Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1282

Satisfaction, is certainly satisfactory, was too satisfied! Permanent Sand Island here situation, if Xiong Li they are unsatisfied, among that world their satisfied thing with noon, Xiong Li several people, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately has cheered one, flew on the island to examine in all directions.[] Zhao Hai look at their appearances, has not managed them, now in the island had some vitalities, Zhao Hai has raised some prawns in here, in the water has also raised some fish, naturally, these fish are not used to eat, mainly to watch to use, therefore very beautiful. Quick Xiong Li their returned to the Zhao Hai side, clearly they in the situation to island had have understood, to be honest, this island is really very beautiful, Xiong Li their each and every one is wear a look of happy . Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, showed a faint smile said : to be good, went back, the coming out time grew was not good.” The hand wields, several people returned to machine star room. After sitting down, Xiong Li several people are difficult to cover[ is popular] exerts , Xiong Li[ is popular] said : that exerts has not thought really that in this world will really have like this good place, moreover there must become our bases unexpectedly, thinks that[ is popular] exerts.” Dong Fangyu how many people nodded, did Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : then feel relieved? However the Yalei No. 2 star we must take, you did not want underestimated this Yalei No. 2 star, you paid attention to around the Yalei No. 2 star situation, should know why I wanted there.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they ran up to nearby computer, has assigned out Star Map, careful look at, this looked at several people of immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai. After several people sit down, Dong Fangyu deep voice said : has not thought really that the surroundings of this Yalei No. 2 star unexpectedly are this appearance, so long as constructed there, that was a best base.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : I to recruit some people, making them help the Maggie transform Yalei No. 2 star, believes that we come back from 6 Realms battlefield there, can see a completely different Yalei No. 2 star.” Dong Fangyu their also happy got up after all that is their industry, they have not seen cannot obtain the Yalei No. 2 star, just the situation of Yalei No. 2 star they had seen, to be honest by their merit, wanted the Yalei No. 2 star is really too relaxed, feared that is machine High level will also think was unfair to them. In several people, when room discussed Yalei No. 2 star, out of the door transmits sound speaking sounds of robot: Mr. Zhao Hai, has horse like a dragon mister to see you, do you want to receive?”

Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : invited quickly.” Said that stood to open the door, horse like a dragon stood by the robot Zhao Hai hastily horse like a dragon welcome to in the room. horse like a dragon looks at Xiong Li they, showed a faint smile said : looks like you also knew, received an award five days later you must go to the 6 Realms battlefield, what had to prepare?” Zhao Hai smiles said : what to not to probably prepare, but the team leader, to this time, should tell us, what are our rewards?” horse like a dragon smiles said : actually this not to have anything unable saying that machine almost all people know, has some machine a total of arsenals in machine star here, thing in this arsenal, entire machine is it can be said that best, this reward is you can go to arsenal there optional several weapon, 1 Little Hai can choose ten Xiong Li your several each to choose three, custom [lineage/vein] 1/1000 incomes that naturally, the bonus, everyone 1000 affairs of state coins, meanwhile organic these time obtains.” Zhao Hai they stare, did not mean that they disliked this reward to lower, but was this reward is really too high, other good said that the key was that 1/1000 income. This machine obtains mining of many mineral lode these mineral lode, in the next few years will turn over to machine, but mining of these mineral lode the ore has to machine in a big way uses, is the unified distributions, branches out 1/1000 to come from the here surface, that is a very extraordinary digit, under a machine this time meeting such big initial capital rewards them unexpectedly, this really stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. horse like a dragon looked at people one eyes, smiles said : this matter to decide, will not change, your feel relieved was good, said it, this time your words, machine cannot obtain these mineral lode, the prize gives you to be also normal, machine regarding the active person, the stingy reward, was not always right, what do you have to request? If there is anything to request, told me that I can also help you ask with, so long as is not the too excessive request, they will comply.” Zhao Hai one hear of horse like a dragon said that cannot help but smiles said : also let alone, Team leader, our also really request.” horse like a dragon came the interest, he knows that in the Zhao Hai common situation the request is minimum, this Zhao Hai suddenly said that has the request, this arrives is makes horse like a dragon somewhat accidental, his immediately/on horseback said : said that chatted.” Zhao Hai smiles said : team leader, we planned comes back after 6 Realms battlefield there, came out oneself individual farming, several of us formed a partnership to do, that needed a base, we wanted planet.” horse like a dragon does said :want planet? You were said that you did want planet? How possible?...,

