Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1279

........................................................................ Zhao Hai came the interest, closely examines said : „? Said carefully.” Maggie smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I asked you, if gave you to divide the land, you want a piece not only can plant crops, and had the place of minerals, what wanted a piece also no desert?” Zhao Hai immediately responded comes said : you to mean, planet that these nobody wants, is some environment very bad planet? That one type of of not suitable humanity housing?” Maggie nodded said : well, planet that nobody wants can be occupied by the person generally, however the there person also can only be exempts strongly lives, the environment was too bad, not too suitable human housing, but wants to improve that planet environment, the investment is also too big, therefore nobody wants such planet, everyone/Great Clan rather pushes on environment better planet carves out holding, does not want to live on such planet.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to can also understand that although said now the machine here population are many, but compares to the beforehand Earth, the population also is really not many, therefore everyone/Great Clan lives in these environment compared with good planet on, does not have anything, will not push. planet also characteristics that Maggie look at Zhao Hai, said :these nobody wants in a soft voice, is the place is not good, generally in a machine edge, is not the key communication line, does not have any special product, it can be said that true wasteland, therefore meets nobody to come, but this place does not have any issue regarding us, Space function incomparable formidable, we can the change that planet environment bit by bit, there on be able to become like this our domains, we even can shift the person in Space come out a batch. Zhao Hai nodded said : such planet regarding us truly is very useful, but cannot shift person such too to be conspicuous from Space outward, this, can look try to find the solution, this matter did not worry from other place shift people in the past, takes your time has been OK, I thought that these time receives an award to get so far as such planet, if has gotten so far as, has processed on give you, I must go to 6 Realms battlefield there, feared that does not have the too much time a tube this matter.” Maggie nodded said : this matter I to go with Laura Elder Sister they to discuss that wants to come not to have any issue.” Zhao Hai nodded said :finally they to discuss my initially with Merine Grandma we, when Black Wasteland there, the condition is also this, everyone/Great Clan is change the environment of bit by bit has not thought that must come one time to machine.,... The Maggie chuckle one, is the love to Zhao Hai was at heart deeper a point, she from Maggie their there knows that the Zhao Hai beforehand life, to be honest, Maggie cannot think how really Zhao Hai arrives gradually today.

Space magical thing although she saw, but Laura they told her, before Space was not this appearance this is after multiple Level Up later Space. Zhao Hai and Maggie also chatted a while, Desbarres found the person to inform Zhao Hai, the cocktail party to start, Zhao Hai and immediately set out the cocktail party. Today's cocktail party were very more, can only be held all sorts of people outside, who has, these go to void open tournament stage there to look at the person of competition, today almost arrived, they were also knew with Zhao Hai, naturally can come to greet Zhao Hai with Zhao Hai naturally is also dealing of one by one. Now the people of some Outer Sect family backgrounds, to the Zhao Hai side, the Zhao Hai side are some Great Clan core juniors these Outer Sect people want to push unable to push. All people know that Zhao Hai must reach, moreover he is impossible to stay in Ashley Clan he knows with Maggie relationship all people, but nobody will actually think Zhao Hai for Maggie but has stayed in Ashley Clan, now Zhao Hai wants the prestige to have the prestige in machine here, wants the personal connection to have the personal connection, money aspect, Zhao Hai probably also many, if he does not divide the individual farming, that was fishy. Becoming the visit son-in-law in others' under the hand/subordinate, that has oneself exiting individual farming to be comfortable, nobody is willing always to occupy under the person, Zhao Hai strength formidable, has the method, has the wrist|skill, in adding on the prestige is high, the personal connection is also broad, moreover he is the dividing individual farming, with the Ashley Clan relationship certainly section, these all factors will not add, Zhao Hai must reach already the matter that is everyone cannot block, might as well does well relationship with Zhao Hai now, what had matter, was also good to speak. But these are intimate with Zhao Hai, became the Zhao Hai personal connection resources, can be Zhao Hai gets so far as more advantage, can say that this is the matter of offering mutual benefit and achieving common progress. On-board has tossed about in machine for five days, Zhao Hai was then bringing Maggie returned to Dark Magic Star, now all people know that Zhao Hai can use Space Magic, Zhao Hai naturally does not need to conceal the truth, brought Maggie to use Space Magic returned to directly Dark Magic Star. although Zhao Hai now already returned to machine, but he very pays attention regarding the Cultivation World there situation, after all this time he one extinguishes Cultivation World and Demon Realm that many people, Cultivation World and Demon Realm don’t know must cope with him with any means that at this time, if he is not careful, might be given to plan very much. No matter Cultivation World or Demon Realm, that is not affable existence, moreover this matter makes ting to be big, believes that storehouse real and Demon Realm there, will attach great importance to his Zhao Hai, later does not begin, if begins, that surely is potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, he has to guard.

