Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1284

Not only Zhao Hai, Xiong Li they are also same, machine here the place of ascend, is almost same, is such iron room, this made Xiong Li they also stay in there. Some little time the one who Li Kuangren muttered said : „his mother was that? Wasn't also ascend?”[] Zhao Hai they also by Li Kuangren these words pulling back the mind, several people look at all around one, was a sigh was puzzled. In this time, on the wall of door suddenly appears Dao Sect, several have then been making Magician and person of Warrior appearance walked, what lead is Magician, the age looks like was not small Yin of face sank, he looked at Zhao Hai several people of one, has smiled suddenly, deep voice said : several, welcome to Hell!” His smiles spatially probably is smiling of wolf grandmother, looked that makes people feel the whole body is cool. Zhao Hai they looked at one mutually, do not understand, that Magician, deep voice said : comes with me.” Said that turn around walks outward, Zhao Hai they naturally follow. in the room that is at from that Transmission Formation comes, outside is a long corridor, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, this corridor unexpectedly is also made of metal, moreover can hold tightly two parallel. This corridor altogether 150 lengths of stride, wait for Zhao Hai they to walk from the corridor, outside is a metal hall, this hall very enormous, received ten thousand square meters, what on most Zhao Hai attention is, in this hall is made of metal, thing that the table, the chair, the pillar, all can see is the metal. Has many Magician and Warrior in this hall in the there rest, or 35 people of get together chatted, sat in there drinks tea in there, in the hall had many robots to wait. Sees these people, the Zhao Hai look cannot help but shrinks, the body of these Magician and Warrior, is bringing very strong killing aura, understood at a glance that in the character who life and death edge has swayed back and forth, such person is very difficult to deal with. When Zhao Hai is taking a look at these people, these people also in sizing up the looks of Zhao Hai these people, not very friendly, has of play stain. At this time a person in hall attracted the Zhao Hai attention, this person stood in middle actually same place Iron Tower of hall, this person of skin dark, was greatly bald, on the face had scar together, from his forehead to his left ear, delimited... Crossed his left eye, this makes him look like very fierce. This person of stature very tall and big, height crossed 2.5 m to stand in the hall fully, eternal truth a crane standing among chickens was ordinary, his closing one's eyes stood in there probably is a statue. However Zhao Hai when sees him, two eyes actually cannot help but flashes through cold light, because that person of killing aura was really too thick, this also brought back Zhao Hai killing aura, Zhao Hai had determined that the status of this person, this person certainly was Yuan Jin Gang. When Zhao Hai look at Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang also resembles to have a feeling, has opened eye look at Zhao Hai he really only then a right eye, the left eye did not have, he looked that in the Zhao Hai eye is also cold light sparkles, killing aura that obviously just Zhao Hai came out, was felt by him.

Zhao Hai looked that Yuan Jin Gang look at his he has not cared, he received oneself killing aura, own killing aura complete control, looks at Yuan Jin Gang look at now he, he often smiles, bows to Yuan Jin Gang the calm nature of performance. Saw Zhao Hai such performance, other people in hall has actually gawked, then in the hall has heard one „” this was the sound that in the hall all people simultaneously inspired. These Magician and Warrior in hall were too surprised, this is startled because of manner of Zhao Hai to Yuan Jin Gang. But Yuan Jin Gang the here ominous ruthless person outside he in the 6 Realms battlefield seven years, the size about thousand has fought, must die the war to pass through reached dozens, each time he is seriously injured, actually like Xiaoqiang same lived. Because of this, Yuan Jin Gang killing aura is also in all people strongest one, before had the new person to here time, was stared to give to frighten by Yuan Jin Gang has urinated ku. But Zhao Hai can actually use this calm natural approach Yuan Jin Gang, this itself explained the Zhao Hai strength. Yuan Jin Gang looks at the performance of Zhao Hai, the eye cannot help but one brightly, then stride walked, his footsteps very heavy, walks on the ground is beating a drum likely, the winter winter makes the sound. Yuan Jin Gang arrives at Zhao Hai nearby them, has not managed that Magician, but look at Zhao Hai said : „are you Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, is Yuan Jin Gang mister? Zhao Hai was courteous.” Yuan Jin Gang laughing said : suddenly good, worthily is the character who horse like a dragon that fellow commended, you I also heard at outside matter, the dry attractiveness, received Cultivation World these fellows unable to be lenient, good, good that made!