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : team leader to hear first I said that that planet that we want, is not the extraordinary place, but in planet of machine here with honest price tag displayed, Yalei No. 2 star.” horse like a dragon puzzled said : Yalei No. 2 star? Yalei No. 2 star in that? How haven't I heard?” Zhao Hai cannot bear flip the supercilious look, referred to computer said : leading a group you to have a look to know.” horse like a dragon nodded, has arrived around computer, opened Star Map, had found the Yalei No. 2 star. Has looked on Star Map after the introduction of Yalei No. 2 star, horse like a dragon turns the head look at Zhao Hai, puzzled said : 1 Little Hai, do you want this place to do? A place that the bird does not draw.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to wants a good place, that also these people give up are not, this Yalei No. 2 star is good on ting, if has given me, I can raise the crab above.” Crab?” horse like a dragon immediately responded, said loudly: Is that big crab that we eat? Yalei No. 2 can on-board be able to support?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : team leader feel relieved, guarantees to support, but transform, to does not need to change greatly, team leader feel relieved was good.” horse like a dragon nodded said : well, this should not be the issue, planet that a nobody wants, you wanted, perhaps these fellows also meet happy, was right, I came today, you must invite my drinking well.” Zhao Hai laughs, immediately/on horseback please several people go to the dining room, has displayed the food and wine. Zhao Hai they on-board waited for about two days in machine, can receive an award, this matter of receiving an award also is really very troublesome, first has held a presentation ceremony in that assembly hall there of machine star, in this period was also the interview is also gives a speech, tossed about for several hours, when tossed about, some people belts they machine star arsenal. The machine star here arsenal is very famous in machine here, is different to these Clan secret arsenals, the arsenal of machine star, belongs to public weapon, various Great Clan will deliver some weapon and other thing every year comes, enriches this arsenal. The person who the existence point of this arsenal only then two, has to machine greatly for offering rewards to use, looks like Zhao Hai their this, the second point uses as a huge logistics base, if machine and several other Realms live the fight, must first from this arsenal, adjust weapon outward, to do resist the enemy, when adjusted up thing in this arsenal, will use thing in these Great Clan arsenal. This matter looks like probably very absurd, but machine here such has actually implemented, moreover various Great Clan really year after year will also enrich weapon toward this arsenal, until now, this arsenal is several times expands.

However Zhao Hai to has not reported the high hope, his very clear, these Great Clan deliver thing toward this arsenal, also will not deliver good thing, good thing they already to stay behind. With similar that Zhao Hai thinks, when he arrived in the arsenal presently, here anything good thing, these weapon only could not be fair, this many disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat. However in the arsenal is not weapon, but also has plenty ore and so on thing, what these ores to be many were be open thing, Zhao Hai they to discuss with Xiong Li, making Xiong Li they do not choose weapon in here, but chose in some Space no ore, their weapon were being helped the solution by Zhao Hai. Xiong Li they naturally complied, several people regarding weapon of Zhao Hai manufacture are very confident, was adding on them now already not suitable with ordinary machine weapon, they have studied Cultivation World Cultivation Method after all, weapon that they used, naturally must have some Cultivation World characteristics, therefore several people depended on Zhao Hai saying that choosing some ores, Zhao Hai also to choose some ores, although Zhao Hai they such to do, making some people some puzzled, the ore that after all these sent was not extremely numerous, although was good thing, but was used to build weapon is actually very Lou skill, moreover. Cannot make several, smart person will not choose these ores. However Zhao Hai they elected also to elect, nobody said anything, as the matter stands in Zhao Hai Space were also many more than 20 types of ores mineral lode, weapon that he can manufacture were more, the quality was also better. Besides weapon, other thing have also handed over in Zhao Hai their hands, a person of 10 million reward, in adding on the mineral lode 1/1000 incomes, these thing has given Zhao Hai at the presentation ceremony them, to be honest, these thing Zhao Hai have not cared , the key is money Zhao Hai did not lack. planet that matter also very smooth of Yalei No. 2 star, a nobody wants, makes the price their bonus not to be high to Zhao Hai, machine these High level, regarded to add to give Zhao Hai completely them him, not only Yalei No. 2 star, but also has given Zhao Hai piece of starfield near Yalei No. 2 star , after in other words, piece of starfield near Yalei No. 2 star that was Zhao Hai their independent King.( To be continued.!.