Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1280
Zhao Hai this time can be returned home with riches and honors, naturally must well lively turns. In Tie Sheng they, when the big dining room preparation food and wine, Camp Lord of several other people also arrived, no matter before these people, has any grudge with Bones Symbol Camp, shadowless that now also already vanished did not have the trace, but Zhao Hai now an entire machine hero, is the Ashley Clan biggest hero, did not do well relationship at this time with Zhao Hai, simply not any advantage. Zhao Hai to these units place Camp Lord comfortably is also polite, even if before is, with ghost character camp Camp Lord Dillat who rate the character camp has cutting, Zhao Hai does not have very polite regards, a point has not occupied the arrogant performance. This meal naturally is happy, has made to evening's Zhao Hai and Maggie returned to their room, returned to room Zhao Hai their immediately entered Space, sleeping of well, when time, is the next day noon, after having eaten meal, Zhao Hai keeps in Maggie Space, but he actually comes out from Space, then makes the robot go Barlett they to invite, he wants with several people of chatting well. Before long Barlett they arrived, said that they knew also about one year with Zhao Hai, even Zhao Hai knew them, compared with knowing Maggie must early, was only afterward Zhao Hai less than one month on leave school, but they actually stayed in the school stay for one year to come out, therefore also had for a long time not to meet. Zhao Hai gave back to each of them to deliver Magic Staff, this made the Bones Symbol Camp person take care of them, this let their grateful, when they entered Bones Symbol Camp, wants to report reached Zhao Hai the time well, Zhao Hai participated to compete, moreover became an entire machine hero, this made them somewhat have a dizzy spell, matter show was really too quick, stemmed from their anticipation. Now Zhao Hai looks for them, Barlett their naturally each and every one runs fast, they know that now Zhao Hai in the machine here status, machine here innumerable Outer Sect people thinks is flattering Zhao Hai not to flatter, Zhao Sea Lord moves looks for them, their dares to neglect. although said that the eastern discipline of these people are not small, each and every one in Lower Realm is also a high weight, but really to machine here, their actually understand many thing, this year time, not only made them adapt to machine here Spiritual Qi, made them balance the mentality. Melt has friendship with Zhao Hai, but the Zhao Hai status is placed in there now, if in Zhao Hai front put on airs, that were really still unappreciative. Barlett they entered the Zhao Hai house along with the robot, they have not seen Maggie, but several people have not said anything, at this time Zhao Hai welcomed from living room there, to several people of gave a salute, then laughed said : you to come, quick please come in came, the yesterday person were too many, had not said that several words, I am thinking today must look for your chatting well.” Barlett they looked that Zhao Hai is so warm to them, cannot help but move, the Zhao Hai present status, can still be so warm to them, they very short foot, their yesterday has been able to see, even if Camp Lord of various camps, before Zhao sea surface, that is also well-mannered, speech cautiously, obviously Zhao Hai present status high.

yesterday Zhao Hai chatted with them some little time, moreover very enthusiastic that also displays, but Barlett they have not actually thought that today Zhao Hai so will be polite to them, yesterday is polite to them, that is because of the face, because Zhao Hai is a character of biography strange appearance, counts his in the past already turning by the machine here person, machine here all people know that Zhao Hai in Ascend Academy, has the friendship with their several people, if Zhao Hai yesterday if did not notify them, that on be scoffed by others to ungratefully, that to the Zhao Hai reputation, but had. Very tremendous influence. However but today independent meeting, nobody, even if Zhao Hai keeps up appearances, some people do not know, even if were they says, some people do not believe that they were perhaps bad luck, therefore heard that Zhao Hai looked for them, actually they have prepared, therefore posture Lou Fang was very low. They have not actually thought that Zhao Hai to them unexpectedly such polite, several people felt a heat flow in own jidang at heart, now they already complete regarded a good friend Zhao Hai. How many people at this time Zhao Hai has let the living room, naturally had the robot to offer the tea, how many people Zhao Hai look at has smiled said : how how many? In camp here how?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Barlett smiles said : this saying that but also had been lucky your, your instruction, Bones Symbol Camp will not look after to us, our present although also make some duty, but is not dangerous duty, to is very relaxed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, you did not need to be so polite to me, calling me Little Hai to be good, I have prepared a food and wine today, our get together well.” Said that led several people to enter the dining room, dining room there has displayed the food and wine, the robot kept suspended the food and wine to the table on. Zhao Hai please several people sit down, hold up to fill to the brim liquor wine glass, smiles said : to come, several, our drinking well two cups, such during the progress had not seen, today must drinking well.” Barlett their also very happy, held up wine glass to drink one cup with Zhao Hai. This glass of liquor drink, several people completely have also let loose, starts to chat, Barlett they naturally were held responsible the matter of Zhao Hai about Cultivation World there, Zhao Hai also simply said that the atmosphere was warmer. When the liquor crossed three to patrol, the dish crossed the five senses, Zhao Hai this said : everybody, today I ask you to come, actually also the matter must tell you.”