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything at the worst, but killed several Cultivation World to live the Demon Realm person.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, this turned the head person I to take away to that Magician said :.” What that Magician is obvious somewhat fears Yuan Jin Gang, one hear of he said that nodded said : Vajra to invite hastily, above person already words, after their several, with you, but do not forget to have their several to lead to record merit. „ Yuan Jin Gang nodded said :to know, how my Yuan Jin Gang will forget these matters, walks.” Said that leads Zhao Hai they by nose machine there toward hall to walk. This machine looked like looks like an iron the box, without any special place, Yuan Jin Gang stood nearby the machine, their said :walked to Zhao Hai, anything did not need to do. Zhao Hai nodded, first entered that machine, as soon as he goes, in the machine immediately flashes through together red light, this red light assumes a plane, from the uppermost of machine, has fallen downward, scanned Zhao Hai from head to foot. After waiting for red light to vanish, on the metal wall before Zhao sea surface, suddenly appears check of one foot square, has been putting silver Gauntlet same thing in the check.

Zhao Hai put out a hand to take up that thing, on the belt in own hand, big Little Zheng was directly appropriate, moreover this thing was not heavy, did not have the ice-cold metal feeling, brought comfortably. Zhao Hai comes out from the machine, Xiong Li walked, the process is the same with Zhao Hai, several people have taken before long this Gauntlet. Yuan Jin Gang looked at Zhao Hai said : this thing do not lose each secondary fight, this thing with according to fighting the situation, gave you to reward the point correspondingly, so long as rewarded many you to be able with thing that machine receiving in exchange any you wanted, walked, you later were the people of my Vajra team.” Zhao Hai several people have complied with one, walks toward the hall outside with Yuan Jin Gang. The exit / to speak of this hall is also a corridor, they just followed the old porch that asks to be similar Zhao Hai, but grew, Zhao Hai they walk, this presently this corridor has almost more than 1000 meters. The end of corridor is a leaf of metal door, several people just arrived at there, [gold/metal] Chanmen open the Yuan Jin Gang personal appearance to move, flew, Zhao Hai they also hastily follow on the heels. To Zhao Hai they they now together in Space rift, that metal door unexpectedly is being and this Space rift is presently connected. This Space rift is not big, many three meters high, can only be able to hold two parallel, Yuan Jin Gang has not managed several people, but goes toward the forward flight. Zhao Hai they followed several people to fly hastily before long, front on appears another metal door, on that metal door red light flashes, has swept from several people of bodies, then silently opened. Yuan Jin Gang led Zhao Hai they to enter metal door here is a corridor, walked from the corridor, was still a metal hall, but this metal hall compared with just that metal hall also in big, inside person were also more, these people in there loud chatting sound quarrelling very mixed. At this time how many people have encircled, in these had three is to make the Magician appearance, how many people four were to make Warrior dresses up to run up to nearby Yuan Jin Gang, Warrior said : „did headman meet? That is Zhao Hai? Makes me have a look quickly, HaHaHa, this fellow also is really great, dares unexpectedly in the Cultivation World there murder, the absolute strong person.” Person figure of speech is not very tall, but actually very grandiose, chaotic, skin to become Danjin , has some worn-out warrior cloth, the body is bringing one share valiant aura. But by Zhao Hai that this person mentioned, now somewhat is scared, because he just arrived at here, in Space has transmitted the prompt sound, making him scared, was this prompt sound! Host enters to subspace that in other people open, may presently, the automatic start shield function, will shield successfully, Host may in this Space[ from] by activity.” This prompt sound made Zhao Hai one be startled cold sweat, this prompt sound although was very short, but the content truly was extremely was scary, Zhao Hai very clear, although he now in this metal hall, but in fact he already to the 6 Realms battlefield, but that prompt sound actually pointed out that this 6 Realms battlefield was subspace that others opened is similar to his Space like existence unexpectedly, this was too scary. But in toward deeply has thought that Zhao Hai felt was startled, this 6 Realms battlefield, in the first there access, hears this time most from the beginning, Zhao Hai has the one type of strange feeling, this too skillful a point, now in one in light of here was subspace this situation that others opened, Zhao Hai immediately has thought that this was some people such does intentionally. He must open passage in various Realm, enabling several people to enter to this subspace, making him in rip to kill now.