Cultivation World the response of there in expected of Zhao Hai, waited for Zhao Hai to come to machine star city, Cultivation World there immediately received information, received this information, the Cultivation World there people stayed, then the immediately/on horseback additional appointment manpower, went to void open tournament stage there to examine. They naturally are anything cannot look up, after all traces by Zhao Hai cleaning up, but that more than 100 people truly were vanish from sight. But Zhao Hai returned to machine here, has put a smoke shell, said one have not met attack, this saying wants to come the Cultivation World person not to believe in Zhao Hai, but he has actually forgotten a point, is besieges his person to have that many, if he is really ordinary Infant Stage time Expert, already died a violent death, even if undead, after a war feared that will be will also be injured. However the Zhao Hai actually bystander same returned to machine star, this arrives lets Cultivation World these people, has believed Zhao Hai said that he not by the attack words, was as the matter stands the issue on appears , if Zhao Hai really not by attack, then these cultivator and Demon Cultivator that? Did the world steam? The effort of investigation Cultivation World and Demon Realm immediately intensifies, wanted to have a look at void open tournament stage there to live anything, but their anything has still not looked up, but knows that prepared attack Zhao Hai that more than 100 people, truly was the world has steamed, but Zhao Hai now also truly is safe and sound. This matter gets bigger and bigger in Cultivation World there, Demon Realm and Cultivation World person, originally has much dirty to cope with Zhao Hai, temporarily forms a team, now was good, the person disappeared, the person accusation of Demon Realm was the Cultivation World person has killed Demon Realm these people, then other Cultivation World people hiding. But the Cultivation World person said that was the Demon Realm person the Cultivation World person killing, both sides accused mutually, at daggers drawn had one to touch potential greatly. This situation is Zhao Hai is unexpected, he thinks that Cultivation World and Demon Realm person after these people are missing, meets immediately to look for his trouble, actually there thinks that their two groups to pinched first. Zhao Hai looks at this sentiment y , can only be shakes the head to smile bitterly, it seems like Demon Realm and Cultivation World this, simply is impossible to form any impregnable alliance, he to went to the a piece worry. Cultivation World there in restless, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, after he and Maggie returned to Dark Magic Star, immediately sees Card, then saw Houcke.

Houcke to has not said anything, is extremely not desolate in the warm performance to Zhao Hai, is not disrespectful not overly courteous this to arrive somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but he does not have extremely in caring regarding Houcke such manner, to be honest, between he and Houcke may not have what sentiment, he does not owe Houcke anything, conversely, this time he, but has helped Ashley Clan was busy, is Ashley Clan owes him. However no matter what, Maggie throughout is Houcke's daughter, Zhao Hai regarding Houcke very politeness, process although that both sides meet cannot say that has how kindly, actually has not become the personal enemy. Conversely, when to with Card makes an appointment with the surface, the Card ripe sentiment, Card with Zhao Hai is very very ripe, their relationship is also good, now Zhao Hai came back, Card naturally is happy. After Card slightly gathers, Zhao Hai and Maggie on returned to Bones Symbol Camp, must say that entire Ashley Clan, Zhao Hai was kindest is also the most familiar place is Bones Symbol Camp, in Zhao Hai and Maggie returned to Bones Symbol Camp moment, the entire Bones Symbol Camp people have caused a stir, all people ran to meet with Zhao Hai. Now Desbarres although or Bones Symbol Camp enrolling Camp Lord, however Bones Symbol Camp matter border control changed into Tie Sheng and Tao Wang, they were needless to say with Zhao Hai relationship that warm incomparable, but now Zhao Hai entire Bones Symbol Camp is proud. Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, because of Zhao Hai relationship, but wins great reputation, entire machine does not have don’t know Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp now, has plenty to the person who Ashley Clan visits, proposed that must come to see to Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, but if you go out make duty, to a person registration said that comes in Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, others immediately will be also polite to you, but also on high. The Bones Symbol Camp person knows certainly that this is because of anything, they go out each and every one to feel on the face to have the light now, all these are Zhao Hai bring, now Zhao Hai came back, they naturally are happy, Tie Sheng immediately gather the people of entire battalion, went to the big dining room, preparation eating well. But makes Zhao Hai accidental, he saw Barlett in Bones Symbol Camp unexpectedly they, they came out from Ascend Academy now, official join to Bones Symbol Camp, but their join time is not long, but regarding the Zhao Hai situation, they actually heard from others there, to be honest, they are very surprised. Zhao Hai sees their also very happy, chatted with them some little time, this lets other person of good envying of Bones Symbol Camp.( To be continued!.