opposes the enemy with the fist, but Zhao Hai in leaving face of fist later all people changed, Zhao Hai this fist strike leaves, hits together toward the massacre and wipe out day with fist shape Qi Strength of his fist same size, that Qi Strength wants the golden light sword of peso Liancheng also to want on quick several, here Zhao Hai fights with the fists, that fist shape Qi Strength has struck on the massacre and wipe out day ghost's face shield! Clang! is howling! That fist shape Qi Strength long jab on the ghost's face shield, a sound that the ghost's face shield worked as, that above ugly face howling ghost screams, the shield was bit by bit stave, then fist shape Qi Strength imposing manner did not reduce, a fist strike before massacre and wipe out day xiong, a massacre and wipe out day blood has spouted, the entire personal appearance one was ejected about the hundred zhang (333m), struck one to fall the ground, the aura did not have, died cannot die. Then Zhao Hai waves, one group of black gas wrap up the massacre and wipe out day, then the massacre and wipe out day vanished, sees this situation, all people with amazement could not speak, Zhao Hai previous time with Heavenly Lightning that this method coped with, but went all out with him Heavenly Lightning at that time, spelled including Life Source Blood Essence, was this Zhao Hai they are polite with the massacre and wipe out day, a point could not look that must move the killing intent appearance, Zhao Hai such has actually done, this was too strange. Zhongli Qiang looks at this situation, eye yu crack, he one stands to shout wildly said : Zhao Hai, you dare! Zhao Hai turns the head look at Zhongli Qiang, sneers said : joke, what I have not to dare, Zhongli Qiang, your Demon Realm poisons me under sea mountain city first, then the collection that many profound yin thunder have given the massacre and wipe out day, wants to make him use these profound yin Thunder to come to cope, you, when my Zhao Hai is an idiot, believes that massacre and wipe out day that only knows the fool who smiles, HaHaHa, father and other this day for a long time, the massacre and wipe out day isn't the talent that your hundred years see? The father must extinguish him, must turn into Undead Creature him, the father must make the names know that offended my Zhao Hai, plans my Zhao Hai, must pay the price!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhongli Qiang one calm, his coldly look at Zhao Hai said : good, good Zhao Hai, good machine, not to have thought really you really have such method, good, great, today this account, my blood Sacred Sect took down.” Zhao Hai laughs said : my Zhao Hai personal enemy to be many, are many your not to be many, is short of your many, if you want to revenge, my Zhao Hai or those words, momentarily accompany!” Zhongli Qiang coldly snorted, sat, slowly has closed the eye, he is feared one open the eye to see Zhao Hai, could not bear to Zhao Hai make a move.!.