Is the point that but he such makes what? Can cause such a subspace person, certainly is the strength extraordinary generation, feared that is in entire Comprehend the world, does not have such Expert to exist, the Comprehend the world here strongest person, only has Immortal almighty in legend, but had not heard that these Immortal almighty can cause such subspace to come? horse like a dragon said that but this subspace very enormous. If the strength of this person strong Comprehend the world here all people, he is who? Does he come from there? Why can he make such a 6 Realms battlefield? What point does he have? This all issues almost in flash on appears in Zhao Hai mind, have let he good absent-minded, at this time Zhao Hai suddenly felt that a big hand patted on own shoulder, Zhao Hai just about to counter-attacks, but his immediately restrain lived, turned the head to look, pats his Yuan Jin Gang. Zhao Hai one patting recovers by Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your What happened? I saw that you are perspiring probably? What matter has?” Zhao Hai steady mind, smiles said : to be all right, but has thought something, have somewhat been distracted, Captain, these are our team brothers?” Zhao Hai also saw that several encircle side he Venerable the person. Yuan Jin Gang nodded, that several people introduced that to Zhao Hai, weapon of that speech, the name is also most from the beginning surnamed Wu, is called Wuyang, Metal element Body Refining Technique, very formidable, is Expert that in the Yuan Jin Gang team knows how things stand. Several other people also from various machine Great Clan, in machine there, practice is almost Outer Sect people, is Ascender, if various Great Clan Core Disciple come out to take a walk, that strikes the field is very big. But in 6 Realms battlefield here, Ascender to has become the rare person, in the here person, many are some Great Clan juniors, some direct line core juniors. Zhao Hai sees after these people exchanging greetings, Yuan Jin Gang gets the people from that metal hall to come out , after having passed through a long corridor, Zhao Hai they arrived at leaf of metal in front of the door, comes out from the gate, now his Zhao Hai in front of them, is actually piece of forest, but Zhao Hai they now actually in this piece of forest top, their positions in in midair. although Zhao Hai wants to know that very much this 6 Realms battlefield has any secret, but his actually very clear, by his present strength, even if were present that secret, he cannot be what kind , will bring the danger to oneself, now he must do pretends any also don’t know appearance, practice slowly, when his competent that day, in explored here secret. Therefore now Zhao Hai to has let loose, he is sizing up all around, presently the here environment is really very good, Spiritual Qi tried to come also compared with Cultivation World to thickly add on much, absolutely was a practice good place. But their forest such, can definitely can be called is the virgin forests, moreover area very big of this forest, cannot look side. Zhao Hai look at this forest, arrives at heart is some ji moves, this piece of forest so big, inside good thing to be certainly many, various tenon rare plants will not be few, he wishes one could immediately to look to look to the forest in really that has a look whether to find some thing to enrich Space. Originally after Cultivation World here, in passing through spirit root Level Up, Zhao Hai regarding the promotion of Space level, did not worry, but when he knew when 6 Realms battlefield here is also subspace that others open, Zhao Hai one has had the one type of sense of crisis, he did not think that now his Space had has insured, others can start out such subspace, was that can also hit among Space Breaker the barrier, captured to his Space in? If is really such, he biggest taking advantage may vanish.!.