Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1277
Actually the Cultivation World person also feels very strange, the Cultivation World person and Demon Realm people knows that Zhongli Yue and Fu they are coping with Zhao Hai by the mountain in void open tournament stage there, to prevent the person has to rescue, therefore Transmission Formation of void open tournament stage blocking. However why such hadn't long time opened? Cultivation World and Demon Realm people know that the there more than 100 people remain to cope with Zhao Hai, and surface is Foundation Establishment Stage above Expert, even if Foundation Establishment Stage is also established Foundation Establishment Stage Expert, Liancheng such talent character, because actually enters the Foundation Establishment Stage time to be too short, but cannot stay behind, all returned to respective Sect. It looks like according to Cultivation World these people, such scale, must cope with Zhao Hai, that can guarantee absolutely safe, their simply does not even need to leave behind that many people to cope with Zhao Hai, the has plenty person must stay behind for the reputation, waits later to boast with the person well looked, machine first Expert Zhao Hai that in the past cannot be regarded, was given to massacre by us!” Nobody will think of the failure. Zhao Hai also knows certainly this situation, but he has not planned to go on returned to machine quickly, that is more than 100 Expert, if such quickly goes back, but these Expert have actually been missing, wasn't that too terrifying? When the time comes did not do well Cultivation World these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to cope with him, he has not wanted by these people staring now. Zhao Hai has not been idling in Space, he in these formation that keeping research Yao Guang is arranging, these formation are needs formation flag or formation disk can arrange, but regarding Zhao Hai that is not the issue, has Liquid Silver, but is formation flag is also good, is formation disk is also good, he can bring with Liquid Silver, he must give to have a thorough understanding these formation now. Zhao Hai knows one these time offending to have suppressed Cultivation World and Demon Realm person, later must have will have this 2 Realms person to ask him to trouble, in these people definitely also many Formation Expert, Comprehend the world here formation very unusual, although has Space, really cannot hide in Space good, but Zhao Hai actually does not want expose Space secret easily, such words only to give him to bring the trouble of even bigger, therefore he wants to understand some formation many, must achieve, does not use Space, can to break opposite party formation, only then can like this better protect Space secret. Machine wrangled in here with Cultivation World, but Zhao Hai hid in Space, the Demon Realm person has not begun temporarily, at once, void open tournament stage there good to forget was the same. Zhao Hai had stayed in Space for 78 days, this several days time, the Cultivation World there person some response, their really understand, why good several days not to pass, the Transmission Formation seal of void open tournament stage, they were still feeling that some were not wonderful, immediately has made the response, sends for making Spaceship shape Magical Artifact to fly toward void open tournament stage there from other places, strengthens the to break void open tournament stage Transmission Formation seal. Demon Realm there also felt that was not right, but they do not believe that was Zhao Hai has coped with Zhongli yue they, they were feared that the Cultivation World person met seize the opportunity tackled Zhongli yue they, therefore they must send for void open tournament stage there examining. Because this matter is Demon Realm and Cultivation World together does, the Cultivation World person has not been blocking them, several groups of people simultaneously overran toward void open tournament stage there.

Zhao Hai naturally also noted this situation in Space, Cultivation World there his although had not gone to several places, but the day minimum sea mountain city there situation he knows that sea mountain city there is the rumor all over the sky, is only listens to these rumor Zhao Hai to know that now lived anything, he also knows that the present was the time goes back. They have said a hello with Laura, a Zhao Hai personal appearance Liao, on appears outside machine star Ashley Clan office large building. Now Ashley Clan is very lively in office there of machine star, these days, had every large or small several hundred fellows and Ashley Clan has tied the pledge, Ashley Clan also obtained many narrow views. Becoming one of the machine arrow Clan. Ashley Clan office building here now daily crowded very lively, but reason that Zhao Hai wants appears in here, because of Maggie in here. Naturally, Maggie in name in here, most time is staying in Space, since the past she also has to return to Dark Magic Star, nearest/recent just machine here and other Zhao Hai came back for the excuse, ran up to machine star here, but most time she hides in her room, lives in seclusion and declines visitors, its feast they tosses about in Space with Laura. Zhao Hai just appears outside large building, immediately by person present, the here people move from Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, the age is not small, is Ascenders, this did not have what hope to be able for a lifetime in Level Up, therefore looked for some quite relaxed work to do, but now Ashley Clan is expanding, in machine work large building here, needed many receiving a guest the person of stand guard, many Outer Sect camp person on. Zhao Hai appears in very suddenly, these person of immediately present, several Warrior and person of Magician appearance has encircled, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, nodded, flies toward large building. These people also saw at this time, unexpectedly is Zhao Hai, several people are one dull, then looked that Zhao Hai flies toward large building, they by fly toward large building in compared with Zhao Hai quicker froth, Flies while to yell that said : Zhao Hai came back, Zhao Hai came back......” big of sound, beyond several li (0.5km) can hear, don’t know also thinks that was the robber comes.

