Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1275

Fu by mountain virulent look at Zhao Hai, he hates Zhao Hai really very much, because not only Zhao Hai has killed Heavenly Lightning, Heavenly Lightning is only one of his disciple, moreover now did not have Level Up to the True Disciple level, Zhao Hai has killed Heavenly Lightning, his although has some heart pain, has not actually been in the life and death situation. Fu hates the Zhao Hai place to lie by the mountain truly, Zhao Hai has swept his face, regarding the Cultivation World person, swept face that is the life and death big enmity, therefore he wishes one could to eat the Zhao Hai meat now, has drunk the blood of Zhao Hai. But stands in Fu by the mountain side not far away person, Blood Sea not links Zhongli Yue, Demon Realm and Cultivation World wants alliance to cope with Zhao Hai finally. Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in there, look at these two groups of people, some little time his suddenly laughs, Fu looks at the Zhao Hai appearance by the mountain, cannot help but coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, you die to being imminent also to smile unexpectedly, this place to somewhat admired you.” Zhao Hai look at Fu by the mountain, smiles said : „I am only has not thought that always thinks one is a just Cultivation World people, will cooperate with Demon Realm unexpectedly, my Zhao Hai face may be really big enough.” Zhongli yue coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, you do not use in the there dragging time, the truth you told that machine these people will not have the danger, they did not dare to come back to save you, cannot come back to save you, here Transmission Formation has closed, you were removed the bottom gave up, waited for death in here!” Zhao Hai laughs said : Zhongli yue, you were really too naive, you think that they will also come back? The truth you told that is I asks them to leave, otherwise you think that they will walk? Gave up me, machine there Ascender meets cause disturbance , when the time comes one beyond redemption, this truth links three -year-old child to understand, can they? If not I urges them, they will walk?” Zhongli Yue and Fu stare by the mountain, they looked at one mutually, thought some truth they who Zhao Hai said also believe in fact, horse like a dragon their suddenly leave, are really somewhat strange, only loses Zhao Hai in here does not have regarding a machine advantage, even if were they obtained these mineral lode, actually lost the will of the people, this will be the matter of gain does not equal the loss, horse like a dragon should not do is right. But he actually has done, this makes them somewhat puzzled, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that they to have believed Zhao Hai words Zhao Hai agreed that horse like a dragon they feared will be will not walk. Their understand, why Zhao Hai such do not do such does to a Zhao Hai not point advantage, will also let him in the extreme danger, is Zhao Hai really the person of good rising above self? Kills them not to believe. No matter a Cultivator Demon Realm people, they are extremely from dead/die, wants to make them rise above self that is impossible, struggles them unable to struggle, that for others were disappeared by their body dying [say / way]. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, on the general idea know that they are thinking what Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : understand I why such do not do? Has let go others, I actually do not walk, keep here to violate the danger by the body, this is really not the wise behavior, right?” Zhongli Yue and Fu's in appears by the mountain eye with amazement their very clear, Zhao Hai this saying were also to the point on, but this is not their surprised reasons, they are startled are because, Zhao Hai can actually so clear grasps their thoughts, this was really too astonishing in their eyes, Zhao Hai almost soon arrived at multi- wisdom several near monsters now the situations. Reason that Zhao Hai look at their appearances, laugh said : I remain are because I must keep the murder, kills some people to kill others to fear me, kills others to mention that my name, must first fight a cold war first, kills others to cope with me, if first thinks that own neck is hard enough.”

