Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1276

That is the profound yin thunder, is not Stone of roadside, with can hit the person, the profound yin thunder is very big in the Comprehend the world here fame \; first, because is difficult to manufacture, two are because the lethality is big. But now Zhao Hai unexpectedly one has put out the pill thousand profound yin thunder, does this profound yin Reche the time become is not so valuable?[] Zhao Hai is very satisfied to this time victory, what he is unsatisfied, this harvest were too few, to be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought that profound yin thunder such savage, one had killed unexpectedly the opposite party more than 100 people, these may have Magical Artifact protection Expert. However Zhao Hai to is very satisfied Undead Creature this time fight, these Undead Creature this fights are very good, especially after having matched the profound yin thunder, fighting strength enhanced, not only one layer. Original Zhao Hai is worried for these Undead Creature fighting strength, these Undead Creature present fighting strength, on equivalent to Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, fighting strength was really too weak, although they change to study Cultivation World Cultivation Method now, but wanted to promote in a short time own strength is actually impossible. But Blood Lightning Bead this type in Lower Realm is Ultimate Weapon weapon, was basic any too big doing to use to Cultivation World here, even if Qi Condensation Stage Inferior level cultivator, was exploded by Blood Lightning Bead, not necessarily will have any matter, as the matter stands, Undead Creature lost a very important attack method. But appears of profound yin thunder, one has actually made up for this shortcoming, so long as and other time, the profound yin thunder came out by massive produce, that Undead Creature attack can enhance several level absolutely. Zhao Hai polite, direct ordering has not made these undead fresh has killed the remaining that several people, remaining that several cultivator and Demon Cultivator, completely lost the confidence, in this case, had been killed by Undead Creature also at the normal matter. After waiting fought to finish, Zhao Hai cultivator and Demon Cultivator that these died turned into Undead Creature, then he was makes Undead Creature clean all around trace also to sweep clean nearby this all energy o moves. However is very clear, previous time he in the wormhole copes with Lindane early morning, by Liancheng they through analyzing energy

o moves, finally almost reconstruct entire combat process time he was unable to make such mistake, he cleaned the entire battlefield cleanly, all energy that left behind o moved has cleaned up. Zhao Hai very clear, these time has to clean up, if he does not clean up, will make others see them in the fight, has used the massive profound yin thunder, if makes others know that really he can cause Might that the massive profound yin thunder that later profound yin thunder can wield to reduce many. Zhao Hai not, because now Heavenly Profound yin thunder one exploded more than 100 cultivator, but happy, profound yin thunder if in fact killed the use alone, regarding the threat of cultivator was not very big. If at that time these cultivator were not get together, but was the color has used the scattered lineup, that profound yin Thunder Pa also exploded the undead magnificent many people, because these cultivator and Demon Cultivator gathered in together, let the profound yin thunder use very concentrated, this can wield that big Might. If Might real extremely powerful of profound yin thunder, Lin Jiang one will not have given the massacre and wipe out day seven profound yin thunder, but also made him use in sneak attack to look from this point, Might of profound yin thunder in actual combat was really not very formidable, was numerous in the quantity, can collectively the use time, can wield he biggest Might. Waited for all matters to process the Zhao Hai then flashes body to enter in Space, but void open tournament stage here Transmission Formation, he actually still used the Magic seal, wanted to open void open tournament stage here Transmission Formation in a short time, that was impossible. Zhao Hai enters Space, presently Laura they now are busy them are are not being busy other, but is various data that is busy analyzing this to fight, this diameter has become the one type of convention. Can make them discover shortcoming in the combat process through this post-war analysis, when corrects like this next fight, will not be making the same mistake. Now Space Universal Machine is manufacturing the profound yin thunder, this profound yin thunder regarding Undead Creature, absolutely is Magical Artifact that the one type of ten analysis and synthesis use, perhaps others do not have produce of means mass, but Space actually yes, only then produce of mass leaves the profound yin thunder, Zhao Hai did not need to fear anybody.