Zhao Hai has gawked, then actually also shook the head to smile bitterly, these days he saw machine here in Space to him has been any manner he, these average person and Outer Sect person, has regarded the idol him, knows that he has not come back, many average people go to the street to protest that requesting machine High level to ask Zhao Hai not at any cost, machine High level under the pressure, wrangling that also has to keeping with Cultivation World, but makes their real make war with Cultivation World, they may not a that courage. Now his appears , feared that was entire machine must make a stir, in this time, Maggie was also flying from own in the room, dashed to the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at the Maggie appearance, chuckle said : just bid good-bye when Space, thought me?” Maggie according to Zhao Hai bosom said : few beautiful stench, is Laura Elder Sister makes me accompany you to act in a play in a soft voice.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : what? you not to think me?” Maggie drilled the drill toward his arms, has not actually been making noise, in others opinion, this naturally is young lover long time separates, the performance that meets fiercely, naturally nobody sees anything. But at this moment, Desbarres and Rook actually flew from the building, Desbarres has stayed in machine star here these days, on the one hand is he and other Zhao Hai, the matter that on the other hand he also in helping Rook's busy, because of the expansion of Ashley Clan, machine here must handle matters were more, needs the experienced person like Desbarres to help, he remained. Some little time Zhao Hai loosened Maggie, Maggie also stood Zhao Hai, looked that such Desbarres and Rook then walked, Desbarres who Zhao Hai look at walked, his immediately/on horseback to Desbarres gave a salute said : Camp Lord, I came back.” Desbarres look at Zhao Hai, two eyes somewhat is also red, then makes an effort has held Zhao Hai, then loosens Zhao Hai, in effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, comes back well, HaHaHa, comes back well!” Rook also came up to hug with Zhao Hai, this supported Zhao Hai to walk toward the building, but at this time already more and more people have encircled, but Zhao Hai now an entire machine hero, these people naturally must come well flattered.

And the has plenty people have seen Zhao Hai, comes to greet with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai one by one responded, moreover can call the names of these people, all was called the person of name by him, one such as fortunately appearance, but also has plenty Zhao Hai saw has seen the person also to come with Zhao Hai to greet, Zhao Hai cannot certainly neglect them, with going back of their one by one, listened to self introductions of these people. As the matter stands Zhao Hai several in not having the means entered large building, because large building outside person nose were more, Zhao Hai has not thought really that they enthusiasm such, how also really don’t know will handle at once. Is entering several people to push in this, a front woman, wears very pretty work clothes, in his, is taking a small shape computer person with one, the ray that on that computer puts on happen to covers on the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not been afraid, he knows that this thing is the machine here camera, it seems like these people are the people of television station. Really, that very pretty woman, in hand Mike same thing has gathered Zhao Hai, simultaneously mouth in said loudly: Mr. Zhao Hai, welcome back, how are you returned to machine? You in Cultivation World there whether was chased down by the Cultivation World person?” The head of Zhao Hai is somewhat big, he has not thought, person who will really have the television station interviewed him, he coughed lightly said :I through Space Magic returned to machine, I have not met to chase down, but after competing, my some matters must manage, therefore took a vacation like team leader horse like a dragon. This was also Zhao Hai beforehand thinks, he said to the outside one have not met attack, as the matter stands Cultivation World and Demon Realm these people wanted to look for his trouble not to give a pretext, did you have more than 100 people missing? What relationship then has with me? I do not know them, has not seen them, you asked that I did go to there? I have the matter, manages matter, manages what matter? Why I must tell you. That feared that is all people knows he has done anything, he cannot recognize , he if recognize, has given Cultivation World and Demon Realm gives a pretext, enabling this 2 Realms person to be able open and aboveboard coped with him, did not do well this 2 Realms person to meet alliance to get up, exerted pressure to machine, that was not Zhao Hai wants to see. No matter Cultivation World or Demon Realm, want to swallow machine, but currently everyone/Great Clan has the scruples, no one wants to begin first, if his recognize, to has given Cultivation World and Demon Realm collaboration opportunity, if this two clans collaborated to auxiliary engine, that machine was dangerous, even if they can repel the 2 Realms allied armies, that loss not