Barlett they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that knows the proper business came, several people of immediately sat respectfully, Zhao Hai looked at several people of serious appearances, showed a faint smile, but he has not prevented them, but after was deep voice said : this returned to machine here, I must exit, had duty, after this duty, my possibly leave Ashley Clan, exiting individual farming.” Regarding the Zhao Hai words, Barlett the expressions of their too many accident, in fact these days about Zhao Hai exiting individual farming topic, in Bones Symbol Camp do not carry on too discussed repeatedly, all people believe the Zhao Hai exiting individual farming . Moreover the time will not be long. Therefore Zhao Hai this saying, Barlett they do not have the accident today, several people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, then said : I and Xiong Li, the Lu Ding day, Dong Fangyu, Li Kuangren and Sun Fei prepare to divide, oneself individual farming, this time I, because has contributed to the great merit, certainly will obtain some rewards, I want to use this opportunity, takes planet.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Barlett they stares, then somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they feared is also same as him, simply has not known these planet what's the matter. He also simply explained that Barlett their then understand, originally in machine star here, planet that actually also has plenty nobody wants. After Zhao Hai said that Barlett nodded said : this year matter already to spread in Bones Symbol Camp actually, everyone/Great Clan knows you to be able the dividing individual farming, but nobody thinks that meets you to take such planet? Little Hai, this matter you may , to be clear, if you wanted such planet, that investment is very big.” Zhao Hai knows said : this not to be a problem slightly, will not have the matter, but we must the exiting individual farming, need the person, don’t know several interested?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Barlett they to stares, then several people mutually looked at one, somewhat is in doubt, to be honest they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will make them do with him, this somewhat stems from their unexpected. Barlett they arrived at Bones Symbol Camp also for sometime, they ten points have also permitted the understanding of share regarding their present condition, like their this old Ascender, in various Great Clan, does not have what status, but is retirement corner/horn that mixes to eat to wait for death, will be better like Bones Symbol Camp, to their these old Ascender some relaxed duty, every year little will give then some money, will let their life is not too the difference, but also very to that.

This is good, some fellows, to these old Ascender, that simply did not receive, even if received, will arrange some very dangerous duty, participates in such duty, almost does not have the means of livelihood, therefore now in various Great Clan Outer Sect, old Ascender are not many. Barlett they in Bones Symbol Camp here good, that is mainly because Tie Sheng they are also Ascender, is adding on the Zhao Hai face, otherwise Barlett's their days will not feel better that to go. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : my nearest/recent possibly to exit to make duty, before making duty, will reward me certainly to lead, I believe planet that a nobody will want, I must come people should not be a problem, in must come these planet later transform work, actually will be most important, I will make Maggie be responsible for this matter, but Maggie after all young, the has plenty matter, she will possibly process not well, therefore I have thought several, feel relieved, money, commodity what will not be a problem, on looking at several wants?” Barlett has hesitated next step: Good, I complied, instead in us , is mixing to eat to wait for death in Bones Symbol Camp here, that is such as helps Little Hai you, do you look?” Several other people also nodded, the person like them, in Lower Realm, is superior of high weight, but to machine here, they actually has become the useless old man, such corner/horn transforms, they need hua for a long time to adapt. They were dejected, thinks one will mix to eat to wait for death in Bones Symbol Camp, currently Zhao Hai suddenly has a such work to them, their happy, the person like them, does not certainly fear to have the work, even if a work does not have, that idles, nobody manages you, nobody the taste that you are serious, may really not feel better. Zhao Hai looked that several people complied, immediately/on horseback holds up wine glass to come said : well, that this matter asked that waits for me to want planet, your several may want many to be laborious.” Several people also hold up wine glass to come, has bumped with Zhao Hai, then tosses down, the heroic feelings completely reveals, probably one young dozens years old.( To be continued!.