Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1274

The Zhao Hai look at Zhongli Cheng appearance, coldly snorted, then turns the head, two eyes cold light sparkles to sweep other Demon Realm people one eyes, looked at Cultivation World these person of one, this from striking on strong returned to machine player seat. Had finished up to the present three strong matches, no one has thought that thinks the colorful three strong matches, will end in this manner, was too quick, is much quicker.[] Moreover the Zhao Hai words also let their understand, why Zhao Hai must cope with the massacre and wipe out day, originally Demon Realm already started to plan Zhao Hai, no wonder Zhao Hai so will cope with the massacre and wipe out day. But several people who Cultivator manages hear Zhao Hai and Zhongli's replying in an opposite direction, actually cannot help but two eyes one bright, they are not worse than Demon Realm regarding hate of Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai simultaneously offended Demon Realm and Cultivation World person, their 2 Realms currently had a common enemy, what most important is, this enemy now also in Cultivation World here. Regarding Cultivation World cultivator, solved Zhao Hai is most important, graciousness grievances resentment between they and Demon Realm, that was not in a short time can understand, said it, although between they and Demon Realm had the friction, but also had the cooperation in recent years, wants to come this cooperation Demon Realm people not to reject. That several Cultivation World person looked at one mutually, saw this one layer meaning from the opposite party eye, several people discussed in a low voice. However no matter they in discussing anything, compete now had finished, was waiting for the shape, this shape was actually not big with Zhao Hai relationship, thing that he obtained were not many, nothing but was two Magical Artifact, regarding Zhao Hai, there are that two Magical Artifact to be immaterial, what they most regarded as important was these time gives a machine reward. The reward that this machine obtains is very rich, several mineral lode, several ore stars, these thing may machine most need. Does not dare regarding this time reward Cultivation World, if they dare not to process fairly, that affects not only machine this Realm, Demon Realm they several have thought after Cultivation World, will not treat their them naturally not to use in fairly attended any competition, everyone/Great Clan goes back to tidy up, begins to snatch. Therefore they were not worried about reward matter Zhao Hai, does not need Zhao Hai to receive an award, so long as horse like a dragon they led to be OK. Zhao Hai returned to player seat there, horse like a dragon immediately has arrived at his side, in a soft voice said : 1 Little Hai, then what to do? I looked that Demon Realm these people will not let off absolutely easily your.”

Zhao Hai nodded said :team leader feel relieved, Demon Realm these people cannot take me to be what kind, You do not need to be worried for me that I think a while you must receive an award, you go to happen to this time our machine also many people to watch the competition with everyone/Great Clan, after you received an award, immediately gave me with these person of together leave Cultivation World here matters. ” horse like a dragon stares, face changes said : is not then good, 1 Little Hai, this is not good, only left behind you to be too dangerous.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, depends on these waste materials, cannot be what kind of me, if you stay behind cannot add on too big busy, do not forget, but here Cultivation World, even if you, cannot have anything to do with if you had the conflict with Cultivation World, that Cultivation World can justifiable is snatching the child these mineral lode, moreover these time watches the competition, may be various Great Clan core members, if they had an accident, that machine and Cultivation World war feared that was on unavoidably, therefore at this time, you most should help on was quick. leave, I keep here to tow them to tidy up their some people some time, then immediately leave do not forget, I meet Space Magic, they cannot block me.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that horse like a dragon silent some little time, nodded said : well, listens your, but Little Hai, has remembered, must live going back, I in machine wait for you.” Zhao Hai the nod, horse like a dragon has then arrived at side, rushed to greet with these machine team leaders. These team leader also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, all person look at Zhao Hai looks changed, meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, if they follow in Zhao Hai side only danger, if their leave, that Cultivation World person will not be blocking them, after all they may not have the enmity with the Cultivation World person, but Zhao Hai was dangerous. The people with Zhao Hai knew that for sometime, although in this period did not have extremely to associate thoroughly, but the several times liquor drinks, they the impression to Zhao Hai are good, now Zhao Hai must remain unexpectedly, a person independent undertaking danger, they are very affected. However these person and don’t know, Zhao Hai does not make them remain, another one layer meaning, has not wanted to make them remain to hinder him. Zhao Hai, has been able to enter Space to hide when necessary directly, if has this to cause the fellow, he cannot enter Space, moreover there are these fellows, Zhao Hai has some methods to be also unuseful. Zhao Hai does not want to know that he too many secret, these people did not have Xiong Li they to be credible, Xiong Li their don’t know his many secret, do not say these people.