These time in using the process of profound yin thunder, present several issues, one is the profound yin thunder firing distance issue, the profound yin thunder is different from general Magical Artifact, in Cultivation World here, the profound yin thunder on equal to is existence of hidden weapon, the people think how makes him wield Might, simply has not actually thought that control like control ordinary Magical Artifact he. Cultivation World here cultivator, when control ordinary Magical Artifact, goes to control center formation with own Divine Sense, is coming control entire Magical Artifact through center formation, as the matter stands, if when receives intense attack, Divine Sense will receive certain degree Mo to injure, but has center Magical Artifact , the injury that Divine Sense receives cannot be too big, regarding cultivator, will not be any too major problem. However like profound yin thunder such self-exploding Magical Artifact, in such Magical Artifact, almost did not have center formation, because he did not need extremely hand flexible control, if were equipped with center formation, useful Divine Sense went to control, when the time comes the profound yin thunder exploded, Divine Sense was damaged inevitably, moreover degree that was damaged, was certainly hit hard ordinary Magical Artifact is much more serious. Ordinary Magical Artifact was hit hard, even was crushed, wrecking, is from outside to inside, Magical Artifact manufacture with the high grade material, when was hit hard, center formation will have certain defense capability, but such defense capability, has certain protection to do to use regarding Divine Sense, cultivator is attached to Divine Sense on Magical Artifact, by slightly vibrate, will not only be damaged. But the profound yin thunder is actually self-exploding Magical Artifact, this self-exploding Magical Artifact starts to explode from inside, if there is center formation, the people can come better control profound yin thunder through center formation, when profound yin thunder self-exploding, first injured is not the enemy, is your Divine Sense, this is really the wound, not only Divine Sense was shaken is so simple, therefore on the profound yin thunder does not have extremely in complex formation control, pursues on is the biggest lethality and suddenly xing, as the matter stands on has decided certainly, the profound yin thunder can only be uses in sneak attack. Like Undead Creature, is arranging lineup, the use of large-scale, this can profound yin thunder Might complete wields. The profound thunder biggest problem on control, Zhao Hai must do, in strengthening profound yin thunder control, simultaneously when his self-exploding, was unable to injure to own Divine Sense. After undergoing the analysis of Universal Analyzer, Zhao Hai obtained new profound yin Thunder Magic formation diagram, on profound yin thunder original formation, a large part is used for the seal yin thunder, the remaining some are used to break the law the profound yin thunder and increase explode Might. But in the minute of blueprint that Zhao Hai obtains, in formation of profound yin thunder, by join some Magic Formation, these Magic Formation could also be used for the seal yin thunder, simultaneously increases the profound yin thunder Might, what most important is, now on these formation has a design of very special, that is in center formation, was installed Magic Formation. Center formation is Magical Artifact controls the center, here cannot install formation generally, however on new profound yin Thunder Magic formation diagram, in center formation was actually installed Magic Formation, doing of this Magic Formation with having one, that is the start up delay time. So-called start up delay time, actually after Divine Sense of control started profound yin thunder self-exploding formation, will let the profound yin thunder self-exploding in the evening the a little bit time, this a little bit time is even less than one second, because of this a little bit hear of time, can actually let Divine Sense of control, evacuates the profound yin thunder, the profound yin thunder when the explosion, will not injure to Divine Sense of control, but profound yin thunder also flexibility, being advantageous control.

Does not want the modification of underestimated these formation, if no Universal Analyzer, but is the only depends on person, your don’t know must experiment many times, can discover most suits the profound thunder the combination of formation and Magic Formation. After obtaining this blueprint, Zhao Hai nature immediately started in the formation chart according to this blueprint to manufacture the feast yin thunder, these Undead Creature Divine Sense may not be weak, regarding these Undead Creature, these profound yin thunder absolutely was nose good weapon. These Undead Creature are the same with Zhao Hai, regarding Cultivation World Magical Artifact, they had not used before, if immediately lets their modified Cultivation World Magical Artifact, they will certainly not be familiar with, this need process, needs these Cultivation World Undead Creature, bit by bit makes the method teach them Cultivation World Magical Artifact, makes them study Cultivation World Cultivation Method, making them Cultivator Undead Creature, such they can become with Cultivation World there Monster Cultivator in the future almost exist. In Cultivation World here, Monster Cultivator, not merely refers to these vegetation or Monster Beast becomes a ghost, Monster Cultivator that can practice voluntarily, these also include the nature forming Zombie or Ghost, but these Zombie and Ghost, can call is Ghost Cultivator, is Demon Cultivator one type of also yes. But Undead Creature in Space, toward this direction Fang Zhan, Zhao Hai is advocating now, in the future, Undead Creature in Space, certainly becomes in Cultivation World a considerable strength. Zhao Hai in Space, not only in research these thing, he in the attention of intimate Cultivation World with the machine there situation, machine there has been needless saying that after horse like a dragon their returned to machine, immediately was regarded heroic same welcome, but Zhao Hai does not have appears , actually caused machine in an uproar, machine several times wanted the organization people to go to Cultivation World there to rescue Zhao Hai, has not actually succeeded, because the Cultivation World pass/test has finished with machine Transmission Formation, if must use the battleship to go to Cultivation World to carry on the rescue, that was Cultivation World makes war on equal to without doubt blatantly, Said honestly, machine not that strength. Therefore now machine there can only be looks like Cultivation World that keeps protested that making Cultivation World open Transmission Formation as soon as possible, lets the Zhao Hai security as soon as possible returned to machine, but Cultivation World there had not answered that they are delaying the time.( To be continued!.