Zhao Hai this fills including a words exit / to speak of killing aura, Zhongli Yue and Fu by mountain smart spirit has fought a cold war, they have not thought really Zhao Hai has saved such thoughts unexpectedly, this was too scary. Their eyes belt fears look at Zhao Hai of intent, they really somewhat by Zhao Hai frightening, although they had seen the great storms, but like Zhao Hai only for words of murder, their first hearing. Demon Realm person although bloodthirsty, but they kill people to practice generally, moreover many of killing are commoner, the education of Demon Realm there is out of the ordinary, looks like in the Demon Realm there person, commoner simply is not a person, they look like Monster Beast, looks like the draft animal, do you have burden in the heart for a type pig? Not, therefore they regarding killing commoner do not have a point psychological burden. However Demon Realm these people, will work as the adult the person of practice, person who they will not move the practice easily, but listens to the meaning in Zhao Hai words, he is simply has not actually worked as the adult the Cultivator person, he wants to kill kills, this is their surprised reasons. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : being startled, you think what good man really my Zhao Hai is? HaHaHa, the truth you told that your here all people die today, all around does not believe you to live has a look.” Zhongli Yue and Fu look at all around one by the mountain, actually one turned hostile , because of their all around, fought completely dense and numerous Undead Creature, these Undead Creature the meteorite area that the entire void open tournament stage institute was at being filled, many people, they really did not have means distinguished clearly. But what is more important, Transmission Formation there of void open tournament stage, got up by these Undead Creature control, in other words, all keeps void open tournament strong here cultivator and a Demon Realm people, could not be inescapable, moreover they will not have reinforcement to support, they can only in here and a Zhao Hai war. However sees all around that dense and numerous Undead Creature, no matter Zhongli yue or Fu by the mountain, feel the scalp hemp, this person was really too many. At this time Zhao Hai actually said loudly: Brother, revealed that your true colors, making these fellows enlarge ones vision.” Along with his words, these Undead Creature simultaneously has bellowed, then these are skeleton appearance Undead Creature, the body actually grew flesh and blood, turned into an appearance of person instantaneously. Such change, lets these cultivator and Demon Realm Demon Cultivator greatly surprised, they have not seen, such Undead Creature, what most important is, they saw several acquaintances. That several people stand in the Zhao Hai side, continually reaches, Heavenly Lightning, but another is actually the massacre and wipe out day! This is not only an acquaintance, they simply were too ripe, moreover they also saw with one's own eyes these people killed by Zhao Hai, now these people actually complete such as beginning standing in the Zhao Hai side, how this made them not be startled. However they quickly presently, this several days was Undead Creature they did not have noon the living person aura, they were Zombie.

Zombie this thing, are many in Cultivation World here, some Zombie are natural creation, after they became Zombie, meets to practice, some Zombie are actually not natural creation, is they who some big gate send to train specially will regard these Zombie are weapon general training, then command(er) these Zombie make the war. Naturally, Sect that such makes is also some Ghost Cultivator Sect or a Demon Realm people. However is not a Demon Realm people, they have also seen many Zombie, sometimes Cultivation World here will have Zombie is wicked, sometimes they can have the conflict with some Demon Realm, Zombie they are not rare, therefore their eyes looked, reached them to turn into Zombie continually completely. Zhao Hai these time had revealed many strengths, came about 200 million people except for these beast shapes Undead Creature of Undead Creature human-shape by his release, these Undead Creature very found that their bodies put on bone beast armor, in hand is taking is actually Space newly matches to them, had vibrate Magic Formation weapon it can be said that to arm on the tooth. Void open tournament stage here is not a how huge meteorite belt, if void open tournament stage here such as the rainbow meteorite belt is equally giant, even if by the Cultivation World strength, impossible to change the void open tournament stage here, therefore Zhao Hai only release two hundred million Undead Creature, almost gave to pile up with here. But these Undead Creature in hand besides Space to weapon that they match, currently their in hand also had another weapon, this weapon may the extraordinary profound yin thunder! In profound yin thunder Space does newly-made, getting so far as that gets so far as after massacre and wipe out day in hand, Cai'er immediately has detonated one, collected all data, then in has put in one profound yin Universal Manufacturing Machine, the decomposition matured the material, then in reconstruct, in putting Universal Analyzer, analyzed inside formation, later in Space had all has manufactured the profound yin thunder the material, Space can the produce profound yin thunder of mass. However because Zhao Hai obtained the profound yin thunder time is really too short, now only manufactures several thousand, under has given these Undead Creature. But at this time, Cultivation World cultivator, gathered together with Demon Realm Demon Cultivator, they encircled a circle, all people illuminated their Magical Artifact, two eyes brought to fear around look at of intent to gather round their Undead Creature. Zhao Hai still stands on the machine player seat, coldly look at these people, but Zhongli Yue and Fu have fallen back on that Circle Formation middle to go by the mountain, their weapon also took in in hand. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, cold sound said : Comprehend the world, the fist great ability is the truth, I did not waste breath, everybody, starting off, killed!” As Zhao Hai leads, these Undead Creature immediately moved, kills toward these people. These person immediately took out own Magical Artifact, has also killed toward these Undead Creature, all kinds of Magical Treasure, all over the sky randomly fly at once, but Undead Creature is actually arranging the neat formation, slowly has killed. These undead fresh is arranging each and every one neat Rubik's Cube Great Formation, presses toward Circle Formation that these cultivator and Demon Cultivator compose, circular that these cultivator and Demon Cultivator compose not like Circle Formation that Undead Creature composes, is round sphere that sets up accumulates, Circle Formation that they compose, is only one ordinary circular, but now this circular, looks like seems like given compressing by the innumerable blocks the pie. These cultivator and Demon Cultivator, release own Magical Artifact, Undead Creature Rubik's Cube Great Formation to attack that kept, supported Magical Artifact that the team defended, because actually did not have unified command(er), at once appeared very chaotic.