But Zhao Hai their here movement, settled on the eye by other people, they presently Zhao Hai and horse like a dragon discussed a while, horse like a dragon with other root team leaders, but Zhao Hai still person alone sitting in there, sees this situation, the several other Realms people very puzzled, don’t know is their this is doing. The several other Realms person does not think that horse like a dragon they giving up Zhao Hai like this, although will say this Zhao Hai offended Demon Realm and Cultivation World, but he has also made the best progress for machine, if machine such gives up Zhao Hai, that machine will of the people also dispersed. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, still sitting of calm on machine player seat, presently Zuo Ruoda player seat, only then he, he to has not felt anything, but keeps in the head makes Cai'er they report that the several other Realms people are doing. Cai'er told Zhao Hai, Cultivation World and Demon Realm person the contact of secret, has prepared to begin to him, Zhao Hai to has not felt the accident. At this moment started to reward, did not pass is not Zhao Hai their these participating players who received an award, but was the representative who various Realm sent out, machine was horse like a dragon goes certainly. This prize also quickly led, Cultivation World will not cheat in this point, moreover this prize was also very good to lead, these mineral lode and ore stars, some property rights proof, this thing is actually not useful, but was a paper, represented that meaning to result, five years later must in handing over, before these thing were Cultivation World spreads, this was the first time organic several other Realms person takes away. After horse like a dragon has received an award, immediately was bringing that several team leader leave, went to machine that several stands directly, these machine people did not have leave, after was preparing finished up, in Zhao Hai drinks two cups, they were also knew with Zhao Hai now, this Zhao Hai won, they naturally must celebrate. Came in this time horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon said the meaning of Zhao Hai to them, and said that making their immediately walk, these people looked that a Zhao Hai person sat in there moves has not moved, at heart also cannot help but move. They are also various Great Clan core members, is the elite, why Zhao Hai such does, their head revolution thought understand, because this they will therefore be moved. However in them may nobody think must remain dead with the Zhao Hai syngenesis, comes the everyone/Great Clan friendship, two come them also to know that own strength, keeps here also drags Zhao Hai latter tui, earlier leave is good. These people also agreed that people immediately went to Transmission Formation there, direct Transmission returned to machine, waits for Cultivation World these people to respond the time, horse like a dragon they did not have the shadow.

Just their attention centralized in Zhao Hai there, they have not cared regarding horse like a dragon, they think that horse like a dragon will not give up Zhao Hai, leading the prize to look for Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that horse like a dragon they led the prize, has not managed Zhao Hai unexpectedly, turn around ran, making them want to react without enough time. Also knew to present Cultivation World these people, oneself by Zhao Hai playing, but they extremely in the vitality, because of machine these rewards, they cannot have any idea in a short time, will otherwise cause several is uneven, horse like a dragon they may not have what enmity with Cultivation World, puts them to walk is also possible, so long as Zhao Hai were good, their main target on are Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not thought that many, he still sits in there, the look at several other Realms person, now Elf, Spirit Realm and monster person, one after another leave, is Demon Realm and Cultivation World person, leave part, naturally, a large part of Cultivation World and Demon Realm person remained. The several other Realms person also knows that here must live anything, will therefore slide that quickly. When these people walked, Cultivation World and Demon Realm person did not use politely, has encircled the stand that Zhao Hai was at directly. here surface lead Zhongli Qianghe Cultivation World cultivator, this Cultivation World cultivator, before actually, with that Core Formation time cultivator that Zhao Hai conflicts. This Core Formation time cultivator, is Heavenly Lightning Master, the Qingsong/Pine Tree swordsman, Fu by the mountain, this Qingsong/Pine Tree swordsman Fu by the mountain, is wooden attribute cultivator, wooden attribute cultivator, was not quite suitable to practice that attack strength strong Sword Technique, they will elect to have the toxicity wooden attribute object to take their Magical Artifact generally, surface such thing often not suitable make the sword. However this Fu by the mountain is actually person of the good luck, he when an exploration, in a uninhabited planet mountain ball, unexpectedly present a relaxedness, this relaxed, only then more than one meter high, a malnutrition appearance, Monster Beast skeleton that but Fu by the mountain actually presently, in this Qingsong/Pine Tree below, has plenty died, these Monster Beast skeletons present one type of very strange dark green , looks on is poisoned. This has caused Fu by the curiosity of mountain, he after careful research that pine tree presently, this pine tree also don’t know because of any reason, turned into a poisonous loosen, has deadly poison all over the body, moreover firm compared with steel and iron, is used to manufacture the Magic Sword good material absolutely. Therefore Fu spent tremendous strength by the mountain, that poisonous loosen making, looked to build a Qingsong/Pine Tree poisonous sword, became is his Life Source Weapon, from now on will acquire fame the Qingsong/Pine Tree swordsman.!.