However Fu by mountain and Zhongli yue quick on present this point, their immediately/on horseback berated, under their berating, these cultivator and Demon Cultivator coordinated finally, some cultivator of surrounding, supported has defended Magical Artifact, but inner layer cultivator actually release their Magical Treasure. However coordination between these Undead Creature, were actually in the flawless situation, is having Lizzy in addition their command(er), is the onset and retreat has the moment, although by massive Magical Artifact attack, but the casualties are not very big, moreover bit by bit toward Circle Formation that approaching cultivator and Demon Realm alliance composes. These cultivator and Demon Cultivator attack was more anxious, but not bears, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature are not the soft persimmon, the glass person, touches broken, a person defense capability is very strong, is adding on these bone armor, the defense capability was stronger. Circle Formation also distance when Undead Creature composes to Cultivation World and Demon Realm allied armies, they almost simultaneously stopped, all profound yin thunder that then Zhao Hai manufactures, Circle Formation of Demon Realm allied armies discard toward Cultivation World and, each and every one compared with walnut at the worst many profound yin thunder, was thrown beyond the kilometer outside by these Undead Creature Circle Formation, met the responsibility simultaneously to be detonated. The lightning of bunch purple , exploded in Circle Formation outside, these save the profound yin thunder, this profound yin thunder in Cultivation World here has, if the big reputation were not saying. Circle Formation outside although has plenty Magical Artifact, but actually cannot block such my profound yin thunder, Magical Artifact when the profound yin thunder explodes, completely broke, inside many cultivator and Demon Cultivator, press to guard, directly by that purple Thunder light changing into flying ash, anything has not stayed behind. This Demon Cultivator and cultivator of staying behind are not many, the additional together quantity more than 100 people, the strengths of although these people are also good, but is an profound yin thunder time Qi Bao result, is very formidable, waits for purple Thunder light to vanish, Zhao Hai looked that the Circle Formation there situation somewhat was also scared. Entire Circle Formation there, almost did not have living person, exactly said that there was almost nobody, more than 100 people of round teams, now only then center there is also standing several people, around them, but also was fluttering dozens corpses, remaining 100 people of vanish from sight. Flagitious, was too savage, that is more than 100 Foundation Establishment Stage adds Gold Core Stage Expert, such vanished, their Magical Artifact, turned into the fragmentation, discarded completely, savage degree that obviously this explodes. But stands in Circle Formation, but also living that several cultivator and Demon Cultivator, lived silly, they do not believe one saw that this really does not have the means to make them believe that more than 100 Foundation Establishment Stage above cultivator, these many people, even if places Cultivation World here, was the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, in Cultivation World here, many shape Sect, can send Expert that exited also on these many, but these person actually one is struck on now giving to destroy completely, the whole person changed into the flying ash, this was how fearful attack. But most lets these cultivator and Demon Cultivator felt what worry is, the attack methods of these Undead Creature uses unexpectedly are the profound yin thunder! It is not one two, but is several thousand profound yin thunder!!.